History, gazetteer, and directory of Northamptonshire; comprising a general survey of the county, and a history of the diocese of Peterborough, by William Whellan and co

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Page 173 - On Monday morning last, Sam brought me word that there was a man in the kitchen who desired to speak with me. I ordered him in. A plain, decent, elderly figure made its appearance, and being desired to sit, spoke as follows ; " Sir, I am clerk of the parish of All-saints in Northampton ; brother of Mr C.
Page 83 - Borough who shall within Twelve Calendar Months next previous to the last Day of July in such Year...
Page 38 - withdrawn from wrath, and called to the mercy of Christ. How is the king of that province called?" They told him his name was ./Ella: and he, alluding to the name, said, "Hallelujah, the praise of God the Creator must be sung in those parts.
Page 83 - ... the unexpired residue, whatever it may be, of any term originally created for a period of not less than sixty years...
Page 83 - July in such year, all the poor's rates and assessed taxes which shall have become payable from him in respect of such premises previously to the 6th of April then next preceding: provided also, that no such person shall be so registered in any year unless he shall have resided for six calendar months next previous to the last day of July in such year...
Page 25 - Thee hath Nature deservedly enriched with the choicest blessings of heaven and earth. Thou neither feelest the excessive colds of winter, nor the scorching heats of summer. Thy harvests reward thy labours with so vast an increase, as to supply thy tables with bread, and thy cellars with liquor. Thy woods have no savage beasts ; no serpents harbour there to hurt the traveller.
Page 173 - Mr. C., you have several men of genius in your town, why have you not applied to some of them? There is a namesake of yours in particular, C , the statuary, who, every body knows, is a firstrate maker of verses. He surely is the man of all the world for your purpose." — " Alas ! sir, I have heretofore borrowed help from him, but he ia a gentleman of so much reading, that the people of our town cannot understand him.
Page 83 - ... for such city or borough, as owner or tenant, any house, warehouse, counting-house, shop or other building, being...
Page 80 - ... and, in order to have divine service regularly performed therein, obliged all their tenants to appropriate their tithes to the maintenance of the one officiating minister, instead of leaving them at liberty to distribute them among the clergy of the diocese in general ; and this tract of land, the tithes whereof were so appropriated, formed a distinct parish...
Page 24 - They, who a little while before disdained the language, now affected the eloquence of Rome ; this produced an esteem for our dress, and the toga came into general use ; by degrees they adopted our vicious indulgences, porticoes, baths, and splendid tables; this, among these uninformed people was called cultivation, whereas, in fact it was only an appendage to slavery.

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