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Railway and Parlour Song-Book. Students Abroad; their Romance

Containing all the New and Popular and Real Life. By Richard B. Kimball, Songs. Fcap. 8vo. Portrait of Sims Author of "Threads of Life," &c. Crown Reeves. Boards. Third Edition revised, 8vo, 128 pp., Illustrated wrapper. Third price ls.

Edition, price ls. *** A most carefully-made selection of New “ Students Abroad' is an interesting story, and the best Old Songs.

or rather series of stories, connected by a Royal Picture Alphabet (The) of main thread, illustrative of scenes and inci

dents in France, and is well written."- News Humour and Droll Moral Tales; or,

of the World. Words and their Meanings Illustrated. Imperial 16mo, beautifully Illustrated by

Tales for the Marines. By Harry Luke Limner. Coloured letters, and

Gringo (Lieut. Wise). Fcap. 8vo, boards, wrapper in colours, price 1s. *** Luke Limner, the celebrated Designer,

price 1s. 60. has here produced a most charming Alpha The thousands who have read with 80 bet Book, that will quite enchant our young much pleasure “ Tom Cringle's Log,” will friends.

devour with interest "Tales for the

Marines." Russia, The Land of the Czar; A

It is full of exciting and amusing adven

tures, and cannot fail to charm every reader. Sketch, Historical, Statistical, and De “ If these are fair specimens of the tales scriptive, of the Muscovite Empire, from told to the Marines, then we must say that 862 to 1854; to which is added a concise

that gallant corps ought to be grateful for

the pains taken to entertain them. The account of the Operations on the Danube, volume before us is a reprint of an American from the commencement of hostilities to work, very like 'Tom Cringle's Log’in tone the present time. Crown 8vo, Illus and spirit, and containing dashing narra

tives of adventure on the coast of South trated Title and Frontispiece, fancy

America. There is the true smack of the wrapper, price 1s.

salt water about them, and we have no "*Russia, the Land of the Czar,' an use doubt but the tales will be as well received ful hand-book of the history, habits, cus here as in the land of their birth,"-Weekly toms, and social condition of the Russiang." Times. -York Herald.

" This book contains considerable amount of information upon the habits, Threads of Life; or, The Adventures customs, and social condition of the subjects of William St. Leger. A Novel, by of the Czar. A supplementary chapter on the War gives a fair sketch of the events

Richard B. Kimball, Author of “Stu. which immediately preceded the present

dents Abroad,” &c. &c. Fcap. 8vo, struggle, beginning, of course, with the dis boards, price is. 6d. pute about the Holy Places. It is well

*** This is a very superior and intensely printed, on good paper, and is every way a interesting Novel of the Bulwer school. creditable and cheap publication."-Dublin Daily Express.

Too Clever by Half; or, The HarroShadows and Sunbeams. By Fanny

ways. By John Lang, Author of “Too Fern, Author of “Ruth Hall,” Fcap.

Much Alike," “Forger's Wife,” &c. 8vo, boards, price ls.

Numerous Plates. Crown 8vo, in orna. Sharp-Eye; or, The Scout's Revenge. mental wrapper. Sixth Edition, price ls.

Crown 8vo, 128 pp., in fancy wrapper. " This is a pleasant little book of the Second Edition, price 1s.

‘Lever' style, containing the adventures of

a certain Captain Sam Freeport, who is too Steam Engine (The): Its History, clever by half.' and possesses the most extraand Mechanism, being Descriptions and ordinary faculty for getting himself and all Illustrations of the Stationary, Locomo.

connected with him into and out of every

variety of scrape. The most interesttive, and Marine Engine. By R. S. Burn.

ing part of the book is the sketch of military Demy 8vo, 200 pp., cloth, price 3s

society in India. .. A good shilling's worth *** A most perfect compendium of every for a journey, and a pleasant trifle to find in thing appertaining to the Steam Engine. a country house on a rainy day."--Civil Mr. Burn treats his subject in a thoroughly Service Gazette. practical and popular manner, so that be “The portraiture of Freeport, though exwho runs may read, and also understand.

travagantly drawn, is one of the best sketches Story (A) with a vengeance; or, How

of the kind that we have met with. It is a

study, and we makt no doubt, in circles Many Joints may go to a Tale. In. where appreciated, will effect a sensation. scribed to the greater number of Rail The work is appropriately illustrated.” way Travellers, and dedicated to the

Sunday Times. rest. By Angus B. Reach and Shirley

Too Much Alike; or, The Three Brooks. Illustrated by Leech, Coleman, and Smyth. Crown 8vo, orna

Calendars. By John Lang, Esq., Author mental wrapper. Third Edition, price ls.

of “Too Clever by Half," &c. Crown *** Few Railway Books contain more

8vo, 128 pp., with illustrated wrapper, racy material than 'A Story with a Ven.

price ls. geance. The names of Angus B. Reach and *** This tale, judging from the extent of Shirley Brooks are a sufficient guarantee of its sale, appears

to be equally as popular as the fact.

“Too Clever by Hall."


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