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first-fruits and tenths, and rents Cap. 22. For giving authority to the ' reserved nomine decimæ, and of par- Queen to make ordinances in col

sonages impropriate, to the im- . legiate churches and schools, 'perial crown of this realm. ; . Cap. 5. Certain offences made treason.

Private Aets. Cap. 6. For the explanation of the - Anno i Elizabetha.

itatute of feditious words and ru- 1. An act whereby the Queen's highmours.

ness is restored in blood to the late Cap. 7. To revive a statute made in · Queen Anne, her Highness's mo

the twenty-third year of the reign • ther. of King Henry the Eighth, touch- 2. An act for the restitution in blood ing the conveying of horses, geld- of the lord Fohn Graye.

ings, and mares into Scotland. 3. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 8. Touching shoemakers and of Sir James Crofts, knight. curriers.

4. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 9. Touching tanners, and sell- of Sir Henry Gates, knight. ing of tanned leather.

5. An act for the assurance of certain Cap. 10. That the carrying of lea- . manors, lands and tenements, forther, tallow or raw hides, out of merly parcel of the possessions of the realm for merchandize, shall be the bishoprick of London, to the felony.

lord Wentworth, the lord Riche, Cap. 11. For limiting the times for and the lord Darcy. .

laying on land merchandize from 6. An act that Garsome Wroth, born - beyond the seas, and touching cul- in Germany, shall be taken and retoms for sweet wines.

puted the Queen's natural born Cap. 12. Against the deceitful using subject. of linen cloth. .

7. An act that the manors, lands and Cap. 13. For the shipping in English tenements, which Thomas Browne. bottoms.

and George Browne are seised of in Cap. 14. For the continuance of the fee-simple or fee-tail in the county making of woolen cloth in divers of Kent, which are of the tenure

towns in the county of Esex. and nature of gavelkind, shall from Cap. 15. That timber shall not be henceforth be clearly changed from · felled to make coals for the burn- . that custom. : ing of iron.

; 8. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 16. To continue the act made of Robert Rudston, esquire. . .

against rebellious assemblies. 9. An act declaring the repeal of the Cap. 17. For the preservation of attainder of the late cardinal Poole, spawn and fry of fish. .

10. An act for the incorporation of Cap. 18. For the continuance of Trinity-Hall in Cambridge. I

certain statutes. . . . 11. An act for confirmation of the Cap. 19. An act restraining bishops marriage between Thomas duke of

from making leases for above twen- Norfolk and the lady Margaret, ty-one years, and giving authority daughter and heir of Thomas lord to the Queen to take certain of : Awdeley, and for confirmation of their temporal possessions.

her jointure. Cap. 20. A subsidy of tonnage and 12. An act for the restitution in pqundage. ..

.blood of the children of Edward Cap. 21. A subsidy, and two fifteens Lewkenor, esquire.

and tenth, granted by the tempo.' 13. An act for the keeping of a inart · poralty.

or fair once a year in the town of a 3


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'. King's Lynn in the county of Noró constitutions, made for the mainfolk.

tenance of the navy. : .. 14. An act for the making of a cha- Cap. 6. Againit such as shall fell any

pel in Carmarthenshire to be a pa- ware for apparel without ready morish church. ...

ney. 15. An act for the affurance of the Cap. 7. For avoiding divers foreign

manor of Bushopfton and Dueton in wares, made by handicrafts-men
the county of Wiltes, and other beyond the seas.
lands in other counties, being par. Cap. 8. Touching tanners, curriers,
cel of the possessions of the bishop- Thoemakers, and other artificers
rick of Winthester, 'unto William occupying the cutting of leather.
earl of Pembroke, Sir Phelip Hobby, Cap. 9. For the punishment of such

Sir John Mafon, and others.. . persons as fhall procure or commit 16. An act for the aflizes and seflionsany wilful perjury. , .)

for the county of Stafford to be Cap. 10. To revive a statute made holden in the town of Stafford.! : Anno 21 of Henry the Eighth, . An act giving authority to the touching servants imbezilling their

Queen's majesty, upon the ayoid - masters goods. i ance of any archbishoprick or bi- Cap. II, Against the clipping, wash

Shoprick, to take into her hands ing, rounding, or filing of coins... certain of the temporal poffeffions Cap. 12. Touching badgers, of corn thereof, recompensing the fame : and drovers of cattle to be liwith parsonages imprópriate and cenced. wavnici - tenths. Public dets, c. 19. . Cap. 13. For the reviving of a sta18. An act for the restitution in tutë made the second and third

blood of the lord Dacres of the of Philip and Mary, for the amend, fouth,

ing of highways." 19. An act for the reftitution in Cap. 14. Against the forging of evia

blood of Henry Howard, Fane dences and writings.
Howard, and Katherine wife to the Cap. 15. Againk fond and fantastical
lord Barkley. ' . i, prophecies.

: : : 20. An act to annex to the crown Cap. 16. Against conjurations, en· certain religious houses and mo- chantments and witchcrafts. 'nasteries ; and to reform certain Cap. 17. For the punishment of the - abuses in chantries. T h is vice of buggery." 21. An act touching the pofseflions Çap. 18. Declaring the authority of of the lord Darres of the south. ;; the lord keeper of the great seal of

England, and the lord chancellor,

- to be one." . Anno 5 Elizabethå.

Çap. 19. For the repeal of a branch Cap. 1. For the assurance of the of a statute made Anno Í Edw. 6.

Queen's majesty's royal power over touching the conveying of horses als states and subjects within her . and geldings out of this realm. dominions.

Cap. 2o. For the punishment of vaCap, 2.' For the maintenance and gabonds, calling themselves Egypincrease of tillage.

tians. Cap. 3. For the relief of the poor. Çap. 21. For the punishment of Cap. 4. Touching divers orders for unlawful taking of fish, deer, or

artificers, labourers, fervants of hawks. · husbandry, and apprentices. Cap. 22., Against the carrying of Cap. $. Toaching certain politic h eep-skins and pelts over the sea,


tutéphilip anaways:ine forging


not being staple ware.

granted for the finding of a school Cap. 23. For the due execution of at Guilford.

the writ De excommunicato capiendo. 8. An act for the recovery and innCap. 24. For the reviving of a statute ing of Plumpfted Marsh, now overmade anno 3 H. 8. touching the flowed with water. repairing of gaols. :

9. An act to restore in blood the sons Cap. 25. For filling up juries De and daughters of the late lord

circumftantibus, lacking in Woles. Hussey, Cap. 26. For the inrollment of in- 10. An act for the restitution in blood

dentures of bargain and sale in the of William West, esquire. · Queen's majesty's courts of record 11. An act for the restitution in blood . at Lancaster, Chester, and Durham. .pf Sir Peter Carew, knight. Cap. 27. Touching fines to be levied 12. An act for the restitution in blood

in the county palatine of Durham.' "of Sir Ralph Chamberlayne, knight, Cap. 28. For the translating of the and John Harleston.

bible and the divine service into 13. An act for the restitution in blood the Welfs tongue.

of Thomas Cobham, William Cromer, Cap. 29. For the confirmation of a , and others.

Lublidy granted by the clergy, in 14. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 30. A subsidy, and two fif- ... of the heirs of Thomas Hey.

teenths and tenths granted by the 15. An act for the restitution in blood temporalty,

of the heirs of William Thomas.
Cap. 31. An act of the Queen's ma, 16. An act for the restitution in blood

jefty's molt gracious, general and ; of the heirs of Leonard Diggs.
free pardon.

17. An act for the restitution in blood

of the heirs of Thomas Granmer, - Private Aets.

late archbishop of Canterbury. : Anno 5 Elizabethe.

18. An act for the restitution in blood Į. An act of assignment of certain of the heirs of Sir Henry Idey, : sums of money to defray the char knight.

ges of the Queen's majesty's lour- 19. An act for the restitution in blood hold.

- of Edward Turner. 2. An act for the confirmation of 20. An act to make free denizens the

certain liberties granted to the city children of John Fitzzuilliams, James of Exeter.

" Hervey, and others, born beyond 3. An act for the confirmation of let the seas.

ters patents granted to the town of 21. An act to enable William Pope to
Southan.pton, touching the bringing alien certain lands to make his
in of malmesies and other sweet wife a jointure.

wines by merchant strangers.
A. An act to enable viscount Byndon
and dame Elizabeth his wife, to

Anno 8 Elizabethe,
make leases for three lives or twen- Cap, I. Declaring the manner of
ty-one years.

making and consecrating of the 5. An act to give power to the lord archbishops and bishops of this

Burgavenny to make leases for twen- realm, to be good, lawful and perty-one years.

fect. 6. An act to restrain Henry Howard Cap. 2. That the defendant may re

from discontinuing any of his cover his coits, being wrongfully lands.

• 'vexed. 7. An act touching one annuity Cap. 3. Against carrying over sea,

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3 ters pare.pton, toutes and rangers Byndon

rams, lambs, and other sheep merchants for the discovery of new i alive.

'trades. '." Cap. 4. To take away the benefit of 2. An act for confirmation of the

clergy from certain felonious of- - Queen's highness letters patents fenders.

: made for the hospital of Saint Bar. Cap. 5. For the avoiding of tedious tholomew's in Gloucester. ' .

fuits in civil and marine causes. 3. An act for confirmation of letters Cap. 6. Touching clothworkers, and patents granted to the merchants !cloths ready wrought to be shipped adventurers of the city of Bristow... over the sea. :

4. An act confirming the Queen's Cap. 7. Touching drapers, cottoners : majesty's letters patents, concern

and frizers, in the town of Shrews- ing the making of allum and cop.: bury.

peras within this realm and other Cap. 8. For the repeal of a branch of her Highness's dominions. , a statute made the thirty-second of 5. An act for the inning of Plumpfted

Henry the Eighth, for the stature Mars being surrounded of horses.

6. An act for the assurance of the Cap. 9. To repeal a branch of a countess of Warwick's jointure. • statute made anno 23 of Henry the 7. An act for the assurance of the lady

Eighth, touching the prices of bar- Cobham's jointure. -- rels and kilderkins. ... 8. An act for assurance of the jointure Cap. 10. For bowyers, and the prices of the lady Mary Stafford wife of i of bows.

Edwa:d lord Stafford. Cap. II. For the true making of 9. "An act to make John Stafford a : hats and caps.

free denizen, being born beyond Cap. 12. For aulnegers fees in Lan- the seas.

cashire, and for length, breadth, and 10. An act to alter the nature of ga

weight of cottons, frizes and rugs. velkind in the lands of Thomas Cap. 13. Concerning sea-marks and - Brown, esquire. mariners.

. II. An act for the town clerk of Cap. 14. Touching transporting of York. tawed leather.

12. An act for the paving of KentishCap. 15. For preservation of grain street in Southwark.. Cap. 16. That in divers counties, 13. An act for the making of salt 6 : there shall be but one sheriff in one within the Queen's majesty's docounty.

minions. Cap. 17. For confirmation of a sub- 14. An act for keeping a market up. didy granted by the clergy. i on Thursdays at Battel in the counCap. 18. A fifteen and tenth, and : ty of Sussex.

subsidy, granted by the temporalty. Cap. 19. The Queen's majesty's free: and general pardon.

. Anno 13 Elizabetha. Cap. 20. For repealing a branch of a Cap. 1. Certain offences made trea

Atatute made in the 26th of Hen. 8. son. si c. 6, s. 12. for trial of offences in Cap. 2. Against the bringing in, and ! Wales...

putting in execution, of hulls and Private afts.

other instruments from the see of

Anno 8 Elizabetha,

Cap. 3. Against fugitives over the 1. An act for the incorporation of the sea.

fellow hip and society of English Cap. 4. That the lands, tenements,

12. An at Southware makinety's do

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goods, and chattels of treasurers, tinuance of certain statutes. receivers, tellers, &c. shall be lia- Cap. 26. For the confirmation of a

ble to the payment of their debts. subsidy granted by the clergy. Cap. 5. Against fraudulent deeds, Cap. 27. A subsidy, and two fifteens gifts, alienations, &c.

and tenths, granted by the tempoCap. 6. That the constats, and ex- ralty.

emplifications of letters patents, Cap. 28. The Queen's highness, most Thall be as good and available, as gracious, general and free pardon.

the letters patents themselves. Cap. 29. Concerning the several inCap. 7. Touching orders for bank- corporations of the universities of rupts.

Oxford and Cambridge, and the conCap. 8. Against usury.

firmation of the charters, liberties Cap. 9. For the commission of sewers. and privileges granted to either of Cap. 10. Against frauds to defeat re them. medies for dilapidations.

Private Aets. Cap. 11. For the maintenance of na- ' Anno 13 Elizabethæ. vigation.

1. An act for making the river of Cap. 12. To reform certain disor- Welland in the county of Lincoln · ders touching ministers of the navigable. church.

2. An act to make a free denizen Cap. 13. For the increase of tillage Peregryne Bertye born beyond the Cap. 14. For the bringing of bow seas." staves into the realm.

3. An act for confirmation of a statute Cap. 15. That no hoye or plate shall made anno 5 Eliz. touching the cross the seas..

bringing in of sweet wines into this Cap. 16. The convictions of T. carl realm by merchant strangers, to be i of Westmorland, and fifty-seven · laden and discharged at the town

othersattainted of treason, con- of Southampton. firmed. .. .'

4. An act for the town of Bristowe. Cap. 17. That Robert earl of Leicester 5. An act that all statutes and recoge

may found an hospital in Warwick, '. nizances acknowledged before the or Kenelworth, for relief of poor mayor of the town of Loftwithiell and impotent people. .

- in Cornwall shall be of force and Cap. 18. For the river Lee, other effectual in law. wise called Ware river..

6. An act for the assurance of certain Cap. 19. For the making of caps., lands to Willia:n Skeffington. Cap. 26. Touching leases of bene- 7. An act for Morrice Rodney, esquire,

fices, and other ecclesiastical liv- 8. An act for the restitution in blood ings, with cure.

• of Sir Thomas Wyatt's children. Cap. 21. That Purveyors may take 9. An act for the incorporation and

grain, corn, or victuals within five uniting of IV tymouth and Melcombe miles of Cambridge and Oxford, in Regis in the county of Dorset. certain cases.

10. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 22. To continue the statute for of Henry Brereton, esquire. division of shires.

Il. An act for the assurance of diCap. 23. For paving of a street with vers manors, lands and tenements out Aldgate.

to Henry lord Berkliy, and the lady Cap. 24. For paving of the town of Katherine his wife. Ipswichi

12. An act touching John Tyrrell, Cap. 25. For the reviving and con- esquire.


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