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Valuable Episcopal Works Published by D. Appleton fo Co.

The History of the Reformation of the Church of England, by GILBERT

BURNET, D. D., late Lord Bishop of Salisbury-with the Collection of
Records and a copious Index, revised and corrected, with additional
Notes and a Preface, by the Rev. E. Nares, D. D., late Professor of
Modern History in the University of Oxford. Illustrated with a Front-
ispiece and twenty-three engraved Portraits, forming four elegant 8vo.

vols. $8 00.
A cheap Edition is printed, containing the History in three vols. with-

out the Records—which form the fourth volume of the above.-Price,
in boards, $2 50.

To the student either of civil or religious history no epoch can be of more importance
than that of the Reformation in England. It signalized the overthrow, in one of its strong.
est holds, of the Roman power, and gave an impulse to the human mind, the full results of
which are even now but partly realized. Almost all freedom of inquiry-all toleration in
matters of religion, had its birth-hour then; and without a familiar acquaintance with all its
principal eveots, but little progress can be made in understanding the nature and ultimate
tendencies of the revolution then effected.

The History of Bishop BURNET is one of the most celebrated and by far the most fre-
quently quoted of any that has been written of this great event. Upon the original publi-
cation of the first volume, it was received in Great Britain with the loudest and most extra-
vagant encomiums The author received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament, and was
requested by them to continue the work. In continuing it he had the assistance of the most
learned and eminent divines of his time; and he confesses his indebtedness for important aid
to LLOYD, TILLOTSON, and STILLINGFLEET, three of the greatest of England's Bishops.
“I know," says he, in his Preface to the second volume, that nothing can more effectually
recommend this work, than to say that it passed with their hearty approbation, after they had
examined it with that care which their great zeal for the cause concerned in it, and their
goodness to the author and freedom with him, obliged them to use."

The present edition of this great work has been edited with laborious care by Dr. Nares,
who professes to have corrected important errors into which the author fell, and to have
made such improvements in the order of the work as will render it far more useful to the
reader or historical student. Preliminary explanations, full and sufficient to the clear under-

as greatly to facilitate and render accurate its consultation. The whole is published in four
large octavo volumes of six hundred pages in each--printed upon heavy paper in large and
clear type. It contains portraits of twenty-four of the most celebrated characters of the
Reformation, and is issued in a very neat style. It will of course find a place in every the-
ologian's library and will, by no means, we trust, be confined to that comparatively limited
sphere.-N. Y. Tribune.



An Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles of the Church of England.

By Ĝilbert BURNET, D. D., late Bishop of Salisbury. With an Ap-
pendix, containing the Augsburg Confession, Creed of Pope Pius IV..
&c. Revised and corrected, with copious Notes and additional Refer-
ences, by the Rev. James R. Page, A. M., of Queen's College, Cam-
bridge. In one handsome 8vo. volume. $200.

"No Churchman, no Theologian, can stand in need of information as to the character or
value of Bishop Burnet's Exposition, which long since took its fitting place as one of the

standards of the Church. It is only needful that we speak of
the labours of the editor of the present edition, and these appear to blend a fitting modesty
with eminent industry and judgment. Thus, while Mr. Page has carefully verified, and in
many instances corrected and enlarged the references to the Fathers, Councils, and other qu.
thorijies, and greatly multiplied the Scripture citations--for the Bishop seeins in many
Cases to have forgotten that his readers would not all be as familiar with the Sacred Text as
himself, and might not as readily find a passage even when they knew it existed-he (Mr:
P.) has scrupulously left the text untouched, and added whatever illustrative matter he has
been ablo to gather in the forrn of Notes and an Appendix. The documents collected in the
latter are of great and abiding value."

Valuable Episcopal Works Published by D. Appleton & Co

The Constitutions of the Holy Apostles, including the Canons, with a Prize

Essay at the University of Bonn, upon their Origin and Contents. Trans-
lated from the German by Irah Chase, D.D. One vol. 8vo. $2 50.


"At a time when in certain portions of the Christian world, increasing weight is given to
the authority of tradition, it is important for every minister, and every student of ecclesiasti-
cal history, to be able to judge for himself, of the claims thus assumed. In this elegant
volume, Dr. Chase has given the inquirer after truth an opportunity to push his investigations
beyond their former bounds. It is a translation from the German, of a work which, though
of a traditionary and apochryphal character, does yet impart valuable light on the early an.
nals of the church. It will prove a valuable, if not an indispensable accession to the library
of the minister and student of church history."

Or, Hints respecting the Principles, Constitution, and Ordinances of the Catho-

lic Church. By Frederick Denison Maurice, M. A., Chaplain of Guy's
Hospital, Professor of English Literature and History, King's College, Lon-
don. One elegant octavo volume of 600 pages, uniform in style with
Newman's Sermons, Palmer on the Church, &c. $2 50.

An Exposition of the Creed, by John Pearson, D.D., late Bishop of Chester.

With an Appendix, containing the principal Greek and Latin Creeds. Re-
vised and corrected by Rev. W. S. Dobson, M.A., Peterhouse, Cambridge.
In one handsome 8vo. volume. $2.

The following may be stated as the advantages of this edition over all others.
First-Great care has been taken to correct the numerous errors in the references to the
texts of Scripture which had crept in by reason of the repeated editions through which this
admirable work has passed; and many references, as will be seen on turning to the Index of
Texts, have been added.

Secondly-The Quotations in the Notes have been almost universally identified and the
reference to them adjoined.

Lastly---The principal Symbola or Creeds, of which the particular Articles have been
cited by the author, have been annexed; and wherever the original writers have given the
Symbola in a scattered and disjointed manner, the detached parts have been brought into a
successive and connected point of view. These have been added in Chronological order in
the form of an Appendix. - Vide Editor.

Expository Lectures on St. Paul's Epistle to the Colossians: being an Attempt

to Apply the Apostle's Argument respecting the Errors on the Subject of
the Mediation of Christ, at Colosse, to the present Circumstances of the
Church. By Daniel, Bishop of Calcutta, and Metropolitan of India. In
one volume, 12mo. 75 cts.

“ Bishop Wilson is a man of strong intellectual powers, and deep, ardent piety. No man
has clearer views of the corrupting and soul-destroying doctrines of Popery, and no one in
so elevated a station in the Church of England has opposed these errors more constantly and


6 The work before us is an effort to defend the truth as it is in Christ Jesus, with the pro.
per and only reliable weapons of the Christian, the word of God; and the good Bishop shows
himself in full armor. The Epistle to the Colossians happily furnishes the Apostle's argu-
ments against errors in respect to Christian doctrine, very much of the same kind as those
which are propagated in the present day; and in this work these arguments of the Apostle
are used again for their original purpose and design, and with great ability.

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I should only transgress the bounds of propriety, and do violence to your Grace's feelings, were I to trespass upon you with a tedious or complimentary address.

I cannot, however, but say, that, in availing myself of your Grace's kind and condescending permission, it is to me a cause of much thankfulness and sincere gratification to dedicate this volume to your Grace, not alone because of the high station in which Providence has placed you, but also because I believe that the merits of Bishop Burnet's Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles are well known to, and duly appreciated by, your Grace.

My earnest desire, My Lord, has been to make this valuable work still more useful to the church of England. Should my efforts be even in the least degree successful, I shall, I

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