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Catalogue of the Printed Books in the British Museum. Published in 7 vol. (in 8.)

Londini, 1813-1819. 8° Interleaved, with the accessions to the year 1846 in Manuscript. 82 vol.

fol. Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum. Vol. 1. Letter A.

London, 1841. fol. New General and Supplementary Catalogue. MS. 1437 vol. Besides 20 volumes of Indexes to various long headings.

fol. A-M (1169 vol.) contain all the books in the Library falling under those

letters, with the exception of the Grenville Collection : the remainder,

N–Z (268 vol.), comprise those books added to the Library since 1847. List of the Books of Reference in the Reading Room of the British Museum. [With Plan of Arrangement.]

London, 1871. 8° Interleaved, with additions in MS.

fol. Catalogue of the Hebrew Books in the British Museum. [By Joseph Zedner.]

London, 1867. 8° Interleaved, with additions in MS. 6 vol.

fol. Catalogue of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum. Division 1. Political and Personal Satires. Vol. 1.

London, 1870. 8° King's Library Catalogue. 5 vol.

London, 1820–29. fol. Catalogue of Maps, Prints, Drawings, &c., in the King's Library.

London, 1829. fol. Catalogue of Charts, &c., in the King's Library. MS.

fol. Catalogue of Pamphlets in the King's Library. MS. 9 vol. fol. Catalogue of the Grenville Library. 3 vol. London, 1842–1848. 8° Interleaved, with additions in MS. 7 vol.

fol. Catalogue of Maps, &c. MS. 144 vol.

fol. Catalogue of Music. MS. 126 vol.

fol. 105 volumes contain the names of composers, editors, &c. ; the remaining

21 volumes contain the names of authors of words set to music. Catalogue of Pamphlets, &c., published during the Civil War and

Commonwealth, called the “ Thomason Collection.” MS. 12 vol. fol. Catalogue of Newspapers in the British Museum. MS. 4 vol. fol. and 4° Catalogue of English Novels, Romances, &c., in the British Museum. MS.

1837. fol.

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London Catalogue of Books, 1810 to 1855. 9 vol. London, 1831-55. 8°

Enumerated at p. 55.
Low. British Catalogue, 1837 to 1852. General Alphabet.

London, 1853. 8°
Alphabet of Subjects, 1837 to 1857. London, 1858. 8°

English Catalogue of Books, published from January, 1835, to January, 1869. 3 vol.

London, 1864-70. 8° Watt. Bibliotheca Britannica. 4 vol.

Edinburgh, 1824. 4° Sims. Handbook to the Library of the British Museum.

London, 1854. 8° Manual for the Genealogist, Topographer, Antiquary, and Legal Professor.

London, 1856. 8° Nichols. Handbook for Readers at the British Museum.

London, 1866. 8° Coleman. Index to Printed Pedigrees in County and Local Histories, privately printed Genealogies, &c.

London, 1866. 4° Bridger. Index to Printed Pedigrees in County and Local Histories, Heralds' Visitations, &c.

London, 1867. 8° Royal Society. Catalogue of Scientific Papers (1800-1863). Vol. 1-4.

London, 1867–70. 4° Coxe. Catalogus Codicum MSS. qui in Collegiis Aulisque Oxoniensibus asservantur. 2 vol.

Oxoniæ, 1852. 4° Catalogi Codicum MSS. Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ. Vol. 1-5.

Oxoniæ, 1853–63. 4° Steinschneider. Catalogus Librorum Hebræorum in Bibliotheca Bodleiana.

Berolini, 1852-60. 4° Parliamentary Indexes. Enumerated at pp. 192, 193. Parliamentary Papers, printed by order of the House of Commons, 1852-3-1868-9.

London, fol. Placed in the Reading Room until the increase of the Catalogues may render

it necessary to remove them. Parliamentary Reports. Report from the Lords' Committees, touching the Dignity of a Peer of the Realm.

(London, 1819. fol. Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.

London, 1868. fol. Criminal Code. Coining; Burglary; Housebreaking, and Churchrobbing:

Forgery; Game Laws; Simple Larceny; Robbery; Stolen Goods; Fraud; Mischief; Restitution and Compensation. 7 vol.

London, 1825–29. fol. Ordnance Survey. Index to the Ordnance Survey of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

fol. The same, on mounts, hung up. Bibliothèque Impériale. Département des Imprimés. Catalogue de l'Histoire de France. Vol. 1-9.

Paris, 1855-65. 4° Catalogue des Sciences Médicales. Vol. 1. Paris, 1857. 4°

Manuscrits Orientaux. Catalogue des Manuscrits Hébreux et Samaritains de la Bibliothèque Impériale. Paris, 1866. 4° FOR DEPARTMENT OF MANUSCRIPTS.

The volumes of a General Class-Catalogue of the Collections, as far as at present proceeded with, can be consulted in the rooms of the Department.


Arundel and Burney. Catalogue of MSS. 3 parts (in 1 vol.).

London, 1834–40. fol. Cotton. Catalogue of MSS.

London, 1802. fol. Report from the Committee appointed to view the Cottonian Library (after the Fire at Ashburnham House, Oct. 23, 1731).

London, 1732. fol. Interleaved, with MS. notes descriptive of the present condition of the

injured Manuscripts. Egerton. See ADDITIONAL MSS. Hargrave. Catalogue of MSS.

London, 1818. 4° Harley. Catalogue of MSS. 4 vol.

London, 1808–12. fol. Lansdowne. Catalogue of MSS.

London, 1819. fol. Rich. See SPECIAL CATALOGUES. Royal. (Old Royal Collection.) Casley's Catalogue of MSS.

London, 1734. 4° Appendix. MS.

1832. fol. Royal. (Library of King George III.) Catalogue of MSS. MS.

'1841. fol. Sloane. Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecæ Sloanianæ.

(1840.) fol. Nos. 1-1091 only.


Continuation of the preceding Catalogue. MS. 9 vol. fol.


Ayscough's Catalogue of the Manuscripts preserved in the British Museum, hitherto undescribed, including the Collections of Sir Hans Sloane, the Rev. T. Birch, &c. 2 vol. (in 1.) London, 1782. 4°

This Catalogue is classed, and describes the Add. MSS. 1-5017.

Catalogue of Additional MSS. MS. 23 vol.

fol. Contains detailed descriptions of Add. MSS., numbered from 5015 to 7061


Catalogue of Additional MSS. Vol. 1, 1828–1841. Nos. 6666–12,229.

fol. Printed and interleaved.

Catalogue of Additional MSS. Vol. 2, 1842–1845. Nos. 12, 230–15,667.

fol. Printed and interleaved.


Catalogue of Egerton MSS. No. 1-1636.

Printed and interleaved.

List of Additions to the MSS. in the British Museum, 1836–1840.

London, 1843. 8°
Add. 9913-11,748.

Seals xxxv. 345-373.
Egerton 607-888.

Papyri xxxvii-xlviii.
Charters 1054-5142.

Catalogue of Additions to the MSS., 1841-1845. London, 1850. 8°
Add. 11,749-15,667.

Seals xxxvi. 1-185.
Egerton 889-1139.

Papyri xlix-lvi.
Charters 5143-6292.
Catalogue of Additions to the MSS., 1846–1847. London, 1864, 8°
Add. 15,668-17,277.

Charters 6293-6338.
Egerton 1140-1149.

Seals xxxvi. 186-220.

Add. 17,278-19,719.
Egerton 1150-1636.
Charters 6339-8515.

London, 1868. 8° Seals xxxvi. 221-XXXVII. 55. Papyri lvii-lxxv.

1854. 2 pt. Nos. 19,720-20,686. MS.

fol. 1855. Nos. 20,687–21,209. MS.

fol. 1856. Nos. 21,210-21,630. MS.

fol. 1857. Nos. 21,631-22,267. MS.

fol. 1858. Nos. 22,268–22,641. MS.

fol. 1859. Nos. 22,642–23,211. MS.

fol. Catalogue of Egerton MSS. acquired in the years 1850–1858. Nos. 1506–1788. MS. 2 vol.

fol. Register of Additional MSS., 1846-1856. Nos. 15,668-21,366. MS. 1856–1865. Nos. 21,367–26,118. MS.

fol. 1866–1870. Nos. 26,622-28,554. MS.

fol. Register of Egerton MSS., 1854–1870. Nos. 1637–2094. MS. fol. Catalogue of the Stepney Papers. Add. MSS. 7058–7079. MS. fol.


Index to the Additional and Egerton MSS., 1783–1835.

London, 1849. fol.
Add. MSS. 5018-10,018.

Add. Charters 1-1053.
Egerton MSS, 1-606.

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Indexes to the Additional MSS., 1836–1845.

fol. Add. MSS. 10,013-15,667.

Add. Charters 1054-6292.
Egerton MSS. 607-1139.

Seals xxxv. 195-xxxvi. 185.

Printed and interleaved. Index to the Register of Additional Manuscripts, 1846-1860, and Egerton MSS., 1846–1861. MS.

fol. 1861–1869, and Egerton MSS., 1862-1869. MS. fol. Cole's Separate Indexes to Vol. I-XIII. of his MS. Collections relating to Cambridgeshire. (Add. MS. 5799.)

fol. Cole's Separate Index to his MSS., Vol. XLI., XLII., XLIII., and XLIX. (Add. MS. 5800.)

fol. Cole's General Index to Vol. I-XLVI. of his MS. Collections relating to Cambridgeshire. (Add. MS. 5801.)




List of Greek MSS. in the British Museum. MS.

1860. fol.


Catalogue of the Irish MSS. in the British Museum, compiled by Eugene Curry, Esq. Part 1, 2. MS.

1849. fol.


Catalogo dos Manuscriptos Portuguezes existentes no Museu Britannico. Por F. F. de La Figaniere.

Lisboa, 1853. 89


Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptorum Orientalium. Pars I.-Codices Syriacos et Carshunicos amplectens.

London, 1838. fol. Pars II—Codices Arabicos amplectens. Lond. 1846–52. fol.

Pars III—Codices Æthiopicos amplectens. Lond. 1847. fol. Catalogue of Arabic MSS. in the Rich Collection. 2 vol. (in 1.) (Add. MSS., 7213-7599.) MS.

1836. fol. Catalogue of Persian MSS. in the Rich Collection. Nos. 7600-7829. MS.

1848. fol. Catalogue of Turkish MSS. in the Rich Collection. Nos. 7830–7939. MS.

1849. fol, Catalogue of the Chinese Manuscripts, described by L. A, Prevost. MS.

1854. fol. Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in the British Museum, acquired since 1838. By W. Wright. Part 1.

London, 1870. 4° Register of Oriental MSS., acquired from 1854 to 1869. 2 vol. MS.

fol. PAPYRI. Catalogue of Papyri, &c. 1852.

fol. Printed and interleaved.


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