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Desirous of baving their Children educated on a lenient System for the
Universities, India College, or Commerce, may have their wishes gratified
by intrusting them to the care of a Gentleman who keeps a Select School
Two Miles West of London.

Apply by letter (post paid) to S. W., 4, Wilson Street, Gray's Inn Lane.



Just published, by Metzler & Son, 105, Wardour Street,

A complete Preceptor for the Spanish Guitar, containing the Scales and Positions, fingered ; also the readiest mode of Tuning, and a selection of Popular Airs, and Songs, arranged by Signor Ronaldo Douro, 5s. Twelve Duetts for two Spanish Guitars, 4s. Six Duetts for two ditto, arranged by A. Bertioli, 2s. 6d. Ruffner's Serenade, Op. 24, Guitar and Flute, 2s. Ditto Op. 55, Guitar and Piano Forte, 3s. Ditto Op. Guitar and Flute, 3s. Giuliani's Duett, Guitar and Flute, 2s. Three Italian Arietts, with accompaniment for Guitar and Piano Forte, 3s. Three French Romances, with accompaniment for Guitar and Piano Forte, 3s. Three Italian Duetts, with Guitar accompaniment, 2s. 6d. Bertioli's selection of Popular Airs, Waltzes, &c. for Guitar, Nos. 1, 2, 3, to be continued, each ls.

Metzler and Son have just received an extensive assortment of Spanish Guitars from the most esteemed makers on the Continent, which they beg leave to offer upon very advantageous terms.

French Evening Classes,



Separate Day and Evening Classes for Ladies. Lectures in French on the Arts and Sciences. Conversation, Writing of Letters, and Composition, particularly attended to. Ladies' Day and Evening Classes, 29, Bedford Street, Covent Garden.

M. D’E., author of a French Grammar, and other Works, exclusively written in the French Language, attends also Schools and Private Families, and is able to give references of the highest respectability.

By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent.


The alarming extent to which the system of Grave-Robbing is carried, causes the utmost consternation and distress of mind to those who lose their relations or friends. To prevent this EFFECTUALLY, a Cottin is so constructed as to render it utterly impossible that a Body can be removed therefrom after interinent.

May be seen on application to W. Hollinshed, Coffin Maker and Undertaker (Solc Agent to the Patentee), 56, King Street, Long Acre.--N.B. The Trade supplied.

ARTIFICIAL TEETH. MR. HOWARD, SURGEON Dentist, respectfully acquaints the Nobility, Gentry, and his friends, that he continues to Fix Natural and Artificial Teeth on his Improved System, without the least pain, from a Single Tooth to a Complete Set; which he guarantees shall restore to the wearer every comfort in Articulation and Mastication, and the same time preserve the original Form of the Mouth.

Extracting, Stopping, Scaling, and every other Operation on the Teeth and Gums.

Artificial Palates, or Obturators, fitted in a manner which ensures a perfect remedy for defects in the Articulation, caused by a loss of the Natural Palate. Mr. H.'s Terms are little more than Half the usual Charges.

33, Fleet Street,


PATENT HARPS. Schwieso and Co. in returning thanks for the extensive patronage with which they have been honoured, are happy to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Musical World in general, that they have just obtained bis Majesty's Royal Letters Patent for a new and brilliant IMPROVEMENT on the

It has been ever a subject of complaint, and the Makers' attention strongly directed to remove those unpleasing jars, to which Harps have always been found subject---a desideratum, however, till now, unaccomplished.---Schwieso and Co.'s Patent will be found effectually to remedy this defect, giving a fullness and richness of tone to the Instrument hitherto unknown, as well also as facilitating very considerably the movement of the Pedals. They will be happy to give proof of this most interesting discovery to any Lady or Gentlenian who will honour them with a call, at their Establishment, 263, Regent Street, where an extensive assortment of elegant and brilliant-toned Harps and Pianofortes is constantly on Sale.--Harps and Pianofortes Lent on Hire ; Roman Strings of the first quality.



Improved Safety Axle-Trees and Boxes

FOR CARRIAGES. By these Improvements a greater Quantity of Oil than usual can be employed, and which continually circulating around the Axles, prevents the Wheels from sticking fast, or heating on long Journies, lessens the Friction, and causes them to run with more Lightness than hitherto. The Wheels are effectually prevented from coming off in use; and they can be let out at Pleasure, when travelling in bad Roads, with perfect Safety.

These Improvements are fully described in Gill's "Technical Repo. sitory of Discoveries and Improvements in the Useful Arts,” for October, 1826 ; and also in a Treatise, published by the Patentce, WILLIAM MASON, at his Manufactory, 22, Castle Streer East, OXFORD Market, LONDON.

Patents for the United Kingdom, have been obtained for these Improvements; and they are besides sanctioned, by their adoption, amongst the first Noblemen, Gentlemen, Coach-Makers, and Stage Coach Proprietors, to whom they have given entire Satisfaction.

MR. GUERINT'S Select Academies for Dancing, CROWN AND ROLLS ASSEMBLY ROOMS, 110, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street, $ 6, Frederick-place, Goswell-road.

MR. GUERINT, Professor and Teacher of Dancing, has the honor to announce to his Friends, Pupils, the inhabitants of these neighbourhoods and their vicinity, that his Academies are open, situated as above, where he gives Lessons in every department of that elegant and fashionable accomplishment. Evening Academy, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8 till 11 o'clock. A Juvenile Academy, on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 till 5 o'clock. Terms may be known on application at the Academies. Quadrille Parties instructed at their own houses. Schools or private families attended within fifteen miles of London. The above spacious Rooms may be engaged for Private Concerts, Balls, Assemblies, Lectures, &c.

A. STAHELE respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, that he has commenced business as GERMAN and CLASSICAL BOOKSELLER, and IMPORTER of. GERMAN MUSIC, at 29, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. A German Circulating Library, including various Magazines from the Continent, kept at £1. 10s. per year. Newly Imported, Monumenta Historiæ Germanicæ, folio, part 1, Hanover, £3.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Second-hand Piano Fortes to be disposed of, at 74, Great George Street, New Road, Hampstead Road. A square Piano, 41. ; a ditto, with additional keys, 11). ; a ditto, with 3 drawers, 12l. ; a ditto ditto, by Broadwood, 151.; a grand horizontal Piano, by Broadwood, 151. ; a ditto 6 octave ditto, by Kirkman, 24). ; a Piano with additional keys, by Clementi, 141.; a Piano, 3 octaves and half, 5l. ; a finger Organ, 85). N. B. An Evening Academy of Music, and Amateur Parties.

By his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. IMPROVEMENT IN THE ARCHITECTURAL

OF In consequence of the increasing demand for MR. Hiort's Patent Flues or TUNNELS, and the numerous enquiries that are daily made respecting their utility and efficacy, the Patentee has been induced to publish A SUPPLEMENT to his Treatise, containing HINTS TO BUILDERS, relative to the proper diameter of Flues, to be introduced in the various apartments of Houses, and other matters interesting to persons who contemplate Building or altering Chimneys.

Those persons who bave already purchased the Treatise, will be supplied, gratis, with the Supplement, and references, hy producing their cops to the Publishers.

The Treatise and Supplement are printed and published, for the author, by Winchester and Varnham, 61, Strand.

Extract from the Literary Gazette, Sept. 2, 1826.-.-" This very clever and useful volume, on one of the most important, though generally most neglected, parts of a house, is explanatory of a new method of Building Flues or Smuke. Tunnels, for which Mr. Hiort lately obtained a patent, as was noticed in the Literary Gazette some months ago. It points out the malformation of cbimneys constructed upon the common system, demonstrates the causes of their smoking, and supplies a remedy, which, among other advantages, supersedes the necessity of building the stacks to such frightful heights as they are now raised, renders unnecessary the cruel and inhuman practice of sweeping by climbing boys, and decreases very much the risk of accidents by fire.

“ The work, which is illustrated by several well engraved plates, describing all the minutiæ of the invention, contains a great deal of very useful information, both to Architects and operative Builders, and much interesting matter to all who concern themselves with building, or enjoy a seat by their own fire-sides."

Economy in Gentlemen's Clothes.

A suit of Superfine for £1. 183. at 146, Leadenhall-street. WILLIAM WELSFORD takes the earliest opportunity of informing such of his friends whose object is Economy in the articles of Dress, that in consequence of an advantageous connexion he has entered into with some eminent Woollen Manufacturers in the West of England, he is enabled to offer a suit of Superfine Clothes at an unprecedented low rate, as above ; leaving the experiment to decide for itself, be is confident that no Establishment in London can surpass his own for the excellence of the Materials, the elegance of the Fashion, the exquisiteness and durability of the Workmanship, and lowness of the Prices. A Superfine Cloth Great Coat at 60s. Merchants and Captains supplied with every article in the trade, at the lowest Prices, and shortest notice, it being understood that no Credit can be allowed.

Switzerland or Antiscorbutic Electuary.

The great balsamic qualities contained in the herbs of which this Electuary is composed, render it a certain antidote 'to scorbutic and other complaints incidental to the Teeth and Gums, and affords instant relief to the Tooth Ache; it will also preserve the Teeth from decay, prevent those injured by neglect from becoming worse, effectually arrests the progress of those beginning to be affected; it imparts a most prepossessing sweetness to the Breath, as well as giving a healthy freshness to the Gums and a whiteness to the Teeth, peculiar to itself; it is unrivalled for cleansing and removing the Tartar without injuring the Enamel.

This Electuary is the production of one of the most eminent Physicians of Switzerland, who, by a long and constant practice in scorbutic cases, and unwearied exertions, has discovered the above efficacious and certain remedy. At bis departure he gave this invaluable recipe to his friend, an eminent gentleman of Germany, who has used it many years in his family, and wbich has now been secured to the Proprietor, J. Paterson, 57, Gracechurch-street, where it is sold in pots of various sizes.

It is only required to dip the brush, which must be dry, into the Electuary, and rub the Teeth well; afterwards to rinse the mouth with water, and great satisfaction will be experienced in the result. The trial of a single pot will sufficiently prove its esteemed value.

A good set of teeth has always been considered so necessary to beauty, that it has been said a person could not be plain that possessed them; and Lord Chesterfeld remarks, that their appearance adds considerably io the prepossession formed on the mind at first sight, and we may add, that a good set of teeth identifies health, cleanliness and beauty, wbile from yellow, black, or carious teeth, we turn with loathing and disgust; nor is their beauty aloue the only consideration, they are actually necessary for the preservation of bealth, as the proper division, contusion and blending of the food with the saliva is actually necessary for digestion. In these points of view we ought to be extremely careful in preserving that, which when once lost, can never be recovered.

Tooth BRUSHES made on scientific principles and warranted, sold in sets of three, price 3s. ; and in ivory 7s.6d.

Plumassier and Florist. J. Boribon, No. 70, Oxford-street, begs leave respectfully to solicit the attention of the Nobility, Gentry, &c. to a most choice and fashionable assortment of Court Plumes, white and colored round Ostrich Feathers, and Artificial Flowers of a very superior quality, now on show as above. These articles are manufactured in the first style of taste and elegance, under his own inspection. Court Plumes mounted on the shortest notice; also lent on". hire. Feathers and Lace Veils cleaned and dyed. Pinking executed, &c.

N.B. The trade sapplied.

GYMNASTICS. PROFESSOR VOELKER begs to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, that the following Gymnasiums are superintended by him :--

1. The Private Gymnasium, at 1, Union-place, New-road, opposite Marylebone Workhouse ; where Lessons are given on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 7 till 9 o'clock in the Morning.

2. The Private Gymnasium, at 28, Leicester-square ; Morning Class, on Mondays and Thursdays, from 7 till 9 o'clock; Afternoon Class, on Mondays and Thursdays, from 2 till 4 o'clock; Evening Class, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 7 till 9 o'clock ; Ladies' Class, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 12 till 2 o'clock.

3. The Private Gymnasium, at Mr. Humphrey's Riding School, Waterlooroad, opposite the Cobourg Theatre; Evening Class, on Mondays and Thursdays,-from 7 till 9 o'clock.

4. The Private Gymnasium of the London Gymnastic Club, at Mr. Mathieu's Riding Academy in Finsbury-place; Evening Class, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 7 til? 9 o'clock.

5. The London Gymnasium, at 1, Union-place, New-road ; Morning Class, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from half-past 6 till 8 o'clock.

6. The London Gymnasium, at Pentonville, near the New River Head; Morning Class, on Tuesdays and Fridays, from half-past 6 till 8 o'clock.

7. The London Gymnasium, at the Lancasterian School, Tabernaclerow, City-road; Morning Class, on Tuesdays and Fridays, from half-past 6 till 8 o'clock; Evening Class, on Mondays and Thursdays, from 8 till half-past 9 o'clock.

Private Families and Schools are attended by the Professor himself, or Assistants, on reasonable terms.

For Prospectuses, &c. apply at the Professor's Residence, 1, Union-, place, New-road, Marylebone, or at the Gymnasiums.

Cook's Patent Life Preserver for Carriages

The Morning Post of Wednesday last contains a letter to the Editor from a Gentleman in Hampshire, stating that he has had his Stanlope fitted with the above invention for several months past, and that after many trials' of the merits of the plan, with horses of various tempers, he, without any hesitation, can justly recommend it as a most meritorious invention, &c. &c. Thousands of Noblemen, Ladies, and Gentlemen, have already visited the Manufactory, 127, Long Acre (where orders are now executing), to inspect the Chariot and the Stanhope, fitted with this contrivance, which is intended to prevent the melancholy accidents arising from the running away of horses in gigs, carriages, and stage coaches. With it attached, the driver, or (sbould he be thrown from his seat) a Lady inside, can with the greatest ease pull in a pair or four horses, by the simple method of applying the power of one of the wheels to a cyliuder, from which a single catgut rein, covered with leather, is led to their bits. They are thus gently drawn up, inch by inch, in the distance of thirty or sixty yards, as may be required, and freed again

in an instant, at pleasure. With it the horses are prevented from starting off, in the temporary absence of the driver from his seat. The plan has been tried and approved of by respectable stage coach proprietors. If stage coaches are fitted with it, passengers need not be under any apprehension from the horses running away. If they are not fitted, a heavy responsibility must rest on those who so far disregard the safety of their passengers, in cases of fatal accidents. Hamane proprietors will naturally wish to protect their passengers as much as is in their power, especially when such a security will evidently have a tendency to fill their coaches.

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