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“ May you live a thousand years," is the magnificent greeting of a Spaniard, but with all its magnificence, the wish is cold and fantastical; our English salutation,“ a good day to you,” is unquestionably more humble, and yet far more pleasing. The one originated in an overheated imagination ; the other was first poured forth from a kind and gentle heart; the Spaniard desires that you may live, the Englishman prays that you may live well, and for every thing beyond that rests meekly dependant upon a Higher Power. As it is in the common intercourse of life, so, also, we find it in literature; and the feeling of the public towards periodical publications, partakes of the nature of our English greeting; it is not merely referable to the duration of our existence, but more especially to its quality. For the past, we claim some merit—in the volume now presented to our readers we hope there will be found much to commend and little to condemn; and for the future, we can speak with a confidence which partakes of the spirit of the Spanish proverb, but without its exaggeration—a confidence arising from the increased resources and additional merit derivable from a junction with a fellow candidate for public favor. The causes which have led to the relinquishment of the National Magazine as a separate work, are chiefly private and personal, and therefore unfit to be laid before the world; but our friends will find a spirit and vigour in the joint publication of “ The Inspector and National Magazine,” which will cause them to rejoice at so auspicious a conjunction.

To those friends who have supported us, and to the correspondents whose communications have been forwarded to us anonymously, we beg to return our public and grateful acknowledgments; letters will be found at our publisher's for T. H. K. and W.

May 31, 1827.


Ada, Lines to, on her Birth Day
Ada, Lines to
Æolian Harp, Lines to
Ahab, Review of
Alfred the Great
Appeal, The
Assizes, a Visit to the

Bacon, Roger ....
Bees, the peculiarities of
Bede, Notice of
Boaden's Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons,

Review of
Bride, The
Bruce, Elizabeth de, Notice of
Brunne, Robert of

243 Dramatists, Old English, No. 1, The 344 Witch of Edmonton

39 79 No. 2, Eastward Hoe

109 45 No. 3, The English Traveller.. 229 245 No. 4, The Broken Heart 393 146 Druery's Historical Notices of Yar147 mouth reviewed

255 145 Duns, John

73 151 Durham, Bishop of, Memoir of 137 240 333 Eloquence

179 English Writers, and Foreign Cri212 ticism

88 28 Exchange, the

87 145 Falkland .....

438 183 Feudal System, account of

21 126 First Love

144 315 Fleet’s Voluntary for the Organ

380 274 Forget Me Not, Notice of

124 Foscari, Mitford's, a review of

121 45 Four Years in France, review of 181 1 Friendship’s Offering, do.

124 298 365 Gifford, Lord, Memoir of

141 81 Gildas, Notice of

75 276 « God save the King"

332 107 Godwin's History of the Common241 wealth

309 336 Golden Opportunity, the

410 97 Good Night

214 168 - Gower, John

275 226 Greece, Lines to

106 281 350 Harp, the

264 414 Head's Rough Notes of the Pampas 376 411. Heber, Bishop of Calcutta, Memoir of 140 412 Henry I......

209 87 Hogg's Two Hundred and Nine Days 455 139 Honor O'Hara, Review of

123 143 Hope



Calcutta, a First Arrival at
Canning, Rt. Hon. G., Memoir of ..
Capillology, versus Phrenology, No. 1

No. 2.
Chancellor, account of Office of
Chaucer, Geoffrey ..
“ Cherry Ripe ” and its Author
Chinese, Funeral Ceremonies of
Christian's Peace, The
Collectanea, No. 1.

No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
No. 5

No. 6
Confessions of an Ugly Gent.
Confessions of an Old Batchelor
Combe, Taylor, Esq., Memoir of
Court Cards
Cowey Stakes, Account of
Crockford House

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Death, the Court of
Death's Doings reviewed
De Vere ...
Drama, the, No. 1

No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
No. 5
No. 6

38 John of Paris ... 57 John of Salisbury 438

61 Kentish Melodies 125 Keppel's Journey from India to Eng189

land. 253 Knight, Mr. Edward, Memoir of.... 316 381 Landscape

439 137








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Lanfranc, Notice of

150 Reflection.....
Letter from the City to the West Ralph de Diceto

End of the Town on Improvement. 399 Reid's Memoirs of Buonaparte

406 Remembrance...
Lines by a Father on the death of Reminiscenses of Radcliffe.
his Child

332 Retrospection
Literature of England, from the time Ride, a pleasant
of the Druids, No. 1.

73 Rolle's Poems, review of
No. 2

145 Rolle, Richard
No. 3


Rose, Lines to a given
No. 4

No. 5

337 Saint Grayle, The
No. 6

401 Serenade
Literary Gossip

286 Siddons, Mrs. vide Boaden
Literary Souvenir, Notice of

124 Silvertone, Simeon, Esq.
Liverpool, Earl of, Memoir of. 259 Sketches, Literary, by Miss Pardoe,
Local Reminiscences, No. 1, St. Cle-

No. 1
ment Danes.


No. 2
London, Recollections of, No. 1 174

No. 3
No. 2.

295 South, The Cross of the
No. 3.

423 Sonnét to the Evening Primrose ,
London, Description of in 1066

17 Southey's History of the Peninsular
Love-Cup, The

21 War
Lord Chancellor, Account of Office of 81 Solitude
Lost Honor.

217 Snodgrass's Narrative of the Burmese
Lover's Seat, The .

100 War
London University, a Hint to the. 342 Spirit's, the, Song
Lord Mayor's Visit to Oxford . 377 Stream of Life, The
Lydgate, John.

337 Stirrup Cup, The

Storm, A.
Macdonald, Sir A. Memoir of. 138 Sunset, Description of
May Musings.

Miers' Travels in Chile, Review of. 247 Term, The last day of .
Military Sketch Book

441 The Tyrant's Funeral
Milner, Dr., Memoir of.

139 Theatres and Theatrical Represen-

368 tations of the Ancients .
More, Sir Thomas

401 “ To Trump," Origin of
Murray, Lindley, Memoir of .

136 Turks, Funeral Ceremonies of

Turner's Henry VIII., Review of
Natchez, The.

315 Truckleborough Hall
National Tales.

444 Two-legged Tom



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