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T.:: will in the thuat beneath,
It will cine of Death;
The li?". Whilet: nt whost minl
Litla vedli.... 11.11.11,
T 11write this vertrain,
The athlt threknins of his claves :
dil believil's what they tolil,
Imaginil him Xcmling old
Iuliin lütfentiunt il set forth
Tie-114 th of hier uited worth.
Him his wilome's prenant growth
Vade 10. Perend, even in Youtli,
That in the center of his brest
(Sweet is is the plannix' nest)


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tool in 1618 Dilinden (p?14) indd 1970 1993-1). Our text is Urat ut tils: bout all inson The SIVROIT Ns. in headed Epitapium in ourlon R (':' Line 31, TIHENTI IL misprints breast' for




Every reconciled Grace
Had their generall mecting-place.
In him Goodnesse joy'd to see
Learning learne Humility.
The splendor of his birth and blood
Was but the glosse of his owne good.
The flourish of his sober youth
Was the pride of naked truth.
In composure of his face,
Liv'd a faire, but manly grace.
His mouth was Rhetorick's best mold,
His tongue the touchstone of her gold.
What word so e're his breath kept warmo,
Was no word now but a charme:
For all persuasive Graces thence
Suck't their sweetest influence.
His vertue that within had root,
Could not chuse but shine without.
And th' heart-bred lustre of his worth,
At each corner peeping forth,
Pointed him out in all his wayes,
Circled round in his owne rayes :
That to his sweetnesse, all men's eyes
Were vow'd Love's flaming sacrifice.

Him while fresh and fragrant Time
Cherisht in his golden prime;
E're llebe's hand had overlaid
His smooth cheekes with a downy shade;




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(Pillow hard, and sheetes not warm)
Loue made the bed; they'l take no harm ;
Let them sleep : let them sleep on,
Till this stormy night be gone,
And the æternall morrow dawn;
Then the curtaines will be drawn
And they wake into a light,
Whose Day shall neuer sleepe in Night.



In the Sancroft us. the heading is · Epitaphium Conjugum vnà mortuor. et sepultor. R. Cr.' It was reprinted in 1618 * Delights' (p. 26), where it is entitled as supra, and 1670 (p. 95). Our text is that of 1618, which yields the five lines (11-14), and which Ellis in his .Specimens' (iii. 208, 1815) introduced from a ms. copy, but as doubtful from not having appeared in any of the editions ; a mistake on his part, as the lines appear in 1648 and 1652. His note is, nevertheless, · The lines included in brackets are in no printed edition : they were found in a ms. copy, and are perhaps not Crashaw's.' As usual, TURNBULL overlooked them. I add a few slight various readings from 1646. Line 2, the.'

5, 'sever.'
6, ‘Because they both liv'd but one life.'

10, I accept 'that' in 1610 and SANCROFT Ms. as it is confirmed by HARLEIAN Ms. 6917.18, as before. Line 17, I adopt · And' for · Till' from 1618.

19, waken with that Light, and so SANCROFT MS. : 1618 reads · And they wake into that Light :' HARLEIAN Ms. as before, 'And they waken with.'

Line 20, · sleep' for 'dy,' which I adopt as agreeing with the wake,' and as being confirmed by HARLEIAN Ms. as before. G.

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