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Anns 14 Elizabithtc. Cap. r. For the punishment of such as thall rebelliousty take or detain, or conspire to take or detain, from the Queen's majesty, any of her castles, towers, fortresses, holds, faff.

Cap. 2. Against such as mall conspire or practise the enlargement of any prisoner committed tor high treason. ■

Cap. 3. Against the forging and counterfeiting of foreign coin, being not current within this realm.

Cap. 4. To revive a statute made anno primo of the Queen's majesty's reign, inhibiting the carrying of leather, tallow, and raw hides out of the realm.

Cap. 5. For the punishment of vagar bonds, and for the relief of the poor and impotent.

Cap. 6. Far the explanation of a statute made against fugitives over the seas, in the thirteenth year of the Queen's majesty's reign.

Cap. 7. Against the deceipts of under-collectors of. the tenths and subsidies of the clergy.

Cap. 8. For the avoiding of recoveries suffered by collusion by tenants for term of life, and such others.

Cap. 9. That the tenant and defend? ant may have a Tales de draimjian^ libus, as well as the demandant or plaintiff.

Cap. 10. To reform the excessive length of kersies.

Cap. 11. For the continuation, explanation, perfecting, and inlarging of divers statutes.

Cap. 12. For the repeal of a statute made anno 8 of the Queen's majesty's reign, touching the town of Shrewjbury.

Cap. 13. Fcr the annexing of Hexham and Hexhatnjbirt to the county of Northumberland.

Cap. 14. For the better assurance of gifts, grants, &c. made and to be uriade, to and for the relief of the

poor in the hospitals in and near unto the city of London, of Chrifls, Bridewell, and St. Thomas the apostle.

Private ASts.

Anno 14 Elizabeths.

1. An act for the continuance of a statute made for the inning of Plum/led Marjhe in the county of Kent, being surrounded.

2. An act for the better and further assurance of lands given to the maintenance of the free grammar

. fchool in Tynbridge in the county of Kent.

3. An act for the assurance of cer* tain lands and tenements according to the meaning of Sir Thomas Woodhoufe, knight, for the benefit

. of certain infants.

Anno 18 Elizabetha.

Cap. 1. Against the diminishing an4 impairing of the Queen's majesty's coin., and other coins lawfully current within the realm.

Cap. 2. For confirmation, as well of nil grants made to the Queen's majesty, asps letters patents made by her Majesty to others.

Cap. 3. For setting of the poor on work, and for avoiding of idleness.

Cap. 4. For avoiding of frauds in .certain conveyances and assurances made by "the late rebels in the north.

Cap. 5. To redress disorders in common informers upon penal laws.

Cap. 6. For the maintenance of the colleges in both the universities, and also in: Winchejler and Eaton.

Cap. 7. To take away clergy from the offenders in rape and burglary; and an order for the delivery of clerks convict, without purgation.

Cap. 8. For the appointingand authorizing of justices of in the shires of IVales.

Cap. 9. Against the transporting of


'leather, tallow, and raw hides, out 5. An act for the lord viscount How of the realm. ord of Byndon, and Henry Howard, Cap. 10. Additions unto the former esquire, and Frances his wife, acts, for the amending and fe- 6. An act for the restitution in blood pairing of highways. of Henry Norris, knight, lord .MrCap. 11. For explanation of the sta- ris, of Ryeitt. tutes, intituled, Against the defeating 7. An act that the lady Jane Sibilla of dilapidations, and against leases to wife to the ford Graye of Wtltm, . le made of spiritual promotions, in born beyond the sea, mall be resome respects, puted and taken the Queen's naCap. 12. For the trial of Nisi prius in tural subject.

the county of Middlesex. 8. An act for the better assurance of

Cap. 13. Concerning offices found certain lands in Northamptonjhire to

'. within the counties palatines. Christopher Hattoni esquire, from

Cap. 14. For reformation of jeofails. Sir John Spencer.

Cap. 15. For reformation of abuses 9. An act for selling divers lands for

. in goldsmiths. payment of the debts of William

Cap. 16. For the toleration of certain Isiey, esquire,

i clothiers in the counties of Wilts* !©• An act for the assurance of cCr

, Somerset, and Gloucester, to inhabit tain lands to Sir John Rivers,

'out of towfts corporate. knight.

Cap. 17. For the perpetual mainte- It. An act that certain persons bom

nance of Rochester bridge. beyond the seas, may be deemed

Cap. 18. For the repairing of Chep- and reputed as meer English.

Jltswe bridge. ?2. Another act that certain persons

Cap. 19. For the paving of the city born beyond the seas, may be

• of Chithefler. deemed and reputed as meer Eng

Cap. 20. For the repairihg find a- lish.

mending of the bridges and high- 13. An act for the confirmation of

ways near unto the city of Oxford. an arbitrament to be made by cer

Cap. 21. For the relief and re-edify- tain persons, touching a controversy

■ ing of the borough of New Wood- between Richard Huddlfstov^fquire,

stock, in the county of Oxford. and dame Isabell Weyman his wife Cap. 22. For confirmation of a sub- oh the one part, and Francis Wey*

sidy granted by the clergy. tnan, gentleman, on the other part.

Cap- 23. Two fifteens and tenths,

and one subsidy, granted by the r"

temporary. 1 Anno 23 Elizabeths.

Cap. 24. The Queens majesty's most Cap. 1. For retaining the Queen's

free and general pardon. majesty's subjects in their due obe

Private AfUs. dience.

Anno 18 Elizabeths. Cap. 2. Against seditious words and

1. An act for Wgstone's hospital a): rumours uttered against the Queen's Leicester. most excellent majesty.

2. An act for the hospital of Saint Cap. 3. For the reformation of errors Crcffe near Winchester. - - in fines and recoveries.

3. An act for payment of tythes in Cap. 4. For fortifying of the borders Halifax in the county of Tori. "towards Scotland.

4. An act for the a&fance of the Cap. 5. Touching iron-mills near manor of Ntwhall to themas earl of unto the city of London, and the ^fg^lo^chamberiaine, - "five* of Thames"'

Cap- 6»

Cap. 6. For the repairing of Dover haven.

Cap. 7. For the increase of mariners, and for maintenance of the navigation.

Cap. 8. For the true melting, making, and working of wax. 1 . .7

Cap 9. For the abolishing of certain deceitful stuff used in the dying of cloth*.

Cap. 10. For preservation of. pheasants and partridges.

Cap. 11. For the re-edifying of Cardiff-bridge, in the county of Glamorgan.'

Cap. 12. For an addition to a former act made anno 13 of her Majesty's reign, for the paving of a street without Aldgate, leading to her Highness storehouses at the Minories, and other places.

Cap. 13. For the inning of Earith and Plumpjlead mar/h.

Cap. 14. A subsidy granted by the clergy. . . .

Cap. 15. A subsidy and two fifteens granted by the temporalty.

Cap. 16. The Queen's majesty's most gracious, general, and tree pardon.

Private ASis.

Anno 23 Elizabeth*.

j. An act for the partition of certain lands between the coheirs of the lord Latymer.

2. An act for the re-edifying of the town of Cringleford near the city

. of Norwich.

3. An act fo'r the denization of Walter Coppinger and Suzan Coppinger, Hugh and Simon Boureman, William Watson, and James, Rickard, Frqncis, Mary, Margarets, Abigail, and Gertrude Holmes, Thomas Harman, Giles, John, Richard, and Kath'erine Hughes, and divers others.

4. An act for the perfecting of assurances of certain lands given for the maintenance of a free grammar school within the citv of Coventry.

5. An act for the establishment of ar» agreement between Sir Henry Nevill, Knight, and dame Anne Grefham, widow, for the better performing the last will of Sir Thomas Grejham, knight, deceased, and for the payment of his debts.

6. An act for assurance of certain lands to Edward Fyjher; and for assurance of a rent-charge of four score and two pounds ten shillings, and other things, to the bishop of Coventry and Liichfield.

7. An act for the restitution in blood .- Of Philip earl of Arundell.

8. An act of pardon and restitution in blood of John Seyntleger and Dudley Seyntleger.

9. An act for the restitution in blood of Anthony Mayne, esquire.

10. An act for the better assurance of divers lands in Chipping Norton* and elsewhere in the county of Oxford, being parcel of the inheritance of the lord Marney, to Henry lord Compton.

11. An act ratifying a decree and an award in the chancery, touching certain copyholders and customary tenants of the manors of More Newnam, Lyndriche, Knight on and Penfocks, in the county of Worcejler.

12. An act that gavelkind lands within the city of Exeter may be inheritable, as lands at the common law.

13. An act for ratification of an award made between William Hide of the one part, and William Darrell of the other part.

14. An act concerning the hospital of Ledburye in the county of Hereford.

15. An order for reversing of a judgment against Richard Herbert, Joseph Awbrey, and others.

Anno 27 Elizabeths. Cap, 1. For provision to be made for the surety of the Queen's majesty's


most royal person, and the continuance of the realm in peace.

Cap. 2. Against jesuits, seminary priests, and such other like disobedient persons.

Cap. 3. For explanation of the statute made anno 13 of the Queen's majesty's reign, intituled, An aft to make the lands, tenements, goods and chattels of tellers, receivers, &c. liable to the payment of their debts.

Cap. 4. Against covenous and fraudulent conveyances.

Cap. 5. For the expedition of justice in cafes of demurrers and pleadings.

Cap. 6. For the returning of sufficient jurors, and for the better expedition of trials.

Cap. 7. For the levying of issues lost by jurors.

Cap. 8. For redress of erroneous judgments in the court, commonly called, the King's bench.

Cap. 9. For reformation of errors in fines and recoveries, in the twelve ihires of Wales, town and county of Haversord-Wefl, with the counties palatine.

Cap. 10. For the continuance of a former statute, intituled, An acl to redress disorders in common informers upon penal Jlatutes, made in the eighteenth year of the Queen's majesty's reign.

Cap. 11. For the reviving, continuance, explanation, and perfecting of divers statutes.

Cap. 12. For the swearing of undersheriffs, and other under-officers and ministers.

Cap. 13. For the following of hue and cry.

Cap, 14. For the reviving of a former statute, for the true making" of malt.

Cap. 15. For the bringing in of staple-fisli and herrings into this realm.

Cap. 16. Touching artificers using

the cutting of leather. Cap. 17. Touching the breadth of

white-woolen cloths, made in the counties of Somerset, jyiltjbirey Gloucester, and Oxtn, Sec. Cap. 18. Concerning making of woolen cloths in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, called Plain white straights, and Pinned white straights.

Cap. 19. For the preservation of timber in the wilds of the counties of Suffix, Surry and Kent, and for the amendment of highways decayed by carriage to and from iron mills there.

Cap. 20. For the preservation of the

haven at Plymouth. Cap. 21. For the preservation of Or

ford haven. Cap. 22. For bringing of the haven of the city of Chichester, by ? new cut chanel, to the suburbs of the fame city. Cap. 23. For cloth-making in the towns of Box/lead and Langham in the county of Essex. Cap. 24. For the keeping of the seabanks and sea-works in the countv of Norfolk. Cap. 25. For explanation of the statute for the maintenance of Rochejler bridge. Cap. 26. For explaining of the statute for the amending of the highways between Middleton and the King's Ferry, leading into the isle of Sheppey, in the county of Kent. Cap. 27. For the inning of Earith,

and flumpflead Marjh. Cap. 28. For one subsidy granted by

the clergy. Cap. 29. For one subsidy, and two fifteens and tenths granted by the temporalty. Cap. 30. For the Queen's majesty's most gracious, general, and free pardon.

Private Acts. Anno 27 Elizaietha. 1. An act for confirmation of her Majesty's letters patents to Queen's College in Oxford.

2. An

2. An act for confirmation of her Majesty's letters patents unto the masters, fellows and scholars of ClareHall in Cambridge.

3. An act touching divers assurances made by the bishop and dean and chapter of Exeter.

4. An act for paving of Newark upon Thent in Nottingkamjbirf.

5. An act for restitution of lord Uliotnas Howard.

6. An act for paving of New Windsor in Berljhire.

7. An act for the assuring of certain lands to the lord Hunsaon.

8. An act for the assurance of certain lands to George Chowne, esquire, from Edward Fifier of Warxvici.

9. An act for assuring the manors of Haverjbam and Bishops Hampton to Sir Thomas Lucy and others.

10. An act for assuring of lands to the lord Willoughby of Erisby, from Walter Erenden and his heirs.

11. An act enabling Edward Fijher to fell certain lands for the payment of his debts.

12. An act for the assurance of certain lands and tenements in London to Jonas Scott.

13. An act for confirmation of the foundation of the hospital of Eastbridge in Canterbury, with ordinances for government thereof, and for the better relief of the poor there.

14. An act concerning the lardDacres, and the lord Norrics, and Sampson Leonard-, for the peaceable enjoying of lands.

15. An act for the foundation of Christ's hojpital in Sherborn within the county palatine of Durham.

16. An act for the establishment of an award made between Robert lord Rich and Thomas Barrington, knight, and their heirs, £sV.

17. An act for the good government of the city or borough of WestminJler in Middlesex.

18. An act for the countess of Huntingdon's jointure.

19. An act for the maintenance of the

pier or cob of Lynne Regis in the' s county of Dorfett.?

Anno 29 Elizabeth*.

Cap. 1. For confirmation of the attainders of Tbetias, late lord Pages, and others.

Cap. 2. Concerning errors in records of attainders of high treason.

Cap. 3. To avoid fraudulent assurances made in certain cases by traitors.

Cap. 4. To prevent extortion m sheriffs, «fider-sti*riff«, and bailiffs of franchises or liberties, in cafes of execution.

Cap. 5. For the continuance and perfecting of divers statutes

Cap. 6. For the more speedy and due execution of certain branches of the statute made in the twenty-third year of the Queen's majesty's reign, intituled, An aft to retain the Queen's majesty'ssubjects in their due obedience.

Cap. 7. Forone subsidy by the clergy.

Cap. 8. For the granit of one intire subsidy, andtwofifteens and tenths, granted by the temporalty.

Cap. 9. For the Queen's majesty's most
gracious, general, and free pardon.

Private Acts.
Anno 29 EliXabetha.

1. An act for confirmation of the
sale of Edward Eijher's lands, made
towards the satisfaction of his debt*,
charges and incumbi'ances.

2. An act to enable Charles lord Mountjoy to sell lands for the Queen's service, for payment of his debts and advancement of his children.

——. ,——^-—. ——— ,. *

Anno 31 ElizabethsCap. 1. Against discontinuances of writs of error in the courts- of exchequer and King's bench-. Cap. 2. For abridging of proclamations upon fines to be levied at the common lavs. Cap. 3. For the avoiding of privy and secret outlawries of her Majesty's subjects.

Cap. 4,

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