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IThe proprietors of the Family Library avail themselves of the opportunity afforded them, by the publication of one of the most valuable works of the whole series, to solicit the attention of the public to the great and manifold advantages this collection offers to the friends of science and literature throughout the country. Of the merits of the various books that compose the Family Library, its popularity and the encouragement its publishers have received furnish the best evidence. It is believed, that a series embracing so much excellence of material, with so great convenience of form and size, and by its moderate price so generally within the means of almost every individual, has never been presented to the notice of the public in this or any other country. Tho Library has already been extended to forty-nine numbers, containing an immense variety of accurate and valuable information, much of which cannot be obtained in any other form without considerable difficulty, and at an expense far exceeding the price of these volumes. No pains have been spared in procuring materials; and the publishers have the satisfaction of believing that their Library stands unrivalled, both in the selection of subjects and the learning and ability with which those subjects have been treated.

Several valuable and interesting Historical works are now in preparation for the Family Library; which, with those already embraced in it, will form a complete historical series. The continuance of public patronage in its favour is solicited only so long as it shall remain the Cheapest and tho BEST.


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