Advances in Fingerprint Technology

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CRC Press, Jun 15, 2001 - Law - 456 pages
Fingerprints constitute one of the most important categories of physical evidence, and it is among the few that can be truly individualized. During the last two decades, many new and exciting developments have taken place in the field of fingerprint science, particularly in the realm of methods for developing latent prints and in the growth of imag

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I am an expert in the arena of dermatoglyphics i.e study of finger prints. On this discipline, I have an experience of 28 years. Consequently I have done some research work in the formation of Patterns on the first phalange of all the fingers and also on the skin of palms. By authenticating the finger impressions and its nature of forming ridges as well as its patterns, I have understood that each finger impression is working as an index of an organ which leads to the analysis of organ development and its condition. For declaring this statement, I have verified thousands of finger impressions formed at first phalange of all the fingers.
Latest developments in the field of science have stated that each finger is associated with various human organs. At the time of birth we can be aware of the human organ development and its issues by means of finger impressions formed in the first phalange of fingers. Through this linking, I have accomplished a number of tasks in our place and given some suggestions for maintaining the organs properly. There are seven groups of people in the world which are mentioned below:
Group -1: 15 to 20 Percent of People have no resistance against viruses.
Group-2: 65 to 70 Percent of People have some resistance against viruses.
Group-3: 15 to 20 Percent of People have resistance against viruses.
Group-4: between Group – 1 and Group-2
Group-5: between Group-2 and Group-3
Group-6: People with under developed organs (Body Organs Construction)
Group-7: People with incorrect organ development (Reverse Organ Construction)
Now a day’s people are not maintaining their organs properly. Therefore, it will be extremely useful to the Public. If a person knows which group he belongs to, then he/she will take care of their health. This is achievable by verifying finger impressions. My request is to permit me to introduce the same technique in your Bureau which leads to societal assistance.
M Venkateswara Rao,
Finger Print Expert,
Inspector of Police,FPB.CID,
District Police Office, Kurnool. AP.India.

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