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ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Mr. HOWARD, SURGEON Dentist, 38, Fleet Street, respectfully acquaints the Nobility, Gentry, and his friends, that he continues to Fix Natural and Artificial Teeth on his Iniproved System, without the least pain, from a Single Tooth to a Complete Set; which he guarantees shall restore to the wearer every comfort in Articulation and Mastication, and at the same time preserve the original Form of the Mouth.

Extracting, Scaling, and every other Operation on the Teeth and Gums.

Artificial Palates, or Obturators, fitted in a manner which ensures a perfect remedy for defects in the Articulation, caused by a loss of the Natural Palate.

Mr. H.'s Terms are little more than Half the usual Charges.


PATENT HARPS. Schwieso and Co. in returning thanks for the extensive patronage with which they have been honoured, are happy to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Musical World in general, that they have just obtained his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent for a new and brilliant IMPROVEMENT on the

It has been ever a subject of complaint, and the Makers' attention strongly directed to remove those unpleasing jars, to which Harps have always been found subject---a desideratum, however, till now, unaecomplished.---Schwieso and Co.'s Patent will be found effectually to remedy this defect, giving a fullness and richness of tone to the Instrument hitherto unknown, as well also as facilitating very considerably the movement of the Pedals. They will be happy to give proof of this most interesting discovery to any Lady or Gentleman who honour them with a call, at their Establishment, 263, Regent Street, where an extensive assortment of elegant and brilliant-toned Harps and Pianofortes is constantly on Sale.--. Harps and Pianofortes Lent on Hire; Roman Strings of the first quality,



Improved Safety Axle-Trees and Boxes

FOR CARRIAGES. By these Improvements a greater Quantity of Oil than usual can be employed, and which continually circulating around the Axles, prevents the Wheels from sticking fast, or heating on long Journies, lessens the Friction, and causes them to run with more Lightness than hitherto. The Wheels are effectually prevented from coming off in use; and they can be let out at Pleasure, when travelling in bad Roads, with perfect Safety. These Improvements are fully described in Gill's

Technical Repo sitory of Discoveries and Improvements in the Useful Arts,” for October, 1826 ; and also in a Treatise, published by the Patentee, WILLIAM MASON, at his Manufactory, 22, Castle Streer East, OXFORD MARKET, LONDON.

Patents for the United Kingdom, have been obtained for these Improvements; and they are besides sanctioned, by their adoption, amongst the first Noblemen, Gentlemen, Coach-Makers, and Stage Coach Proprietors, to whom they have given entire Satisfaction.

THE GUITAR. MR. Derwort, professor of, and composer for the Guitar, begs leave to inform the Nobility and Gentry, that he has just received from the continent a number of the above instruments, constructed on a principle which Mr. Derwort has adopted, after many years successful experience as a teacher, and which will be found, on trial, greatly superior to the common Guitars sold in this country for nearly double the price. Music, strings, and every thing appertaining to the Guitar, to be liad of Mr. Derwort, 11, Bernersstreet, Oxford-street.

Important to Clerks and others. MR. CHAPMAN (an experienced Book-keeper and Accountant,) continues to give Instruction at his Offices, 13, Leathersellers' Buildings, London Wall, in the above useful, satisfactory, generally adopted, and only proper system, in a superior business-like manner; whereby Gentlemen are rendered, in a few Private Lessons, competent to open, keep, balance, and close the books of any Mercantile or other House, with every explanation of Copartnership and Accounts generally. The most ample proof can be shewn of Mr. Chapman's mode being successful.

N.B. Deranged Books, Copartnership or other Accounts, in all cases of dispute, intricacy, or Bankruptcy, adjusted.

Applications by letter must be post paid.

Cheap Lamp and Oil Warehouse.

E. Brooke begs to inform his Friends, and the Public in general, that he has opened a Shop in the above line, at No. 1, Creed Lane, Ludgate Hill, near St. Paul's, where he has an assortment of French and English Lamps, for Tables, Halls, and Staircases; Coach and Carriage Lamps of the best description; and is selling Oils at the following low prices---best Spermaceti at 5s. 9d. per gallon ; fine Oil, 4s. 6d.; common Oil, 3s. 6d., imperial measure. E. B. having conducted Mrs. Appleton's business (late of Ludgate Street) upwards of 12 years, he is enabled to serve those friends who may favour bim with their orders at prices which will ensure him their future support. Speaking Pipes fitted up in town or country ; Churches and Chapels fitted up; and lighted Lamps let on hire for balls and routs.

Gentlemen's Clothes Renovated. J. OAKLEY takes this opportunity of returning his sincere thanks to his friends for the liberal support he has experienced for the last 20 years, and begs to inform them, and the public in general, that he still continues to clean, beautify, and repair all sorts of Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, in the first style, at his residence, 16, Grove-street, Commercial Road East.

N.B. Ladies' Pelisses Cleaned and Hotpressed. All letters, post paid, will be attended to.

GENUINE TEAS. The Public are respectfully informed, that they may be supplied at Roper's Tea WAREHOUSE, 113, High-street, Borough, three doors from King-street, and facing Union-street, with GENUINE Teas of the choicest flavour, at the lowest Wholesale Prices, by taking a pound, or any larger quantity: he particularly recommends a trial of his superior Breakfast Tea, 4s. 8d. or 4s. 10d. ; every other canister equally cheap ; also fine Coffee, Is. 6d. to 1s. 8d. and upwards. blb. parcels sent to any part of London, free of expence.

Composition Teeth. MR. GEORGE HEATH, Surgeon Dentist, having by experience fully proved the superior merits of his Composition Teeth, feels himself warranted in recommending them in the strongest manner to the public notice, as the best substitute for those of nature ever yet invented ; they are wholly free from liability to decay, or change of colour; and being produced from a mineral substance, are not in the slightest degree subject to the unpleasantness in the mouth which generally attends false Teeth, when long exposed to the action of the saliva. To be universally admired, they require only to be sufficiently known. Specimens may be seen on application to George Heath, at his residence, 17, Compton-street, Brunswick-squarc ; where he performs every operation connected with his profession. Schools attended.

To the Afflicted with Bad Eyes. A Challenge to any person in London, for the safe and speedy cure

of Bad Eyes. Those aflicted with disorders occasioned by the blights of the air, which bring on violent inflammation, and are the forerunners of all evil in the eyes, such as specks, film, blood-shot, webs, and other false appearances, that indicate approaching blindness, unless speedily prevented, may, by applying to M. A. Vears, 22, Coventry-street, bottom of Piccadilly, meet with a never failing remedy that will give relief in a few hours. Should the Eyes be swollen with inflammation, as large as eggs, the acrid humour will be extracted in three or four hours; also a substance removed that forms itself on the white of the Eye, caused by the bile on the stomach. The advertiser bas not been long in London, but is convinced her abilities will be of service to those suffering under the above complaints. A cure has been performed on Master Ward, a young gentleman at Mr. Jones' Academy, Morningtonplace, Hampstead-road, of a large speck from the Eye, and lost hearing, which was restored to him in less than a month. Can be consulted from 10 till 2 o'clock on Tuesdays, Thursdays, avd Saturdays. Fee according to ability.

Ń. A. Vears' Imperial Eye Water, which will remove those complaints, and strengthen Weak Eyes to old age, and Infants from birth, at 2s, 6d. per bottle, with directions for use, may be had as above. Patients waited on at their own homes, by giving timely notice.

Panorama Imperial Wine Rooms,

CRANBOURNE STREET, LEICESTER SQUARE, Adjoining the Pauorama Saloon of the much admired views of Mexico and Madrid. The proprietor avails bimself of this opportunity publicly and respectfully to acknowledge his sincere thanks to the noblemen and gentlemen who have signally houored his new establishment by their patronage and support. The utmost energies of the proprietor shall be constantly exerted to render their favorable opinion confirmed on each successive visit. The best selection of rich-flavored mellow Wines, on draught and in bottle, can be obtained at reduced standard prices.---Breakfasts, Dinners, Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches, Havannah Aromatic Cigars, &c. supplied on the most moderate charges.---Vocal and Instrumental Music, by professional Ladies and Gentlemen of the first talents, at this Elysian Retreat every evening.

MR. GUERINT'S Select Academies for Dancing, CROWN AND ROLLS ASSEMBLY ROOMS, 110, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street, 8 6, Frederick-place, Goswell-road.

MR. GUERINT, Professor and Teacher of Dancing, has the honor to announce to his Friends, Pupils, the inhabitants of these neighbourhoods and their vicinity, that his Academics are open, situated as above, where he gives Lessons in every department of that elegant and fashionable accomplishment. Evening Academy, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8 till 11 o'clock. A Juvenile Academy, on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 till 5 o'clock. Terms may be known on application at the Academies. Quadrille Parties instructed at their own houses. Schools or private families attended within fifteen miles of London. The above spacious Rooms may be engaged for Private Concerts, Balls, Assemblies, Lectures, &c.

A. STAHELE respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, that he has commenced business as GERMAN and CLASSICAL BOOKSBLLER, and IMPORTER of GERMAN MUSIC, at 29, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. A German Circulating Library, including various Magazines from the Continent, kept at £1. 10s. per year. Newly Imported Monumenta Historiæ Germanicæ, folio, part 1, Hanover, £3.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Second-hand Piano Fortes to be disposed of, at 74, Great George Street, New Road, Hampstead Road. A square Piano, 41. ; a ditto, with additional keys, 111.; a ditto, with 3 drawers, 121.; a ditto ditto, by Broadwood, 151.; a grand horizontal Piano, by Broadwood, 151.; a ditto 6 octave ditto, by Kirkman, 241. ; a Piano with additional keys, by Clementi, 141.; a Piano, 3 octaves and half, 5l. ; a finger Organ, 851. N. B. An Evening. Academy of Music, and Amateur Parties.

By his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. IMPROVEMENT IN THE ARCHITECTURAL

CONSTRUCTION OF CHIMNEYS. In consequence of the increasing demand for Mr. Hiort's Patent Flues or TUNNELS, and the numerous enquiries that are daily made respecting their utility and efficacy, the Patentee has been induced to publish A SUPPLEMENT to his Treatise, containing flints to Builders, relative to the proper diameter of Flues, to be introduced in the various apartments of Houses, and other matters interesting to persons who contemplate Building or altering Chimneys.

Those persons who have already purchased the Treatise, will be supplied, gratis, with the Supplement, and references, by producing their cops to the Publishers.

The Treatise and Supplement are printed and published, for the author. by Winchester and Varnham, 61, Strand.

Extract from the Literary Gazette, Sept. 2, 1826.--.*. This very clever and useful volume, on one of the most important, though generally most neglected, parts of a house, is explanatory of a new method of Building Flues or Smoke Tunnels, for which Mr. Hiort lately obtained a patent, as was noticed in the Literary Gazette soine months ago, It points out the malformation of chimneys constructed upon the common system, demonstrates the causes of their smuking, and supplies a remedy, which, among other advantages, supersedes the necessity of building the stacks to such frightful heights as they are now raised, renders unnecessary the cruel and inhuman practice of sweeping by climbing boys, and decreases very much the risk of accidents by fire.

“ The work, which is illustrated by several well engrared plates, describing all the minutiæ of the invention, contains a great deal of very useful information, both to Architects and operative Builders, and much interesting matter to all who concern themselves with building, or enjoy a seat by their own fire-sides.”

TOWN MADE SILVER STEEL. Sewell's important Improvement in Penknives.

The usual manner of manufacturing Penknife Blades has long been a subject of complaint. A supposed improvement, which consisted of making the marked side of the Blade concave, and the other convex, was some years ago introduced; but from a conviction of its inutility, is now discontinued. It removed one ground of complaint, but substituted another, and the Penknife now commonly in use has all its original defects about it. The edge is made too steep, and the angle too obtuse ; the consequence is, the edge in cutting is sometimes unmanageable, and driven into the quill nearly

This inconvenience almost every person in the habit of making Pens, has frequently experienced. To obviate this entirely, John SEWELL, 49, Fore Street, London, has introduced a Penknife Blade, manufactured entirely on a New Principle: the line of the edge being parallel with the side of the Blade, forms a very acute angle; the instrument, therefore, even in inexperienced hands, may be easily governed; no cutting, but what is intended, can take place, and the Pen is formed with the greatest nicety and the utmost facility. The Blade of this Penknife is beautiful in workmanship, and the Manufacturer can recommend it with confidence, as superior to any article previously introduced into this branch of Cutlery. Also it may be used with the right or left hand.

N.B. Steel Pens on an Improved Principle.


FURNITURE 20 per cent. Cheaper than at any other House or

Bazaar in London. To the Nobility, Gentry, and Others, Furnishing.-Full 20 per cent. may be saved on good articles, by applying to Paul's Cabinet and Upholstery Manufactory, 230, Oxford-street, pearly opposite Park-lane, where he has now on hand eight Winged and other Wardrobes, twelve Chests of Drawers, Four-post and other Bedsteads and Furniture, forty drawing room Tables, two hundred mahogany, rose, zebra wood, and imitative dining and drawing room Chairs, sixteen Sofas and Couches to correspond, Pedestal Sideboards, Patent and other Dining Tables, large Winged. Library Bookcase, and a variety of other Furniture. The whole of the best materials and workmanship.---Orders executed with care and promptitude.

New Invented and Improved Boots, Made by James WilKINSON, the ORIGINAL INVENTOR, No.5, Hand Court, Holborn, opposite the Wheatsheaf Tavern, the oldest bespoke Boot Manufactory in London. J. W. takes the liberty of acquainting Gentlemen, and the Public in general, that he has invented a Boot on the most IMPROVED and SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES, combining elegance, durability, and comfort, far surpassing any other Boot that has ever been offered to the Public. This Boot will answer the purpose of a Wellington Boot, a Hessian Boot, and a Backstrap or Top Boot, and is a very great improvement in every respect to each, and requires only to be seen to be approved of.

Gentlemen may depend on being fitted in a superior style, and having their orders executed with dispatch, of the best materials and workmanship, for prompt payment.---No extra charge.

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