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CAP. V Jhesus forsothe,' seynge ? cumpanyes, wente And Jhesus, seynge 2 the puple, wente up inup in-to an hill; and when he hadde sete, his to an hil; and whanne he was set, hise disdisciplis camen nigheto hym. And he, ciplis camen to hym. And he openyde his openynge his mouthe, taughte to hem, say mouth, and taughte hem, and seide, “Blessed inge, "Blessid be the pore in spirit, for the ben pore men in spirit, for the kyngdom of kingdam in hevenes is heren. Blessid be hevenes is herne. Blessid ben mylde men, mylde men, for thei shuln 5 welde 6 the eerthe. for thei schulen 5 welde 6 the erthe. Blessid Blessid be thei that mournen, for thei shuln 5 ben thei that mornen, for thei schulen be be comfortid. Blessid be thei that hungren coumfortid. Blessid ben thei that hungren and thristen rightwisnesse," for thei shuln ben and thristen rightwisnesse, for thei schulen fulfillid. Blessid be mercyful men, for thei be fulfillid. Blessid ben merciful men, for thei shuln gete mercye. Blessid be thei i hat ben 8 schulen gete merci. Blessid ben thei that of clene herte, for thei shuln see God. Blessid ben of clene herte, for thei schulen se God. be pesible men, for thei shuln be clepid' the Blessid ben pesible men, for thei schulen be sonys of God. Blessid be thei that suffren clepid' Goddis children. Blessid ben thei persecucioun for right wisnesse," for the kyng that suffren persecusioun for rightfulnesse, for dam of hevenes is herun. Yee shulen 5 be the kingdam of hevenes is herne. Ye schulen blessid, when men shulen curse you, and be blessid, whanne men schulen curse you, shulen pursue you, and shulen say al yvel and schulen pursue you, and shulen seie al ayeins 11 you leezing, 12 for me. Joye 13 yee yvel 10 ayens 11 you liynge, for me. Joie 13 with-yn-forth,14 and glade yee with-out-forth, ye, and be ye glad, for youre meede 15 is plenfor youre meede 15 is plentevouse 16 in hevenes; tevouse 16 in hevenes; for so thei han 17 purforsothe so thei han 17 pursued and 18 prophetis sued also profetis that weren bifor you. Ye that weren before you. Yee ben & salt of the ben salt of the erthe; that if the salt vanysche erthe; that yif 19 the salt shal vanyshe awey, awey, whereynne schal it be saltid? To no wherynne shal it be saltid ? To no thing it is thing it is worth overe,20 no 21 but 22 that it be worth over,20 no 21 bot 22 that it be sent out, cast out, and be defoulid of men. Ye ben and defoulid of men. Ye ben 8 light of the light of the world; a citee set on an hil may world; a citee putt on an hill may nat be hid; not be hid; ne me teendith 23 not a lanterne, nether men tendyn a lanterne, and putten and puttith it undur a busschel, but on a it undir a busshel, but on a candilstike, that candilstike, that it yyve light to alle that ben it yeve 24 light to alle that ben in the hous. in the hous. So schyne youre light befor So shyyne 25 youre light before men, that thei men, that thei se youre goode werkis, and see youre good werkis, and glorifie youre Fadir glorifie youre Fadir that is in hevenes. Nil 26 that is in hevens. Nyle ye gesse, or deme, 27 ye deme,27 that Y cạm to undo the lawe, or that Y came to undo, or distruye, the lawe, the profetis; Y cam not to undo the lawe, but or the prophetis; I came not to undo the lawe, to fulfille. Forsothe Y seie to you, til hevene but to fulfille. Forsothe 28 I say to you

and erthe passe, o

29 lettir oro 29 titel shal trewthe, til heven and erthe passe, oon not passe fro the lawe, til alle thingis be doon. i, that is leste 30 lettre, or titil, shal nat passe Therfor he that brekith oon of these leeste 30 fro the lawe, til alle thingis be don. Therfore maundementis,31 and techith thus men, schal he that undoth, or breketh, oon of these leste 30 be clepid 32 the leste in the rewme 33 of hevenes; maundementis, 31 and techith thus men, shal but he that doith, and techith, schal be clepid be clepid 32 the leste in the rewme 33 of hevenes; greet in the kyngdom of hevenes. And Y seie

1 indeed 2 seeing 3 sat 4 theirs 5 shall rule not 22 but 23 light 24 give 25 Subj. of command righteousness Sare

evil against 26 do not, literally, wish not (Lat. nolite) 27 think 12 lying

rejoice 14 with-yn-forth = inwardly 28 verily 29 one least commandments 32 called 15 reward 16 plenteous 17 have 18 also 19 if 20 besides 33 kingdom





9 called







forsothe, this that doth, and techith, shal to you, that but your rightfulnesse be more be clepid grete in the kyngdame of hevenes. plentevouse than of scribis and of Farisees, ye Forsothe Y say to you, no-but-yif ? youre schulen not entre into the kyngdom of hevenes. rightwisnesse shal be more plentevouse than Ye han 3 herd that it was seid to elde men, of scribis and Pharisees, yee shulen not entre Thou schalt not slee; and he that sleeth, schal in-to kyngdam of hevenes. Yee han 3 herde be gilti to doom. But Y seie to you, that ech that it is said to olde men, Thou shal nat man that is wrooth to his brothir, schal be slea; forsothe he that sleeth, shal be gylty gilti to doom; and he that seith to his brother, of dome. But I say to you, that evereche 5 Fy! schal be gilti to the counseil ; 6 but he that is wrothe to his brother, shal be gylty of that seith, Fool, schal be gilti to the fier of dome; forsothe he that shal say to his brother, helle. Therfor if thou offrist thi yifte 8 at the Racha, that is, a word of scorn, shal be gyltyauter, and ther thou bithenkist, that thi of counseile; 6 sothly he that shal say, Fool, brothir hath sum-what ayens thee, leeve that is, a word of dispisynge, shal be gylti there thi yifte bifor the auter, and go first to of the fijr? of helle. Therfore yif thou offrist be recounselid to thi brothir, and thanne thou thi yift 8 at the auter,' and there shalt by schalt come, and schalt offre thi yifte. Be thenke,10 that thi brother hath sum-what thou consentynge to thin adversarie soone, ayeins thee, leeve there thi yift before the while thou art in the weie with hym, lest auter, and go first for to be recounseilid, or peraventure thin adversarie take 11 thee to the acordid, to thi brother, and thanne thou cum domesman,12 and the domesman take thee to mynge shalt offre thi yifte. Be thou consent the mynystre,13 and thou be sent in-to prisoun. ynge to thin adversarie soon, the whijle thou Treuli Y seie to thee, thou shalt not go out fro art in the way with hym, lest peraventure thin thennus, til thou yelde 14 the last ferthing. adversarie take 11 thee to the domesman,12 and Ye han herd that it was seid to elde men, the domesman take thee to the mynystre, Thou schalt do no letcherie. But Y seie to and thou be sente in-to prisoun. Trewely I you, that every man that seeth a womman for say to thee, Thou shalt not go thennes, til to coveite hir, hath now do letcherie bi hir in thou yelde 14 the last ferthing. Ye han herd, his herte. That if thi right iye sclaundre 16 that it was said to olde men, Thou shalt nat thee, pulle hym out, and caste fro thee; for do lecherye. Forsothe Y say to you, for it spedith 17 to thee, that oon 18 of thi membris why 15 every man that seeth a womman for to perische, than that al thi bodi go in-to helle. coveite hire, now he hath do lecherie by hire And if thi right hond sclaundre thee, kitte 19 in his herte. That yif thi right eiye sclaundrele hym aweye, and caste fro thee; for it spedith thee, pulle it out, and cast it fro thee;' for it to thee that oon 18 of thi membris perische, speedith 17 to thee, that oon 18 of thi membris than that al thi bodi go in-to helle. And it perishe, than al thi body go in-to helle. And hath be seyd, Who-evere leeveth his wif, yyve yif thi right hond sclaundre thee, kitt 19 it he to hir a libel of forsakyng. But Y seie to awey, and cast it fro thee; for it spedith to you, that every man that leeveth his wiif, thee, that oon of thi membris perishe, than outtakun cause of fornycacioun, makith hir that al thi body go in-to helle. Forsothe it is to do letcherie, and he that weddith the forsaid, Who-evere shal leeve his wyf, yeve 20 sakun wiif, doith avowtrye. Eftsoone ye han he to hir a libel, that is, a litil boke, of for- herd, that it was seid to elde men, Thou schalt sakyng. Sothely Y say to you, that every not forswere, but thou schalt yelde thin othis man that shal leeve his wyf, outaken 21 cause to the Lord. But Y seie to you, that ye of fornicacioun, he makith hire do lecherie swere not for ony thing; nethir bi hevene, for and he that weddith the forsaken wijf, doth it is the trone of God; nether bi the erthe, for avoutrie.2 Efte-soonys 23 yee han herd, that it is the stole of his feet; nether bi Jerusalem, it was said to olde men, Thou shalt not for for it is the citee of a greet kynge; nether swere, sothely 24 to the Lord thou shalt yeeld 4 thou shalt not swere bi thin heed, for thou thin oethis.25 Forsothe Y say to you, to nat maist not make oon heere white ne blacke;

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1 he 2 unless 3 have 4 judgement 5 every one the council 7 fire 8 gift 'altar 10 remember 11 deliver 12 judge 13 officer 14 pay 15 that 16 slander


18 one 19 cut "give (subj. of command) except 22 adultery23 again 24 truly


25 oaths


swere on al manere; neither by hevene, for but be youre word, yhe, yhe; Nay, nay; and it is the trone of God; nether by the erthe, that that is more than these, is of yvel. Ye for it is the stole of his feet; neither by Jeru- han herd that it hath be seid, Iye for iye, and salem, for it is the citee of a greet kyng; tothe for tothe. But Y seie to you, that ye neither thou shalt swere by thin heved, for ayenstonde : not an yvel man; but if ony thou maist not make oon heer whyt or blak; smyte thee in the right cheke, schewe to him but be youre word yea, yea; Nay, nay; for also the tothir; and to hym that wole stryve sothe that that is more than this, is of yvell with thee in doom, and take awey thi coote, Yee han herde that it is said, Eiye 2 for eiye, leeve thou to him also thi mantil; and whototh for toth. But Y say to you, to nat ayein ever constreyneth thee a thousynde pacis, go stonde : yvel; but yif any shal smyte thee thou with hym othir tweyne. Yyve 6 thou in the right cheeke, yeve to hym and 4 the to hym that axith of thee, and turne not tother; and to hym that wole stryve with awey fro hym that wole borewe ? of thee. Ye thee in dome, and take awey thi coote, leeve han herd that it was seid, Thou shalt love thi thou to hym and “thin over-clothe; and who- neighbore, and hate thin enemye. But Y evere constrayneth thee a thousand pacis, go seie to you, love ye youre enemyes, do ye wel thou with hym other tweyne. Forsothe yif 6 to hem that hatiden you, and preye ye for to hym that axith of thee, and turne thou hem 8 that pursuen, and sclaundren you; nat awey fro hym that wol borwe? of thee. that ye be the sones of your Fadir that is in Yee han herd that it is said, Thou shalt love hevenes, that makith his sunne to rise upon thin neighbore, and hate thin enmy. But Y goode and yvele men, and reyneth on just men say to you, love yee youre enmyes, do wel and unjuste. For if ye loven hem 8 that loven to hem s that haten you, and preye yee for you, what mede 11 schulen ye han? whether men pursuynge, and falsly chalengynge 10 you; pupplicans doon not this? And if ye greten that yee be the sonys of youre Fadir that is in youre britheren oonli, what schulen ye do hevenes, that makith his sune to springe up more? ne doon not hethene men this? Therupon good and yvel men, and rayneth upon fore be ye parfit, as youre hevenli Fadir is juste men and unjuste men. For yif ye loven parfit.” hem that loven you, what meed 11 shul 12 yee have? whether and 4 puplicans don nat this [It will be observed that the Second Version agrees thing? And yif yee greten, or saluten, youre with the Authorized Version in the division bretheren oonly, what more over

into chapters, while the First Version condon? whether and 4 paynymmys 14 don nat tains a few verses usually assigned to Chapter this thing? Therfore be yee parfit,15 as and VI.) youre hevenly Fadir is parfit. Take yee hede, lest ye don your rightwisnesse before men, that yee be seen of hem, ellis 16 ye shule nat han meed at youre Fadir that is in hevenes. Therfore when thou dost almesse, 17 nyle 18 thou synge byfore thee in a trumpe, as ypocritis don in synagogis and streetis, that thei ben maad worshipful of men; forsothe Y saye to you, thei han resceyved her 19 meede. But thee doynge almesse,17 knowe nat the left hond what thi right hond doth, that thi almes be in hidlis,20 and thi Fadir that seeth in hidlis, shal yelde 21 to thee." 1 head 2 eye resist also 5 a lawsuit give

13 besides 14 heathen 18 perfect else 7 borrow 8 them hate 10 accusing 11 reward

17 alms 18 do not 19 their 20 secret 21 pay

13 shul yee


12 shali



(Unknown Author)


XI Ther wacz 1 lokyng on lenthe, the lude 3 to Long was there looking, that lord to behold, beholde,

For each man had marvel what might be the For uch 4 mon had mervayle quat' hit mene meaning myght,

That a horseman and a horse might such a hue That a hathel 6 and a horse myght such a hwe catch. lach,?

As grow-green as the grass and greener yet As growe grene as the gres 8 and grener hit seemed they, semed,

Than green enamel on gold glowing brighter. Then grene aumayl 10 on golde lowande 11 All studied that stood there, and stalked to bryghter.

him nearer, Al studied that ther stod, and stalked hym With all the wonder in the world what wiles nerre,12

he was planning; Wyth al the wonder of the worlde, what he For many sights had they seen, but such a worch 13 schulde;

sight never; For fele sellyez 14 had thay sen, bot such neyer So for phantom and faërie the folk there did are,15

deem it. For-thi for fantoum and fayryye 16 the folk Therefore to answer was fearful many a fine there hit demed. 240 fellow,

240 Ther-fore to answare wacz arghe 17 mony athel And all were stunned by his speech and stonefreke, 18

still sat they, And al stouned 19 at his steven,20 and ston-stil In a sheer silence through the hall splendid; seten,

As if they had slipped into sleep, so slacked In a swoghe sylence 2 thurgh the sale 22 riche; they their talking, As 23 al were slypped upon slepe, so slaked

That day; hor lotez 24

Not all for fear, I trow,
In hyye; 25

But some in courteous way,
I deme hit not al for doute,26

Let him to whom all bow
Bot sum for cortaysye,

The stranger first assay.
Let hym that al schulde loute 27
Cast 28 unto that wyye.3

[blocks in formation]

Carp 17


Light luflych adoun, and lenge, I the Alight lovesomely down and linger here, so praye,

please thee, And quat-so thy wylle is, we schal wyt 3 And whatso thy will is we shall wit later." after."

“Nay, so help me," quoth the horseman, "He "Nay, as help me," quoth the hathel, "He that on high sits, that on hyghe syttes,

To dwell any while in this dwelling is not my To wone 4 any quyle 5 in this won, hit wacz due errand; not myn ernde;?

But that the praise of thy people is published Bot for 8 the los' of the lede 10 is lyft up so so widely, hyghe,

And thy castle and thy comrades choicest And thy burgh and thy burnes 11 best ar are counted, holden,

Stiffest under steel-gear on steeds to enStifest under stel-gere 12 on stedes to ryde, 260 counter,

260 The wyghtest 13 and the worthyest of the The wightest and the worthiest of this world's worldes kynde,

kindred, Preve 14 for to play wyth in other pure laykez; 15 Proven to play with in other pleasant contests; And here is kydde 16 cortaysye, as I haf herd And here is kept courtesy, as I have heard

recounted And that hacz wayned me hider, iwyis, at 'Tis this has drawn me hither, indeed, at this this tyme.

season. Ye may be seker 19 bi this braunch that I bere You may be certain by this bough that I bear here

with me That I passe as in pes, and no plyght sechc.20 That I pass as in peace, and press for no For, had I founded 21 in fere, in feghtyng wyse, quarrel. I have a hauberghe 22 at home and a helme 23 For had I faced you in fear or in fighting hu

bothe, A schelde, and a scharp spere, schinande I have a hauberk at home and a helmet also, bryght,

A shield and a sharp spear, shining brightly, Ande other weppenes to welde,24 I wene wel And other weapons to wield, I

well like-wise. Bot for 8 I wolde no were,26 my wedez 27 But as I coveted no combat, my clothing is softer.

Bot if thou be so bold as alle burnez 11 tellen, But if thou be as bold as all barons call thee,
Thou wyl grant me godly 28 the gomen Thou wilt grant me graciously the game I shall
I ask,

ask thee,

273 Bi ryght."

By right.”
Arthour con onsware

Arthur gave answer there
And sayd, "Syr cortays knyght,

And said, “Sir courteous knight,
If thou crave batayl bare,

If thou crave battle bare,
Here faylez thou not to fyght."

Here fail'st thou not to fight.”





29 that


[blocks in formation]
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