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Anno 14 Elizabatha,

poor in the hospitals in and near Cap. 1. For the punishment of such unto the city of London, of Chrifts, as shall rebelliously take or detain, Bridewell, and St. Thomas the

or conspire to take or detain, from , apostle. · the Queen's majesty, any of her

castles, towers, fortresses, holds, - : Private Aets.

&C. Cap. 2. Against such as fhall conspire Anno 14. Elizabetha.

or practise the enlargement of any I. An ad for the continuance of a prisoner committed for high trea- ftatutę made for the inning of fon. .

Plumfied Marshe in the county of Cap. 3. . Again't the forging and Kent, being furrounded.

counterfeiting of foreign coin, be- 2. An aut for the better and further

ing not current within this realm. - assurance of lands given to the Cap. 4. To revive a itatute made maintenance of the free grammar

anno primo of the Queen's majesty's - Ichool in Tanbridge in the county reign, inhibiting the carrying of of Kent.. leather, tallow, and raw hides out 3. An act for the affurance of cer, of the realm.

tain lands and tenements accordCap. s. For the punishment of vaga ing to the meaning of Sir Thomas

bonds, and for the relief of the Woodhouse, knight, for the benefit poor and impotent.

of certain infants. " . ," Cap. 6. For the explanation of a ftae .. tute made against fugitives over the seas, in the thirteenth year of the

Anno 18 Elizabetha. .. Queen's inajesty's reign.

Cap. 1. Against the diminishing and Cap. 7. Against the deceipts of un impairing of the Queen's majesty's

der-collectors of the tenths and - coin, and other coins lawfully cursubsidies of the clergy.

rent within the realm.. Cap. 8. For the avoiding of reco. Cap. 2. For confirmation, as well of · veries fuffered by collufion by te- 'all grants made to the Queen's

nants for term of life, and such : majesty, as of letters patents made others... ..

by her Majesty to others. Cap. 9. That the tenant and defend Cap. 3. For setting of the poor on , ant may have a Tales de circumftan work, and for avoiding of idleness.

tibus, as well as the demandant or Cap. 4. For avoiding of frauds in plaintiff.

. - certain conveyances and assurances Cap. 10. To reform the excessive - made by the late rebels in the length of kersies.

· north. Cap. il. For the continuation, ex- Cap. 5. To redress disorders in com

planation, perfecting, and inlarging · mon informers upon penal laws. of divers statutes,

Cap. 6. For the maintenance of the Cap. 12. For the repeal of a statute colleges in both the universities,

made anno 8 of the Queen's ma-and also in Winchester and Eaton.

jesty's reign, touching the town of Cap. 7. To take away clergy from · Shrezufoury. '

the offenders in rape and burglary; Cap. 13. For the annexing of Hex- and an order for the delivery of

ham and Hexhamshire to the county : clerks convict, without purgation. of Northumberland.

Cap. 8. For the appointing and authoCap. 14. For the better assurance of - rizing of justices of allizes in the

gifts, grants, &c. inade and to be shires of Wales. made, to and for the relief of the Cap. 9. Against the transporting of


aflurance bé

Thires of Wales the transportin

kather, tallow, and raw hides, out 5. An act for the lord viscount Howe of the realm, ..

ard of Byndon, and Henry Howard, Cap. 10. Additions unto the former efquire, and Frances his wife.

acts, for the amending and re- 6. An act for the restitution in blood pairing of highways.

of Henry Norris, knight, lord Nor: Cap. 11. For explanation of the fta- . ris, of Rycott.

tutes, intituled, Against the defeating 7. An act that the lady Jane Sibilla I of dilapidations, and against leales to wife to the lord Graye of Wilton, ; be made of piritual promotions, in born beyond the fea, fhall be re: fome respects.

puted and taken the Queen's naCap. 12. For the trial of Nis prius in · tural subject. ' the county of Middlefex.

8. An act for the better assurance of Cap. 13. Concerning offices found certain lands in Northamptonshire to

within the counties palatines. : , - Christopher Hatton, esquire, from Cap. 14. For reformation of jeofails. Sir John Spencer. Cap. 15. For reformation of abuses g. An act for selling divers lands for :in goldsmiths.

payment of the debts of William Cap. 16. For the toleration of certain Irley, esquire. clothiers in the counties of Wilts, 10. An act for the assurance of cerSomerset, and Gloucester, to inhabit tain lands to Sir John Rivers,

out of towns corporate. .. knight.. .is Cap. 17. For the perpetual mainte- 11. An act that certain persons born inance of Rochester bridge. . beyond the feas, may be deemed Cap. 18. For the repairing of Chep- and reputed as meer English. ftowe bridge.

12. Another act that certain persons Cap. 19. For the paying of the city born beyond the feas, may be of Chicheffer.

deemed and reputed as meer EngCap. 20. For the repairing and a fish. . mending of the bridges and high- 13. An act for the confirmation of

ways near unto the city of Oxford, an arbitrament to be made by cerCap. 21. For the relief and re-edify tain persons, touching a controversy · ing of the borough of New Wood between Richard Huddleston, esquire, · stock, in the county of Oxford. and dame Isabello Weyman his wife Cap. 22. For confirmation of a fub- on the one part, and Francis Wege : fidy granted by the clergy.

man, gentleman, on the other part. Cap. 23. Two fifteens and tenths,

and one subsidy, granted by the photograph

Anno 23 Elisabethai Cap. 24. The Queen's majesty's moft Cap. I. For retaining the Queen's free and general pardon.'

· majesty's subjects in their due obe. Private Aets. :: .dience. • Anno 18 Elizabethæ. . Cap. 2. Against feditious words and 1. An act for Wigstone's hospital at rumours uttered against the Queen's · Leicester.

; -moft excellent majesty. 2. An act for the hospital of Saint Cap. 3. For the reformation of errors

Crose near Winchester.. . • : in fines and recoveries. 3. An act for payment of tythes in Cap. 4. For fortifying of the borders

Halifax in the county of York. • jowards Scotland.. 4. An act for the affurance of the Cap. 5. Touching iron-mills near mahor of Newhall to Thomas tearl of. unto the city of London, and the Sulex lord chamberlaine. . . 'river of Thamës.***

Cap. 6o

Cap. 13. Fother places. at the Minoa 9. An act fertleg

Cap. 6. For the repairing of Dover. 5. An act for the establishment of an haven.

agreement between Sir Henry NeCap. 7. For the increase of mariners, : vill, Knight, and dame Anne Grel

and for maintenance of the naviga) ham, widow, for the better pertion.

forming the last will of Sir Thomas Cap. 8. For the true melting, mak. Gresham, knight, deceased, and for

ing, and working of wax. i nt. the payment of his debts.: Cap 9. For the abolishing of certain 6. An act for assurance of certain

deceitful stuff used, in the dying of lands to Edward Fylher; and for cloth,

assurance of a rent-charge of four Cap. 10. For preservation of phea- fcore and two pounds ten shillings,

sants and partridges: -- is, and other things, to the bishop of Çap. II. For the re-edifying of Car- :Coventry and Liichfield.

diff-bridge, in the county of Gla- 7. An act for the restitution in blood

morgan. .. . i ; of Philip earl of Arundell. Cap. 12. For an addition to a former 8. An act of pardon and restitution:

act made anno 13 of her Majesty's in blood of John Seyntleger and reign, for the paving of a street · Dudley Seyntleger. without Aldgate, leading to her 9. An act for the restitution in blood - Highness storehouses at the Mino- ; of Anthony Mayne, esquire. ...i

10. An act for the better assurance of Cap. 13. For the inning of Earith divers lands in Chipping Norton, and Plumpstead marsh.

and elsewhere in the county of Cap. 14. A subsidy granted by the Oxford, being parcel of the inherclergy.

itance of the lord Marney, to Henry Cap. 15. A subsidy and two fifteens - lord Compton.

granted by the temporalty.. 11. An act ratifying a decree and an Cap. 16. The Queen's majesty's most award in the chancery, touching gracious, general, and free pardon. certain copyholders and customary

. tenants of the manors of More Private AETS.

Newnam, Lyndriche, Knighton and

Penfocks, in the county of Worcester. ..Anno 23 Elizabetha.

12. An act that gavelkind lands withI. An act for the partition of certain in the city of Exeter may be in

lands between the coheirs of the heritable, as lands at the common lord Latymer.

law. 2. An act for the re-edifying of the 13. An act for ratification of an a

town of Cringleford near the city ward made between William Hide of Norwich.

of the one part, and William Dar3. An act for the denization of Wal- rell of the other part.

ter Coppinger and Suzan Coppinger, 14. An act concerning the hospital Hugh and Simon Boureman, William of Ledburye in the county of HereWatson, and James, Richard, Fran- ford. cis, Mary, Margarett, Abigall, and 15. An order for reversing of a judgGertrude Holmes, Thomas Harman, ment against Richard Herbert, yoGiles, John, Richard, and Katherine feph Awbrey, and others. .

Hughes, and divers others. i 4. An act for the perfecting of affu

rances of certain lands given for the . Anno 27. Elizabetha. maintenance of a free gramınar Çap, 1. For provision to be made for school within the city of Coventry. the surety of the Queen's majesty's


- most royal person, and the con- · white-woolen cloths, made in the

tinuance of the realm in peace. .. counties of Somerset, Wiltshire, Cap. 2. Against jesuits, seminary - Gloucester, and Oxon, &c.

priests, and such other like disobe- Cap. 18. Concerning making of wool. dient persons.

· en cloths in the counties of DeCap. 3. For explanation of the sta von and Cornwall, called Plain

tute made anno 13 of the Queen's white straights, and Pinned white majesty's reign, intituled, An act to straights. *** make the lands, tenements, goods and Cap. 19. For the preservation of time chattels of tellers, receivers, &c. liable . ber in the wilds of the counties of to the payment of their debts.

Sussex, Surry and Kent, and for the Cap. 4. Against covenous and frau- amendment of highways decayed dulent conveyances. .

by carriage to and from iron mills Cap. 5. For the expedition of justice , there.

in cases of demurrers and plead- Cap. 20. For the preservation of the ings.

'i haven at Plymouth. Cap. 6. For the returning of sufficient Cap. 21. For the preservation of Or

jurors, and for the better expedi- ford haven. ".. tion of trials.

Cap. 22. For bringing of the haven Cap. 7. For the levying of issues lost of the city of Chichefter, by a new by jurors.

- cut chanel, to the suburbs of the Cap. 8. For redress of erroneous judg- · fame city.

ments in the court, commonly Cap. 23. For cloth-making in the called, the King's bench.

towns of Boxflead and Langham in Cap. 9. For reformation of errors in the county of Esex.

fines and recoveries, in the twelve Cap. 24. For the keeping of the feafires of Wales, town and county banks and sea-works in the county of Haverford-Weft, with the coun- . of Norfolk. . . ties palatine.

' Cap. 25. For explanation of the stam Cap. 1o. For the continuance of a tute for the maintenance of Ro

former statute, intituled, An act to : chefter bridge. redress disorders in common informers Cap. 26. For explaining of the staupon penal patutes, made in the . tute for the amending of the higheighteenth year of the Queen's ways between Middleton and the majesty's reign.

. King's Ferry, leading into the isle Cap. 11. For the reviving, con- . of Sheppey, in the county of Kent.

tinuance, explanation, and per- Cap. 27. For the inning of Earith, fecting of divers statutes. .

and Plumpstead Marss. Cap. 12. For the swearing of under- Cap. 28. For one subsidy granted by

Theriffs, and other under-officers the clergy.. and ministers.

Cap. 29. For one subsidy, and two Cap. 13. For the following of hue fifteens and tenths granted by the and cry.

temporalty. Cap. 14. For the reviving of a former Cap. 30. For the Queen's majesty's

statute, for the true making of most gracious, general, and free malt.

pardon. Cap. 15. For the bringing in of fta

ple-fish and herrings into this .. Private AFZS. realm.

Anno 27 Elizabethe. Cap. 16. Touching artificers using 1. An act for confirmation of lier Mathe cutting of leather.

jesty's letters patents to Gileen's ColCap. 17. Touching the breadth of lege iz Oxford.

2. An

Cap. toer tatute, in commonde in the

ways, betery, leadineunt

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2. An act for confirmation of her Ma- - pier or cob of Lynne Regis in the i

jesty's letters patents unto the ma- ' county of Dorfett. qu?
iters, fellows and scholars of Clare- .
Hall in Cambridge.

. Anno 29 Elizabethe. 3. An act touching divers affurancés Cap. I. For confirmation of the atmade by the bishop and dean and tainders of Thomas, late lord Paget, chapter of Exeter."

and others. 4. An act for paving of Newark upon Cap. 2. Concerning errors in records : Trent in Nottinghamshire.

; of attaiuders of high treason. : 5. An act for restitution of lord Tho- Cap. 3. To avoid fraudulent assuranmas Howard.

ces made in certain cafes by trai6. An act for paving of New Windfor - tors. iii in Berkshire.

Cap.4. To prevent extortion in the7. An act for the assuring of certain ' riffs, under-fheriffs, and bailiffs of

lands to the lord Hunfdon. . . - franchises or liberties, in cases of 8. An act for the assurance of certain execution. - lands to George Chowne, esquire, Cap. 5. For the continuance and per

from Edward Fisher of Warwick. - fecting of divers ftatutes. . 9. An act for assuring the manors of Cap. 6. For the more speedy and due

Haversham and Bifiops Hampton to execution of certain branches of the Sir Thomas Lucy and others.

statute made in the twenty-third 10. An act for assuring of lands to the year of the Queen's majetty's reign,

lord Willoughby of Erisoy, from Wala intituled, An act to retain the Queen's ter Erenden and his heirs.'

majesty's fubjeéts in their due obedience: 11. An act enabling Edward Fisher to Cap. 7. For one subsidy by the clergy.

fell certain lands for the payment Cap. 8. For the grant of one intire of his debts.

fubsidy, and two fifteens and tenths, 12. An act for the assurance of cer- granted by the temporalty.

tain lands and tenements in Lon Cap.9. For the Queen's majesty's most don to Fonas Scott.

grácious, general, and free pardon. 13. An act for confirmation of the

Private Aets. foundation of the hospital of Eaft-.

Anno 29 Elizabethæ.. bridge in Canterbury, with ordinan

1. An act for confirmation of the ces for government thereof, and for 1.

fale of Edward Fisher's lands, made the better relief of the poor there.

towards the fatisfaction of his debts, 14. An act concerning the lord Dacres, and the lord Norries, and Sampson

... charges and incumbrances.

2. An act to enable Charles lord Mount'Leonard, for the peaceable enjoying

joy to sell lands for the Queen's serof lands. . 15. An act for the foundation of

vice, for payment of his debts and

advancement of his children. Chrifi's hospital in Sherborn within

the county palatine of Durham. 16. An act for the establishment of

Anno 31 Elizabetha. an award made between Robert lord Cap. 1. Against discontinuances of Rich and Thomas Barrington, knight, writs of error in the courts of exand their heirs, &c.

chequer and King's bench. . 17. An act for the good government Cap. 2. For abridging of proclama

of the city or borough of Westmin- tions upon fines to be levied at the : ster in Middlefex.

common law. 18. An act for the countess of Hun- Cap. z. For the avoiding of privy and tingdon's jointure.

fecret outlawries of lier Majesty's 19. An act for the maintenance of the subjects.

,Cap. 40

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