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dressed and fully dried, (hall weigh nineteen pounds the piece at Sorting kersie. the least: (2) And every kersie called Sorting kersie, mentioned '+E1, c> I0* in the said act, being well scoured, thicked, milled, dressed and ilK'c"' fully dried, ready to be shewed, shall weigh xxii pound at the least.

X. And that every Devon/hire kersie, called Dosson, the which DeTonshire is appointed by the fame statute to weigh, being dry, xiv. kersie. pounds at the least, (hall weigh, being well scoured, thicked,

milled r.nd fully dried, after the rate of every yard one pound at the least.

XI. Item. That one article mentioned in the said statute Welch linings, concerning Welch cottons, touching the length and weight, 5 & si Ed. 6. shall be clearly void; (2) and every gode of IVekh lining shall c> G ,6». contain and be three quarters of a yard in breadth in the water, and shall weigh one pound and a half quarter; (3) and

every yard of cotton being fully wrought and cottoned shall weigh one pound at the least.

XII. And be it further enacted, That no person or persons None that buy which shall buy to sell again by way of retail, or otherwise, any to sell again of the said Welch linings, shall dress or work, or cause to be ITM11 work. any dressed or wrought within his or their dwelling-house or houses, lm'"s' or in any other psace, by himself or his servant or servants, any 'c' 7"

of the said Welch linings, but shall put the same to some such person or persons as shall be of the art or science of sheermen, oottoners or friscrs, to be by them wrought and dressed, upon pain of forfeiture sot every Welch c6tton or lining frised or cottoned to the contrary, vj. s. viij. d.

XIII. Item, That all and every cotton or cottons called Man- Cotton, rugs Chester, Lancajhire and Chejhire cottons, and all cloths called and '^ses. Manchester rugs, or Manchester frifes, may be divided into two 'J^d fnto~two half pieces, and shall contain and be after the rate of such pieces, breadth and weight as in the said act is limited and appointed

to be a whole piece of every the several pieces of cottons and rugs aforesaid; any thing in the said former statute to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.

XIV. And if any cloth or kersie of the several kinds of mak- Forfeiture for ings mentioned irt the said former act, or this statute, do ex- defaults in ceed the several lengths mentioned in the fame, that then every leng'hs *nJ yard so exceeding shall weigh after such rate as every yard ofmea ures* such cloth or kersies containing the said several lengths shall or

ought to weigh, upon pain of forfeiture for every yard not weighing after such rate, v. s.

XV. And if any such cloth or kerfies shall lack of such weight as by the said statute or this act it ought and is appointed to have, then the maker thereof, or other person in whose hands or possession the same shall be found, shall forfeit for every pound lacking above iv. 1. v. s. and also for every pound exceeding, not above iv. 1. ij. s. in manner and form as in the said former act is appointed.

XVI. Item., One article mentioned in the said statute, where- The aulnein the aulneger is prohibited to set his seal to any cloth or kersie ger's seal.

Vol. VI. H which s & « Ed.«.

How faulty cloth (hall be uled.

which shall prove pursy, bandy, squally, in or by wr.:p or woof, or else shall happen to be evil burled or wasted in the mill, or otherwise to be full of holes, mill-bracks, or to be holely, shall be void and of none effect.

XVII. Item., It is enacted, That if at any time after the first day of May, any cloth or kersie, through the default or negligence of the carders, spinners or weavers, or any of them, shall or do prove pursy, cockly, bandy, squally or rowy by warp or woof, or else shall happen to be evil burled, or wasted in the mill, or else through the default or negligence of the mill-man, or otherwise, to be full of holes, mill-bracks, or to be holely, that then the maker of every such cloth or kersie so being defective or faulty as is aforesaid, shall fix unto every end of the said cloth or kersie so being.defective and faulty, and offered to be sold, one seal of lead, in the which seal shall be ingraved this word (faulty) upon pain of forfeiture of such cloth or kersie, or the value thereof, so offered to be sold, whereunto such seal shall not be set.

XVIII Item, The article mentioned in the said former act, of returning of defective clothes, kersies, frises or cottons, being transported over the seas by the merchants, shall be utterly void. (2) But nevertheless, be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, pensed upon a That if it shall fortune hereafter any merchant or merchants to ceititicate transport any cloth or clothes, kersies, frises or cottons, where

No defective cloth shall be returned, but the merchant sliallberecom

brought. Repealed by 43 £1. c. 10. { 9, touching these cerlifi caies.

unto the seal with this word (faulty) was not annexed at the time of the sale thereof by the clothier, and the same clothes, kersies, frises or cottons, so transported, or any of them, to be found faulty or defective, and the same merchant or merchants thereof, within two years after such sale, to bring a certificate sealed with the seal of any town or company in the parts beyond the seas, or-signed by a notary there after the accustomed manner, testifying and declaring thereby the loss and damage Which the merchants shall have sustained by such defective and faulty cloth or clothes so transported; (3) that then the clothier or clothiers, or other person of whom the cloth or clothes was bought, their executors or administrators, shall within six weeks next after request made by the said merchant, his executors, a_dministrators or assigns, well and truly satisfy, content and pay to such merchant, his executors, administrators, or assigns, all and every such sum and sums of money, as shall be mentioned, expressed and declared in the said certificate; (4) upon pain of forfeiture to the party grieved for every non-payment upon such request, double the value of such sum or sums mentioned in the said certificate. c,0*h wa"tinS XIX. Provided always, That such merchant shall not in any whereunto the w'^e have, by virtue of this act, any recompence for lack of seal of a city, length, breadth or weight, of or for any cloth whereunto the &c. (hall be as- seal of any city, borough or town corporate shall be fixed. *xed- , . XX. Item, If any person shall by himself, or by any other in^scttineVo Pern him procured, counterfeit, set to, or take away from or taking a- 'any cloth, kersie, frise, rug or cotton, any seal appointed to be way of any fixed teal. - 1

fixed to any cloth, kersie, frise, rug or cotton, either by this act, or by the said former estatute, that then every such person so offending (hall incur and have like penalties, forfeitures and punishments, as in the said former act is appointed and limited for the like offence.

XXI. And for the better execution as well of this present The '0A'n seal act as of the said former estatute, and to the intent that all kind *othe» £° of kerfies, cottons, frises, rugs and other woollen cloth made

in any town, (hall be better known; (2) it is further enacted,* That the seal of every borough or town corporate, appointed dr to be appointed for the sealing of any such kind of cloth, shall be fixed to all and every such kind or cloth being well and substantially made within such city, borough or town corporate: (3) Which cloth so sealed with the seal of any city, borough or town corporate, shall not be searched, tried or viewed by any searcher or sealer of any other city, borough or town corporate, by virtue of his said office; any thing in this act, or in the said former estatute to the contrary notwithstanding.

XXII. Item, Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Clothes made That every person and persons not dwelling and inhabiting out of towns within any city, borough or corporate town, and making any \^r^e°^e^3y of the clothes or kersies aforesaid, may lawfully bring the same the next town to the next city, borough or town corporate, where any such corporate, &c. kind of clothes or kersies be or shall be commonly made,

there to be sealed in manner and form as is before expressed.

XXIII. Item, If any searcher or sealer, appointed or to be The forfeiture appointed by virtue of this present act or of the said former where a sealer statute, shall set the seal of any city, borough or town corpo-[odoti^wantrate to any cloth which shall not contain such length, weight ing length, and breadth, as in the said former statute or in this present act

is appointed, that then the mayor and commonalty or bailiff and commonalty, or other corporation of the township, by whatsoever name or names it or they shall be incorporate, where such cloth, kersie, frise, cotton or rug, shall be so sealed, shall forfeit and lose the whole value of the cloth so sealed.

XXIV. It is also enacted by the authority of this present The searchers parliament, That the said searchers or sealers and every one: of^ay enter into them shall have full power and authority by virtue os this act, TMy man's'

in the day-time to enter into all and every house and houses of house to
every person or persons where he or they shall think meet, to search. ■
search and to try all and every kind of clothes, kersies, frifes
and rugs, as they .shall find defective either in length, breadth,
or weight, and the same to try by water and weight j (2) and
also to search and seize as forfeit all and every cloth and clothes
made of other colours than in the said former act is appointed;
friers gray, crane colour, purple and old medley colours, most
commonly used to be made before twenty years last past, only

XXV. And if any manner of person or persons at any time The penalty after the first day of May next coming shall deny, withstand or with-hold any cloth or clothes, kersies, frises, rugs, or any

of them, from the said sealers or searchers or any of them, or will not suffer them to enter into their shops, warehouses, houses or places where their clothes, kersies, frises, or rugs shall be, the same to be searched and tried as is aforesaid, that then every such person or persons so denying or withstanding, for every such withstanding, with-holding or denial, to forfeit and lose ten pounds.

No searching XXVI. Be it likewise further enacted, That it shall not be in common lawful for any of the said searchers or sealers or any other permarkets or fori) to search any manner of woollen cloth or kersie wherefairs" unto the seal of a city, borough or town-corporate shall be

fixed, within the common cloth-market of London, commonly called Blaclwell-tiall; or in any common cloth fair, or clothmarket of any other city, borough or town corporate, in and during the time of the fair or market; any act or statute to the contrary notwithstanding. Aconfirma- XXVII. Be it further enacted, That all and every article, tion of the sta- clause and sentence in the said former statute made in the fifth x\\xt of 5 & & ana fixth years of the reign of our said late sovereign lord King Ed. 6. c. 6. Edward the Sixth, being not repugnant or qontrary to any article, clause or sentence contained in this present act, shall stand "in full force and effect. Penalties in XX VIII. Provided always, That no person or persons shall the formeract mcur the danger, penalty or forfeiture limited and appointed a re 1B1 1S' for any offence in the said former act, the which is already mitigated or otherwise appointed by this present act.

XXIX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, talked with That every clothier shall cause every cloth which he shall put to jyj, sale from and after the feast of the nativity of St. fohn Baptili

next coming, to be marked with the letter M crowned, wrought in the cloth, upon pain to forfeit xx. s. for every cloth being fold or put to sale by any such clothier after the said feast, not marked with the said letter M, as- is aforesaid. No coloured XXX. And moreover, be it enacted by the authority aforecloth shall be said, That no person or persons after the said feast of the nati

PhV° MiebUt vity of St" John BaPt{fi mal1 sel1 or Put t0 sale witnin the realin named? °^ Æ»£/<J»rf, any coloured cloth of any other colour or colours 'Repealed by than are hereafter mentioned, that is to fay, scarlet, red, crimSj Jac i.c.18. son, morrey, violet, pewke, brown, blue, black, green, yellow, £tl' blue, orange, tawney, russet, marble grey, sad new colour,

azure, watchet, sheeps colour, lion colour, motly, iron grey, friers grey, crane colour, purple, and old medley colour, most . commonly used to be made above and before twenty years last past.

XXXI. Item, Whereas divers ancient cities, boroughs and towns corporate within this realm a/" England, have been in times past well anil substantially inhabited, occupied, maintained and upholden, as well by reason of making of broad woollen clothes and kerftes, as also by divers other artificers inhabiting then in the said towns, at which time alfa the villages and husband towns flourijhed, and husbandry and tillage was well maintained, to the great benefit of the realm and all the people therein: (2) Forasmuch as divers years past, such persons as do use the feat or mystery of cloth-making, not contented to live as artificers, and with the trade wherein they have been brought up, da daily plant themselves in villages and towns, being no cities, boroughs nor corporate towns, and there occupying the feat and place of a husbandman, do not only engross divers farms and pastures into their hands, displeasing the husbandman, and decaying the ploughs and til~ lages, but also draw with them out os the cities, boroughs and towns corporate, all forts of artificers, whereby not only divers ancient cities, boroughs and towns corporate are utterly decayed, destroyed and depo~ pulated, but also husbandry and tillages very much decayed, to the great hurt, damage and prejudice of this realm and the people therein, if speedy remedy be not foreseen: (3) And forasmuch also as the weavers and workmen of clothiers when they have been trained up in the trade of cloth-making and weaving three or four years, do forsake their masters, and do become clothiers and occupiers for themselves, without stock, skill or knowledge, to the great slander os the true cloth-making, besides a great number of inconveniencies which do grow to the commonwealth of this realm thereby, as daily experience teacheth:

XXXII. Be it therefore ordained and enacted by the authori- None mall

ty of this present parliament, That from and after the first day make cloth to of May next coming no person or persons whatsoever shall use f?11 but m a Or exercise the feat or mystery of making, weaving or rowing ^nT whereat* pf woolen cloths long or short, or kersies, pinned whites or jjath been used plain streits, to the intent to put the fame to sale, but only in to be made, a market-town where cloth hath commonly been used to be *5H-8- c-18« piade by the space of ten years last past, or in a city, borough or *8 jy" ^" 2'6' town corporate, upon pain of forfeiture for every such woolen *Hepeaitd ly' cloth or kersie made, wpven or rowed, out of such city, bo-21 Jac.i.c. ig. rough, town corporate or market town, v. I. s

XXXIII. And it is further enacted, That from and after the Who only first day of May no person whatsoever shall weave or make, or may weave put to weaving or making, any woollen clothes or kersies last ^h t0 be rehearsed, to be sold, unless such person shall have been apprentice to the occupation of making, weaving and rowing of ,

cloth or kersies, or have been exercised therein by the space of seven years before, upon pain of forfeiture of such cloth or the value thereof.

XXXIV. And be it further enacted by the authority afore- Who (hall said, That all and every pains, penalties and forfeitures to be the for" due by force of this statute, or of the said former act, being te»ture5, not otherwise appointed, shall be divided equally into two

parts, whereof the one sha)l be to the Queen's highness, her heirs and successors, and the other unto him that will seise fin cases where seisure is limited or appointed) or else to him or them that will sue for the same pains, penalties and forfeitures, or any of them, by action, bill, plaint, information or otherwise, in any court of record, wherein no essoin, protection, wager of law or injunction shall be admitted, allowed or obeyed, 'XXXV. Provided always, That it shall be lawful to any

H 3 person

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