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For marking Names, Armorial Bearings, &c. npon Linen, Woollen, &c. by the pressure of the hand only, with Ink WARRANTED INDElible. They may be had as separate articles, or complete with Alphabets fitted up for the convenience of Travelling or Exportation.

Manufactured and sold by I. Moore, the Inventor and Patentee,

Sanctioned by His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent, and recommended to the notice of the Army in GENERAL ORDERS, issued by command of His Royal Highness the Duke of York. They are most particularly useful for National and Public Institutions, Private Families, &c. as their property (when marked) can be identified if lost or stolen. Devices, AUTOGRAPHS, &c. engraved in Brass or Wood for Printing on Paper or Linen, Gilding of Books, &c. &c.



OTHER DESCRIPTION OF LEATHER, Made solely by Prowse and Co., the Original Inventors, 10, Phoenix Row, Blackfriars' Road, London. Sold in Bottles at Is. 6d. and 2s.6d. each.

Qe This article is submitted to the Public as being superior to any other thing of the kind now in use, as it shines without the uid of brushes, is not moved by water, consequently retains a Polish for a len jth of time.

DIRECTIONS.- -Clean your Leather well from dirt, and when dry, lay the Composition on with a small sponge ; let it remain a few minutes to harden, and it will be fit for use.

Plumassier and Artificial Florist,

Begs to announce to the Nobility and Gentry, that he has always
on sale an Elegant and Fashionable Assortment of beautiful COURT
DRESSES, as well as a very extensive variety of other Plumes, Real
Marabouts, Birds of Paradise, and every description of Artificial Flowers,
of very superior manufacture and quality.
Court, Installation, and Theatrical PLUMES lent on hire.
The Town and Country Trade supplied on the usual terms.

ARTIFICIAL TEETH. The Sciences of Dental Surgery and Mechanism having occupied the entire attention of Mr. A. Hart, Surgeon Dentist, (one of Messrs. H. of Bristol) from his earliest years, he is enabled to offer his assistance in remedying losses of Teeth (from one to a perfect set), Palate, &c. upon principles that unite the greatest utility, and comfort, to an appearance natural and elegant.---This system is recommended by the Faculty, confirmed by an extensive practice of forty years, and perfectly restores Articulation and Mastication when impaired.--Children's Teeth regulated. Schools and Families attended.

No. 31, Knightsbridge, near Hyde Park.

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS Desirous of having their Children educated on a lenient System for the Universities, India College, or Commerce, may have their wishes gratified by intrusting them to the care of a Gentleman who keeps a Select School Two Miles West of London.

Apply by letter (post paid) to S. W., 4, Wilson Street, Gray's Inn Lane.


Just published, by Metzler & Son, 105, Wardour Street,

A complete Preceptor for the Spanish Guitar, containing the Scales and Positions, fingered ; also the readiest mode of Tuning, and a selection of Popular Airs, and Songs, arranged by Signor Ronaldo Douro, 5s. Twelve Duetts for two Spanish Guitars, 4s. Six Duetts for two ditto, arranged by A. Bertioli, 2s. 6d. Ruffner's Serenade, Op. 24, Guitar and Flute, 2s. Ditto Op. 55, Guitar and Piano Forte, 3s. Ditto Op. Guitar and Flute, 3s. Giuliani's Duett, Guitar and Flute, 2s. Three Italian Arietts, with accompaniment for Guitar and Piano Forte, 3s. Three French Romances, with accompaniment for Guitar and Piano Forte, 3s. Three Italian Duetts, with Guitar accompaniment, 2s. 6d. Bertioli's selection of Popular Airs, Waltzes, &c. for Guitar, Nos. 1, 2, 3, to be continued, each Is.

METZLER and Son bave just received an extensive assortment of Spanish Guitars from the most esteemed makers on the Continent, which they beg leave to offer apon very advantageous terms.

French Evening Classes,


Separate Day and Evening Classes for Ladies, Lectures in French on the Arts and Sciences. Conversation, Writing of Letters, and Composition, particularly attended to. Ladies' Day and Evening Classes, 29, Bedford Street, Covent Garden.

M. D'E., author of a French Grammar, and other Works, esclusively written in the French Language, attends also Schools and Private Families, and is able to give references of the highest respectability.

By His Majesty'ø Royal Letters Patent.


The alarming extent to which the system of Grave-Robbing is carried, causes the utmost consternation and distress of mind to those who lose their relations or friends. To prevent this effectUALLY, a Coffin is so constructed as to render it utterly impossible that a Body can be removed therefrom after internent.

May be seen on application to W. Hollinshed, Coffin Maker and Undertaker (Sole Agent to the Patentee), 56, King Street, Long Acre.--N.B. The Trade supplied.

Drawing An Artist of considerable experience in his profession, and approved of as a Teacher in Private Families and Schools of the first respectability, who have witnessed his attention and method, wishes to give Instruction at home or abroad in the various branches of the art, embracing the Figure Miniature Painting, Landscape, and Flowers. Address to A. Ž. at his residence, 95, Great Russell Street, Bedford Square. Pupils who may wish to take advantage of the ensuing vacation, may join either of his classes for that time.

Water-proof Beaver Hats. The usual method of manufacturing Beaver Hats has long been a subject of complaint, owing to the loose and superfluous length of the nap, and the unseemly roughness to which they are liable. To obviate this entirely, John Love, 23, Pavement, Moorfields, has introduced a light Water-proof Hat manufactured on a highly improved principle; the covering being all of the finest Beaver, and the nap, by a newly invented process, is made so short and close in its texture, that it always presents a smooth and genteel appearance.

J. L. is induced to recommend this Hat in a particular manner to public notice on account of its great durability and other distinguishing properties, and from a conviction that it is the best and cheapest Hat that has ever been offered.---May be had of every shape.

Gout and Rheumatism Cured. Dr. Lane, well known by his success in the treatment of Mental Derangements, being the Inventor of a New Medicine for the above Complaints, and tried with unqualified success, induces him to give publicity to those afficted---its virtues can only be known in its trial.---Dr. Lane may be consulted, and the medicines bad, by application, from 10 till 12 in the forenoon, and 3 till 6 afterwards, at his Residence, No. 25, Little Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road, Surrey.

W. VINER, 57, Carnaby-street, Golden-square, French Polisher, and Manufacturer of the Imperial Real French Polish, for Beautifying all sorts of Cabinet Furniture, Musical Instruments, Room Doors, Dressing Cases, Tea Chests, &c. Old Furniture cleaned and polished to look like

W. V.'s whole study is to give satisfaction ; and hopes, by strict attention to orders and moderate charges, to merit their approbation. All orders, whether in town or country, executed on the shortest notice-if by letter, post paid, directed as above. Polish sold at 2s. 6d. with directions

A considerable allowance to the trade.
Cornhill Tea and Coffee Warehouse.

J. B. ALLNATT and Co., 8, Cornhill, beg leave respectfully to inform their Friends and the Public, that, on Saturday, December 23, 1826, they opened the above Central Premises for the sale of Genuine Tea and Coffee, at such prices as they trust will ensure their approbation; the Teas are warranted to be not only genuine as imported by the East India Company, but of the very finest quality. The Coffees also will be selected from the very best Markets, and roasted with the greatest care.-.-J. B. A. and Co. trust their Establishment will be appreciated by the Public, who are solicited to make a trial, as comparison with all other houses in the Trade is most anxiously courted. Ladies' India Rubber Boots and Shoes.

C. Page, the only Manufacturer of Hancock's Indian Rubber Waterproof Ladies' Boots and Shoes, begs to inform the Nobility and Gentry that bis Manufactory is at 9, Carlton Street, Regent Street, Waterloo Place, London, and assures them that thoy cannot be had of any other Ladies' Shoe Maker in England.


for use.

MR. WITT, Surgeon Dentist, No. 10, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, (opposite Soho Square,) respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry, and his friends, that he continues to supply the loss of Teeth, in a superior manner, on the most approved and correct principles, either with Natural or Artificial, set on gold, or bone,'from one to a complete set, and fitted without the least pain, and so accurately, as to preserve the figure of the Mouth, and restore to the wearer the comforts of articulation and mastication.

These Artificial Teeth are constructed so as to answer all the purposes of the Original Teeth, not to be detected by any observer, but to remain perfectly secure in their places, and without any inconvenience to the wearer.

He acquaints those who have never worn them, that Specimens may be examined, and the mode of fitting explained, shewing at once their great utility.

Artificial gold Palates for the deficiencies of the roof of the Mouth.

Teeth extracted with ease and safety ; also Scaling, separating Carious Teeth, and stopping with gold or silver, &c. with every other Operation on the Teeth and Gums.

Much of his attention bas been directed to the management of Teeth in the second dentition, at which period many Children require the assistance of a professional Dentist to prevent, or remedy, those irregularities, which often disfigure the individual through life.

The success which has attended his practice, fully establishes his claim to the confidence of bis Friends and the Public.

His terms for Artificial Teeth and Operation, are little more than half the usual charges. Capping. 10, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, opposite Soho Square.

NOTICE. A GENTLEMAN having Money to a considerable amount, to lay out, is willing to make advances to persons of respectability, who from the pressure of the times require TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION, in such sums as may suit their own convenience, either on mortgage, reversionary interest, funded property, manufactured goods, or approved personal security. Letters from principals only (poST PAID) addressed to Mr. Alderson, No. 2, North-street, Little Moorfields, London, will be forwarded to the advertiser, and meet immediate attention. To Gasfitters, Founders, Engineers, &c.

JAMES Russell, of Wednesbury, Stafford'sbire, begs most respectfully to inform the Public in general, that he has opened a Depor, at 32, Bennetstreet, Stamford-street, Blackfriar's-road, London, for the sale of bis PATENT WROUGHT TRon Welden Tubes, for Gas and other purposes, where tubes from s in. up to 2 in. calibre, with all the various fittings, may be had. London, Jan. 16, 1827. Upholstery and Cabinet Stock selling off

At very reduced prices, and considerably under prime cost, for ready money ; consisting of a very extensive assortment of every article requisite for cottage or mansion, of superior workmanship and materials. Families furnishing will find great advantage by inspecting the same at Finsbury-house, South-place, corner of Wilson-street, Finsbury. A quantity of solid work for exportation. N. B. The spacious Premises, 65 feet front, to be Let.

NEW MUSIC. Mrs. W. Dale, 19, Poultry, begs to inform her Friends and the Public that she has just published the Mountain Maid Quadrille, arranged for the Piano-forte, and dedicated to Madame Vestris, by J. Paine.

The Broom Waltze, an exact imitation of the cry of the Bavarian Girls, by G. Wade.

Adieu, Sweet Maid, song with great applause by M. Sapio, by Reddie. See'st thou, Love, yon Damask Rose, by Jones.

This day is published, neatly printed in royal 32mo. with an ornamental wrapper

and three appropriate wood engravings, price One Penny, No. II. or THE INFANT SCHOLAR'S MAGAZINE; Containing Scriptural Biography, Adam---Poetry, Suffer them to come unto me---Trundling the Hoop (wood cut)---Jane R.---a tale for children (wood cut)---Infant School---Conversations---Poetry, A Child's Prayer---Natural History, the Tiger (wood cut)---Poetry, Song for an Infant School---God save the King (wood cut).

London: Printed and Published by John Stephens, 16, City Road; Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court; and all other Booksellers throughout the Kingdom.


This day is published, price 5s. 6d. in extra Boards, A View of the WORLD, from the Creation to the present time, with an ART of MEMORY, on an entirely new system, by which the Learner is enabled to fix the Dates in the mind by means of Words, and to overcome the difficulty of committing figures to memory. Being a Foundation for the study of HISTORY, CHRONOLOGY, and GEOGRAPHY. With an Appendix, containing numerous examples of the manner in which the Art of Memory will greatly facilitate the study of Astronomy, and fix indelibly on the mind, Longitudes and Latitudes, Weights, Measures, Distances, Specific Gravities, Financial Statements, &c. By the Author of " The French GendeRS, taught in Six Fables,” the Ninth Edition of which is now on Sale.

London : Printed for W. R. GOODLUCK, 80, Corphill.

The Public are respectfully requested to visit

NOW OPEN AT No. 58, REGENT'S QUADRANT. A Table d'Hóte at 6 o'Clock.--- Subscription Reading Rooms.--- French, German, Portuguese, and English Newspapers and Magazines.



Depuis longtemps on sentait dans cette Capitale le besoin d'un établissement qui offrît, à la fois, à MM. les Etrangers des moyens de récréation, et toutes les garanties désirables pour amener à un résultat prompt et heureux celles de leurs affaires qui nécessiteraient l'entremise d'un tiers.

Les Propriétaires de cet établissement n'ont épargné ni peines, ni dépenses, pour le rendre aussi utile qu' agréable, et pour en faire un objet digne d'une attention particulière. Dans l'espoir que leurs efforts seront couronnés de succès, ils ont l'honneur de prévenir le Public et MM. les Etrangers, qu'ils viennent d'ouvrir deux salons ou cabinets littéraires, où ils trouveront tous les journaux et écrits périodiques tant Français qu'étrangers ainsi que deux autres Salons qui seront ouverts au Public et où l'on pourra se procurer toute espèce de rafraîchissements.

On tiendra dans cet établissement un régistre où MM. les Souscripteurs seront priés d'inscrire leurs noms et leurs domiciles ; et l'on s'y chargera de la réception et de la distribution des lettres qui leur viendraient de l'étranger, &c. &c. Enfin on ne négligera rien de ce qui pourra contribuer à l'agrément de MM. les Souscripteurs et du Public, et les Propriétaires espèrent mériter par la la préférence qu'ils auront daigné accorder à leur établissement.

58, Regent's QUADRANT. Needle and Fish Hook Manufactory,

STUDLEY MILLS, WARWICKSHIRE. Pardow and Cooper respectfully inform Merchants, Captains, and Haberdashers, that they have opened a WAREHouse, 137, Drury-lane, London, for the sale of the above Articles. All orders will be thankfully received, and promptly executed at the manufacturers' lowest prices.

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