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Cap. 6. For'the reviving of three statutes made for the punishment of heresies.

Cap. 7. That persons dwelling in the country shall not sell divers wares, in cities and towns corporate, by retail.

Cap. 8. For repealing all statutes,articles and provisions made against the fee apostolick of Rome, since the twentieth year of King Henry the Eighth; and also for establishment of all spiritual and ecclesiastical possessions and hereditaments conveyed to the laity.

Cap. 9. for the punishment of traiterous words against the Queen's majesty.

Cap. jo That certain offences be made treasons; and also for the government of the King and Queen's majesties issues^

Cap. 11. For the punishment of bringing in of counterfeit coin of foreign realms, being current within this realm.;

Cap. 12. For the impounding of distresses^

Cap. 13. Touching the bailment of prisoners by justices of peace.

Cap. 14. For the making of ruflel sattins, sattins reverses, and fustian of Napks, in Norwich.

Cap. 15. To confirm the liberties of the lord marchers in Wales.

Cap. 16. For the continuance of Certain statutes.

Cap. 17. Touching leases hereafter to be made by certain spiritual persons.

Private Aits.

Anno i y 2 y Mar.

t. An act repealing the attainder of the lord cardinal Pool.

2. An act repealing all attainders and outlawries had or made against Richard Pate, William Petowe, Thomas Geldwell, and others.

3. An act to confirm the attainder

of Henry duke of Jchn Gray,

Thomas Gray, Thomas Wyatt, James
Croft, Peter Carcwc, Robert Dudley,
Henry J/ley, knights, and many

4. An act for the uniting and annex* ing of the whole town or hamlet of Bucknell to the county of Salop,

Anno 2 3 Ph. & Mar. Cap. 1. For the re-edifying of castles and forts, and for the inclosing of grounds, upon the borders towards


Cap. 2. For the re-edifying of decayed houses of husbandry, and for the increase of tillage.

Cap. 3. For keeping of milch kine, and for the breeding and rearing of calves.

Cap. 4. For the extinguishment of the first-fruits, and touching order and disposition of the tenths of spiritual and ecclesiastical promotions, and of rectories and parsonages impropriate, remaining in the Queen's majesty's hands.

Cap. 5. Fc% the relief of the poor.

Cap. 6. Against the excessive taking of the King and Queen's majesties purveyors.

Cap. 7. Against the buying of stolen horses.

Cap. 8. For the mending of highways.

Cap. 9. To make void divers licences of houses, wherein unlawful games be used<

Cap. 10. To take examination of prisoners suspected of any manslaughter or felony.

Cap. 11. Touching weavers.

Cap. 12. For the viewing and seajing of cloths, commonly called Bridguiaters.

Cap. 13. Fpr the inhabitants of Hallifax, touching the buying of wools.

Cap. 14. For the re-edifying of fovr mills near to the city of Hereford. a 2 Cap. 15.

Cap. 15. That the purveyors shall not take victuals within five miles of Cambridge and Oxford.

Cap. 16. Touching watermen and bargemen upon the river of Thames.

Cap. 17. To take away the benefit of

• clergy from Bennet Smith, for' the murther of Rufford.

Cap. 18. Touching commissions of peace and gaol-delivery in towns corporate, not being counties.

Cap. 19. Touching the powdike in Marshland.

Cap. 20. For the inlarging of the duchy of Lancaster.

Cap. 21. For the continuation of certain -statutes.

Cap. 22. For the confirmation of a

subsidy granted by the clergy. Cap. 23. For a subsidy granted to the King and Queen's majesties by the temporalty.

Private All's.

Anno 2 &f 3 Ph. & Mat:

1. An act whereby the duke of Norfolk, by the advice of the lord chancellor of England, the earl of Aruniell, and the bishop of Ely, may make sales and grants of his lands, &(. notwithstanding his minority. . .

2. An act whereby the heirs of Sir Edward Nevill, knight, are restored to. the remainder of the barony of Burgavenny.

Anno 4 Ess 5 Ph. & Mar.

Cap. 1. For the confirmation of letters patents.

Cap. 2. For the having of horse, armour and weapon.

Cap. 3. For the taking of musters.

Cap. 4. That accessaries in murder and divers felonies shall not have the benefit of clergy.

Cap. 5. Touching the making, of woolen cloths.

Cap. 6. For inq'uiry'bf the behaviour of Frenchmen, bsing denizens.

Cap. 7. To make up the jury with Circumftantibus, where the King and Queen, or the Queen's majesty is a party.

Cap. 8. For the punishment of such as shall take away maidens that be inheritors, being within the age of sixteen years, or that marry them^ without the consent of their parents.

Cap. 9. For the continuation of certain statutes.

Cap. 10. For the confirmation of the subsidy of the clergy.

Cap. 11. A subsidy and one fifteen granted by the temporalty.

Private Alls.

Anno 4 ES" 5 Ph. ti Mar.

1. An act for the assurance of the honour of Rayley to the Queen's majesty; and for assurance of divers other lands in the county of Essex in lieu thereof to Richard lord Rich.

2. An act for the assurance of the countess of Sussex's jointure.

3. An act for the restitution in blood of Sir Ambrose Dudley and Sir Robert Dudley, knights.

4. An act for the foundation of an ■ ■ hospital at Stoke Puges in the county of Buckingham.

5. An act for the payment of tythes in the county of Coventry.

Anna 1 Elizabeth*.

Cap. 1. For restoring to the crown the ancient jurisdiction over the state ecclesiastical and spiritual, and abolishing all foreign power repugnant to the same.

Cap. 2. For the uniformity of common prayer and service in the church, and the administration of the sacraments.

Can. 3. For recognition of the Queen's highness title to the imperial crown of this realm.

Cap. 4. For the restitution of the

'first-fruits and tenths, and rents reserved nomine decimte, and of parsonages impropriate, to the imperial crown of this realm.

Cap. 5. Certain offences made treason.

Cap. 6. For the explanation of the statute of seditious words and rumours.

Cap. 7. To revive a statute made in the twenty-third year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth, touching the conveying of horses, geldings, and mares into Scotland.

Cap. 8. Touching shoemakers and curriers.

Cap. 9. Touching tanners, and felling of tanned leather.

Cap. 10. That the carrying of leather, tallow or raw hides, out of the realm for merchandize, shall be felony.

Cap. 11. For limiting the times for laying on land merchandize from beyond the seas, and touching customs for sweet wines.

Cap. 12. Against the deceitful using of linen cloth.

Cap. 13. For the (hipping in Englijb bottoms.

Cap. 14. For the continuance of the making of woolen cloth in divers towns in the county of EJsex.

Cap. 15. That timber shall not be felled to make coals for the burning of iron.

Cap. 16. To continue the act made against rebellious assemblies.

Cap. 17. For the preservation of spawn and fry of fish.

Cap. 18. For the continuance of certain statutes.

Cap. 19. An act restraining bishops from making leases for above twenty-one years, and giving authority to the Queen to take certain of their temporal possessions.

Cap. 20. A subsidy of tonnage and poundage.

Cap. 21. A subsidy, and two fifteens and tenth, granted by the tempoporalty. . f . '.

Cap. 22. For giving authority to the Queen to make ordinances in collegiate churches and schools.

Private Acts.

Anno 1 Elizabeth*.

1. An act whereby the Queen's highness is restored in blood to the late Queen Anne, her Highness's mother.

2. An act for the restitution in blood of the lord John Graye.

3. An act for the restitution in blood of Sir James Crofts, knight.

4. An act for the restitution in blood of Sir Henry Gates, knight.

5. An act for the assurance of certain manors, lands and tenements, formerly parcel of the possessions of the bishoprick of London, to the lord Wentworth, the lord Riche, and the lord Darcy.

6. An act that Garfome Wroth, born in Germany, shall be taken and reputed the Queen's natural born subject.

7. An act that the manors, lands and tenements, which Thomas Browne and George Browne are seised of in fee-simple or fee-tail in the county of Kent, which are of the tenure and nature of gavelkind, shall from henceforth be clearly changed from that custom.

8. An act for the restitution in blood of Robert Rudjlon, esquire.

9. An act declaring the repeal of the attainder of the late cardinal Poole,

10. An act for the incorporation of Trinity-Hall in Cambridge. 1

11. An act for confirmation of the marriage between Thomas duke of Norfolk and the lady Margaret, daughter and heir os Thomas lord Awdeley, and for confirmation of her jointure.

12. An act -for the restitution in blood of the children of Edivard Lewkenor, esquire.

13. An act for the keeping of a mart or fair once a year in the town .of

a 3 King'% rams, lambs, and other sheep alive.

Cap. 4. To take away the benefit of clergy from certain felonious offenders.

Cap. 5. For the avoiding of tedious suits in civil and marine causes.

Cap. 6. Touching clothworkers,and cloths ready wrought to be shipped over the sea.

Cap. 7. Touching drapers, cottoners and frizers, in the town of Shrewsbury.

Cap. 8. For the repeal of a branch of a statute made the thirty-second of 'Henry the Eighth, for the stature of horses.

Cap. 9. To repeal a branch of a statute made anno 23 of Henry the Eighth, touching the prices of barrels and kilderkins.

Cap. 10. For bowyers, and the prices of bows.

Cap. 11. For the true making of

hats and caps. Cap. 12. For aulnegers fees in Lan

cajhire, and for length, breadth, and

weight of cottons, frizes and rugs. Cap. 13. Concerning sea-marks and


Cap. 14. Touching transporting of tawed leather.'

Cap. 15. For preservation of grain.

Cap. 16. That in divers counties, there shall be but one sheriff in one county.

Cap. 17. For confirmation of a subsidy granted by the clergy.

Cap. 18. A fifteen and tenth, and subsidy, granted by the temporalty.

Cap. 19. The Queen's majesty's free and general pardon.

Cap. 20. For repealing a branch of a statute made in the 26th of Hen. 8.

: 'C. 6,/. 12. for trial of offences in

'IValer.. .

Private a&s.

Anno 8 Elizabeths. 1. An act for the incorporation of the fellowship aud society of English

merchants for the discovery of new trades.'

2. An act for confirmation of the Queen's highness letters patents made for the hospital of Saint Bartholomew's in Gloucester.

3. An act for confirmation of letters patents granted to the merchants adventurers of the city of Brijiow.

4. An act confirming the Queen's majesty's letters patents, concerning the making of allum and copperas within this realm and other her Highness's dominions.

5. An act for the inning of Phtmpjted Marff being surrounded.

6. An act for the assurance of the countess of Warwick's jointure.

7. An act for the assurance of the lady Cobham's jointure.

8. An act for assurance of the jointure of the lady Mary Stafford wife of Edward lord Stafford.

9. An act to make John Stafford a free denizen, being born beyond the seas.

10. An act to alter the nature of gavelkind in the lands of Thomas Brown, esquire. ■ \.

11. An act for the town clerk of


12. An act for the paving of KentijhJlreet in Southward..

13. An act for the making of salt within the Queen's majesty's dominions.

14. An act for keeping a market upon Thursdays at Battel in the county of Suffix.

Anno 13 Elizabetha. Cap. 1. Certain offences made treason.

Cap. 2. Against the bringing in, and putting in execution, of bulls and other instruments from the fee of Rome.

Cap. 3. Against fugitives over the sea.

Cap. 4. That the lands, tenements,

goods. goods, and chattels of treasurers, receivers, tellers, {3V. shall be liable to the payment of their debts.

Cap. 5. Against fraudulent deeds, gifts, alienations, £sV.

Cap. 6. That the constats, and exemplifications of letters patents, ihall be as good and available, as the letters patents themselves.

Cap. 7. Touching orders for bankrupts.

Cap. 8. Against usury.

Cap. 9. For the commission of sewers.

Cap. 10. Against frauds to defeat remedies for dilapidations.

Cap. 11. For the maintenance of navigation.

Cap. 12. To reform certain disorders touching ministers of the church.

Cap. 13. For the increase of tillage.

Cap. 14. For the bringing of bowstaves into the realm.

Cap. 15. That no hoye or plate shall cross the seas.

Cap. 16. The convictions of T. carl of Westmorland, and fifty-seven others attainted of treason, confirmed.

Cap. 17. That Robert earl of Leicester may found an hospital in War-wick, or Kenelworth, for relief of poor and impotent people.

Cap. 18. For the river Lee, otherwise called Ware river.

Cap. 19. For the making of caps.

Cap. 20. Touching leases of benefices, and other ecclesiastical livings, with cure.

Cap. 21. That Purveyors may take grain, corn, or victuals within five miles of Cambridge and Oxford, in certain cafes.

Cap. 22. To continue the statute for division of (hires.

Cap. 23. For paving of a street without Aldgate.

Cap. 24. For paving of the town of Ipswich i

Cap. 25. For the reviving and con

tinuance of certain statutes.

Cap. 26. For the confirmation of a subsidy granted by the clergy.

Cap. 27. A subsidy, and two fifteens and tenths, granted by the temporally. ,

Cap. 28. The Queen's highness most gracious, general and free pardon.

Cap. 29. Concerning the several incorporations of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and the confirmation of the charters, liberties and privileges granted to either of them.

Private Acts.
Anno 13 Elizabeths.

1. An act for making the river of Welland in the county of Lincoln navigable.

2. An act to make a free denizen Pertgryne Bertye born beyond the seas.

3. An act for confirmation of a statute made anno 5 Eliz. touching the bringing in of sweet wines into this realm by merchant strangers, to be laden and discharged at the town of Southampton.

4. An act for the town of Bristowe.

5. An act that all statutes and recognizances acknowledged before the mayor of the town of Lostwithiell in Corn-will shall be of force and effectual in law.

6. An act for the assurance of certain lands to William Skeffington.

7. An act for Morrice Rodney, esquire.

8. An act for the restitution in blood of Sir Thomas Wyatt's children.

9. An act for the incorporation and uniting of Weymoulh and Melcombe Regis in the county of Dorset.

10. An act for the restitution in blood of Henry Brereton, esquire.

it. An act for the assurance of divers manors, lands and tenements to Henry lord Berkley, and the lady Rathcrine his wife.

12. An act touching John Tyrrell,

'esquire. j


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