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Paul, and imbibed any portion of his spirit, will charge me with enthusiasm, in requesting, in order to its success, and to the success of all similar efforts, the prayers of my Christian brethren.

In a foot-note, page 20th of this volume, a reference is made to Note A. at the end. It was my intention to have inserted there some particulars relative to the theological sentiments of Dr. Isaac Watts. To avoid, however, the awkward appearance of a solitary note, (having found no particular occasion for more) I now prefer making a reference to the pamphlet from which these particulars should have been extracted. It is entitled," Dr. Watts no Socinian; a "Refutation of the Testimony of Dr. Lardner, as brought "forward in the Rev. T. Belsham's Memoirs of the late "Rev. Theophilus Lindsay,That Dr. Watts's last senti"ments were completely Unitarian.'. In a series of letters "to the Rev. Joseph Smith, of Manchester. By Samuel “Palmer.—“ Your glorying is not good.' 1 Cor. v. 6. "London, 1813."

The references in this work to my former volume are made to the fine copy of the first edition. My reason for this is, that a much greater number of persons are in possession of the first edition than of the second. The difference between the two, however, is so very slight, as to occasion no inconvenience.-As for those who have the common copy of

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Andrew and James Duncan,

Printers, Glasgow.

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