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Anti-bread tax circular, 513, 526.
Anti-corn-law association of Mah-
chester, 152. 399, 414, 416, 481,
Anti-corn-law bazaar at Manchester
in 1841, 514.
Anti-corn-law circular, 487.
Anti-corn-law league, 486.
Ashworth, Edmund, 179.
Ashworth, Henry, 214.
Ballantyne, John, 487.
Banquet, anti-corn-law banquets at
* 487, 490, 493, 504,
Jaxter, Edward, 414.
Bazaar at Manchester, in 1841, 414.
Bazaar articles contributed, 520.
Bentham, Jeremy, 330.
Bowring, Dr. John, his visit to Man-
chester in 1838,399.
Bowring, Dr. John, his speech, 401.
Bowring, Dr. John, his life, 417.
Bowring, Dr. John, at the opening of
the Free Trade Hall, at Man-
chester, 528.
Bright, John, M.P., on the growth of
cotton in India, 284. See also,
417, 491. w
Bright, John, M.P., memoir of 529.
Brooks, John, manufacturer of Man-
chester, 426.
Brotherton, Joseph, M.P., 413.
Bow. Joseph, M.P., memoir of,

Buckingham, James Silk, 284.

Buckingham, James Silk, committee
of inquiry in 1834, into his expul-
sion from India. Resolutions una-
nimously reported to the house. 291.

Buckingham, James Silk, facts proved
in evidence, 292.

Buckingham, James Silk, his opinion
on Indian reform, aud quarantine
laws, 299.
Buckingham, James Silk, on domestic
and social reforms, 300.
Buckingham, James Silk, on antiqua-
rian researches, 304.
Byng, George, M.P., his advice to Mr.
Cobden, 522.
Chartist leaders hired by the bread-
taxers, 508.
Childs, John, of Bungay, his pro-
phecy of the corn bill of 1.
Clarkson, Thomas, memoir of 233.
Cobden, Richard, his speech in the
Chamber of Commerce, Manchester,
13th Dec. 1838, 174.
Cobden, Richard, his second speech in
the Chamber of Commerce, Man
chester, 188.
Cobden, Richard, his form of petition
for the total repeal of the corn
laws, 193.
Cobden, Richard, notices of him, 429,
500, 522.
Cobden, Richard, he announces the
proposition to raise a fund of
£50,000, 524.
Cobden, Richard, memoir of 540.
Conference of ministers of religion at
Manchester, 518, 521.
Corn law of 1815, opinions of Man-
chester politicians on it, when en-
acted, 386.
Corn Exchange, Manchester, League
meetings at, 523.
Crawford, Sharman, 502.
Cunningham, W.A., 414.
Dalziel, Andrew, 414.
Dyer, J. C., 171, 184, 196.


East India Company, rise, progress,
: subversion of its monopoly,
East India Company, constituted, 272.
Elliott, Ebenezer, the corn-law rhy-
mer, 361.
Elliott, Ebenezer, specimens of his in-
tellectual power, 377.
Expenses of the anti-corn-law agita-
tion, 489.
Ferrand, William Busfield, 521
Fletcher, Samuel, on the corn laws,
156, 170.
Fox, Rev. William Johnson, M.P., me-
moir of, 543.
Free Trade Hall built, 527.
Fund, league funds, 486, 524.
Gibson, Right Hon. Thomas Milner,
Gisborne, Thomas, 497.
Greg, Robert Hyde, 198.
Grenville, Lord, 319.
Hadfield, George, of Manchester, 409.
Henry, Alexander, M.P., 417.
Heywood, James, M.P., 42.
Hicken, Joseph, 508.
Hoole, Holland, 216.
Horner, Francis, and the bank ques-
tion, 326.
Howie, James, 414.
Hume, James Deacon, his evidence on
the import duties, and his estimate
of the evil effects of the corn laws,
Hume, Joseph, M.P., 423.
Hume, Joseph, memoir of 565.
Kershaw, James, M.P., 417.
Kinnaird, Lord Kinnaird's letter on
the league fund of 1842, 526.
Ladies, patronesses of the bazaar of
1841, 514, 516.
League, anti-corn-law, the moral
worth of the “thorough leaguers,”
estimated by The Times newspaper,
in 1842, § 48
League, its origin, 486.
Lecturers, of the league, 488, 522.
Manchester Chamber of Commerce,
corn law debate in, Dec. 13, 1888,
152, 183.
Manchester anti-corn law association,
Manchester, its progress from mono-
poly to free trade, 380.
Manchester “Times” newspaper and
Mr. Prentice, 397.
Massie, Rev. William, 514.
M“Kerrow, Rev. William, 403, 514.
Morse, Arthur, of Swaffham, 527.
Neild, Alderman William, 161.
O'Connell, Daniel, 498, 503.
O'Connell, Daniel, memoir of, 553,

O'Connor, Feargus, and followers, 52
Operations of the anti-corn-law.leagu
on county electoral registers, 521
Fo John, mail coach reforme
Paulton, Abraham Walter, 482.
Pearson, Benjamin, defends Poule
Thomson against Mr. Cobden, 20.
Peel, Sir Robert, opinions of th
first Sir Robert Peel, on the corn
laws of 1815, 386.
Peel, Sir Robert, defeats the wh;
ministry in 1841, 513.
Peel, Sir Robert, repeals the cornlaw
Phillips, Mark, 496.
Potter, Sir Thomas, 203.
Prentice, Archibald, educatorof publ
opinion in Manchester, 380.
Prentice, Archibald, his recollection
of the corn bill of 1815, 385.
* Archibald, on infantschool
Prentice Archibald, on the corn law
Prize essays, the league prize essay
of 1842, 527.
Rawson, William, 215.
Rose, Sir George, 836.
Sandars, G., his speech in the Ch
ber of Commerce, Manchester, N
§: Trade, 222. th N
mith, J.B., his speeches in
ber of Commerce, Man \\ "tha

161,207, 417,508. , 18.
#. *: Thomas, 491
ikeof emanufacturin g

in 1842, 521. operativ

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swer to the Oncast -

Thompson, Qo. * fallacı

- e
Denison, 475.

Qmpson, Ri
Sy*:::: ot Hon. Poulett (L
Memoir of, 3. -
his speech'o. the two
his Tesii. on, 25.
h Trade, ow of the Boar
*Pomotes theories
natio *Principles of
hi 31, * commerce with o:
i. * for Manchester 34
;& Manchest.
eliv onercial ref
37. ered 28th December, }


Thompson, Right Hon. Poulett, (Lord Sydenham)— his alterations in the customs' duties, 41. his commercial reforms serve as precedents to Sir Robert Peel, 3

43. elected for Manchester (the fifth time in five years), 47. his letter to Lord John Russell on “patching” up the finances, 55. his eulogy of the public services of Lord John Russell, 57.

his improvement of the Board of

Trade, 60. is appointed governor-general of Canada, 62. leaves England for Canada, 64. his opinion in 1889, that Sir Robert Peel might abolish the corn laws if he had courage, 65. his opinion of Sir James Macin

he arrives in Canada; condition of Canada at that time, 67.

his measures of government in Canada, 79.

Thompson, Right Hon. Poulett, (Lord Sydenham)— his speech on the corn laws, 124. his fall from his horse, fatalinjury, and death, 118. Tracts, league tracts issued, 524. Williers, Hon. Charles Pelham, 431, 497. Williers, Hon. Charles Pelham, his speech on assuming the anti-corn law leadership in parliament, 15th March, 1838, 437. Waghorn, Thomas, pioneer of the overland route to India, 307. Walsall, the election there in 1840, 506. Warburton, Henry, 502. Wilberforce, William, memoir of 222. Wilson, George, (chairman of the anticorn law league), his proposition for raising a fund of ,000, in 1842, 524, 528. Wood, George William, M.P., president of the Chamber of Commerce, at Manchester, 152.

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