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Miss Brotherton, Broughton
Mrs. W. Browett, Coventry
Miss Brunskil, Coventry
Mrs. Brady, Sheffield
“ T. Barnes, Halshaw Moor
Mrs. W. Batley, Huddersfield
“Boohroyd, Huddersfield
“ J. D. Carr, Carlisle
“Joseph Cash, Coventry
Miss Cathrall, Manchester

Mrs. Campbell, Ashton-underLyne

Miss Cunningham, Ashton-underLyne

Miss C. Cunningham, Ashtonunder-Lyne

Miss Chadwick, Rochdale
Mrs. W. Clarke, Coventry
“J. E. Clennell, Hackney,
Miss Cobden, Manchester
“ Coltman, Leicester
Mrs. Cooper, Manchester
“T. Collins, Manchester
“ E, Collins, Manchester
“Cripps, Leicester
“Crook, Bolton
Miss Crook, Bolton
Mrs. Cristy, Stockport
“ John Cheetham, Stalybridge
“Cunningham, Stalybridge
Miss Conway, Stalybridge
Mrs. Cook, Wigan
Miss Day, Marchester
Mrs. Davies, Gloucester
“ Dixon, Knells, Carlisle
“ Dewhurst, Manchester
Miss Dewhurst, Manchester
“Dracup, Manchester
“Dresser, Coventry
Mrs. John Dean, Bolton
Miss Dean, Ashton-under-Lyne
Mrs. Davis, Stalybridge
Miss Edger, Coventry
Mrs. Edwards, Mold
“ William Evans, Manchester
“ Ellis, Bolton
Miss Ellis, Temple-street, Chorl-

Mrs. Fletcher, Manchester “ Fisher, Limerick Miss M. Fisher, Limerick “ S. Fisher, Limerick Mrs. Fiers, Manchester “George Foster, Sabden “J. Gadsby, Manchester Miss Giles, Everton, Liverpool Mrs. Gill, Manchester “ Gunniss, Manchester “Gwyther, Manchester “ Gibson, Rochdale Miss Gibson, Rochdale “Gill, Manchester Mrs. Jas. Glossop, Ashton-underLyne Mrs. Joseph Gray, Manchester ‘‘ Greenhow, Bowness “ J. S. Gregson, Manchester “ Griffin, Manchester “Henry Gartside, under-Lyne Mrs. R. T. Grundy, Bury “Gilbert, Nottingham Miss Haigh, Halifax Mrs. J. Harrison, Chowbent “ Harrison, Halifax “Wm. Herbert, Nottingham Miss Holt, Rochdale Mrs. Holbrook Gaskell, Warrington. Mrs. E. Hall, Manchester Miss Eliza Hall, Manchester Mrs. John Harding, Manchester “ J. Harding, Chorlton-uponMedlock Mrs. John Hampson, Marchester “R. Hans, Coventry “Hawkes, Nantwich “Hawkes, Coventry “Hawkes, Kendal “John Hennell, Coventry The Misses Herford, Manchester Mrs. Hewlett, Coventry “Higgin, Manchester “Robert Higgin, Liverpool “Hilton, Manchester “Hodgson, Hebden Bridge “Holland, Manchester


Mrs. C. Holland, Liverpool “Holland Hoole, Manchester “Horsley, Manchester “P. Houghton, Manchester Miss Howarth, Rochdale Mrs. Heape, Rochdale Miss Heape, Rochdale Mrs. John Hoyle, Rochdale “ Hurst, Rochdale * Miss Hoyle, Rochdale \ Mrs. Holbrook, Manchester “J. Hobday, Manchester Miss Hobday, Manchester “E. Hoyle, Rochdale Mrs. Franklin Howarth, Bury “Howard, Rochdale “E. Higinson, Hull “Hill, Manchester “Hollins, Stockport Miss Heape, Bolton Miss Heap, Ashton-under-Lyne Mrs. Henry Hilton, Harpurhey “James Howard, Stalybridge Miss Hyde, Stalybridge Mrs. Hoyle, Stalybridge Miss Hoyle, Stalybridge “A. Hoyle, Stalybridge Mrs. Hyde, Stalybridge Miss Hillditch, Wrexham Mrs. Haigh, Mill House, Altringham “C. Hirst, Huddersfield Miss Hornblower, Huddersfield Mrs. Huxham, Swansea “ Ibbotson, Huddersfield “ H. B. Jackson, Manchester Miss Jewsbury, Manchester Mrs. Johnson, Congleton Miss Johnson, Rochdale Mrs. Jones. Bolton “Johnson, Ashton-under-Lyne “G. Kenworthy, Manchester “J. Kenworthy, Manchester Miss Ker, Manchester Mrs. E. Kay, Rochdale Miss King, Rochdale “ M. King, Rochdale Mrs. Kirk Hamilton, N.B. “ Kelsall, Rochdale

* Thomas Kirkman, Bolton

Mrs James Kirkman, Bolton
Miss Kirkman, Bolton
“H. Knott, Ashton-under-Lyne
“ Kershaw, Ashton-under-Lyne
“Kenworthy, Ashton-under-
“M. Kenworthy, Ashton-un-
Mrs. George Kenworthy Ashton-
“John Kott, Ashton-under-Lyne
Miss Kell, Huddersfield
Mrs. Kilner, Huddersfield
“Key, Wigan
“Lang, Bristol
“Langworthy, Manchester
The Misses Lee, Manchester
Mrs. S. Lees, Manchester
“Lees, Middleton
“Abraham Lees, Mancheste
“Henry Long, Knutsford
Miss Leach, Rochdale
Mrs. Peter Long, Southport
“Lord, Bolton
Miss Lord, Bolton
Miss Little, Liverpool
Mrs. Even Leigh, Ashton-under-
“William Leach, Ashton-under
“John Lord, Ashton-under-
*: Edward Lees, Ashton-under-
“James Lees, Ashton-under-
Miss Lawton, Stalybridge
Mrs. Lightfoot, Spring IIead, nr.
“Lavery, Higher Broughton
“ Lewis, Cheltenham
Miss Lord, Halshaw Moor
“ Mallon, Manchester
Mrs. C. J. Mason, Fenton, Staf-
fordshire Potteries
“Massie, Manchester
“Marshall, Manchester
“M“Kerrow, Manchester
“M'Clure, Manchester
“Meggitt, Hull

Mrs. Thomas Merriflew, Coventry
“M'Intyre, Manchester
“Molineux, Manchester
“Montgomery, Taunton
“Moody, Stockport
“Morrell, Manchester
“Robert Munn, Heath Hill,
near Rochdale
“Moore, Ashton-under-Lyne
“Marsden, Stalybridge
The Misses Milner, Doncaster
Miss M’Douall, Dublin
Mrs. Mills, Huddersfield
“A. Marshall, Wigan
Miss Murray, Dublin
Mrs. Nash, London
“W. Nicholson, Manchester
“Nicholson, Stalybridge
“R. Northern, Hull
“Nelson, Huddersfield
“R. Oliver, Todmorden
Miss Ormerod, Rochdale
“Packwood, Coventry
“Popple, Welton, near Hull
Mrs. Platt, Stalybridge
“Prentice, Manchester
“Philp, Rochdale
The Misses Prentice, Castle Park,
Mrs. Peace, Stalybridge
“John Parks, Bury
“J. Rathbone, Macclesfield
Miss Rawlins, Liverpool
Mrs. Rawson, Manchester
“Raleigh, Manchester
“Rawsthorne, Manchester
“C. E. Rawlins, St. Helens
“Roberts, Manchester
“J. G. Robberds, Manchester
Miss Rooker, Manchester
Mrs. Roxburgh, Manchester
“Rylands, Warrington
“Radcliffe, Rochdale
“Roberts, Rochdale
“F Robins, Coventry
“Alfred Reyner, Ashton-under-
Miss Ridgway, Potteries
Mrs. B. Robinson, Huddersfield
Miss Satterthwaite, Manchester
Mrs. L. Schwabe, Manchester

Mrs. Seville, Lees, near Oldham
“Sibree, Coventry
“Sneath, Nottingham
Miss Stansfield, Leeds
Mrs. Staley, Rochdale
“Stephen, Rochdale
“Stopford, Manchester
“J. Stone, Leicester
“Southworth, Rochdale
“John Swindles, Manchester
“Stamp, Hull
“Sully, Oak Hills, nr. Taunton
“William Smith, Stockport
Miss Smith, Coventry
Mrs Sutcliffe, Aston-under-Lyne
Miss. Sutcliffe, Ashton-under-Lyne
“Emma Swain, Manchester
Mrs. Schofield, Stalybridge
“Salt, Bury
“E. Swaine, Crow Tree, Go-
mersall, near Leeds
“James Smith, Ross, Herts
“Schwann, Huddersfield
Miss A. Scholfield, Huddersfield
“C. Schofield, Huddersfield
Mrs. Stott, Huddersfield
“James Smith, Prestbury, near
“Sleath, Rochddale
“Stock, Wigan
Miss Stothard, Manchester
Mrs. J. J. Tayler, Manchester
Miss Tweedale, Roehdale
Mrs. Turner, Rochdale
“J. A. Turner, Manchester
Miss Taylor, Rochdale
Mrs. James Taylor, Manchester
Miss Thornton, Taunton
Mrs. Thomson, Stockport
“Thomasson, Bolton
The Misses Turkington, Manches-
Miss Tomlins, Ashton-under-Lyne
Mrs. Tordiff, Stalybridge
“Thornhill, Stockport
Miss Thompson, Mancheste
Mrs. David Thomas, Oswestry
“Edwd.Wynn Thomas,Cswestry
Miss Varley, Manchester
“Walton, Southport
E. Walton, Southport

Mrs. Ward, Manchester Mrs. J. Wood, Bank Bridge

Mrs. Wadkin, Rose Hill, Northen | The Misses Wood, Manchester “Wearing, Waterford Miss Woolley, Manchester “Webb, Dublin Mrs. Waddington, Stockport

Miss Weston, Manchester “Woodcock, Manchester

Mrs. Josh. Whetstone, Leicester “Wood, Bolton
“T. H. Williams, Manchester|Miss Wright, Ashton-under-Lyne
“Wilson, Banks Hall, Barnsley|Mrs. Wright, Rusholme
“Mrs. G. Wilson, Manchester|Miss Whaley, Stalybridge

Miss Wilson, Manchester Mrs. T. A. Wilkinson, fill
“K. Wilson, Manchester “E. B. Winnock, Bilston
“Wood, Manchester ..] “J. Wood, Dalton.

The Council of the National Anti-Corn-Law League.
The Council of the Manchester Anti-Corn-Law Association.
The Council of the Young Men's Anti-Monopoly Association

Treasurer—Mr. Alderman Brooks.

Honorary Secretaries :

Mr. C. Cobden Mr. R. Phillips, jun.
Mr. John Gadsby Mr, H. Rawson
Mr. T. B. Potter Mr. R. Weston


Pecuniary Contributions. Articles usually contributed to bazaars. . Articles of Manufacture—British and Foreign. . Models of Mechanism, &c. Designs—architectural, fancy, &c. Specimens of coins, minerals, birds, insects, &c. . Manuscript works of eminent authors. Books and publications from authors, or the friends of authors (if from the former, with autographs.) Autograph letters of celebrated men or women of for mer days. 10. Autographs of eminent men and women of the pre sent day. 11. Portraits and pictures. 12. Philosophical instruments. 13. Music. 14. Poetry, &c.

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The bazaar was held in the Theatre Royal, Manchester, opened 31st of January, 1842, and continued over the five following days—the results highly satisfactory. Conferences of Clergy were held at Edinburgh after that at Manchester; and great assemblies at Glasgow, and in every town in the kingdom, at all of which resolutions against the Corn-Laws were carried with enthusiasm.


The reform of the Tariff in 1842, by Sir Robert Peel, was accepted as a concession made to the principles of Free Trade.

In July, 1842, a conference of Deputies, from all parts of the kingdom, was held in London, presided over by Mr. Peter Taylor, an active apostle of the great cause in London, member of an eminent firm of silk merchants and manufacturers.

In August and September of 1842, a strike of workmen occurred in the manufacturing districts, by an attempt of the followers of Mr. Feargus O'Connor to enforce a month's holiday, or “holy month,” They marched about in mobs, from place to place, taking the plugs out of the steam engines to enforce stoppage. Riots were prevalent, though less so than in some previous strikes. Although the master manufacturers were directly the victims of those assaults upon mill property, it was alleged, asserted, reiterated by the Tory press in London, headed by the Times, that the Lancashire members of the Anti-Corn-Law League were the instigators of the strike. No falsehood, invective, absurdity, was too gross for those papers to publish, even in their editorial articles, if by possibility the falsehood, invective, or absurd lie might injure the League. Thus, the Times, at this period, gave this dictum, that “A thorough-bred Leaguer would sell his own mother for an eighth of a penny advance per lb. on his twist!” The Leaguers were described as confederates of O'Connor, while it was notorious that O'Connor and his adherents employed themselves, and , were employed by others, in thwarting the League, exciting to uproar at its meetings, and living upon the libels concocted and published against its members. Mr. Busfield Ferrand, M.P. for Knaresborough, sitting on the ministerial (Tory) side of the House, who entered parliament in 1841, at the same time as Mr. Cobden, was hailed by the monopolist party as a great acquisition because of his coarse personal attacks on the Free Traders,

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