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Twier lyil in thines own bushes! and dial'st run
To draw the curtaines, and it wike the sun!
W1710), rowzing his illustrious trisps, ramme,
And seeing the boathil object, hid for shame
Ilis heal in thy faire bosome, anil still hides
Mee from his patronik; I pray, he chides :
Jul pointing to indl Morpheus, bids me take
My owne Apollo, try if I can make
llis Lethe be any Illicon : anil see
1 Morpheus have a Muse to wait on mee.
llence'tis, my humble fancie finds no wings,
No nimble rapture starts to 112+11, inil brings
Enthusiastirke flames, sich als can yive
MUTOH to my plumpe genius, make it live
Dilant in the glorious maulnesses of a Muse',
Whose furt can walk the milky way, anil chuse
ller stary throne; whose holy heats can warme
The grave, am holl up all exulted arme
Ti, lift me from my lizy vine, to climbe
V pon the stoopid unles of oll Time,
Am traco Eternity- But all is (lead,
All these celicious hopes are buried
In the cliepe wrinckles of his angry brow,
Where Mercy cannot find them : but ( thou
Bright laily of the Voine! pitty doth lye
su warme in the soft brest, it cannot ilye.
Hivi meros tell, and when he next shall rise
u mert the ugli Guilinvaule hiis (les,




And stroake his radiant cheekes; one timely kisse
Will kill his anger, and revive my

So to the treasure of thy pearly deaw,
Thrice will I pay three teares, to show how true 40
My griefe is; so my wakefull lay shall knocke
At th' orientall gates, and duly mocke
The early larkes’ shrill orizons, to be
An anthem at the Daye's nativitie.
And the same rosie-finger'd hand of thine,

45 That shuts Night's dying eyes, shall open mine.

But thou, faint God of Sleepe, forget that I Was ever known to be thy votary. No more my pillow shall thine altar be, Nor will I offer any more to thee My selfe a melting sacrifice; I'me borne Againe a fresh child of the buxome Morne, Heire of the sun's first beames. Why threat'st thou so? Why dost thou shake thy leaden scepter? goe, Bestow thy poppy upon wakefull Woe,

55 Sicknesse, and Sorrow, whose pale lidds ne're know Thy downie finger; dwell upon their eyes, Shut in their teares : shut out their miseries.


NOTES AND ILLUSTRATIONS. In 1646, line 1, for “shall' reads will:' ib. in HARLEIAN MS.

Ms. as before, .my for the Muse ;' which I adopt here, but not in next line: line 9, ib. 'thy: line 11, illustrious is -- lustrous, radiant: HARLEIAN MS. as before, line 19, this my humble :' line 20, 1646 misprints ' raptures:' line 27, 1670 has and

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Ah, my heart, her eyes, and shee,
Have taught thee new astrologie.
How e're Love's native houres were set,
What ever starry synod met,
'Tis in the

If poore Love shall live or dye.

of her eye,



If those sharpe rayes putting on

Points of death, bid Love be gon:
(Though the Heavens in counsell sate
To crowne an uncontrouled fate,
Though their best aspects twind upon
The kindest constellation,
Cast amorous glances on his birth,
And whisper'd the confederate Earth
To pave his pathes with all the good,
That warmes the bed of youth and blood)
Love hath no plea against her eye :
Beauty frownes, and Love must dye.



But if her milder influence move,

And gild the hopes of humble Love :
(Though Heaven's inauspicious eye
Lay blacke on Love's nativitie;
Though every diamond in Iove's crowne
Fixt his forehead to a frowne :)
Her eye, a strong appeale can giue,
Beauty smiles, and Love shall live.


VOL. 1.


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