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Tie Tury.
Lord, by Thy si SC 621

Tlv Rizzo, ich
Defend us from out. To
V. Thou shalt open

R. And my mouth skäl szembriT! inte
V. O God, make speed to save et
R. O Lord, make hast to be put.

1 Most of • The Office of the Holy Cronut artIL tags of 1648, but in a fragmentary form. First + 2 nm (L *** B. Saviour's Passion,' which includes all the Hyun 1262 Antiphona,' which was the last so called bere: than that KIISmendation of the precedent Hymn: then a Prayer: 211 1.200, * Christ's Victory,' including three other of tbe verm, the Antiphona.' Our text is from Carmen De Nontro de uf 1652. a before (pp. 31-48)—the engraving in which is reproluond in our illustrated quarto edition. See Notes and Illustrations at elime of this composition. G.



Glory lie to the FATHER.

and to the Sun

and to the H Hyj GHOST.
Is it was in the besinning, is now, and eller

shall bei wirkt without end. Amen.


The waletull Matine's hust to sing
The unknown surrows ut our king:
The Fither's Word in Wisdom, made
Han for man. by man's betrid :
The World's price sett ti sale, and by the luulil
Merchants of Death and sin, is bought ind ik :
ofllis best trimis (let op llimselt) forsaken:
billis worst toe's because lle would) beseigi and

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The early Prime blushes to say
She could not rise so soon, as they
(all'al Pilat vp; to try if he
('oull lend them any cruelty.
Their hands with lashes arm'd, their touys

with lves
And loatlısom spittle, blott those beauteous eyes,
The blissfull springs of ioy; from whose all-chear-

ing ray The fuir starr fill their wakefull fires, the sun him

self trinks ilay.

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Th. tutipoorn.
Victorious sign
That now lost shine,

Transcrib'il inboup
Into the land of light and lone;

() let vs twine
Our rootes with thine,

That we may rise
l'pon thy wings, and reach the skyes.


The l'opsicle.

Lo, we adore Thee,
Dread Lamb! and fall

This low before Thee.


The Rexponour. 'Cause by the couenant of Thy crosse Thou hast sau'd at once the whole World's losse.

The Prayer. O LORD IES-CHRIST, Son of the liuing God! interpose, I pray Thee, Thine Own pretious death, 70 Thy crosse and passion, betwixt my soul and Thy iudgment, now and in the hour of my death. And vouchsafe to graunt vnto me Thy grace and mercy; vnto all quick and dead, remission and rest; to Thy Church, peace and concord; to vs sinners, 75 life and glory euerlasting. Who liuest and reignest with the Father, in the vnity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.


The Versicle.
Lord, by Thy sweet and sauing sign,

The Responsor.
Defend vs from our foes and Thine. 80
V. Thou shalt open my lips, O Lord.
R. And my mouth shall shew forth Thy praise.
V. O God, make speed to save me.
R. O Lord, make hast to help me.
V. Glory be to, &c.

85 R. As it was in the, &c.,


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