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Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal, His Majesty's Solicitor General, has received the honor of Knighthood.

It is generally understood that His Grace the Duke of Montrose has resigned the office of Lord Chamberlain ; and that Lord Farnborough is to be His Grace's successor.

On board His Majesty's ship Revenge, Nov. 28, died Francis Rawdon Hastings, Marquis of Hastings, Earl of Rawdon, Viscount Loudon, Baron Hastings, Hungerford, Botreaux, Moleries and Rawdon, in Great Britain; Earl of Moira and Baron Rawdon, and a Baronet in Ireland-a Knight of the Garter, Grand Cross of the Bath, a General Officer, Colonel of the 27th Foot, Governor and Commanderin-Chief of Malta, Constable of the Tower of London, and Lord-Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the Tower division, F.R.S. F.S.A. and M.R.I.A. He was born in the year 1754. His lordship married, July, 1804, the Countess of Loudon, by whom he had issue, George Augustus Frederic, Earl of Rawdon, born the 4th of February, 1808, and three daughters.


Mr. Washington Irving is at present at Madrid, collecting materials for a Life of Columbus.

Amongst the periodicals now issuing from the press, is one called, “ The Infant Scholar's Magazine," published monthly, ornamented with 3 wood engravings, at the extraordinary price of me penny ! We have three-penny and two-penny periodicals, but this is the more extraordinary than all-three plates, and entertaining letter-press, for one penny !

Books lately published, and in the press.

Greek Exercises ; or, an Introduetion to Greek Composition. By the Rev. F. Valpy, M.A. Trin. Coll., Camb., and one of the Under Masters of Reading School.

Origines; or, Remarks on the Origin of several Empires, States, and Cities. By the Right Hon. Sir W. Drummond. 3 vols. 8vo.

The Gospel of St. Luke; (in Greek) with English Notes. By the Rev. J. R. Major, A. M. Trin. Col., Camb., Head Master of Wisbeach Grammar School. For the use of Students.

Tue Greek Testament, with English Notes. By the Rev. E.(Valpy, B.D. This Work is intended for the use of Students in Divinity, as well as the Library. Second Edition. 3 vols. 8vo.

A Greek Gradus. By the Rev. J. Brasse, B.D. late Fellow of Tria. Coll., Camb. For Schools. In one octavo volume.

Early in February, part I. of Emma de Lissau ; a Narrative of the striking Vicissitudes and peculiar Trials of her eventful Life. By the Author of Sophia de Lissau, the Faithful Servant, &c.


Nov. 6: at Chelteubam, Mrs. Trigge, of Quebec, Canada, of a daughier. Dec. 1 : in Weymouth-street, the lady of Richard T. Kindersley, Esq. Barrister at Law, of a daughter; the lady of the Rev. R. Monro, of a son; the lady of Lieut. Colonel Gubbins, of a son and beir.–4; at the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, the lady of J. A. Lethbridge, Esq., of a daughter; at Clay-hill, Epsom, the Lady Byron of a daughter; at Terret House, the lady of Captain W. Stanhope Badcock, R.N. of a son.-8; at Great Malvern, the lady of E. H. Lechmere, Esq. of a son and heir.-9; the Lady Harriet Paget, of a son, still-born.—11; at Swanbourne, Bucks., the lady of Sir Thomas Francis Freemantle, Bart. of a daughter.–12; the lady of Allan Sandys, Esq. of a son ; at his house, 66, Lower Grosvenor-street, the lady of T. D. Alexander, Esq. M.P. of a son.-16; at East Sheen, Surry, the lady of William Gilpin, Esq, of a daughter.


Nov. 23: at Antwerp, by the Civil Code of the Netherlands, and subsequently at the English Church, John Insinger, Esq. to Charlotte Margaret, youngest daughter of Frederick Reeves, Esq. of Upper East Sheen, Surrey.-34: at St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, the Rev. J. J. Saint, of Speldhurst, in Kent, to Sophia Heath, youngest daughter of the late M. W. Wilson, Esq.---26 : at St. James's, Wm. Whitfield, Esq. Lieut. R. N. to Anne Margaret Eliza, only daughter of the late Rev. Henry Edmund Hill, of Fanny Complon, Warwickshire.-30; C. 'ohnson, Esq. of Wallingtons, Berks, to Charlotte Mary, eldest daughter of the late Lieut. Col. Locke, of the Hon. East India Company's Service.

Dec. 1 : James Espinasse, Esq. of Gray's Inn, to Susannah Elizabeth, second daughter of Wm. Espinasse, Esq. of Dublin.-5; Joseph Arnold, M. D. of Camberwell, to Eliza, daughter of the late Joseph Hardcastle, Esq. of Hatcham House.—6; John Charles Schweiso, Esq. of Regent-street, to Miss Harriet Hewitt, of Great Portland-street; at Edinburgh, Wm. Tate, Esq. of the Old Jewry, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Major John Munro, of the Madras Establishment.—7; at Titchfield, Claud Douglas, Esq. of the East India Company's Service, to Mary Madelina, second daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir Archibald Collingwood Dickson, Bart.-11; at Brede, Sussex, the Rev. John George Ash, A.M. of Queen's College, Cambridge, to Caroline Selby, second daughter of the Rev. Robert Hele Selby Hele, Rector of Brede, and grand-daughter of Dr. Horne, late Lord Bishop of Norwich.-14; at St. George's, Bloomsbury, George Fenning, Esq. to Frances Eliza, third daughter of James Wm. Dunkin, Esq. late of Demerary; at St. Stephen's, Coleman-street, Mr. S. H. Bloom, of Wrentham, Sutfolk, to Elizabeth Mary Ann, the eldest daughter of Mr. Hingeston, Finsbury Place South.


Nov. 14 : at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, Edward Jacob, second son of H. S. Partridge, Esq. of Hockham Hall, Norfolk:-20 ; at Saxmundham, in consequence of a fall from his horse, aged 72, the Rev. William Brown, Rector of that parish.-22; Phebe Anne, wife of W. G. Bird, Esq. of Litchfield, and daughter of the late Rev. James Olive, Rector of St. Paul's, Bristol.--24 ; at Swarland House, Northumberland, Mrs. Davison, wife of Alexander Davison, Esq., daughter to the late Robert Gosling, Esq. and sister to Wm. Gosling, Esq. of Portland-place; at Maybank, Aberdeen, Caroline, wife of Alexander Glennie, Esq. youngest daughter of the late Archibald Edgar, Esq.—26; at his house in Wimpole-street, Matthew Raper, Esq. of Wendover Dean, Bucks, F.R.S. and V.P.A.S. in the 85th year of his age ;-in his 82d year, sincerely lamented by a numerous circle of friends, John Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. Author of the “ History of Leicestershire," and “ Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century," and for nearly fifty years Editor of the Gentleman's Magazine.--27 ; at Barton Grange, in the County of Somerset, in the 624 year of her age, Caroline Mary, youngest daughter of the late Right Hon. Sir Grey Cooper, Bart.-28; Wm. Errington, Esq. of High Warden, Northumberland.-30; Harrington Hudson, Esq. M.P. in the late Parliament for the Borough of Helstone.

Dec. 2: in the 70th year of her age, Charlotte, daughter of the late Ambrose Isted, Esq. and relict of the Rev. T. Howell, of Chorton, Hants.—3 ; at the Close of Salisbury, Anne Hunt, the wife of the Rev. Edmund Benson.—5; Mr. Charles Wallis, of Long Acre, aged 51.-6; at his father's house, 74, Newman-street, George Francis Angelo, Esq. ; at her house, Lower Grosvenor-place, aged 75, Henrietta Amelia, relict of the late Wm. Thomas Lewis, Esq. formerly coproprietor of, and principal comedian at, the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. 7; Samuel Wisdom" Barrett, Esq. at his residence in Bedford-row, in the 65th year of his age; Lucy, third daughter of the late Rev. Jacob Mould, Rector of Ebrington, Gloucestershire.-9; near Shrewsbury, John Amphlete, jun. Esq. eldest son of John Amphlete, Esq. of Cleat House, Staffordshire.-11; at bis house in Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn, Chas. Callam, Esq. aged 49.–14; at his house, William Twopenny, Esq. of Woodstock, Kent, aged 71; at his house in Charles-street, Berkeley-square, Charles Moore, Esq. second son of the late Archbishop of Canterbury.--16: Mr. Cradock.




For marking Names, Armorial Bearings, &c. npon Linen, Woollen, &c. by the pressure of the hand only, with Ink WARRANTED INDELIBLE. They may be had as separate articles, or complete with Alphabets fitted up for the convenience of Travelling or Exportation. Manufactured and sold by I. Moore, the Inventor and Patentee,

removed from Drury Lane, to Co No. 84, QUADRANT,

Sanctioned by His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent, and recommended to the notice of the Army in General ORDERS, issued by command of His Royal Highness the Duke of York. They are most particularly useful for National and Public Institutions, Private Families, &c. as their property (wben marked) can be identified if lost or stolen. Devices, AUTOGRAPAS, &c. engraved in Brass or Wood for Printing on Paper or Linen, Gilding of Books, &c. &c.

at the sign of the golden A "legent Street.



OTHER DESCRIPTION OF LEATHER, Made solely by Prowse and Co., the Original Inventors, 10, Phoenix Row, Blackfriars' Road, London. Sold in Bottles at 1s. 6d. and 2s. 6d. each.

This article is submitted to the Public as being superior to any other thing of the kind now in use, as it shines without the aid of brushes, not moved by water, consequently retains a Polish for a lenyth of time.

DIRECTIONS.- -Clean your Leather well from dirt, and when dry, lay the Composition on with a small sponge ; let it remain a few minutes to harden, and it will be fit for use.

Plumassier and Artificial Florist,

No. 19, SOHO SQUARE, Begs to announce to the Nobility and Gentry, that he has always on sale an Elegant and Fashionable Assortment of beautiful COURT DRESSES, as well as a very extensive variety of other Plumes, Real Marabouts, Birds of Paradise, and every description of Artificial Flowers, of very superior manufacture and quality. Court, Installation, and Theatrical PLUMES lent on hire.

The Town and Country Trade supplied on the usual terms.

ARTIFICIAL TEETH. The Sciences of Dental Surgery and Mechanism having occupied the entire attention of Mr. A. Hart, Surgeon Dentist, (one of Messrs. H. of Bristol) from bis earliest years, he is enabled to offer his assistance in remedying losses of Teeth (from one to a perfect set), Palate, &c. upon principles that unite the greatest utility, and comfort, to an appearance natural and elegant.---This system is recommended by the Faculty, confirmed by an extensive practice of forty years, and perfectly restores Articulation and Mastication when impaired.---Children's Teeth regulated. Schools and Families attended.

No. 31, Knightsbridge, near Hyde Park.

TEMPLE OF FASHION. H. Glover, No. 17, London Road, Southwark, begs leave to return her sincere thanks for the patronage she has received, for upwards of fourteen years, in the manufacture of Ostrich, Military, and Fancy Feathers, and ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS of every description. H. G. having made it her particular study in respect to cleaning, dyeing, and repairing Old Feathers of every description, warranted to look equal to New, and on such moderate torms, as cannot fail meeting the approbation of a liberal and discerning Public. Milliners, Dress-Makers, Hatters, and the Trade in general, will find a great advantage in applying to H. G., as she is confident she can serve them on as good terms as any Manufacturer in London, as respects Quality and Price. N.B. Feathers of every description cleaned or repaired for the Trade, at a few hours' notice, on the most advantageous Terms. Pinking done for Ladies' Dresses and Bonnets.

MUSICAL ACADEMY. MRS. DUSSEK MORALT informs the Public, that she continues her Academy at her new residence, No. 11, Pleasant Row, Pentonville, for Harps, Singing, and Piano Forte, on her usual low terms. Days of attendance, Wednesdays and Saturdays.---N.B. Ladies furnished with Erard's Harps at a low rate.

NORMAN LIQUID, FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, CUTS, HEAD-ACHES, &c. This Liquid renders the use of leeches unnecessary where the parts bruised are black from coagulated blood; is a certain cure; relieves the head from any overflow of blood; will not soil the finest hair in its application. One bottle will convince any Lady or Gentleman the necessity of having it by them.

In bottles, price 2s. Id., to be had of Chandler, 71, Oxford Street; Anderson, Chemist, 156, Bishopsgate Street; Baker, Perfumer, Westminster Road; Windus, Godfrey's Cordial Warehouse, 61, Bishopsgate Street; and at Laine's Elixir Warehouse, 56, Great Suffolk Street, Borough.

To the Nobility and Gentry. Two Young Men, whose connexions are respectable, and families of property, offer their services to Gentlemen and Tradesmen in the COLLECTION of RENTS, DEBTS, &c. and in the arranging of their affairs. To Brewers and Distillers they would collect for a certain yearly sum (finding their own conveyance), and can give security to all, if required. Ladies possessing property will find them extremely useful in collections. They flatter themselves their punctuality and dispatch, correctness in accounts, and assiduity, will not only entitle them to their approbation, but general recommendation.

Letters addressed, post paid, to W. and A., at 56, Great Suffolk Street, Borough, will be immediately attended to.

CORNS ENTIRELY CURED By using LAINE's IMPERIAL CORN SALVE, matched by none in this country. Many bear witness to the truth of being cured, some of twenty years' standing.

In boxes, price 1s. 14d., to be had at Laine's Elixir Warehouse, 56, Great Suffolk Street, Borough; Chandler, 71, Oxford Street; Anderson, Chemist, 156, Bishopsgate Strect; Baker, Perfumer, Westminster Road; and Windus, Godfrey's Cordial Warehouse, 61, Bishopsgate Street.

TOWN MADE SILVER STEEL, Sewell's important Improvement in Penknives.

The usual manner of manufacturing Penknife Blades has long been a subject of complaint. A supposed improvement, which consisted of making the marked side of the Blade concave, and the other convex, was some years ago introduced; but from a conviction of its inutility, is now discontinued. It removed one ground of complaint, but substituted another, and the Penknife now commonly in use has all its original defects about it. The edge is made too steep, and the angle too obtuse ; the consequence is, the edge in catting is sometimes unmanageable, and driven into the quill nearly across. This inconvenience almost every person in the habit of making Pens, has frequently experienced. To obviate this entirely, John Sewell, 49, Fore Street, London, has introduced a Penknife Blade, manufactured entirely on a New Principle: the line of the edge being parallel with the side of the Blade, forms a very acute angle; the instrument, therefore, even in inexperienced hands, may be easily governed; no cutting, but what is intended, can take place, and the Pen is formed with the greatest nicety and the utmost facility. The Blade of this Penknife is beautiful in workmanship, and the Manufacturer can recommend it with confidence, as superior to any article previously introduced into this branch of Cutlery. Also it may be used with the right or left hand.

N.B. Steel Pens on an Improved Principle.

FURNITURE 20 per cent. Cheaper than at any other House or

Bazaar in London. To the Nobility, Gentry, and Others, Furnishing:-Full 20 per cent. may be saved on good articles, by applying to Paul's Cabinet and Upholstery Manufactory, 230, Oxford-street, nearly opposite Park-lane, where he has now on band eight Winged and other Wardrobes, twelve Chests of Drawers, Four-post and other Bedsteads and Furniture, forty drawing room Tables, two hundred mahogany, rose, zebra wood, and imitative dining and drawing room Chairs, sixteen Sofas and Couches to correspond, Pedestal Sideboards, Paterrt and other Dining Tables, large Winged Library Bookcase, and a variety of other Furniture. The whole of the best materials and workmanship.---Orders executed with care and promptitude.

New Invented and Improved Boots,

Made by JAMES WILKINSON, the ORIGINAL INVENTOR, No.5, Hand Court, Holborn, opposite the Wheatsheaf Tavern, the oldest bespoke Boot Manufactory in London. J. W. takes the liberty of acquainting Gentlemen, and the Public in general, that he has invented a Boot on the most imPROVED and scientiFIC PRINCIPLES, combining elegance, durability, and comfort, far surpassing any other Boot that has ever been offered to the Public. This Boot will answer the purpose of a Wellington Boot, a Hessian Boot, and a Backstrap or Top Boot, and is a very great improvement in every respect to each, and requires only to be seen to be approved of.

Gentlemen may depend on being fitted in a superior style, and having their orders executed with dispatch, of the best materials and workmanship, for prompt payment.---No extra charge.

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