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or town corporate where the said offence or offences was so committed, made or done, there to remain without bail or mainprise, by the space of three months then next ensuing, and further to the next quarter-seflions to be holden within the said mire, city, borough, liberty or town corporate, next after the end of the said three months; (2) at which said quarter-sessions, the said person or persons so committed to the gaol as is aforesaid, upon his or their reconciliation and repentance in that behalf before the said justices of peace at the said sessions, shall be delivered and discharged out of prison and gaol, upon sufficient surety of his good abearing and behaviour, to be then and there taken by the said justices for one whole year then next ensuing, as by the discretion or discretions of the said justices then and there being, or of the more part of them, shall be thought meet and convenient: (3) and if the said person or persons so in Godbolt »+5. gaol as is aforesaid, will not be reconciled and repent at the said pi- 343. quarter-sessions, that then the said person or persons immediately in time convenient shall be further awarded and committed to the said gaol by the said justices, or by the more part of them, there to remain without bail or mainprise, until he or they so committed and awarded to gaol as is aforesaid, shall be reconciled, and be penitent for his or their said offence or offences.

VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, The penalty That if any person or persons at any time or times after the for rescuing said xx. day of December, of their own authority and power, an offender, or willingly and unlawfully do rescue any offender or offenders so a^ettbinS apprehended, taken or arrested as is aforesaid, or will disturb,

hinder or let the said offender or offenders so offending as is aforesaid, to be apprehended, taken or arrested, that then every one of the said rescuers or disturbers (hall suffer like imprisonment as is aforesaid, and further shall pay, forfeit and lose for a fine, for every of his or their said offences, five pounds to the Queen's majesty, her heirs and successors.

VIII. And be it further enacted bythe authority aforesaid, T1]e enal ;f That if any of the offenders aforesaid be not taken, apprehended an oft^mferbe or arrested immediately in time convenient, as is aforesaid, but not taken, but do escape or go away, that then the said escape shall be law- doth escape, fully presented before the justices of peace, in the said shire,

city, borough, liberty or town corporate, at the next quartersessions to be holden where the said escape was made and suffered, and that then the inhabitants of the parish where the said escape was so suffered, shall forfeit and lose to the Queen's majesty, her heirs and successors, for every such escape five pounds, to be levied and taken as other like amerciaments and fines before this time hath been levied and taken upon any village, hun- 13 Ed. 1. flat, dred or town, for the escape of any murderer or other felon, for *■ c. 1. not making pursuit upon hue and cry, accordingto the estatute of 3 H- 7- c. 1. Winchester, and the estatute made and provided in the third year of the worthy King Henry the Seventh.

IX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That What magiall and singular justices of peace, justices of affise, justices of stratej shall

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have authority Cyer and Determiner, and all and singular mayors, bailiffs and and" un'isli'the ju^'ces °^ Peace within any city, borough or town corporate in o/Tenders.' ' anv Parts within this realm, within the limits of their commission or commissions, (hall have full power and authority by virtue of this act, after the said xx. day of December, to enquire of all and singular the offences and misdemeanours aforesaid, and to hear and determine the same, and to set the fines and amerciaments of the said offender or offenders as is aforesaid. Thejurisdic- Prov'ded always, and be it further enacted by the authority

tion of the law aforesaid, That this act, or any thing therein contained shall ecclesiastical not in any wise extend to abrogate and take away the authority, saved. jurisdiction, "power and punishments of the ecclesiastical laws,

now standing and remaining in their force, of or for the punishment of any the offences and misdemeanours aforesaid, but that the authority, power, jurisdictions and punishments of the said ecclesiastical laws of and for any the offences and misdemeanours aforesaid shall stand in full power and strength, and to be used, and exercised in all and in every thing, as though this act had never been had and made; this present act, or anything therein contained to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

There (hall be * sOvided always, and be it enacted, That whatsoever per

but one pu- son offending in the premisses, shall for any of the offences nifhment for afore recited receive punishment of the ordinary, having a testione offence. monial thereof under the said ordinary's seal, shall not for the same offence eftsoons be convicted before the justice: (2) and in like wife receiving for the said offences punishment by the justice, he shall not for the same offence eftsoons receive punishment of the ordinary j any thing in this act to the contrary notwithstanding.


An aft touching certain writings made from the sixth os July last past, to the first day os August next ensuing.

'HERE it hath phased Almighty God the sixth day os July last past to call out of this transitory life unto his mercy our late sovereign lord King Edward the sixth, by and immediately after whose decease the imperial crown of this realm, with all dignities, dominions, honours, pre-eminences, prerogatives^ stiles, authorities and jurisdictions, to the fame united, annexed or belonging, did not only descend, remain and come unto our most dread sovereign lady the Queen's majesty, but also the same was then immediately and lawfully invested, deemed and adjudged in her Highness most royal person, by the due course es inheritance, and by the laws andstatutes of this realm:

II. Nevertheless the fame her Highness most lawful possession was for a time disturbed and disquieted by the traiterous rebellion and usurpation of the lady Jane Dudley, wife unto Guilford Dudley, Esq; otherwisecalledthe lady Jane Grey, and other her complices, during the time of the which said rebellion and usurpation, divers estatutes, recognisances, indentures, obligations, acquittances, grants, patents, evidences] and other writings, were made and devised between and to sun

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dry of the subjects of this realm, whereupon divers questions, fiats and
doubts may hereafter arise, grow and ensue to many of the sheen's
highness true loving subjects: for the avoiding of all which ambigui-
ties and doubts which by reason thereof may be sirred and moved,

Obligations, writings, &c. made from the sixth of July last, and before the
first of Augult, (hall be good and effectual, excepting such as were made •• •
by the lady Jane Dudley. No patents, grants, writings, &c. made by the
lady Jane Dudley since the sixth day of July last (hall be good.


An act for the limitation of prescription in certain cafes.

WHERE at a parliament holden at Westminster the twenty- Certain writs fourth day of July in the thirty second year of the reign of the and acts late King of famous memory, King Henry the Eighth, it was enacted, jj*weuntp> _the That no manner ofperson or persons should from thenceforth sue, have m;tat;on made er maintain any writ of right, or make any prescription, title or claim 3X H. 8. c. z. os, to or for any manors, lands, tenements, rents, annuities, commons, shall not expenfions, portions corrodies or other hereditaments of the possession esten^ his or their ancestor or predecessor, and declare and alledge any further seism or possession ofhis or their ancestor or predecessor but only of the seism or possession of his ancestor or predecessor which hath been, or then was or stall be, seised of the said manors, lands, tenements, rents, annuities, commons, pensions, portions, corrodies or other hereditaments within threescore years next before the teste of the fame writ, or next before the said prescription, title or claim, sued, commenced, brought, made or had after the making of tie same ail:

II. And where also it ivassitrthsr enaeled by the authority afore- A rehearsal of said, amongst other things, That no person or persons should after that Part of the make any avowry or cognisance forany< rent, suit or service, or alledge jTM °*3* H* any seism of any rent, suit or service, in the same avowry or cognisance, touching limiin the possession of his or their ancestors or predecessor or predecest'ors, tation of preor in his own possession, or in the possession os any other whose estate he scription. should after that pretend or claim to have, above fifty years next before the making of the said avowry or cognisance. , IIL And where by thesame ac! it was also further enaeled among ft other things, That if any person or persons at any time after that, aid sue any of the saidatlions or writs for any manors, lands, tenements or other hereditaments, or make any avowry, cognisance, prescription, title or claim of or for any rent, suit, service or other hereditaments, and could not prove that he or they, or his or their ancestors or predecessors were in actual possession aud seism of and in the same manors, lands, tenements, rents, suits, services, annuities, commons, pensions, portions, corrodies or other hereditaments, at any time or times within the years before limited and appointed in the fame acl, in manner and form as is aforesaid; (2) that if the same seism were traversed or denied by the party plaintiff, demandant or avowant, or by the party tenant or defendant, that then and aster such trial therein had, all and every such person aud persons and their heirs, should from thenceforth be utterly barred for ever os all and every the said writs, actions^ ovowries, cognisance, prescription, title and claim after that to be sued, had or made of and for the same manors, lands, tenements, hereditaments fir other (he premisses, or any part of the fame, for the which


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