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Such thirsts to dy, as dares drink vp
A thousand cold deaths in one cup.
Good reason : for she breathes all fire ;
Her white brest heaues with strong desire 40
Of what she may with fruitles wishes
Seek for amongst her mother's kisses.

Since 'tis not to be had at home
She'l trauail to a martyrdom.
No home for hers confesses she
But where she may a martyr be.

She'l to the Moores; and trade with them Moors
For this vnualued diadem :
She'l offer them her dearest breath,
With Christ's name in't, in change for death : 50
She'l bargain with them; and will giue
Them God; teach them how to liue
In Him: or, if they this deny,
For Him she'l teach them how to dy :
So shall she leaue amongst them sown

55 Her Lord's blood; or at lest her own.

leust Farewel then, all the World ! adieu ! Teresa is no more for you. Farewell, all pleasures, sports, and ioyes (Never till now esteemed toyes) Farewell, what ever deare may bee, Mother's armes or father's knee : Farewell house, and farewell home! She's for the Moores, and martyrdom.


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. Ha Tarot Linn

1;. i , :A !...

1 ;; ;
1Livor'a ditt Saintis
Ai vinted.
11-1-1.hust 14.- Linhtath

trutto Bullia! , budlowd breath:
A curt thric kipi't i:. th at 11:h tamne
Which wiitu- thy Spinda mliant name
l'pon the goof of Hesu’n, where ity
It binn; and with it werai, ray
Dates bricht upon the buning faces
Of word which in tut Vanne's sweet graces
Find cuerdating nila; so rare,
So spirituall, pure, the fair
Vat be thi' immortall in-trunent
l'pon whost choice point hall be sent
A litas..-) luu'il: in that there be
Fitt Kerntioners for thre,



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The fair'st and first-born sons of fire
Blest seraphim, shall leaue their quire,
And turn Loue's souldiers, vpon thee

To exercise their archerie.
O how oft shalt thou complain
Of a sweet and subtle pain :
Of intolerable ioyes :
Of a death, in which who dyes
Loues his death, and dyes again
And would for euer so be slain.
And liues, and dyes; and knowes not why
To liue, but that he thus may neuer leaue to dly.
How kindly will thy gentle heart

105 Kisse the sweetly-killing dart ! And close in his embraces keep Those delicious wounds, that weep Balsom to heal themselves with : thus When these thy deaths, so numerous Shall all at last dy into one, And melt thy soul's sweet mansion ; Like a soft lump of incense, hasted By too hott a fire, and wasted Into perfuming clouds, so fast

115 Shalt thou exhale to Heaun at last In a resoluing sigh, and then ( what? Ask not the tongues of men; Angells cannot tell; suffice Thy selfe shall feel thine own full ioyes,

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I 20

VOL. 1.


Teares shall take comfort, and turn gemms
And wrongs repent to diademms.

Eu’n thy death shall liue ; and new-
Dresse the soul that erst he slew.
Thy wounds shall blush to such bright scarres
As keep account of the Lamb's warres.

Those rare workes where thou shalt leaue writt 155 Loue's noble history, with witt Taught thee by none but Him, while here They feed our soules, shall clothe thine there. Each heaunly word, by whose hid flame Our hard hearts shall strike fire, the same

160 Shall flourish or thy browes, and be Both fu to vs and flame to thee; Whose light shall liue bright in thy face By glory, in our hearts by grace. Thou shalt look round about, and see

165 Thousands of crown'd soules throng to be Themselues thy crown : sons of thy vowes The virgin-births with which thy soueraign Spouse Made fruitfull thy fair soul.

Goe now And with them all about thee, bow

170 To Him ; put on (Hee'l say) put on (My rosy loue) that thy rich zone Sparkling with the sacred flames Of thousand soules, whose happy names Heau’n keep vpon thy score : (Thy bright Life brought them first to kisse the light,


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