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III. And for the more speedy delivery of cattle taken by way The sheriff of distress, it is further enacted by the said authority, That I11" aPP°>nt every sheriff of ihires, being no cities or towns made lhires, ^"makeT1-* shall at his first county-day, or within two months next after he pievies. hath received his patent of his office of (heriffwick, depute, appoint and proclaim in the fhire-town within his bailiffwick, four deputies at the least, dwelling not above twelve miles one distant from another; (2) which said deputies so appointed and proclaimed, shall have authority in the sheriff's name to make replevies and deliverance of such distresses in such manner and form as the sheriff may and ought to do; (3) upon pain that every (heriff for every month that he (hall lack such deputy or deputies, shall forfeit for every such offence, five pounds; (4) the one half of which forfeitures shall be to the King and Queen's highness, her heirs and successors, the other half to him that will sue for the same by bill, plaint, information or action of debt, in any the King and Queen's courts of record, in which noessoin, protection, or wager of law shall be admitted.


An aft touching bailment of persons.

WHERE in the parliament holden at Westminster in the r» what man, third year of the reign of the noble prince, King Henry "'^"Jf8 °* the seventh, it was among other things ordained and enacted, f^jj persons That no prisoner arrested for felony, should be letten to bail or arrested of f'emainprise, by any one justice of peace, but by the whole ,0.nyi or susjustices, or at least by two of them, whereof one to be of the P'C'O" thereof, quorum; (2) since the making of which estatute, one justice of 3 jj. 7. c. 3. peace in the name of himself and one other of the justices his 1 Boll.»6$, companion, not making the said justice party nor privy unto the case wherefore the prisoner mould be bailed, hath oftentimes by sinister labour and means, set at large the greatest and notablest offenders, such as be not replevisable by the Jaws of this realm; (3) and yet the rather to hide their affections in that behalf, liave signed the cause of their apprehension to be but only for suspicion of felony, whereby the said offenders have escaped unpunished, and do daily, to the high displeasure of Almighty God, the great peril of the King and Queen's true subjects, and encouragement of all thieves and evil-doers:

II. For reformation whereof, be it ordained and enacted by None shall be the King and Queen's majesties, the lords spiritual and tempo- '^S^?^ r ral and the commons in this present parliament assembled, and bidden t0 be" by authority of the same, That from and after the first day bailed by the of April next coming, no justice or justices of peace shall let to statufe of bail or mainprise any such person or persons, which for any of- iEd- *•c- *!• fence or offences by them or any of them committed, be declared not to be repleviscd or bailed, or be forbidden to be re

plevised or bailed by the statute of Westminster primer, made in the parliament holden the third year qf the reign of King Edward the First.

III. And furthermore, That any person ox persons arrested

for man-slaughter or felony, or suspicion of man-slaughter or felony, being bailable by the law, shall not after the said first day of April, be let to bail or mainprise by any justices of peace, if it be not in open sessions, except it be by two justices of peace at the least, whereof one to be of the quorum, and the fame juf3 Bulstr. 113. t;ces to be present together at the time of the said bailment or mainprise; (2) which bailment or mainprise they shall certify in writing subscribed or signed with their own hands, at the next general gaol-delivery to be holden within the county where the said person or persons sliall be arrested or suspected. The justices jy. And that the said justices, or one of them, being of the ment'oTsMsA- 1mrum-> when any such prisoner is brought before them for any loner, extend- man-slaughter or felony, before any bailment or mainprise, ed to such as shall take the examination of the said prisoner, and information sliall be com- 0f them that bring him, of the fact and circumstances thereof, Sjm flaueh- anc* ^ame' or as mucn thereof as shall be material to prove ter, &c. f & 3 the felony shall put in writing before they make the same bailP. & M. c. 10. ment; (2) which said examination, together with the said bailin examina- ment, the said justices shall certify at the next general gaol-deliand others1 very t0 ^e holden within the limits of their commission, and certifying »• An^ that every coroner, upon any inquisition before him thereof 2 & 3 found, whereby any person or persons shall be indicted for murP & M. c. 10. der or man-slaughter, or as accessory or accessories to the fame, The coroner's Defore the murder or manslaughter committed, shall put in writinquisition 'mB *he effect of the evidence given to the jury before him, besound before ing material: (2) and as well the said justices, as the said comkira. ner? shall have authority by this act, to bind all such by recog

nizance or obligation, as do declare any thing material, to prove the said murder or man-slaughter, offences or felonies, or to be accessory or accessories to the fame, as is aforesaid, to appear at the next general gaol-delivery to be holden within the county, city, or town corporate where the trial thereof shall be, then; and there to give evidence against the party so indicted at the time of his trial; (3) and shall certify as well the fame evidence as such bond or bonds in writing, as he shall take, together with the inquisition or indictment before him taken and found, at or before the time of his said trial thereof to be had or made; (4) and likewise the said justices shall certify all and every such bond taken before them, in like manner as before is said of The penalty bailments and examination: (5) and in cafe any justice of peace of any justice or quorum, or coroner, shall after the said first day of April, of* of peace or a>-fend in any thing contrary to the true intent and meaning of

hb du°mitti"g this Present act» thzt then the justices of goal-delivery of the sliire, city, town or place where such offence shall happen to be committed, upon due proof thereof by examination before them, (hall for every such offence set such fine on every of the same justices of peace and coroner, as the fame justices of gaoldelivery shall think meet, and estreat the same, as other fines and amerciaments affected before the justices of gaol-delivery ought to be. '■ 1

. :-. i.VI. P*.o

VI. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the autho- Justices of rity aforesaid, That justices of peace and coroners within the city ^^^cWle." of London., and the county of Middlesex, and in other cities, bo- fex '&croughs and towns corporate within this realm and Wales, (hall

within their several jurisdictions, have authority to let to bail felons and prisoners, in such manner and form as they have been heretofore accustomed; this act, or any thing therein contained to the contrary notwithstanding: (2) and also shall take examinations and bonds, as is aforesaid, upon every bailment by them or any of them to be made; (3) and shall certify every such bailments, bonds and examinations by them or any of them taken or made, at the next gaol-delivery to be holden within the shire, city, borough or town where their several jurisdictions extendeth, upon like pain and forfeiture as \s before limited in this present act.

VII. And be it also enacted by the authority aforesaid, That Removing of no writs of habeas corpus or certiorari, shall be hereafter granted a Pri(°ner» °r to remove any prisoner out of any gaol, or to remove any re- recoSm *nce« cognisance, except the same writs be signed with the proper

hands of the chief justice, or in his absence, one of the justices 3iCar. i.c.a. of the court out of which the fame writs shall be awarded or made; (2) upon pain that he that writeth any such writs, not being signed as is aforesaid, to forfeit to our said sovereign lord the King and the Queen, for every such writ and writs, five pounds.


4n a8 for making of ruffe Is fattens, fattens reverses, andfustians of Naples in Norwich.

WHERE of late years passed, russels, called rufsels fattens, and in what order fattens reverses, have been practised to be made beyond the russels fattens, seas, of the wools bred in the county c/"Norfolk, and by reason thereof ^jj^l so great quantity os the said russels fattens, fattens reverses\ have been TMicne'n brought into this realm, fold and worn as well in every part of this realm, as in the parts beyond the seas, that thereby the mysteries of worsteds making and weaving, whereby merchants and inhabitants of the city of Norwich have heretofore been well maintained and relieved, is now at this present almost wholly decayed and brought out of esti-' /nation, and very little worn, either within this realm, or in any other foreign realms, to the great hindrance and decay of the said city, and citizens of the fame city: (2) for remedy whereof, Thomas Marsham mayor of the city ^/"Norwich, John Corbet Esq; Austin Steward, Robert Leche, Robert Rugge, John Ball, and Alexander Mather, aldermen of the said city, Thomas Wale, Thomas Pecke, Ralph Mar/ham, Robert Henry, John Sutton, Richard Tomson, citizens and merchants of the said city, at their great costs end charges, as well In bringing of certain strangers from the parts beyond the seas into the said city, as also in making of lombes, and all tther provision for thesame; (3) and also have called unto them eight persons of the most discreet and worthy men of the mystery of worsted


weaving, within the said city, thai is to Jay, John Cook, James Lin, John Cross, Simon Petit, John Marshal, Roger Lecke, Edmund Barker, and Edmund Selers, being the number of one and twenty persons, which have not only made russelsfattens, and fat~ tens reverses, and fustians of Naples within the said city of Norwich ^Norfolk wools-, hut also have learned and taught other citizens and inhabitants of the said city to make the fame, in such good andperfeel manner, that much better ruJJ'elsfattens,fattens reverses, and fustian of Naples, and such like, and for easier prices, be now at this present wrought and made within the said., city, than heretofore have been, or now be made in any of the parts beyond the seas, whereby the said city and inhabitants thereof may, and be like again to be relieved and brought to the old estate, to the great advancement of the commodities of this realm, and enriching the fame, if some good and politick laws and ordinances were made for the good continuance of the true making of the said rujels fattens, fattens reverses, and fustian of Naples, and such like:

II. In consideration whereof, be it enacted, by the assent of the King and Queen's highness, the lords spiritual and temporal, and the commons in this present parliament assembled, and by the auBy what names thority of the'same, That the said russels fattens, fattens rerussels fattens, verses, and fustian of Naples hereafter to be made only within ses^andfafti ma7 ^rom henceforth bear the name, and be called

ans of Naples by the name or Norwich fattens, and Norwich fustians ; and made in Nor- that the mayor and the aforementioned citizens of the said city, wich (hall be which before this time have been at the costs and charges of called. the bringing of the said strangers into the fame city, for the

making of the said russels fattens, fattens reverses, and fustians of Naples,' and such the aforementioned eight persons that they have called unto them, shall be a fellowship of themselves j (2) and shall yearly the third day of February chuse of their fellows, four wardens within the guildhall of the said city, or any There mall be other common and convenient place in the same city; (3) and a body corpo- the fame wardens so being chosen, shall stand and be wardens wardens to* °^tne ^ame fellowship during one whole year next ensuing the said see and seal election; (4) and that the same wardens, after the said election, russels fat- shall come before the mayor of the said city for the time being, tens, &c. yearly the Monday next after the said third day of February, and before the said mayor shall be sworn, diligently to view, search and see all the russels fattens, fattens reverses, and fustian of Naples then made, or that shall be made within the said city during the said year: (5) and such of the said russels fattens, fattens reverses, and fustian of Naples, as shall appear and be deemed by them to be lawfully, truly and workmanly wrought, shall seal with a seal of lead, bearing the arms of the city of Norwich, whereby it may be known to the merchant or buyer of them, that the fame be allowed, and truly made. By whom and III. And that it also may be enacted by the authority aforeby what means said, That the said wardens and fellowship shall he a body cor

■ • . . • porate, porate, and to be named and be enabled by this act to sue and offenders shall be sued, and to give and to take, by the name of wardens and be enquired of fellowship of the mystery of russels fattens, fattens reverses and ^d Pum<hedfustian of Norwich making, within the said city of Norwich; (2) And if any default at any time (hall be found in any of the said russels fattens, fattens reverses and fustian of Norwich, or in any of them, by the said wardens, that the fame default ihall be reformed, and the offender or offenders therein to be punished, according to such rules and ordinances as hereafter from time to time (hall be made within the said city, by the mayor of the said city for the time being, and by the laid four wardens and the fellowship of the said occupation or mystery, 01 the greatest number of the said fellowship, for and concerning the fame; (3) and that the same defaults from time to time, as occasion shall serve, shall be enquired of and tried before the mayor of the said city of Norzvich for the time being, by the oaths of twelve honest men of the forefaid fellowship.

IV. And that the said four wardens so chosen and sworn, The authority shall have full power and authority to do, execute, present and °* theur reform all and singular thing and things, of, for and concern- wardens

ing the said mystery, -making, working and occupying of the said rusiels fattens, fattens reverses and fustian of Norwich, within the said city, in such manner and form as in or by the said ordinances shall be expressed and declared; (2) and that at all times hereafter, and from time to time, it snail be lawful to the mayor of the said city for the time being, and to the beforenamed fellowshipand wardens of the fame mystery, and the more part of them, and to their successors, to make and ordain from time to time, rules, laws and ordinances, meet and necessary for the good order and governance of the said mystery, and for the true and well making of the said russels fattens, fattens reverses, and fustians of Norwich; (3) and the fame ordinances so made, to be at all times obeyed by all the inhabitants of the said city or suburbs of the fame, and to be put in due execution by the said mayor and wardens, and their successors for the time being, in such manner and form as by the said ordinance shall be ordained and declared.

V. And that such as now be and that hereafter mall be ma- wjio kers of the said russels fattens, fattens reverses and fustian of cupyt^\t Norwich, and every of them, within the said city, shall not of makingrusfrom henceforth occupy the said mystery of making of the said less fattens, rusiels fattens, fattens reverses, and fustian of Norwich, nor any ratten* reverof them, within the said city, by themselves, or by any other, ej* c' before he or they so occupying the said mystery within the said

city, be made free of the said city, and admitted to be of the said fellowship, by the mayor of the said city, and wardens and fellowship of the said mystery for the time being: (2) And that no person do occupy by himself, or any other for him, out of the said city, the said mystery of making russels fattens, fattens reverses and fustians of Naples, or of any of them, before he or they so occupying the fame have been prentice to the

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