Letters of the Lady Brilliana Harley: Wife of Sir Robert Harley, of Brampton Bryan, Knight of the Bath, Volume 58

Front Cover
Camden Society, 1854 - 275 pages

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Page 218 - Honour, and Estate : as also the power and Privilege of Parliament, the Lawful Rights and Liberties of the Subjects; and every Person that maketh this Protestation in whatsoever he shall do in the lawful pursuance of the same.
Page 217 - Person, the consumption of the revenue of the Crown, and the treasure of this Realm : And lastly finding great causes of jealousy that endeavours have been and are used to bring the English Army into misunderstanding of this Parliament, thereby to incline that Army by force to bring to pass those wicked counsels. " Have therefore thought good to join ourselves in a declaration of our united affections...
Page 218 - ... in this present protestation contained ; and further, that I shall, in all just and honourable ways, endeavour to preserve the union and peace between the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland ; and neither for hope, fear, nor other respect shall relinquish this promise, vow, and protestation.
Page 217 - A Preamble, with the Protestation made by the whole House of Commons the 3d of May 1641, and assented unto by the Lords of the Upper House the -Itk of May. ' We, the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses of the Commons House, in Parliament, finding, to the grief of our hearts, That the designs of the Priests and Jesuits, and other Adherents to the See of Rome, have been of late more boldly and frequently put in practice than formerly, to the undermining, and danger of ruin, of the True Reformed Religion...
Page 218 - I, AB, do in the Presence of Almighty God promise, vow and protest, To maintain and defend as far as lawfully I may, with my life, power and estate...
Page xxi - King, because I am against screwing up monarchy into tyranny, as much as against those who would pull it down into anarchy. I was never for putting the King to death, whose person I did promise in my covenant to preserve; and I judge it an ill way of curing the body politic, by cutting off the political head.
Page 218 - Parliaments, the lawful rights and liberties of the subjects, and every person that shall make this Protestation in whatsoever he shall do, in the lawful pursuance of the same; and to my power...
Page xi - AVENGE, O Lord, thy slaughtered saints, whose bones Lie scattered on the Alpine mountains cold; Even them who kept thy truth so pure of old, When all our fathers worshipped stocks and stones...
Page xvi - Vindication of the Ministers of the Gospel in and about London, from the unjust Aspersions cast upon their former Actings for the Parliament, as if they had promoted the bringing of the King to Capitall punishment WITH A short Exhortation to their People to keep close to their Covenant-Ingagement.
Page xxv - all the accomplishments of a gentleman. His features were very exact, and he had great quickness in his eyes, which commanded respect. His temper was naturally very passionate, though mixed with the greatest tenderness and humanity. His passion he kept under strict restraint, and had a manner totally subdued, but his generosity and tender compassion to all objects of charity continued to the last.