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Submitted to the Judgment and Censure of

the Churches of England and Ireland.
And Preacher of Gods Word in the City of Waterford.

Eph. 4. 11. And be gave fonie Apostles, and some Propbets, and fome Evange-

lists, and fome. Pastors; and Teachers.
12 For the perfeciing of the Saints, for the work of the Ministery, for the

edifying of the body of Christ.
13 Til we ill come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledg of the Son of
God, unto a perfect, unto the measure of ibe ftature of the fulnes of

Duo funt vocabula que non recié accept a fallunt fc. temporarium, & extraor-

dinarixm. Sarav. de diversi gradibus, &c.cap.16.
Qurançuam non nego quin Apoftolos poftea (; vel faltem eorum 'loco Evange.
Tistas excitarit Deus, ut noftro quidem feculo fa&um eft, Calv. Inftit. 1.4.C

3.fe&t. 4.
As the primitire Churches were undoubtedly governed by tbe Apostles, and

their imniediate Succeffors, the firs and best Bifhops ; so it cannot in rear
Son or charity be supposed, that all Churches in the world, jould either be
ignorant of the rnle by obem prescribed, or fo foon deviate from their Divine
and holy pattern, King Charls the first, 'Eixo Batrine 0.17.

Printed by John Crook, Printer to the Kings most Excellent

Majestie, and are to be sold by Samuel Dancer,


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