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ASTRONOMY. Arago. Astronomical

Society of London. Carpenter.
Chambers, Delambre, Galilei.
Guillemin. Herschel. Hind.

Manilius. Nichol. Whewell.
Bibliograpbie Astronomique. Le

François de Lalande.
Dictionnaire. Migne.
ATHEISM Compared. Godwin.
ATHENS. Antiquities. Stuart.
ATLASES, Charts, Maps, and Plans.
America. Alcedo. American Atlas.

Carey and Lea. Jefferys.
America (North). Black.
America (U.S.). Bradford. Burr.
Atlas antiquus. Spruner.
Atlas bistorique, généalogique, &c.

Australia. Philip.

Bengal Atlas. Tassin.
Biblical Atlas. Kitto.
Biblical Geography. Coleman.
British Atlas. See infra, Great Bri-

tain and Ireland.
Cartographie. Barros y Souza.

y Catalogue of MS. Maps, Charts,

&c. Catalogues. Chine. Bourguignon d'Anville. Chronological, &c. Bell. Light

Classical Geography. Johnston.
Classical, Historical, and Scriptural

Geography Philip.
Edinburgh Geographical and Histo-

rical Atlas.
Égypte. Egypt.
England and Wales. Bowles. Cary.

English Counties. Hall.
Ethnographical Maps. Prichard.
Europe. Fischer. Spruner. Stockdale.
Family Atlas. See infra, World.
France. Frémin and Donnet.
Genealogical, &c. Lavoisne.
General. See infra, World.
Geology. Geognosie. Naumann,
Geognost. Karte von Deutschland.

Lethæa Geognostica. Bronn.
Germany. Stieler. Woerl.

Geognostische Karte. __Schropp.

Map of Thirty Years' War. Busch,
Great Britain and Ireland. Pigot.

Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire.



Historic Geographical Atlas. Spruner.
Histor. -Geog. Hand-Atlas. Wedell.
Historical Maps of England. Pearson.
History and Chronology. Lightfoot.
Japan. Kæmpfer.
Ireland. Petty. Scale.
London. Horwood.
London Atlas. See infra, World.
London and its Suburbs. Stanford.
London and Westminster. Wallis.
Marlborough's Memoirs. Coxe.
Middle Ages. Géographie du Moyen

Age. Lelewel.
Mundane System. See infra, World.
National Atlas. See infra, World.
Natural History. Orbigny.
Ossements fossiles. Schmerling.
Paris. La Grive.
Pflanzengeographie. Rudolph.
Physical Atlas. See infra, World.
Prussia. Engelhardt. Kuemmel.
Royal Atlas. See infra, World.
Scottish Atlas, Account of. Sibbald.
Switzerland. Woerl.
United States. See supra, America.
Universal. See infra, World.
World. Arrowsmith. Betts. Black.

Cary. Delisle. Dunn. Hall.
Johnson. Philip. Society for
the Diffusion of Useful know-

ledge. Stieler. Wyld. National Atlas. Johnston. Physical Atlas. Berghaus. John

ston. Physical Geography. Petermann. Royal Atlas. Johnston.

System of Geograpby. Playfair. AVA. Account. Corner. AUBERT DE LA CHENAYE DES Bois

(F. A.). See also p. 12. Dictionnaire généalogique, &c. Dic

tionaries. AUCTORES CLASSICI. Mai.

See also COLLECTIONS. AVERAGE. Law. Arnould. Avocat. Profession d'Avocat. Dupin. AUSTRALASIA. Asiatic Journal. AUSTRALIA. Atlas. Philip

History. Woods.

Océanie. Domeny de Rienzi. AUSTRIA. Das gelehrte Oesterreich.

Geschichte. Mailáth.

Négociations diplomatiques, &c. AUSTRIA (House of). History. Coxe. AUTOGRAPHS. Netherclift. Nichols. AUVERGNE. Biographie. Aigueperse. AXHOLME (Isle of). History. Stone

house. AYLMER (J.), Bishop of London. Life,

&c. Strype.


Babylon. Discoveries. Layard.
BABYLONIA. Babylonie. Hoefer.

Travels. Porter.
BAIREUTA. Gelehrtes Baireut. Fi-

kenscher. BALEARIC Isles. Iles Baléares, &c.

Lacroix. Bampton. History. Giles. BANBURY. History. Beesley. BANDITTI. Lives. MacFarlane. BANK OF ENGLAND. History. Francis. BANKING. Law. Grant.

Theory and Practice. Macleod. BANKRUPTCY. See Law. Barbary States. History. Russell. BARON (F. A. LE). Le Baron. BARONAGE OF ENGLAND. Banks. Dug


Burke. Collins. Debrett. Kim.

ber. Wotton. See also PEERAGE. BARONIES. Baronia Anglica. Madox.

Baronies by Writ. Collins. BARTHOLOMEW (J.). Atlas of Australia.

Philip. Library Atlas. Philip. Bas (P. LE). Le Bas. BASSANO. Bassanesi illustri. Gamba.

Pittori, &c. Verci. BASTILE. History. Davenport. Bath. History. Warner. BATTLE DYKES. Roman Camp. Ja

mieson. Batty (R.). Tour through S. Holland,

&c. Holland. BAVARIA. Atlas. See ATLASES.

Gelehrten-Lexikon. Kobolt.

Künstler-Lexicon. Lipowsky. BEATTIE (J.). Poems. Chalmers. BEAULIEU (Limousin). Abbaye. Car.

tularies. BEAUMONT (F.). See also p. 17.

Poems. Chalmers. BEAUMONT (Sir J.). Poems. Chalmers. BEDFORDSHIRE. See also p. 18. BEETLES. Natural History. Duncan.

BELGIUM. Belgique. Hasselt.

Hand book for Travellers. Continent.

Lettres, Sciences, &c. Gochals. BELL (R.). British Admirals. Southey.

History of England. Mackintosh. BELLES LETTRES. Lectures. Blair. Panthéon Littéraire.

See also LITERATURE. BELLUNO. Letterati, &c. Ticozzi. BENEDICTINES. Historia rei literariæ

Ord. S. Benedicti. Ziegelbauer. BENGAL. Asiatick Researches. Asiatic

Society of Bengal.
Atlas. Tassin. See also ATLASES.

Civil Servants. Dodwell.
BENNETT (J.). History of Dissenters.

BERGAMO. Pittori, &c. Tassi.
BERKSHIRE. See also p. 19.

Genealogies. Berry.

History. Mores.
BERMUDEZ. Cean Bermudez.
BERNIER (A.). Procès-Verbaur.
BERWICK. Local Records. Sykes.
BETHUNE (J. E. D.). Probability.
BEUGNOT (A. A.). Les Olim, &c. Olim.
BIBLE. See also pp. 20-24.

Analysis, &c. Wheeler.
Annals of English Bible. Anderson.
Bible Hand-Book. A ngus.
Bible in the Middle Ages. Buck-

Bible, Missal, &c. Lewis.
Biblical Antiquities. Cox. Migne.
Biblical Archæology. Jahn.
Biblical Atlas. Kitto.
Biblical Bibliography. Horne.
Biblical Criticism. Davidson.
Biblical Cyclopædia. Eadie. Kitto.
Biblical Geography. Coleman.
Biblical Interpretation. Davidson.

Ernesti. Whitby.
Biblical Literature. Bibliotheca

Biblical Psychology. Delitzsch.
Biblical Researches in Palestine.

Biblical Theology. Storr.
Biblical Writers. Biography.
Bibliotheca Sacra. Lelong.
Biblisches Realwörterbuch. Winer.
Canon. See infra, OLD TESTAMENT.

NEW TESTAMENT. Christliche Literatur. Busse. Clavis Scripturæ Sacræ. Placius. Commentaries. Clark's Foreign

Theological Library.

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BIBLE. Concordance. Bible (Concor

Analytical. Eadie.
Dictionary. Calmet. Migne. Robin-

Smith (W.).
Divine Revelation. Auberlen. De.

Editions, in English. Cotton.
English. Annals. Anderson.

History. Westcott.
Geographical Dictionary. Arrow-

Guide. Carpenter.
History. Stackhouse.
Illustrations. Bush. Kitto. Paxton.
Inspiration. Lee. Wordsworth.
Introduction. Dixon. Eichhorn,

Horne. Keil. Schumann. Wette.

See also infra, OLD TESTA

MENT. New TESTAMENT. Mineralogy and Botany. Rosen

Notes. Christian Annotator.
Old and New Testament connected.

Revelation of God in his Word. Gess.
Rhemes and Doway. Cotton.
Sacra Scrittura illustrata. Lanci.
Sacred Chronology. Faussett.
Sacred Hermeneutics. Davidson.
Sacred History and Biography. Cox.
Sacred Philology and Interpretation.

Scripture Characters. Robinson (T.).
Scripture Difficulties. Carpenter.
Scripture Lands. Kitto.
Scripture Testimony to the Messiah.

Smith (John P.).
Scriptures and Geological Science.

Smith (John P.).
Symbolical Language. Wemyss.
Typology of Scripture. Fairbairn.
Usus ling. Gothicæ in illust. S. Scrip-

turæ locis. Rudbeck. BIBLE. OLD TESTAMENT. See also

pp. 21, 22.
Canon. Stuart.
Christology. Hengstenberg.
Chronicles. Commentary. Bertheau.
Concordance. Bible (Concordances).
Daniel. Bible (0. Test.).

Genuineness. Hengstenberg.
Eastern Manners, &c. Jamieson.
Ecclesiastes. Bible (0. Test.).

Commentary. Hengstenberg.
Exodus. Bible (0. Test.).

Exode et Nombres. Laborde.


Bible (0. Test.).
Commentary. Hengstenberg.
Genesis. Bible (O. Test.).
Grammatik der Hebräischen Sprache.

Heb.-Chaldee Lexicon. Gesenius.

Hebrew Text revised. Davidson.
Historical and Prophetical Books.

Geneste. Horsley.
Interpretation. Pareau.
Introduction. Davidson, Haerer.

nick. Horne. Jahn, Keil, Isaiah. Bible (0. Test.).

Commentary. Delitzsch.
Jeremiah. Bible (0. Test.).
Job. Bible (0. Test.).

Commentary. Delitzsch.
Morals, &c. Gregory I.

New Version. Umbreit.
Joshua. Bible (0. Tesi.).

Commentary. Keil.
Judges. Bible (O. Test.).

Commentary. Keil.
Key to the Hebrew Scriptures. Prosser,
Kings. Commentary. Keil.
Lamentations. Bible (0. Test.).
Lectures. Palfrey.
Leviticus. Bible (0. Test.).
Minor Prophets. Bible (O. Test.).

Commentary. Keil.
Numbers. Comment. géog. Laborde.
Pentateuch. Bible (O. Test.).

Commentary. Keil.
Genuineness. Hengstenberg.

Introduction. Haevernick.
Proper Names. Jones (A.).
Prophets. Bible (O. Test.).
Proverbs. Commentary. Stuart.
Psalms. Bible (0. Test.).

Commentary. Hengstenberg.

Messianic Psalms. Rosenmueller.
Ruth. Commentary. Keil.
Sacrificial Worship. Kurtz.
Samuel. Commentary. Keil.
Synopsis of Criticisms. Barrett.

Zechariah. Integrity. Hengstenbera. BIBLE. NEW TESTAMENT. See also

pp. 22, 23.

Acts. Bible (N. Test.).

Commentary. Lechler. Canon. Jones (J.). Westcott. Colossians. Exposition. Storr. Commentary. Olshausen. Whitby. Concordance. Bible (Concordances). Corinthians. Bible (N. Test.).


Commentary. Billroth. Ols

Dialect. Stuart.
Eastern Manners, &c. Jamieson.
Ephesians. Commentary. Olshausen.
Epistles. Bible (N. Test.).
Exegetisches Handbuch. Wette.
Galatians. Bible (N. Test.).
Gnomon. Bengel.
Gospels. Bible (N. Test.).

Commentary. Olshausen.
Genuineness. Norton.
Harmony. Greswell.

History. Ebrard.
Greek-English Lexicon. Parkhurst.
Greek - Latin Lexicon. Schleusner.
Greek Text. Tregelles.
Hebrews. Commentary. Delitzsch.

Ebrard. Tholuck. Horæ Paulinæ. Paley. Introduction. Bleek. Credner.

Davidson. Eichhorn. Hug.
James. Commentary. Stier.
John. Commentary. Hengstenberg.

Tholuck. Tittmann.
Epistles. Commentary. Ebrard.

Luke. Commentary. Oosterzee.
Matthew. Commentary. Lange.
Parables explained, &c. Lisco.
Peter. Exposition of 1 Pet. Steiger.
Philippians and Colossians. Storr.
Philippians, Titus, and' 1 Timothy.

Commentary. Wiesinger.
Revelation. Bible (N. Test.).

Commentary. Stuart.
Horæ Apocalypticæ. Elliott.
Prophecies. Todd.

Rev. expounded. Hengstenberg. Romans. Bible (N. Test.).

Commentary. Tholuck. Sermon on the Mount. Tholuck. Synonyms. Tittmann. Thessalonians. Bible (N. Test.). Timothy. Commentary. Wiesinger. Titus. Commentary. Wiesinger. Words of Jesus. Stier. Words of the Apostles. Stier.


BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bibliografia della

Musica. Lichtenthal. Bibliografia della Toscana. Moreni. Bibliografia dello Stato Pontificio.

States of the Church.
Bibliografia sulla Storia d'Italia.

Bibliografia Veneziana. Cigogna.
Bibliographer's Manual. Lowndes.
Bibliographia Historica Portugueza.

Bibliographical Account of early

English Literature. Collier.
Bibliographical Decameron. Dibdin.
Bibliographical Dictionary. Ebert.
Bibliographical Guide to American

Literature. Truebner.
Bibliographie Académique Belge.

Bibliographie Agronomique. Dic-

Bibliographie Astronomique. Le

François de Lalande.
Bibliographie Biographique. Oet-

Bibliographie Catholique. Migne.
Bibliographie de la France. Girault.
Bibliographie de la Musique. Fétis.
Bibliographie de l'Économie Poli-

tique. Blanqui.
Bibliographie des Beaux - Arts.

Bibliographie Douaisienne. Duthil.

Bibliographie du Maine. Desportes,
Bibliographie Forézienne. Bernard.
Bibliographie Orientale. Zenker.
Bibliographie paléogr.-diplom.-bib-

liologique. Namur.
Bibliographie Universelle. Denis.
Bibliographisches Lexikon. Ebert.
Bibliographisches Lexicon der Litt.

der Griechen. Hoffmann. Bibliography of Zoology. Swainson. Biblioteca Oriental y Occidental, &c.

Leon Pinelo.
Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogues.

Bibliotheca Bibliographica. Petz-

Bibliotheca Britannica. Watt.
Bibliotheca Cantiana. Smith (J.R.).
Bibliotheca Devoniensis. Davidson.
Bibliotheca Entomologica. Hagen.
Bibliotheca Geographica. Engel-

Bibliotheca Græca. Fabricius.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bibliotheca Hebræa.

Wolf. Bibliotheca Heraldica. Moule. Bibliotheca Hispana. Antonio. Bibliotheca Historica. Struve. Bibliotheca Historica Medii Ævi.

Potthast. Bibliotheca Historica Sueo-Gothica.

Bibliotheca Historico - Naturalis.

Bibliotheca Latina. Fabricius.
Bibliotheca Latino-Hebraica.

Bibliotheca Lusitana. Barbosa.
Bibliotheca Madrigaliana. Rimbault.
Bibliotheca Mathematica. Rogg.

Sohncke. Bibliotheca Mechanico-Technologica.

Engelmann. Bibliotheca Patristica. . Walch. Bibliotheca Rabbinica. Bartoloccius. Bibliotheca Sacra. Lelong. Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum.

Engelmann. Bibliotheca Theologica. Walch. Bibliothèque Américaine. Ternaux. Bibliothèque Asiatique et Africaine.

Ternaux. Bibliotbèque des Livres de Droit.

Dupin. Bibliothèque Diplomatique. Mar.

tens. Tétot. Bibliothèque Héraldique de la

France. Guigard. Bibliothèque Historique de la France.

Lelong. Book Rarities in the University of

Canıbridge. Hartshorne. Bücher-Lexicon. Heinsius. Kayser. Christliche Literatur. Busse. Curiosidades Bibliograficas. Castro. Cyclopædia Bibliographica. Darling. Diccionario Bibliographico Portu

guez. Silva. Diccionario Bibliografico - historico

de España. Munoz. Dictionnaire des Manuscrits. Migne. Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes et Pseudonymes.

Barbier. Manne. Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Polyo

nymes et Anonymes. Quérard. Dictionnaire Bibliographique, etc.

Graesse. Dizionario di Opere Anonime e Pseu

donime. M., G.


Écrivains Pseudo-
nymes. Quérard.
Editions of the Classics. Dibdin.
Eloquenza Italiana. Fontanini.
English, Scotch, and Irish Historical

Libraries. Nicolson.
English Topography. Gough. Up-

France Littéraire. Quérard.
France Littéraire du XVe siècle.

Handbook of Fictitious Names.

Hand Book to the Popular, Poetical,

and Dramatic Literature of

Great Britain. Hazlitt. Handbuch der Geschichte der Litte

ratur. Wachler. Handbuch der juristischen und

staatswiss. Literatur. Schletter. Historisches Archiv. Oettinger. Imprimerie des Alde. Renoiard. Imprimerie des Estienne. Renouard. Index librorum historiam naturalem

spectantium. Engelmann.
Index Pseudonymorum Weller.
Jugemens des Savans. Baillet.
Legal Bibliography. Bridgman.

Librarian's Manual. Guild.
Library Manual. Appleton.
Literatur der Geschichte. Ersch.
Literatur der Jurisprudenz und

Politik. Ersch.
Literatur der Kriegswissenschaften.

Literatur der Mathematik. Ersch.

Literatur der Medicin. Ersch.
Literatur der Philologie, Philosophie,

und Pädagogik. Ersch. Literatur der Theologie. Ersch. Literature of Political Economy.

Litteratur der Grammatiken, Lexika,

&c. Vater.
Littérature Française Contemporaine.

Manual of Classical Literature.

Manuale Bibliografico del viaggiatore

in Italia. Lichtenthal.
Manuel du Bibliothécaire. Namur.
Manuel du Libraire. Brunet.
Méthode pour étudier l'Histoire.

Lenglet Dufresnoy.
Novellieri Italiani. Passano.


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