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30. Observations of the matter in the glass, Authore Anonymo; also a recipe for an elixir (1 f.).

31. Sendivogius explained (4 f.).

32. The same in Latin, an abstract (2 f.).

33. Epistola ad veros Hermetis discipulos. S. Didier.


The seven chapters of Hermes, with part of an unfinished letter on the back.

35. Latin letter communicated by Frederick duke of Holstein, 1656, giving an account of the death of a Jewish magician, of his oratory, instruments, perpetual fire in a crystal, &c. with no writer's name (1 f.).


1. Jodochus a Rehe. Procédé universelle.

2. Artephius, de arte occulta lib. secretus.


Abstract of Flamel's account of his hieroglyphics with a sketch of the figures.

4. Novum lumen Chymicum Sendivogii (abstract).

5. Extracts from Joh. Spagnetus. Enchiridion Physicæ, arcanum Hermetica Philosophiæ opus.


Extracts from Norton's Ordinal, Dastin's dream, Black monk, the hunting of the Green Lyon, Ripley, &c.

7. Ex Augurelli Chrysopoeia, and the Marrow of Alchemy.

8. Extracts from Ripley and others. Tabula Smaragdina, and De metallorum metamorphosi (a leaf missing at the beginning).

9. Observanda. Instructio de Arbore Solari. Arca Arcani.

Epistola Grassæi. Occultæ naturæ mysterium. Appendix ad aurum potabile. Lucerna salis philosophorum. Auriga chemicus. Rosarium magnum.

10. Snyders' Commentatio de Pharmaco Catholico.

11. References to B. Valentine's works, his process, 12 keys, and Extracts from his Testament.

[blocks in formation]

13. Note of information received from a Londoner as to precautions in preparation of the philosopher's stone.

14. Notes de scriptoribus chemicis.

Mar. 3,

15. Notes and memoranda relating to alchemy (2 f.).



Table of contents of some work on Alchemy.

17. Notes and memoranda (2 f.).


Abstract of some work, with commencement of a letter to Mr Proctor an attorney relating to a bond of Mr Tongue to Newton on the back.

19. Annotationes, being extracts from several works.

20. Account of S. Didier's keys, and what various other authors have written on the same subject. This seems to be an attempt to co-ordinate the accounts of processes described mystically by the several authors (5 f.).

21. Chemical nomenclature of the Egyptians, and a praxis of alchemy extracted from various authors, with a duplicate folio partly cancelled.

22. De mineralibus. Extracts from Geber and others. References and extracts (one on the back of a letter).

23. Diagram of lapis philosophicus cum rotis elementaribus. Memoranda about chemicals.



Notes of some process.

On the back of memoranda of sums owing from Mr George Gates, Mr Day, and Richard Rawlins.

26. Receipt for some compound of sulphur, mercury, antimony and silver, apparently with a view to multiplication of the silver. 27. Alchemical receipts.

28. Receipts for medicines, ink, etc.

[blocks in formation]

30. Part of a treatise, containing

Lapidis compositio, out of L. Ventura,

Elementorum conversio, from the same,

Regimen ignis, from the same and Is. Hollandus,

Materia, out of Philalethes and others,

Decoctio, Regimen Mercurii, Saturni, Jovis, Lunæ, Veneris, Martis, et Solis, out of various authors, and a rough copy of part of the Decoctio.


Another treatise in the form of extracts from various authors, some parts repeated, altered, and fragmentary; part Latin, part English, but no original matter.

32. Tables of contents to a similar treatise.

33. Another treatise, apparently earlier, edges partly burnt.

34. Table of contents, with a chapter de virga mercurii.

35. A collection of nine papers in a cover (originally ten), consisting of notes and extracts, the 10th paper, of ancient hieroglyphics, missing.

36. Three odd papers on the Regimen.


1. A common-place book, in paper cover, containing notanda and sententiæ notabiles from various alchemical authors. Greater part blank.

[blocks in formation]

5. Note as to Terra lemna, and Terra sigillata, with Leibnitz's address.

6. List of books on Chemistry with shelf-marks (perhaps in Trinity Library).

7. An alchemical recipe headed "Roth Mallor's work." On the back of the folio a recipe for making aqua regia from calcium chloride and aqua fortis, and for another menstruum which seems to be a solution of antimony chloride. The 2nd Period (a part of the foregoing recipe), but not in Newton's hand.

8. Notes of reference to some alchemical works. Diagrams of furnaces. Sundry recipes for making clay for furnaces and lutes. Note that "for rectifying spirits and ethereal oyles, nothing is better than the bladder of an ox or hogg," and a recipe for calcining gold which seems only getting it into a fine powder.

9. Dr Goddard's experiments of refining gold with antimony, extracted from Phil. Trans.

10. Part of a letter ordering some one to procure for Newton from Hamburg various metallic ores. On the back a note about something being true when angles due to difference of refraction are taken small enough, and a recipe for some plaster.

11. Notes of stannic chloride, and some chemical reactions.

12. An alchemical experiment, not in Newton's hand, which seems part of some larger work. There is a note in Newton's hand on it relating to quantities obtained in some distillation.


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1. Anagrams of "Isaacus Newtonus on draft of a letter to the Council about some matter at the Mint. Note of quotations in ludo puerorum, scala philosophorum, and rosario.

2. Directions as to some details of an alchemical process given by a Londoner acquainted with Mr Boyle and Dr Dickinson. On the back the beginning of a letter in which mention is made of Mr Pepys asking Sir I. N. for a method of finding the longitude

at sea.

3. List of Alchemical works. A classification of the same with dates. On the back an account of gold and silver moneys coined since Christmas (no year), in which the guinea is put at 21s. 6d. 4. Another list of Alchemical authors with dates.


Another list of Alchemical authors, with extracts from Act of Parl. 5 Car. II., on coinage, on the back.

[blocks in formation]

7. A treatise on Chemistry, extracted from various authors, similar to nos. 18, 31, above; with some odd papers partly duplicates.

8. Two chapters apparently of another such treatise, headed "Reductio et sublimatio" (2 fol.), and "Separatio elementorum” (1 fol.) compiled as before.

9. Recipes for cements. Address of 2 stampmakers. Mathematical diagrams and lists of alchemical works.

10. Opus Galli Anonymi. With a note by Newton "Simile est hoc opus operi Fabri..." It gives a recipe for the Philosopher's stone and medicine but it does not state what the material operated on is; the preparation consists in repeated digestions and distillations.

11. Alchemical operations-references to the pages of several books.

12. Experimenta Raymundi (2 fol.).

13. Observationes (heads of Alchemical process).

14. Ex Fabri Hydrographo Spagyrico (1 f.).

15. Ex Hercule prochymico (1 f.).

16. Miscellanea from Raymund and others (1 f.).

17. The Regimen, in seven aphorisms and notes thereon (2 f.).

18. Index chemicus (commencement only).

19. Various extracts from alchemical works (9 f.).

20. Out of 'La Lumière sortant des Ténèbres' [above, no. 6], and commentary thereon (1 f.), but incomplete.

21. Fragment out of some treatise with pictures-no beginning or end.

22. Recipes for lutes, with some addresses on the back.

23. Recipes for some alchemical medicines, with address of a druggist.

Other alchemical operations, one a translation, and one not in Newton's hand.

25. Abstract of Yarworth's "Processus "-incomplete, extending to Chap. v.

26. An alchemical tract entitled " Manna," not in Newton's hand, but with additions and notes at the end in his hand.


Recipe for Regulus Martis; on the back some arithmetical


28. Copy (not in Newton's handwriting) of a letter from Mr John Casswell, Oxford, Oct. 14, 1694, to Mr John Flamsteed, giving an account of some observations on magnetism.

29. Account of a method for making aqua fortis and for refining silver, in Conduitt's hand.

[blocks in formation]

Packet marked VI. containing the following papers on Alchemy:


Some alchemical receipts, not in Newton's hand.

Queries, not in Newton's hand.



A medicine to transmute copper, ditto.

4. Alchemical receipts, ditto.

5. To make artificial pearl, ditto.

6. No. 73. An incomplete copy (76 pp.) of Yarworth's

"Processus," not in Newton's hand.

N.B.-The several copies of Yarworth are not identical.

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