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dissatisfied with the manner in which you have spent your time, come to the author, and he will hold him. self bound to answer your accusation.

Beside the week-day passages, you will find, from page 294 to page 336, a lesson for every Sabbath in the year. This holy day is given us for the purpose of considering the subject of religion ; a subject which relates to that good Being who has created us, and surrounded us with blessings; and who, while he looks with feelings of kindness and mercy upon us, still commands us to obey his laws.

The Bible is the book which contains these laws, and it is of more value than all other books. It is not, like other works, the mere production of man; it is one in which the Almighty mind has spoken, and shall not we listen? If it were not for the Bible, how should we know God's will? How should we know our duty or our destiny? We might look up to the stars, or climb the mountain, or descend into the valley, but what lies beyond this world we could not know, or but faintly guess. Oh, what anxiety, what doubt, what fear, would rest upon us, if God had not lifted the veil, and shown us that the world, and the stars, are the work of one Creator; that He is a great and good Being, who regards us as a father regards his children, claiming their homage and their devoted obedience, yet bestowing upon them his mercy and his love! How dreadful would be our state of uncertainty as to the future, if the Bible did not assure us that the spirit is not to rest in the grave with the mouldering body, but it is des. tined to rise with an immortal wing into a higher and more important existence!

It is indeed the Bible which reveals to us these great things, and it is therefore entitled to our attention and

devout study. In the Sabbath lessons I have collected a variety of facts relative to this wonderful book; and after you have stored your mind with them, I hope you will read it with more intelligence and with deeper interest.

At page 336 I have introduced a plan for reading the Bible through in a year, by reading certain passages each day. I hope many of my readers will find it convenient to follow this plan, and thus acquaint them. selves with every page of this holy book.

At page 341 you will find a table of memorable days. By turning to this, on any day, you can see if any great event has happened upon it; and if any, you can lay it up in your memory.

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Of Tune,

15 Aphorism,

Lily and Rose,

16 The Fisherman,

Life, Death and Eternity

17 Metaphysics,

The Leaf, . .

18 Proverbs,

Brook and Fountain,

20 Franklin on Deat

Making Resolutions,

21 The Vessel without a Pilot,.

The Warrior Wolf,

22 Example,

To my Cousin Anne,

23 The Parables of Ch


Ostiack Boy,

Ode to Peace,

25 The Frogs who desired a


26 Humane Driver rewarded, .

Good Manners,

. ib. To Jane,

Civility, . .

27 A Repartee,


ib. The poor old Lion, . •

Fox and Crow,



To Seneca Lake,

The Eagle and the Assembly Midnight,


The Fly and the Mule


32 My Father's Grave,

Cricket and Nightingale,

33 Gratitude, . .

The Falls of Niagara, .

34 Proverbs, .

Impatience, :

35 The two Roses, . .

The vain Jackdaw,

36 Sir Walter Scott,

The Clouds,


. . . .

37 Conduct to Equals,

An Eastern Evening, . . . 38 Conscience, .


ib. The Apostles,

The Ambition

39 The Village Bells,

The Deep,

40 Philip of Macedon,

Summer Morn

41 The proud Frog, .

The Vine,

42 Forgiveness,: . .


44 Conduct to Inferiors,

The Passions, :

ib. The winged Worshippers,

The Fox and the Grapes, . 45 Revenge, . . .


46 Cleanliness,


47 Song, .


ib. To an Insect in

Paternal Affection,

48 Modesty,

Flora's Party,

ib. The Case altered,

Cruelty to Animals,

53 Aphorisms,

The Rat and the Oyster

54 Dr. Franklin,

56 The Wind and the

ib. True Greatness, .

Filial Duty,

63 The Hour of Prayer,

Council of Horses, . . . 64 Speaking of Yourself

Friendship, .

66 The Study of Natural Hi

The Voyage of the Philosophers, 67 Zoology,

The Dog and Shadow,

70 Quadrupeds,

Days of my Youth,

71 Birds,

The Rats and the Barley


Columbus, . . . . . 75 Reptiles,


ib. Serpents,


• 76 Insects, • •

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The withered Leaf,

123 Proverbs,


. ib. The Philosopher outdone,


124 The Mules and the Robbers,


ib. Despondency of Lord Cornwallis,

Peevishness and Anger,

ib. Patriotic Integrity,

Commodore Perry,

125 Short Exhortations,

Night, . .

ib. Powder and Balls, .

The Angler and little Fis

Reputation, . .


127 The little Voyagers,

Patriotic Address,

The little Puppy,

The Valley of Vision,

The Art of Happiness,

Aphorism, i

. ib. Sloth, .

The old knight and his gray Pe: - Palestine,

29 Kosciusko,






ib. On a Lady's Writing,

The Shepherd's Dog and the Wolf, 131 The Flies and the Spider,

Conduct to your own Family, 132 Proverbs, .

Death of an Infant, .

133 General Wolfe,


ib. I Remember,

Honor dearer than Life

134 Family Sympathy,

Domestic reproved,

ib. The falling Kite,

To an Infant at its Birth,

135 Anecdote of Dwight and Dennie,

Discretion, ..

136 Path of Life, .

Keeping Secrets, .

ib. Patrick Henry,


ib. Proverbs,

Choice of Company,

137 Last Hours of Washington, :

Sir Walter Scott, .

ih. Repentance,

Mercy, .. . . .

138 Sunset and Sunshine, .

Warren's Address,

. ib. The Countrynian and the Raven,

Good Example,

139 Good Humor,


. .


. . .

. 140 Against Anger,

The drowning Boy and Dog,

ib. Meekness,

Ingratitude, . .

ib. Advantages of V

The Ant and the Grasshopper, 141 The Juniata,

Virtue indispensable, .

142 | The Death of the Chr

Epitaph on an Infant,

ib. The Forest Trees,

Duties of Pupils,

143 The Grave of Parsons,

The Lark and her You

ib. Avoid Extremes, .

Kosciusko, .

145 Proverbs, . .

The Earthworm and Bee, .



ib. Thoughts at Sea,

Aphorism, .

146 The Presence of God,

Improvement of Time, . . . ib. Revenge,

Boat Song, .

147 Chinese Women,

Asking Questions,

143 War Horses, ... :

The Hog and the Acorns,

ib. Truth and Falsehood,

" He never told a Lie,”

150 The cruel Spider, .

The Heifer, Sheep, Goat, and Lion, ib. Aphorism, . .

General Nash,

151 The Bird Catcher, .

catcher,. . .

Bad Example,

ib. The Alpine Horn, ..


152 Little Boy and Rose,


ib. Rules for Conversation,


ib. Shortness of Time,


153 Frederick and his Nephe


154 My Heart Leaps,

Eton Boys,

ib. | Envy, .

Deceit, .

• 155 The Archer and the Arrow,

Franklin's Toast,

ib. Honesty the best Policy,

Food, :

156 The Friend,

The American Autumn,

157 Proverbs,

"All that's bright must fade, * 159 Philanthropy,

The old Bulfinch and young

160 Obstinacy, .

The River,

: 162 Love of Country

The sensible Answer of Socrates, 163 To a Child ou his Birth-day,.

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Lines to a Young Lady reading The old Man and his Sons, . . 232

the Bible, .

209 Patience, . .

Lights and Shades,

210 Opportunity, .


Artifice, . _ . :

ibunobtrusive Beauty,
The blank Book and printed Book, 211 The Value of Hope,


The Spaniel and the Chameleon, . 212 The present Condition of Man vin-

Purity of Heart, s. . 214_dicated, . . . . .


The Pilot and the Sailors,

ib. Forbearance,

Sympathy and Benevolence, . 215 To a dear little Boy,



Gypsies, .

ib. The frozen Dove, . . .


Prudent Simplicity,

216 Melrose Abbey,


Equality, :

. ib. The Turkey and the Ant, . 240

Quin, .

217 Change, .


The Oak,

ib. The Lion, Bea


The Christian Revelation, i 218 Venice, .


The Snail,

ib. An Extract,


Pride the Bane of Happiness, . 219 Sorrow, . . . . .


The empty Bird's Nest,

ib. The Coral Grove, . . .


The Soul, .

220 The vain Regret, .


The Glow-Worm, · ·

221 The wounded Hussar,


Modesty, .

222 None are completely Happ


Unreasonable Fear

. 223 The Garden of Eden,

The Fear of God,

ib. On the Loss of Professor Fisher, . 249

The Poplar Field,

24 The World dangerous to Virtue 250

Wit by the Way-side,

ib. The Rainbow,


225 Forwardness, . . . .


The Carrier Pigeon,

Sonnet, .


Importance of Despatch,

The Evening


The Farmer and his two Sons, ib. Sonnet .

Sublime and Beautiful, .

227 Cousin Mary,


Filial Affection, .

ib. Spring, .


The faithful Bird, .

228 Life beyond the Mountains,

Frederick the Great,

229 Life ; its Seasons, .

On a Goldfinch,

230 I love you, Flowers,


The Improvement of Time,

231 Tears, . . .


Proverbs, : :

ib. The rival Bubbles,


The inquisitive Monkey,

ib.The Recluse of the Lake,


On One Ignorant and Arrogant, · 232'Changes of the Year, : . 289

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