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Page How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!.

384 How various his employments, whom the

world How? What? Mine ears

435 How wonderful is Death

164 Husband, husband, cease your strife. 335 Hush ! tread softly, Cain

431 I am fading from you

137 I am monarch of all I survey

483 I am this fountain's god ; below.

406 I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers 505 I can no more hold parley with impatience 460 I charm thy life

169 I come! I come ! ye have called me long... 513 Idly, rajah, dost thou reason thus. 169 I do beseech you..

366 I dreamed that, as I wandered by the way 165 If aught of oaten stop or pastoral song...... 204 If I had thought thou couldst have died... 294 If I have sinned in act, I may repent 312 If music be the food of love, play on. 385 If rivers, between green and fragrant banks 145 If that the World and Love were young... 250 If thou shouldst ever come to Modena

29 If to be absent were to be.......

255 If we had not weighty cause I had a dream, which was not all a dream 502 I have a boy sent by the gods

405 I have found peace in the bright earth. 138 I have had playmates, I have had com

panions I have watched thee

462 I hold it true whate'er befall

303 I know that all beneath the moon decays... 308 I know thy soul believes

482 I left thee young and gay, Mary

143 Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey... 99 I loved thee, beautiful and kind

327 I love it, I love it, and who shall dare

275 I'm sittin' on the stile, Mary

272 In a saft simmer gloamin'.

516 In full-blown dignity see Wolsey stand, 19 In Love, if Love be Love, if Love be ours 277 Innocence, the sacred amulet

360 In peace, Love tunes the shepherd's reed... 267 In vain sedate reflections we would make... 324 In vain you tell your parting lover..

257 In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

174 In youth from rock to rock I went.. 494 I prithee send me back my heart.

256 I really take it very kind

347 I remember

46 I remember, I remember

233 Is aught so fair

97 I saw her, as I fancied, fair.

345 I saw thee-'midst the flowers the lowly boy 460 I saw thee weep, the big bright tear....... 266 Is my lover on the sea ?....

271 Is there, for honest poverty Is there no hope I stood tiptoe upon a little hill. I thank you for your greeting.

Page It is the hush of night, and all between..... 50 It is the midnight hour :-the beauteous Sea 66 It is the summer of the fileeting year. 141 It is too late ; the life of all his blood

372 It lies before me there, and my own breath 133 It must be so-my infant love must find

312 It must be so! Plato, thou reason'st well 92 It seems a day.

64 It's hame, and it's hame, hame fain wad l be 232 I travelled among unknown men.

264 I travelled on, seeing the hill where lay... 471 It was a dismal and a fearful night It was a' for our rightfu' king It was, I ween, a lovely spot of ground 18 It was roses, roses all the way.

146 It was the winter wild

472 I've often wished that I had clear

322 I've wandered east, I've wandered west... 262 I wonder, by my troth, what thou and I... 251 James Stewart, what moved you that you came into this house?

456 John Anderson, myjo, John...

261 John Gilpin was a citizen.

329 Just where the parting bough's light shadows play

26 Know then thyself, presume not God to scan 94 Let other bards of angels sing..

264 Let other monarchs

404 Let others seek for empty joys

132 Let vanity adorn the marble tomb.

104 Like as the damask rose you see

91 Like thee to die, thou sun !—My boyhood's dream

270 Like the first living leaf of some shed tree... 241 Like to Diana in her summer weed... Linger awhile upon some bending planks... 44 Live, live with me, and thou shalt see...... 253 Lochiel, Lochiel ! beware of the day...... 487 Lone flower, hemmed in with snows, and white as they..

310 Long years !—It tries the thrilling frame to bear.

499 Look how the flower, which lingeringly doth fade.


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453 I thought once how Theocritus had sung... 313 It is a beauteous evening, calm and free.. 310 It is not but the tempest that doth show... 83 It is not growing, like a tree....

279 It is not the tear at this moment shed .. 1493

307 Lo! on the eastern summit, clad in gray... 122 Lo! the Dawn

517 Love built a stately house, where Fortune

471 Love had he found in huts where poor men lie i to Love in my bosom, like a bee.

250 Love is eternal

443 Love-laden from the lighted west

277 Love still a boy, and oft a wanton, is 304 Love still has something of the sea 257 Madam, -A stranger's purpose in these lays 484 Make way for Liberty ! he cried

61 Many a vanished year and age

55 Mark how the feathered tenants of the flood 64 Mark that swift arrow ! how it cuts the air 475 Men are but children of a larger growth ... 92 Methought I saw my late-espoused saint 309 Methought I saw the grave where Laura lay 305 Midnight, and yet no eye...

168 'Mid the mountains Euganean

508 Mild-breathing Zephyr, father of the Spring 10 Mild offspring of a dark and sullen sire. 122 Misfortune on misfortune! grief on grief ! 413 Moments there are in life, alas! how few... 11


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be seen ...




Page 'Mong the gay nobles of Firenze's plains... 519 Murn on the waters and purple and bright 67 Mount, child of morning, mount and sing 107 Mourn, hap.ess Caledonia, mourn Much beautiful and excellent and fair Music to hear, why hear’st thou music sadly? 307 Must he needs die?

381 My baby' my poor little one! thou'st come a winter flower.

296 My book and taper

403 My briar, that smelledst sweet My comforts drop and melt away like snow 88 My coursers are ted with the lightning.. 421 My dear and only love, I pray.:

254 My eye descending from the hill surveys... 13 My faint spirit was sitting in the light ..... 266 My father would oft speak

405 My gentle Puck, come hither: Thou rcmemberest

383 My head is grey, my blood is young 136 My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains

228 My love he built me a bonnie bower.. My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun, 306 My mother bids ine bind my heir

351 My soul, turn from them! turn we to survey Mysterious Agency !

424 Mysterious night, when the first man but knew

312 My queen's square brows. Near yonder copse, where once the garden

smiied... Near yonder thorn, that lifts its head on

high Needy Knife-grinder! whith rare you going? 342 Night closed around the conqueror's way 230 Night, silent, cool, transparent, crowned

61 Noble Lord, and Lady brig t...

413 No cloud. no relic of the sunken day

30 No longer mourn for me when I am dead.

306 No more! I'll hear no more ! begone, and leave me

414 Nor rich nor poor was Moath; God had given

31 No stir in the air, no stir in the sea Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note 293 No, thou must live, my fair one.

453 Not with more glories, in th' ethereal plain 152 Nought is there under heaven s wide hol. lowness

4 November's sky is chill and drear

117 Now does my project gather to a head. 367 Now entertain conjecture of a time

373 Now, most noble Brutus Now, my brave youths

16 Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile... 398 Now Nature hangs her mantle green

105 Now stood Eliza on the wood-crowned height 23 Now that the winter sgone, the earch has lost Now the bright morning star, day's harbinger...

199 Now too nigh

13 Now upon Syria's land of roses

176 o blithe new-comer! I have heard

493 O Charmian, I will never go from hence... 377 O Cupid, monarch over kings...

198 O day most calm, most bright!



Page O dreary life !” we cry, “O dreary life!" 313 O fair mid-spring, besung so oft and oft 146 Of all the ships upon the b.ue...

357 Uf a the airts the wind can blaw

486 Of Leinster, famed for maidens fair Of Nelson and the North...

214 O for a muse of fire, that would ascend 392 Of these i he false Achitophel was first.. 317 Of what is the old man thinking

235 U Gud ! methinks it were a happy life 375 Oh! beautirul the streams ...,

295 Oh, come ! for the lily

499 Oh, come to the West, love, oh, come there with me

235 Oh for a glance of that gay Muse's eye ... 336 Oh, furce of faith! oh, strength of virtuous will!

169 Oh for that sweet, untroubled rest Oh, huw much more doth beauty beauteous Oh, how this spring of love resembleth. 249 Oh! lives there, heaven, beneath thy dread expanse

113 Oh, lo k ye on the rainbow, in its first. 67 Oh, lovers eyes are sharp 'o see.

490 Oh, luve will venture in were it daur na weel

261 Oh, mother! what brings music here? Oh, my luve's like a red, red rose.... 262 Oh, pleasant eventide !

79 Oh! sing unto my roundelay

292 Oh, sleep! it is a gentle thing

172 Oh that the Desert were my dwelling-place! 59 Oh that those lips had language! Life has passed........

258 Oh, the sweet sense of Love's humility.... 84 Oh, those little, those little b ue shoes ...... 273 Oh! where sháil I bury my poor dog Tray 354 "h, yet for 'od's sake, go not to the wars 392 Oh, young Lochinvar i, come out of the west 219 ( Sabel !

383 Old Tubal Cain was a man of might 239 O Liberty! thou goddess heavenly bright 92 O love, turn from the changing :

ea and gaze 147 O Lord, our Lord ! how wonurously (quoth she)..

463 O magic sleep! O comfortable bırd

158 O Mary, go and call the cattle home. 236 ( Mary, I believed you true

347 "mistress mine, where are you roaming ?.. 249 O my lord, lie not idle

305 On a battle-trumpet's blast O Nanny, wilt thou go with me...

260 U native Isle! air ireedom's happiest seat 482 nce more, Cesario...

387 Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

396 One on a time, when sunny May

185 One day I wrote her name upon the strand 305 ''ne morning in the moth of May One night came on a hurricane

341 One ot the Kings of Scandervon

342 On every side nuw rose

47 Ine woe doth tread upon another's heel

394 One word is too often proraned

267 O Nightinzale, that on yon bloumy spray 308 U nightingale ! thou surely art ...

494 On Linden, when the sun was low............ 216

the day








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Page On Margate beach, where the sick one roams 349

| She was a phantom of delight....

05 On these white cliffs, that calm above the Shove off there !-ship the rudder, Billflood

cast off she's under way!

352 O reader ! hast thou ever stood to see...... 486 Sing a low song !.....

297 O Rome! my country ! city of the soul !

Sing on, sweet thrush, upon the leafless bough 485 Orphan hours, the year is dead 512 Sleep, poor Youth, sleep in peace

288 O sacred Truth! thy triumph ceased awhile 48 Sleep, silence' child, sweet father of soft rest 308 O sir. prepare l-encase your soul in steel 455 Sleet and hail and thunder!

129 O, suden wo! that ever art successour...... 83 Slow sinks, more lovely ere his race be run 54 O summer friendship!

404 Small service is true service while it lasts. O thou bright Lady of the morn!.

281 So far from any more pilfering deeds 354 O thoughtless mortals ! ever blind to fate... 153 So forth issued the Seasons of the year...... 466 O thou good Kent! how shall I live and work 379 Some are laughing, some are weeping 301 O thou whose beams the sea-girt earth array 484 Some feelings are to mortals given

119 O time, who know st a lenient hand to lay 309 Some of their chiefs were princes of the land 317 O unexpected stroke, worse than of death? 89 Son of the ocean isle !......

514 Our dying friends come o'er us like a cloud 95 Soon I began with eger foot to climb 74 Our lives, uiscoloured with our present woes 92 So on they went; the many birds sang sweet 187 Over the mountains..

468 So said he one fair morning, and all day... 268 O Wedding-Guest! this soul hath been

Sound an alarum ! The foe is come

238 O wild West Wind, thou breath of autumn's "Speak, daughter, speak; art speaking being


now?" O Winter! ruler of the inverted year ......

191 24 Speech is morning to the mind.

415 Pansies, lilies, kingcups, daisies..


Star that bringest home the bee............... 487 Parent of blooming flowers and gay desires 482 Still to be neat, stiil to be drest

198 Passions are likened best to floods and Stop! for thy tread is on an Empire's dust! 57 streams

Strew on her roses, roses

300 Pity it was to hear the elfins' wail... 182 Strong climber of the muuntain's side 129 Pleasures newly found are sweet...

497 Suddenly a splendour, like the morn 158 Poet and Saint ! to thee alone are given 309 Sundays observe; think when the bells do Queen and huntress, chaste and fair.

... 197

88 Queen of fresh flowers

Sun of the sleepless ! melancholy star ...... 503 Kain ! do not hurt my flowers, but gently Sure the last

90 spend 88 Swallow, my sister, O sister swallow....

242 Reason, and Folly, and Beauty, they say... 344 Sweet Auburn, parent of the blissful hour 99 -Rebellion is my theme all day..

332 Sweet bird, that sing'st away the early hours 307 Refresh me with the bright blue violet


Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright 86 Reft of thy sons, amid thy foes forlorn. 62

Sweetest Love, I do not go....

251 Rejoice, O Velos, with thine olives green... 159 Sweet rose of virtue and of gentleness 304 Remote, untrierde d, melancholy, slow 97

Sweet-scented flower! who art wont to bloom 121 Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky

...... 240

Sweet scents....
Ro-es, their sharp spines being gone........ 469 Swifter than the summer's flight...

208 Sacred Goddess, Mother Earth 512 Take, oh, take those lips away

197 Say not the struggle nought availeth... 136 Tambourgi : Tambourgi ! thy 'larum afar. 223 Say, what remains when Hope is fled ?'

Tell me no more how fair she is

253 Scorn no man's love, though of a mean Tell me not, sweet, I am unkind.. degree


Tell me, thou star, whose wings of light... 506 Search then the Ruling Passion

325 The barge she sat in, like a burnished throne 10 Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness I21 The bird is dead Sebastopol lay shrouded


The blackbird strove with emulation sweet 36 See how the orient dew

The blessed damozel leaned out

301 See, I wear thy colours still! though Hope 4h2 The boy stood on the burning deck

513 Separate them, lictors!..

The breaking waves dashed high

234 Seven daughiers had Lord Archibald 66 The castled crag of Dra hentels....

504 Shade-loving Hyacinth ! thou com 'st again 130 The curfew tolls the knell of pari ing day... 290 Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?... 306 The current that with gentle murmur glides 249 Shall I like an hermit dwell... 251 The dew no more shall weep

255 Shall I tell yo whom I love ?.... 252 The dews of night did tall

205 Shall I, wasting in despair

315 The Duke of York commends him to your She comes to dine-to dine with me, who am 458 majesty

375 She dwelt among the untrodden ways

The eloquent blood spoke in her cheeks, She is mine own

*..... 249 and so distinctly wrought........ She is not fair to outward view

271 The everlasting universe of things.... Shepherds all, anu maidens tair


The faëry beam upon you. She put him on a snuw-wh te shroud


The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew She sleeps that still and placid sleep.

300 The fiery mountains answer each other...... Su She stood breast-high amid the corn...

The forward violet thus did I chide She was a creature framed by love divine 443 The golden gleam of a summer sun

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Page The gold sun went into the west.... 71 The sun rises bright in France.

232 The great Lord Cardinal turns at the sight 354 The sun, that seemed so mildly to retire... 497 The grey-eyed morn smiles on the frowning The sun was sinking on the mountain zone 498 night

396 The sweet season that bird and bloom forth The harp that once through Tara's halls 231


304 The heath this night must be my bed

The things true valour's exercised about... 402 1 he isjes of treece ! The isles of Greece !... 56 The western waves of ebbing day.

39 The king sits in Dumterling toune.... 195 The wind blew hollow frae the hills 106 The lamp must be replenished, but even then 424 The winds are high on tielle's wave.. 53 The large grey hills are standing round... 147 The world is too much with us.....

310 he lark now leaves his watery nest ......... 254 The world seems glad after its hearty drink 441 The lattice trembled open.....

273 They are all gone into the world of light... 280 The maid (and thereby hangs a tale)......... 256 They crossed the moat, and Christabel. 170 The midges dance aboon the burn

They sin who tell us Love can die........... 265 The Minstrel Boy to the war is gone.. 230 They tell us of an Indian tree.....

269 “The Minstrel came once more to view". 40 This battle farts like to the morning's war 375 The minstrels played their Christmas tune iio This day, whate'er the fates decree

257 The moon is up, and yet it is not night 50 This England never did, nor never shall .. 392 1 be moving Moon went up the sky 172 This n ght, I'll change.

399 The mountain ash

65 This rare tablet doth


187 Thence passing forth, they shortly do arrive 5 This royal throne of kings, this sceptred The noblest mind the best contentment has 83


392 The noonday sun

47 This way the noise was, if mine ear be true 408 The north-east spends his rage; he now Thou gentle look, that didst my soul beguile 311

17 Though the day of my destiny s over.... 266 Then slept he for what space

517 Thou lingering star, with lessening ray...... 293 The old mayor climbed the belfry tower... 76 Thou more than most sweet glove......

... 249 The pale stars are gone!

422 Thou whose spell can raise the dead..... 504 The poetry of earth is never dead

311 Thou youngest virgin-daughter of the skies 285 The quality of mercy is not strained. 384 Thrice happy souls, to whom the prize is There came to the beach a poor Exile of Erin 215 given The Redbreast, sacred to the household gods 18 Through yon same bending plain

406 There is a flower, a little flower 108 Thus I wind myself

404 There is a garden in her face

254 Thus passeth yere by yere, and day by day There is a gentle nymph not far from hence 411 Thus, thus begin the yearly rites

197 There is a temple in ruin stands.... 180 Thy banks were bonnie, Yarrow stream...... 209 There is a yew-tree, pride of Lorton Vale.. 64 Thy hue, dear pledge, is pure and bright... 267 There is mist on the mountain and night on Till, like a clock worn out with beating time 92 the vale

219 Time hath, my lord, a wallet at his back... 395 There is no truth of any good 360 Time rolls his ceaseless cou se

119 There lies a sleeping city

God of dreams 444 Time's a hand s breadth ; 'tis a tale 470 There's not a joy the world can give like Tired Nature's sweet restorer-balmy Sleep 95 that it takes away,


'I is but a night, a long and moonless night! 96 There's not a leaf within the bower ......... 111 'Tis merry in greenwood, - thus runs the There s nothing great

old lay

489 There was a land—to name the place... 343 'Tis moonlight over Oman's Sea...

бо There was a time when meadow, grove, and 'Tis night, and the landscape is lovely no stream...


104 There went an incense through the land one 'Tis not antiquity nor author night

71 "Tis not restraint or liberty The rose is fairest when 'tis budding new... 293 'Tis sung in ancient minstrelsy

264 The rose is weeping for her love. 272 Tis the last rose of summer.

230 The scas are quiet when the winds give o'er 90 To uraw no envy, Shakspeare, on thy name 279 These our actors


Tokinder skies, where gentler manners reign The setting sun 415 Toll for the brave !

209 These your unusual weeds to each part of you 387 To men of other minds my fancy flies 22 The sky is changed !-and such a change! 51 To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow 394 The sky is overcast.... 63 To-morrow didst thou say?

96 The sleepless Hours who watch me as I lie 510 To my true king I offered free from stain... 132 The small birds rejoice in the green leaves To thee, fair Freedom, I retire

97 returning

To the old, long life and treasure

198 The songster on the bough 294 Tread softly, bow the head

139 The soui of music slumbers in its shell... 108 Trelawny's hand, which held'st the sacred 314 The spider's most attenuated thread.

Triumphal arch, that fill'st the sky

115 The spirit walks of every day deceased. 95 Turn, gentle Hermit of the dale..

207 The sultry summer day is done

32 Tyrrel, spur onward ! we must not await... 450 The summer brook flows in the bed

.......... 276

'I was All-Souls Eve, and Surrey's heart The sun is warm, the sky is clear .............


beat high











376 428



and gray.

Page 'Twas a May morning, and the joyous sun 142 Twas at the royal feast, for I ersia won ... 199 Twas in the prime of summer-time

127 Twas m dnight through the lattice, wreathed

175 "T was no fantastic object, but a truth

403 'Twas on the shores that round our coast... 358 'Twas the day beside the Pyramids

73 I wilight's soft dews steal o'er the village green ....

27 Two of far nobler shape erect and tall. Uncle, what gentleman is that?.

362 Underneath this marble hearse

279 Under the greenwood tree

197 Unfathomable Sea! whose waves are years 512 Inless a love of virtue light the flame 331 Unmuffle, ye faint stars, and thou, fair moon 410 Upon the king !-let us our lives, our souls 374

pon the sides f Latmos was outspread 155 Upstood the hoar unconscious walls, bisson and bare

72 Victorious men of earth, no more

472 Vital spark of heavenly flame ! Woke from your misty nests-instinctive

wake Walk in St. Mark's, the time, the ample space

75 Warriors and chiefs ! should the shaft or the sword

504 We are Lilies fair

133 We are slumberous Poppies

133 Wee, modest, crimson-tippèd flower.. 485 Welcome, wild Northeaster

236 We live in deeds, not years—in thoughts,

not breaths Well may sleep present us fictions...

489 Well, then, I now do plainly:

89 Wepen both yong and old in al that place... 244 We wandered to the pine forest

46 We watched him while the moonlight. 295 What art thou, Mighty One, and where thy seat?

311 What beck’ning ghost, along the moonlight

shade What else is love, but the most noble, pure affection...

400 What first inspired a bard of old to sing. 44 What hidest thou in thy treasure-caves and cells?

233 What I am I must not show

180 What is so shrill a silent tears ?.

88 What needs my Shakespeare for his honoured bones

284 What next? A tuft of evening primroses... 44 What of the night, ho! Watcher there..

72 What power ul charms my streams do bring 405 What's hallowed ground? as earth a clod 114 What sports do you see in the iorest? What ti ee is sent receive in-buxomnesse .. 83 What, then, is taste but ihose internal powers 97 What wondrous life is this I leaa !...

91 When Britain first, at Heaven's command 207 Whence comes my love, oh, heart, disclose ? 245 When chapman billies leave the street ...... 333 When coldi ess wraps this suffering clay. 504 When first, beloved, in vanished hours...... 272 When Israel, of the Lord beloved............ 491

Page When Learning's triumph o'er her barba

rous foes. When love with unconfined wings

255 When maidens such as Hester die.

III When Phoebus lifts his head out of the

winter's wave When she lieth on her bed

301 When the British warrior Queen.

483 When the lamp is shattered

267 When the sheep are in the fauld, when the COW- come hame ...

221 When the tem est 's at the loudest When thy beauty appears....

257 When to ihe sessions of sweet silent thought 306 When with a serious musing ! behold

469 When words are weak, and foes encount’ring strong

88 Whe:eiore rejoice? What conquest brings he home?

369 Where is this fellow? Where is your master? Where lies the land to which yon ship must go?

310 Where shall the lover rest.

217 Where will they stop, those breathing Powers 109 While clouds on high are riding...

213 While the dawn on the mountain was misty

218 Whirl, whirl, fleet wheel, your ringing round 137 Who has not heard of the Vale of Cashmere 60 Who says, the wan autumnal sun

299 Whose is yon dawning form.....

170 Who s there?

390 Whos there? what light is that? wherefore cm'st thou ?

360 Why so pale and wan, fond lover?...

316 Why so stately, maiden fair

140 Why weep ye by the ide, ladie ?

216 Will ye go to the Indies, my Mary.. 261 Wilt thou forget the happy hours

51 I With fingers weary and worn

126 Within that awful volume lies.

119 Within the centre of the earth...

511 With little here to do or see....

495 With sacrifice before the rising morn.. 166 With thee conversing 1 forget all time...... 254 With the hoary Shape a fresh tongue pleads 184 Woodmen, shepheros, come away

199 Ye banks and braes and streams around 261 Ye distant spires, ye antique towers 210 Ye field flowers ! the gardens eclipse you,

487 Ye learned sisters, which have oftentimes... 246 Ye Mariners of England !

214 Ye muses, pour the p'ying tear Ye Nymphs of Solyma! begin the song ... Yes, it was ihe mountain echo..




'tis true




494 Yesterday the sullen year..

97 Yet once more, () ye laurels and once more 281 Ye viewless minstrels of the sky! Ye who know the reason, tell me

141 You gentiemen of England

193 You know, we french stormed Ratisbon... 77 Young Ben he was a nice young man

350 You re strangely proud

324 Your father was an onest country farmer... 402 You see me, lord Bassanio, where I stand 383

1 20

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