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And from the nailes and spear

Turn'd the steel point of fear:
Their vse is chang’d, not lost; and now they moue
Not stings of wrath, but wounds of loue.



Tall tree of life! thy truth makes good What was till now ne're understood,

Though the prophetick king

Struck lowd his faithfull string :
It was thy wood he meant should make the throne
For a more than Salomon.




Large throne of Loue ! royally spred With purple of too rich a red :

Thy crime is too much duty;

Thy burthen, too much beauty; Glorious or greiuous more? thus to make good Thy costly excellence with thy King's own blooil. 30


Euen ballance of both worlds ! our world of sin,
And that of grace, Heaun-way'd in Him :

Vs with our price thou weighed’st ;

Our price for vs thou payed'st,
Soon as the right-hand scale reioyc't to proue
How much Death weigh'd more light then Loue.


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Hail, our alone hope! let thy fair head shout Aloft, and till the nations with thy noble fruit :

The while our hearts and we

Thus gralt our selues on thee,
Grow tholl and they. And be thy fair increase
The simmer's piridon and the iust man's peace.


Liue, () for cuer line and reign
The Lamb, Whom Ilis own loue bath slain !
And let Thy last sheep liue to inherit
That kingilom which this (rosse ilied merit. Amen.

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NOTES AND ILLUSTRATIONS, These variations de as between 1615 and 1032, deserve recorl:

St. i. line 1. · Linguishing,' which is the reading in 1619,

ll). line 2. Ilere, and in v. line 1, I have added to band and are respectively from 1645.

St. vi. line 2. Our text (16.721 corrrets a manifest blunder oľ 16 1$, which reads .wagil' forway'd' weighed. In 1618, lines 3 - I read

Teth with he price were weighed,

Botle with one jurida' Te piiit.' St. vii. appeared for the first time in or text (1652). In the closing four lines, line 1, 1618, reads noticeably

* That Kingilone which Thy blesscal death tlid merit.' The allusion in st. iv. is to the olil reading of Psalm xori. 10: Tell it among the leathen that the Loril reigneth from the time.' The reference to Solomon points to the mediuval mystical interpretations of ('anticles ii. 9-10.

I place. Vexilla Regis' immediately after the Office of the Holy Crosse';' as really belonging to it, and not to be separated as in 1618. G.


· Neither dorst any man form that day wke Him any momentinni

41. Intflow,

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MD'st all the darke and knotty anaros,
Black wit or malice can, or dares,
Thy glorious windome breaks the neta,
And trade with 100tr sind nurja;
The quelli art. 1A D-ly 151*
Tits, T. trpion th:

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Vet is their silence into Thee,
The full sound of Thy victorie;
Their silence speaks aloul, and is
Thy well pronouncil panegyris.
While they speak nothing, they speak all
Their share, in Thy memoriall.
While they speake nothing, they proclame
Ther, with the shrillest trump of Fame.

To hold their peace is all the wayes
These wretches barn to speak Thy praise.





1. To Thee these first-fruits of My growing death

(For what else is My life?), lo! I bequeath :

. Tast Ulis, and as Thou lik'-t this lesser flood

Expert a sma: My heart shall make it good.

upprarre originally in the Steps of 1616 (p. 21); was reprinted in 1618 (p. 2:9) and 16711 (p. :-). Our text i: ibat (of 1615. but the others are the me except in the 17-11al changes of orthogriplay: The SINCROIT Vs, in line 7 reacts Then shall be drink;' Tine!! My paines are in their manage: my young feares; line 10 The averater, instead of tre vet both in their hopes not come to leares' whirli jav't English; line 12. :ure toner; line 1.4. ': 100warenesues, I have arranged these poems in mumlored completa 145 111 the SIN BOLTS Linsertl, Trooppard box mi-print in 1618 boll fillund in 1010 (line 1:)). (

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&. These per le bois of in deal parle 15

Erst the fall datore fa faiante.

9. And till Jş riper is to aze are some,

This knife may be the speare's pralalium.

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