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TABLE of the STATUTES, Containing the Titles of all such Acts as are extant in print,

from the First Year of Queen Mary, to the Thirtyfifth of Queen ELIZABETH, both inclusive.

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Anno 1 Mariæ.'

Cap. 7. Touching proclamations up

on fines. Cap. 1. For repealing certain trea

Cap. 8. That sheriffs shall not be fons, felonies, and Præmunire.

justices of peace during that office. Private Aets.

Cap. 9. Touching the corporation

of the physicians in London. Anno 1 Mariæ.

Cap. 10. For the uniting, diffolving, I. An act for the restitution in blood or new erecting of courts.

of the lady Gartred Courtney, late Cap. 11. For the sale of hats and wife of Henry Courtney, late lord caps made beyond the sea. marquis of Exeter.

Cap. 12. Against unlawful and re2. An act for the restitution in blood bellious afsemblies. of Sir Edward Courtney, knight, Cap. 13. For

Cap. 13. For the continuance of earl of Devon.

certain statutes, . Cap. 14. For the continuance of a

Itatute made for the reparation of Anno 1 Marie, fel. 2.


Cap. 15. For the re-edifying of the Cap. 1. For declaring the Queen's

parish church of Saint Elens in highness to have been born in a most just and lawful matrimony; Cap.

Stainegate within the city of York.

V. For the confirmation of and allo repealing all acts of par- the attainder of Yohn late duke of liament, and sentences of divorce, Northumberland and others. had and made to the contrary.

Cap. 17. For the release of the last Cap. 2. For the repeal of certain fubfidy of the temporalty. statutes made in the time of the ca

Cap. 18. For a sublidy of tunnage reign of King Edward the Sixth.

and poundage of divers merchanCap. 3. Against offenders of preach

ers and other ministers in the
. ,

Private AEs. .
Cap. 4. Touching writings made

from the sixth day of July Taft paft, , Anno i Maria, Sef. 2.
and before the first day of August 1. An act for the restitution in blood
then next ensuing.

...of Sir Thomas Howard, knight, Cap. 5. For the limitation of pre- otherwise called Thomas Howard scription in certain cases.. .

earl of Surry. Cap. 6. Against counterfeiting of 2. An act for the restitution in blood frange coins, being current within of Sir Edward Seymor, knight, elthis realm, or of the Queen's high- dest son of the late duke of Somerset, ness fign manual, signet, or privy born of the lady Anne his last wife. seal, to be adjudged high treason.' 3. An act for the incorporation of Vol. VI.


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the warden and scholars of Merton: Queen's most honourable hour. college in Oxford.

hold. 4. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 5. For the continuance of a

of the heirs of Henry Pool, late statute made for the repairing of lord Montague.

Sherborne causey. 5. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 6. For the repairing of a causey

of Sir Marmaduke Confiable, knight. betwixt Bristol and Gloucester. 6. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 7. Touching cloth-making in

of Thomas Stanhope, esquire. . corporate fowns and market-towns. 7. An act for the restitution in blood Cap. 8. Touching the buying and of Mathero Arundell, esquire,

currying of leather. 8. An act for keeping the county- Cap. 9. Touching ordinances and

days in Cardiganshire. . rules in cathedral churches and 9. An act for the restitution in blood. schools.

of the heirs of Sir Miles Partridge, Cap. 10. For the repealing of a statute knight.

made for the uniting of the parish 10. An act to make free denizens the churches of Onger and Greensteed in

wives and children of Richard Bat- ' the county of Efex. .. .
fon, Thomas Brown, and John Brad- Cap. II. Touching the fea-fands in

ley, born beyond the feas. .. Glamorganshire, II. An act for the reparation of Sher- Cap. 12. For the continuation of borne cawsey.

certain statutes.
12. An act repealing a statute made
in the fifth year of King Edward

Private Aếts..
the Sixth, touching the approving

Anno 1 Mariæ, Jef. 3.,
the marriage between the marquis
of Northampton and the lady Eli-

i 1. An act for the restitution in blood zabeth his wife, and for the legiti

of Sir William Parr, knight, mar

quis of Northampton. mation of their children.

: 13. An act declaring the attainder of 2.

er of 2. An act for the affurance of the the duke of Norfolk.

manor of Gaywood and Ryfing, in the county of Norfolk, to the earl

of Şurry. .

3. An act for the ratifying of the Anno 1 Maria, fel. 3. estate of dame Lucye Clyfford in the Cap. I. For declaring that the de- manör of Burfion Haughe.

gal power of this realm is in the
Queen's majesty as fully and ab--
folutely as ever it was in any of Anno 1 & 2 Ph. & Mar.
her moft noble progenitors, Kings Cap. 1. Touching letters patents and
of this realm.

other writings to be figned by the Cap. 2. Touching the articles of the Queen's majesty.

Queen's highness moft noble mår- Cap: 2. For the reformation of exriage.

cess in apparel. .
Cap. 3. For the repeal of two several Cap: 3. Against seditious words and

acts made in the seventh year of ruinours.
King Edward the Sixth, touching Cap. 4. For the punishment of cer-
the diffolution of the bishoprick of tain persons calling themselves
Darbam.. .

:: Egyptians. *** Cap. 4. For the establishing of the Cap. 5. To restrain carrying of corn, • office ef the lord steward of the victuals and wood over the sea.

Cap. 6.

in untry that perlons durel

Capa 10 Thions, and a king and

Cap. 6. For the reviving of three fta- of Henry duke of Suffolk, John Gray,

tutes made for the punishment of Thomas Gray, Thomas Wyatt, James herefies.

Croft, Peter Carewe, Robert Dudley, Cap. 7. That persons dwelling in the : Henry hey, knights, and many

country shall not sell divers wares, others. in cities and towns corporate, by 4. An act for the uniting and annex. retail. .

ing of the whole town or hamlet Cap. 8. For repealing all statutes; of Bucknell to the county of Salep.

articles and provisions made against . the see apostolick of Rome, fince the twentieth year of King Henry the

Anno 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. Eighth; and also for establishment Cap. 1. For the re-edifying of castles of alt spiritual and ecclesiastical pol and forts, and for the inclosing of sessions and hereditaments convey- · grounds, upon the borders towards ed to the laity.

. Scotland. Cap. 9. For the punishment of trai- Cap: 2. For the re-edifying of decay,

terous words against the Queen's ed houses of husbandry, and for majesty. :

: the increafe of tillage. Cap. 1o That certain offences be Cap. 3. For keeping of milch kine, made treasons; and also for the and for the breeding and rearing of government of the King and calves. Queen's majefties issues,

Cap. 4. For the extinguishment of Cap. 11. For the punishment of the first-fruits, and touching order bringing in of counterfeit coin of and disposition of the tenths of foreign realms, being current with spiritual and ecclesastical promoin this realm.

tions, and of rectories and parsoCap. 12. For the impounding of nages impropriate, remaining in . distresses. .

the Queen's majesty's hands. ; Cap. 13. Touching the bailment of Cap. 5. For the relief of the poor.

prisoners by justices of peace. Cap. 6. Against the excessive taking Cap. 14: For the making of ruffel of the King and Queen's majesties

fattins, fattins reverses, and fuftian purveyors. of Naples, in Norwich.

Cap. 7. Against the buying of stolen Cap. 15. To confirm the liberties of horses.

the lord marchers in Wales. Cap. 8. For the mending of highCap. 16. For the continuance of cer- . ways. tain statutes.

Cap. 9. To make void divers licences Cap. 17. Touching leases hereafter of houses, wherein unlawful games to be made by certain spiritual per- be used.

Cap. 10. To take examination of

prisoners suspected of any manPrivate Aets.

Naughter or felony.
Anno 1 & 2 Ph. & Mar.

Cap. II. Touching weavers.

. Cap. 12. For the viewing and seala 1. An act repealing the attainder ofing of cloths, commonly called the lord cardinal Pool..

Bridgwaters. . 2. An act repealing all attainders and Cap. 13. For the inhabitants of

outlawries had or made against Hallifax, touching the buying of Richard Pate, William Petowe, Thon wools. mas Goldwell, and others.

Cap. 14. For the re-edifying of four 3. An act to confirm the aitainder mills near to the city of Hereford.

2 2

Cap. 15.

fpiritu, and of oriate,


Cap. 15. That the purveyors shall Cap. 7. To make up the jury with

not take victuals within five miles . Circumftantibus, where the King

of Cambridge and Oxford. . and Queen, or the Queen's maCap. 16. : Touching watermen and, jesty is a party.

bargemen upon the river of Thames. Cap. 8. For the punishment of such Cap. 17. To take away the benefit of ås shall take away maidens that be · clergy from Bennet Smith, for the inheritors, being within the age of murther of Rufford.

fixteen years, or that marry them, Cap. 18. Touching commissions of without the consent of their pa

peace and gaol-delivery in towns · rents.

corporate, not being counties. Cap. 9. For the continuation of cerCap. 19. Touching the powdike in tain statutes. Marshland.

Cap. 10. For the confirmation of the Cap. 20. For the inlarging of the subsidy of the clergy. · auchy of Lancaster.

Cap. 11. A subsidy and one fifteen Cap.21. For the continuation of cer- granted by the temporalty.

tain statutes. Can for the confirmation of a

Private Afts. subsidy granted by the clergy. ' Anno 4 & 5 Ph. & Mar. Cap. 23. For a subsidy granted to 1. An act for the assurance of the

the King and Queen's majelties by honour of Rayley to the Queen's the temporalty:

majesty; and for assurance of di

vers other lands in the county of · Private Afts.

Esex in lieu thereof to Richard lord
Anno 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar.. Rich.
I. An act whereby the duke of Nor- 2. An act for the assurance of the

folk, by the advice of the lord countess of Sulex's jointure.
chancellor of England, the earl of 3. An act for the restitution in blood

Arundell, and the bishop of Ely, of Sir Ambrose Dudley and Sir Ro-
máy make fales and grants of his bert Dudley, knights.
lands, &c. notwithstanding his 4. An act for the foundation of an
minority. . .

hospital at Stoke Puges in the coun2. An act whereby the heirs of Sir ty of Buckingham.

Edward Nevill, knight, are restor- 5. An act for the payment of tythes
ed to the remainder of the barony in the county of Coventry.
of Burgavenny.

Anno i Elizabetha.
Anno 4 & 5 Ph. & Mar. Cap. 1. For restoring to the crown
Cap. 1. For the confirmation of let the ancient jurisdiction over the
: ters patents.

ftate ecclesiastical and spiritual, and Cap. 2. For the having of horse, abolishing all foreign power repugarmour and weapon.

nant to the same. Cap. 3. For the taking of musters. Cap. 2. For the uniformity of com· Cay. 4. That acceflaries in murder, mon prayer and service in the

and divers felonies shall not have church, and the administration of the benefit of clergy. ..

the sacraments. Cap. 5. Touching the making of Cap. 3. For recognition of the woolen cloths.

Queen's highness title to the imCap. 6. For inquiry' of the behaviour perial crown of this realm. .

of Frenchmen, being denizens. - Cap. 4. For the restitution of the

anet whereby vice of the hot of 3.

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