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the same atlion, writ, avowry, cognisance, prescription, title or claim, should at any time be had, sued or made: Certaindoubts ^' Up°" which said act doubt and ambiguity hath risen and been moved upon moved, whether a writ of right os advowson, a Quare Impedit, the said statute Jure Patronatus, or assise of Darein presentment, may be mainof3iH. 8.C.2. tained by any person or persons, bodies politick or corporate, whereas the fame person or persons, bodies politick or corporate, their anchor or predecessor, or he or they by whom he or they do claim, cannot lay the Esplees, seism or presentment, in him or themselves, or the ancestor or predecessor os them or any of them, or in him or them by whom he or they do claim, within threescore years next before the teste of the fame writ of right of advowson Quare Impedit or ajsse of Darein presentment, and Jure patronatus: (2) and also whether any person or persons, bodies politick or corporate, having a seigniory by reason cf any casks, honours, manors, lands, tenements or hereditaments of him or them holden by knights service, may maintain a writ of right of ward, or a writ osravijhment os ward, for any caslles, honours, manors, lands, tenements or hereditaments holden by knights service, or for the body of any ward that he or they claim by reason os any such tenure by knights service, whereas he or they have not been seised of the same services within threescore years next before the teste of any Certain writs such writs: (3) for the explanation and plain declaration whereof, and acts and in avoiding of the said ambiguities and doubts, be it enacted said statutetllC an^ declared by,the Queen's highness, with the assent of the lords shall not ex- spiritual, and temporal and the commons in this present parliatend. ment assembled, and by the authority of the same, That the said

former act made the said xxxii. year of the reign of the said late King Henry, or any article, clause, sentence or matter therein contained, shall not extend to any writ of right of advowson, ghtfre Impedit or assise of Darein Presentment, nor Jure Patronatus; (4) nor to any writ of right of ward, writ of ravishment of ward, for the wardship of the body or for the wardship of any castles, honours, manors, lands, tenements or hereditaments holden by knights service, nor to the seisor of the wardship of the body of any ward or wards, or to the seisor or wardship of any castles, honours, manors, lands, tenements or hereditaments holden by.knights service; (5) But that all and every person and persons, bodies politick and corporate, their heirs and successors, and the heirs and successors of every them, (hall and may have, maintain and pursue all and singular the said writs of right of advowson, Square Impedit, assise of Darein Presentment, sure patronatus, writs of right of ward, ravishment of ward, and also seise the wardship both os the body and of the castles, honours, manors, lands, tenements and hereditaments, holden by knights service, in like manner and form, to all intents, constructions and purposes, as they, or any of them should or might have done, made or pursued, before the making of the said act made in the said xxxij. year, as though the fame act had never been had or made; any thing in the said former act to the contrary notwithstanding. 21 fat. I- c. 16.


An atl that the counterfeiting of strange coins being current within this realm, the Queen's highness Jign manual, signet or privy seal, to be adjudged treason.

1FORASMUCH as by the laws of this realm small and no due and condign punishment is at this present time provided for such evil disposed persons as Jhall counterfeit or forgesuch kind of gold or silver of other realms, as is not the proper coin of this realm, and yet permitted and suffered by the Queen our sovereign lady's consent, and heretofore hath been permitted and suffered by the consent of her most noble progenitors, to be currant in payment within this her realm, nor for such persons as Jhall counterfeit the Queen's highness sign manuals or privy signet or privy seal; by reason whereof divers evil disposed persons are encouraged and boldned daily to perpetrate and commit the said several offences:

II. For remedy whereof be it enacted by our said sovereign Treason to Jady the Queen, the lords spiritual and temporal, and the com- forge the coin mons in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority ofotherrealmi of the same, That if any person or persons hereafter falfly rZ^orthc forge and counterfeit any such kind of coin of gold or silver as King's sign is not the proper coin of this realm, and is or shall be currant manual, Sec within this realm by the consent of the Queen, her heirs or sue- *S Ed- Jcessors: (2) Or if any person or persons at any time hereafter stat's* c* do falfly forge or counterfeit the Queen's sign manual, privy signet or privy seal; (3) that then every such offence shall be deemed and judged high treason: (4) and the offenders therein, their counsellors, procurers, aiders and abettors, being convict according to the laws of this realm of any of the said offences, shall be likewise deemed and adjudged traitors against the Queen, her heirs and successors, and the realm, and shall suffer and have such pains of death, forfeiture of lands, goods and chattels, and also lose the privilege of all sanctuary, as in the cafe of high treason is used and ordained.


An act touching proclamations upon fines.

WHEREAS upon fines levied with proclamations doubts have of F\net levied late arisen by reason of adjournment of terms, in which pro- before the jusclamations Jhould have been made according to the form limited for pro- tlces 0< tne ckmations upon fines by the statute made in the fourth year of King fl^jji"^n0f HS Henry the Seventh, and were not by reason of such adjournments had force notwith7ie made, according to the purvey of the fame estatute: standing pro

II. Be it therefore enacted, That all fines, as well heretofore clamations be levied as hereafter to be levied, before the justices of the com- j^soJJoJad? mon place, of any manors, lands, tenements or other heredita- journments. ments, whereupon the proclamations have not or (hall not, by 4 H. 7. c. 14,. reason of adjournment of any term by writ, be duly made, lhall be of as good force, effect and strength to all intents, constructions and purposes, as if any term heretofore so adjourned, or that at any time hereafter shall be so adjourned, had been


holden and kept from the beginning to the end thereof not adjourned, and proclamations therein made according to the form and effect of the said statute. Certain fines III. Provided always, That this act shall not in any wife to which this extend to any fine heretofore levied of any manors, lands, teneftatute JhaU ments or hereditaments, now in suit demand or variance in any not exten . Qf ^ Que^'s courts, or whereof any charters, evidences or minuments concerning the fame be now" in demand in the Queen's high court of chancery; (2) nor to any fine or fines heretofore levied of any manors, lands, tenements or herediditaments, which before the first day of this present parliament have been recovered, gotten or obtained, by reason of any judgment, entry, decree, arbitrament or other lawful means, contrary to the purport, intent or effect of any such sine or fines thereof heretofore levied.


An acl that sheriffs stall not be justices of peace during that


No sheriff shall X T7"HERE in one act of parliament, intituled, An act for the be' estwhere continuance of actions after the death of any King,

©"when he is m^e firfi year °f our ^ate fi^ireign lord King Edward the fteriff. Sixth, amongst other things it is ordained and enacted, That albeit 1 Ed. 6. c. 7. any person or persons being justice of assize, justice of gaol-delivery, aBulftr. 8. or justice of peace, within any of the King's dominions, or being in any other of the King's commissions whatsoever, Jball fortune to be made duke, archbishop, marquess, earl, viscount, baron, bishop, knight, justice of the one bench or of the other, or serjeant at the law or sheriff, yet that notwithslanding he and they should remain justice and commissioner, and have full power and authority to execute the same in like manner and form as he or they might or ought to have done before the fame, as in the said ail more plain/y appeareth: (2) Sithence the making of which act, divers persons being in commission os the peace in one county, have been madesheriffs of the fame county, and have exercised either os the said offices; which feemeth not to be convenient:

II. Wherefore be it enacted by the authority of this present parliament, That no manner of person or persons having, using or exercising the office of the sheriff of any county or counties, shall use or exercise the office of tWe justice of the peace, by force of any commission or otherwise, in aay county or counties where he or they shall be sheriff, during the time only that he or they shall use or exercise the said office of sheriffwick; any thing in the said former act to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding. And that all and every act and acts to be done by any such sheriff and sheriffs by authority of any commission of the peace, during the time abovefaid, shall be void and of none effect; the said former act notwithstanding.



An aft touching the corporation os the pJqficians in London.

WHEREAS;/?/^ parliament holden at London the fifteenth day of April in the fourteenth year of the reign of our late sovereign lord King Henry the Eighth, and from thence adjourned to Westminster the last day of July in the fifteenth year of the reign of the fame King, and there holden, it was enailed, That a certain grant by letters patents of incorporation made and granted by our said late King to the physicians of London, and all chuses and articles contained in the fame grant, jbould be approved, granted, ratified and confirmed by the fame parliament:

II- For the consideration thereof, be it enacted by the au- A confirmsthority of this present parliament, That the said statute or act tionof 14&15 of parliament, with every article and clause therein contained, *•c• 5shall from henceforth stand and continue still in full strength, corporation's force and effect; any act, statute, law, custom or any other physicians of thing made, had or used to the contrary in any wise notwith- London, standing.

III. And for the better reformation of divers enormities hap-~ pening to the commonwealth by the evil using and undue administration of physick, and for the enlarging of further articles for the better execution of the things contained in the said grant enacted;

IV. Beit now therefore enacted, That whensoever the president Whosoever of the college, or communalty of the faculty of physick of shall be comLondon for the time being, or such as the laid president and J?1'"^ J?pr*" college shall yearly, according to the tenor and meaning of the president's said act, authorize to search, examine, correct and punish all the college of offenders and transgressors of the said faculty, within the same physicians in city and precinct in the said act expressed, shall send or com- London^(hall mit any such offender or offenders for his or their offences or an/tof« disobedience contrary to any article or clause contained in the thereby, said grant or act, to any ward, gaol or prison within the same

city and precinct (the tower of London except) That then from time to time the warden, gaoler or keeper, wardens, gaolers or keepers of the wards, gaols and prisons within the city or precinct aforesaid, (except before excepted) shall receive into his or their prisons all and every such person and persons so offending, as (hall be so sent or committed to him or them, as is aforesaid; (2) and there shall safely keep the person or persons so committed, in any of their prisons, at the proper costs and charges of the said person or persons so committed, without bail or mainprise, until such time as such offender or offenders, or disobedient, be discharged of the said imprisonment by the said president and such persons as by the said college shall be thereunto authorized; (3) upon pain that all and every such warden, gaoler, The offenders and keeper, doing the contrary, shall lose and forfeit the double forfeiture, and of such fine and amerciament as such offender and offenders, j^'d by what or disobedientSj shall be assessed to pay, by such as the said m'ean».





president and college (hall authorize as aforesaid, so that the same fine and amerciament be not at any one time above the sum of xx. li. the moiety thereof to be employed to the use of our sovereign lady the Queen, her heirs and successors, the other moiety unto the said president and college: (4) all which forfeitures to be recovered by action of debt, bill, plaint or information in any of the Queen's, her heirs and successors courts of record, against any such warden, gaoler or keeper so offending; in which suit no essoin, wager of law nor protection shall be allowed ne admitted for the defendant.

V. And further be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, for the better execution of the search and view of poticary wares, drugs and compositions, according to the tenor of a

The penalty for refilling the search

See 10 Geot i . statute made in the xxxij. year of the reign of the said late King c. 10. s. z.' Henry the Eighth, That it shall be lawful for the wardens of the grocers, or one of them, to go with the said physicians in their view and search, that if the said warden or wardens do refuse or delay his or their coming thereunto forthwith and immediately when the said president or four of his college elect as aforesaid do call upon him or them, that then the said physicians may and shall execute that search and view, and the due punishment of the poticaries for any their evil and faulty stuff, according to the statute last before mentioned, without the assistance of any of the said wardens; any clause in the afore named statute to the contrary hereof notwithstanding. (2) And every such person or persons as will or shall resist such search, shall forfeit for every such resistance ten pound; the same penalty to or apothecary De reC0vered in form aforesaid, without any of the delays aforewares' said to be had in suit thereof.

Other magi- VI. And further be it enacted, That all justices, mayors, flrates shall sheriffs, bailiffs, constables, and other ministers and officers, assist the phy- within the city and precincts above written, upon request to

search mtheir them made' fha11 he,P' aid and affist the President of the soid college, and all persons by them from time to time authorized

for the due execution of the said acts or statutes, upon pain for

not giving of such aid, help and assistance, to run in contempt

of the Queen's majesty, her heirs and successors.


An act for the uniting, dissolving and new erecting of courts. 7 Ed. 6. c. z. 1 El. c. 4.


A confirmation of flat, ai H. 8. c. 9. touching the prices of woolen hats and caps made beyond the sea. Customing of the same hats aud caps. No man (hall buy above one dozen of hats or caps made out of this realm. REP. 1. Jac. 1. c. t$.


If any persons to the number of twelve or above, being assembled together, ihall intend, go about, practise or put in ule, with force and arms, unlawfully and of their own authority, to change any laws made for religion, by authority of parliament, or any other laws ot

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