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tutc, or arry other cstatute for doth-making, made to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding. ,

CAP. VIII. An act touching the buying and currying of leather. Curriers as TT7HERE at the parliament holden at Westminster upon pro"rtificersma1- * * rogation the xv. day o/April in the sixth year of the reign of buy feather. our 'atesovereign lord King Edward the Sixth, it was amongjl other A rehearsal thiugs enabled, That no person or persons of what e/late, degree or of a branch ai condition soever he ar they be, Jhould buy or engross, or cause to be & 6 Ed f 5 bought or engrossed, any kind of tanned leather to sell the same again, c, "" saving only sadlers, girdlers, cordwainers and certain other artificers as by the fame ad more plainly may appear: (2) Si thence the making whereof, forasmuch as many poor artificers, as shoemakers and coblers, who afore that might buy from time to time their fluff of the currier ready provided andivrought sufficiently, and to buy the same at a price reasonable, and now being very poor men, and not able to buy two or three hides or backs of leather at one time, nor to pay ready money for the fame, are enforced to give up their occupations in great number, to The inconve- their utter impovcrijljment and undoing; (3) and forasmuch also as nienciesof the fithence the making of the said eflatute all kind of fluff made of lea&me branch, ther is more fenderly and deceitfully wrought and made than ever it was, and nevertheless as dear, or dearer; whereby it may appear that the saidformer ail was procured for the singular commodity of a few rich Jhoemakers and other artificers that are now common regrators and ingroffers of leather, who without refpecl of perfeel workmanship, either of the common-wealth, which is well perceived both in men's purses, and also in their Jhoes: (4) The experience is well proved, they having the only trade of buying of leather, fluff and tallow in their hands, and notwithstanding do deliver to the currier so littlefluff and tallow, whereby the leather cannot be sufficiently wrought: (5) and forasmuch as the curriers are by divers laws bound to the sufficient workmanship and currying of leather upon divers pains where they may buy no leather, nor the shoemaker will not allow them sufficiently to <&> thesame.

Curriers, shoe- II. Be it therefore enacted, That from henceforth it shall be makers, &c. lawful as well for the currier, shoemaker, girdler, sadler, budgerther but not maker,andallotherartificers occupying the craft or mystery of lea*o convey be- ther-buying, lawfully to buy all kinds of tanned leather in fairs and yond sea. markets within all places of this realm accustomed to be fold, it being lawfully tanned and dressed, (2) so that the said curriers, shoemakers and girdlers, nor any person for them, or for their use, shallbuyany kind of tanned leather to sell again to any merchant or other stranger, to be conveyed over the sea, ne shall send or convey any leather beyond the sea, upon the forfeiting of all such leather so bought, the one half" of the same to be to the Queen's highness, and the other half to him that preA repeal of ^entetn tbe same '■ (3) and further, the aforesaid act from hencethe aforesaid forth to be repealed, made void and of none effect, concerning branch of 5 & the curriers, shoemakers, sadlers, budget-makers, girdlers, and 6 Ed. 6. c. J 5. all other artificers occupying the mystery of leather-buying, curried and dressed.

III. And

III. And be it further enacted, That from henceforth no per- The curriers son or persons (occupying the feat or mystery of currying 0f °^L°n^°"and tanned leather) within the city of London* or the suburbs otthe thereofftall fame, shall occupy about the currying of the same leather any use their own other stuff or tallow brought unto him by any other person or stuff, persons, but such as shall be his own, upon pain of forfeiture of

all such leather so curried, contrary to the true meaning thereof.

IV. And furthermore, That no currier shall curry any hides How the leafor any shoemaker, to make shoes or boots of, from the feast oftner fta" be St. James the apostle unto the xxv. day of March, but such as ^dered that shall be sufficiently dipped twice in the pan, for the true and just shaifdres"* workmanship thereof, upon pain of forfeiture of all such leather

as shall be wrought to the contrary, the one half of the same to the Queen's highness, and the other moiety to him that shalj find and present the same; all the same penalties to be recovered in form aforesaid, by him or them that will sue for the same, by action of debt, bill, plaint or information, in any court of record, wherein no essoin, protection, or wager of law shall be admitted or allowed for the defendant.

V. Provided always, and be it enacted by the authority afore- within what said, That when and as often as any shoemaker or his deputy time leather doth bring any leather sufficiently tanned to any currier to be stiall be curcurried, delivering sufficient liquor for well dressing of the same?

the same shall be by every such currier well and sufficiently curried, and made ready for the shoemaker, within the space of five days in summer, that is to fay, from the first day or March to the last day of September, and also in like manner within the space of ten days in winter, that is to fay, from the first day of Oftober unto the last day of February, (2) upon pain to forfeit to the party grieved, for every hide not curried and dressed in manner and form aforesaid, the sum of ten shillings.

VI. Provided further, That this proviso shall not extend to bind any currier to dress any leather, which he doing his best is not able to dress within every of the times aforesaid, but shall extend to all such leather as he conveniently may dress after the common rate of dressing. 1 El. c. 8. 5 El. c. 8. 1 Jac. 1, c. 22.


The Queen during her life (hall have authority, by writing to be sealed with the great seal of England, to make and prescribe to all those churches cathedral and collegiate, that were erected and established by Xing Henry the Eighth, and to the deans, prebendaries and ministers of the fame, and to their successors, such statutes and orders tor the jjood governance of every of them, and of the lands and possessions of every of the fame chtfrehes, as shall seem good to her; and to alter change, augment or diminish the same as occasion (hall serve; and to ordain and establish statutes, ordinances and foundations for the government of such grammar-schools as were erected by King H. 8. or by King Ed. 6. and of the ministers and scholars of the fame; and to alter and transpose other statutes and ordinances there heretofore made. See $ Annje, c. ai,

C 4. CAP.

C A P. X.

The repeal of a statute (not printed) made Anno i Ed. 6. touching the consolidation and union of the parish churches of Onger and Grensted in the county of Essex: and they (hall be several parishes as they were before: and James Morris and his heirs (hall have the presentation of the said parsonage of Onger.


An aft touching the sea sands in Glamorganshire.

Commissioners TTTHERE in the xxiij. year of the reign of the excellent prince ?he county" of * ^ of famous memory, King Henry the Eighth, it was enacted Glamorgan cmd ejlablijhed, That commijstons ofsewers from time to time, when fiialltake or- need Jhould require, Jhould be dire tied to such substantial and indifder for syinS/£mtf persons as Jhould be named by the lord chancellor of England, destructionby ihe lord treasurer, the lord privy seal, and the two chief justices, or sands rising three of them, whereof the lord chancellor to be one, authorising them, out of the sea. or six of them, to survey walk, sir earns, ditches, banks, gutters, fewThe effea of ers^ causeys, bridges, trenches, mills, mill-dams, flood-gates, ponds, M 8*8. c. e. coc&s> ebbing wears, and other lets and nusances, by reason os the out''ragious course and rage of the sea, in and upon marjhes and other low places; (2) which good law doth not extend, nor is not taken to give authority and power unto the said commissioners of sewers, to reform the great hurt, nufance and losses that cometh and chancesh to the Queen's highness and her subjects, by reason of sand arising out of the sea, and driven to land by jlorms and winds, whereby much good ground lying on the sea-coasts in sundry places of this realm, and especially in the county of Glamorgan, is covered with such sand rising out of the sea, that there cometh no profit of the same, to the great loss of the ghieen's highness and her loving fubjecls, and more is like to ensue, isspeedy remedy be not therein provided:

II. May it therefore please the Queen's highness, with the assent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, be it enacted, That as well the said act of fewers made in the said xxiij. year, as all commissions of sewers hereafter to be directed according to the tenour of the said act, may extend and give authority, that the commissioners therein named for the county of Glamorgan, or six of them, whereof three to be of the quorum, shall by this act, and the said former act and commission to them directed, have full power and authority from time to time to make such laws, provisions, ordinances, judgments and decrees within the said county of Glamorgan, for the redress and saving of the said grounds from hurt and destruction by reason of the said sands, as they might or may do by the said former act and commission for the withstanding and avoiding the outragious course and rage of the sea, or other waters; any usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.


The statutes made anno 11 H. S. c. 6. anno 23 H. 8. c. 3. 17. anno 28 H. 8. c. 6, 8, 9. anno 31 H. 8. c. 7. asao 35 H. 8. c. 17. 37. H. 8. c. 23. tamo x & 3 Ed. 6. c. 9. anno 3 & 4 Ed. 6. 0 19, ai. aims 5 & 6 Ed. 6. c. 2, 14. ««»o 7 Ed. 6. c. 11. anno 1 Mar. (ess. x. c. M & 13. were revived and made to continue until the last day of the next parliament.

Anno primo & secundo Philippi & Mariæ.

ACTS made at a parliament begun and holden at Westminster the * twelfth day of November in the first and second year of the reign os our sovereign lord and lady Philip and Mary, by the grace of God, King and Queen of England, France, Naples, Jerusalem and Ireland; Defenders of the faith % Princes of Spain and Sicilie; Archdukes of Austria; Dukes of Milaine, Burgundy, and Brabant Counties of Haspurg, Flanders and Tyroll; and there continued and kept until the dissolution of the fame, being the xvi. day of January then next ensuing, were enacted as followetb.


An all touching letters patents, and other writings to be signed by the Queen.

WHERE in the parliament begun and holden at Westminster A branch of the second day of April in the first year of the reign of our a statute made most dread and gracious sovereign lady the Queen's majesty: and there * M- sess- 3continued and kept till the dissolution os the same, being the fifth day fiTM"^1"^ of May then next following, one ail was made touching the articles of letterfpatfnts, her Highness most noble marriage, in the which ail among other Sec. with the things it was enatled, ordered and establijhed by the authority of the Queen's sign said parliament, That all and singular gifts, grants, letters patents, ^""j exchanges, confirmations, leases, and other writings, which after the' said marriage and during the same, Jbould pass and be made of any benefices, offices, lands, revenues and fruits, or of any of them, Jbould be intituled and made in the names of our sovereign lord the King, and os her most excellent Highness, whether his Majesty Jhould be present within the realms and dominions of her Highness, or within any of them, or absent: (2) And that the same gifts, grants, letters patents, exchanges, confirmations, leases, and other writings so set forth and made, Jhould be sealed and firmed with the fign manual of her Highness* (3) and the fame so signed, and sealed with the great seal of this realm, tr with such seal as hath been accustomed, Jhould be by the authority tf the said parliament deemed, adjudged, declared and pronounced ti


* Examined by the inrollment. It is the eleventh in Pulton's and Kettle "sedition ; the twenty-iecondinFoxMartyrol. jvol. 11S. Seej K.eb. 7+9. be as good, perfect, and of like force, strength and effect in the law, to all intents, constructions and purposes, against our said sovereign lord and lady the King and Queen's majesties and her Highness heirs and successors, as if her Majesty had been at the time of the making thereof sole and unmarried; (4) and that all gifts, grants, letters patents, exchanges, confirmations, leases, and other writings, which after the said marriage, and during the time of the same, should pass and be made of the said benefices, offices, lands, revenues and fruits, or of any of them, whereunto thesign manual of her Highness fiould not be Jet, made or put, Jhall be by the authority of thesaid parliamentfrom time to time deemed, adjudged, accepted, taken and decreed to be of no force tie effect, but utterly frustrate and void in the law, to all intents, constructions and purposes; the said marriage, or any law, usage or custom to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding, as by the said act more at large doth appear.

The inconve- II. Sithence the making of which statute, and the solemnization niencies en- ef the said marriage, the Queen's most excellent majesty hath been Oueen'and1* ireatb molested, grieved and troubled with often signing of letters the subjects paints, gifts, grants, exchanges, leases and other writings concernby the said ing and touching benefices, offices, lands, revenues and fruits, made statute of 1M. at,J granted by and from our said sovereign lord the King and her less. 3. c. 2. Highness to sundry os their most loving subjects, to whom also it hath been and is no small charge 'to attend, until such time as they may procure and obtain the sign manual of her Highness unto their said letters patents, gifts, grants, exchanges, confirmations and leases, without which sign the J'ame are utterly void by force of the said statute, to the great danger, loss, and utter undoing of divers persons that have lately bought, purchased or obtained of our said sovereign lord and lady, the King and Queen's majesties divers lands, tenements and other hereditaments, to their great costs and charges: A repeal of ^or remecty whereof, be it enacted by the authority of

the before this present parliament, That the said branch or article touchrehearsed ing or concerning only the signing of letters patents, gifts, bisa"ftll ot f grants, exchanges, confirmations, leases or of other writings, iM sess^Vi or any tanc*s> benefices, offices, revenues, fruits or other he'3' 'rediraments, shall be from henceforth clearly repealed, and made frustrate and void to all intents and purposes. A confirms- And be it further enacted by authority of this present

tion of former parliament, That all and singular letters patents touching or grants or concerning any gift, grant, exchange, confirmation, lease or


writing, the which sithence the said marriage hath Ojeen's sign P*Acd and been made of any benefices, offices, manors, lands, manual. tenements, revenues, fruits, liberties or other hereditaments, or of any of them, in the names of our most dread sovereign lord and lady the King and Queen's majesties, (the warrant or writing, or warrants or writings whereof, being signed with her Highness sign manual, in such form, order, and degree, as the.fame heretofore hath been accustomed to be signed when her Highness was sole and unmarried) shall be by authority of this present parliament of the same like force, strength and effect in the jaw, to all intents, constructions and purposes,


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