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Come, they cry'l, 11.2.2011 play

One of Sion's wasza wyday. Sing! play! to whom (ah) law, ?), en boitet,

If not, Jeram, .?

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Tell him we now can sharhim more
Then be ere showed to mortill sight;

Then he himselte e re sitt before',
11 lich to be seen neerle's not his light.

Apparel rinnallı in the Stefan of lofti Ipp. 1-5l): reportant in eliziolla of 10t I'l'473. 171. 172 pp. 111.161. u 1671)

Our ten is that of 16,7, in bafist's in 14- engraving here, in reproduced in our illu-eristel quarta edition. See Notes and Illustrations it close of this compatill. 11

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Tell him, Tityrus, where th' hast been, Tell him Thyrsis, what th' hast seen.

Gloomy night embrac't the place
Where the noble Infant lay.

The Babe look't vp and shew'd His face;
In spite of darknes, it was day.

It was Thy day, Sweet ! and did rise Not from the East, but from Thine eyes.

Chorus. It was Thy day, Sweet.


Winter chidde aloud, and sent
The angry North to wage his warres.

The North forgott his feirce intent,
And left perfumes in stead of scarnes.

By those sweet eyes' persuasiue powrs Where he mean't frost, he scatter'd flows.

Chorus. By those sweet eyes.


We saw Thee in Thy baulmy-nest,
Yaz dawn of our æternall Day!

We saw Thine eyes break from their East
A: 1 chase the trembling shades away.

We saw Thee; and we blest the sight, We s+ Tics by Thine Own sweet livlit.

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