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BOUTERWEK (F.) History of Spanish and Portuguese Literature. Translated by T. Ross. 2 vol.

London, 1823. 8° BOUVIER (J. B.) Bishop of Le Mans. Histoire abrégée de la Philosophie. 2 vol.

Le Mans, 1841. 8° BOWER (A.) History of the University of Edinburgh. 2 vol.

Edin. 1817. 8° BOWLES (c.) New Medium English Atlas.

London, 1785. 4° BOWRING (Sir J.) The Kingdom and People of Siam. 2 vol.

London, 1857. 8° BOYER (A.) French-English and English-French Dictionary. 2 vol.

London, 1752, 53. 4° BOYLE (R.) Earl of Orrery. Collection of State Letters; with life, by T. Morrice.

London, 1742. fol. BOYLE'S COURT GUIDE. 1869–70. London, 1869, &c. 12° BOYNE (w.) Tokens issued in the seventeenth century in England, Wales, and Ireland.

London, 1858. 8° BOYS (w.) History of Sandwich, Kent. Canterbury, 1792. 4° BOYVIN (F. DE) Baron du Villars. Mémoires, 1550-59.

(Panthéon Littéraire. Chroniques et Mémoires.] Paris, 1836. 8° BŘACCIOLINI (F.) Lo Scherno degli Dei; poema piacevole. [Classici Italiani ; 164.]

Milano, 1804. 8° BRADFORD (T. G.) Tlustrated Atlas of the United States.

Boston, [U.S.,] 1838. fol. BRADLEY (T.) Practical Geometry, Linear Perspective and Projection. [Library of Useful Knowledge.]

London, 1834. 8° BRADY (R.) History of England; Julius Cæsar-Henry III. (Ed

ward I., II., and III., and Richard II.) 2 vol. Lond. 1685–1700. fol. BRAINNE (c.) Les hommes illustres de l'Orléanais; par C. Brainne, J. Debarbouiller, C. F. Lapierre. 2 vol.

Orléans, 1852. 8° BRAMHALL (5.) Archbishop of Armagh. Works. 5 vol.

Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.] Oxford, 1842–45. 8° BRAMWELL (G.) Analytical Table of Private Statutes, 1727–1834. 2 vol.

London, 1813, 35. 8° BRAND (J.) History of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 2 vol. Lond. 1789. 4°

Popular Antiquities, greatly enlarged by Sir H. Ellis. 3 vol. [Bohn's Antiquarian Library

London, 1849. 8° BRANDE (w. T.) Dictionary of Science, Literature, & Art. Edited by W. T. Brande and G. W. Cox. New edition. 3 vol.

London, 1865-67. 8° Manual of Chemistry. 2 vol.

London, 1848. 8° BRANNON (6.) Vectis Scenery: Views in the Isle of Wight.

Wootton Common, Isle of Wight, 1849. 4° BRANTINGHAM (T. DE) Bishop of Exeter. Issue Roll, containing

payments made out of his Majesty's Revenue in 44 Edw. III., A.D. 1370. Translated by F. Devon.

London, 1835. 4° BRANTÔME, P. DE BOURDEILLES, Seigneur de. See Bourdeilles. BRAUN (.) and HOHENBERGIUS (F.) Civitates Orbis Terrarum. 6 vol.

Colon. Agr. 1523 for 1573]-1618. fol. Theatre des principales villes de tout l'univers. 2 vol.

[Cologne ?] fol. BRAYLEY (E. w.) Catalogue of the Library of the Russell Institution. With Supplement.)

London, 1849-54. 8°

BRAYLEY (E. w.) History of Surrey; the geological section by G. Mantell. 5 vol.

Dorking, 1841[-1848). 4° History of Westminster Abbey. See NEALE. BRAYLEY (E. w.) and BRITTON (J.) The Beauties of England and Wales. [With Introduction by J. N. Brewer.] 19 vol. (in 24.)

London, 1801-18. 8° BREGHOT DU LUT (c.) and PÉRICAUD (M. A.) Biographie Lyonnaise.

Paris, 1839. 8° BREMER (F.) Works. Translated by M. Howitt. 4 vol. [Bohn's Standard Library.]

London, 1852, 53. 8° BŘEVIARIUM ROMANUM. 4 pt. Mediolani, 1851, 52. 12° BREWER (J. N.) Introduction to Beauties of England and Wales.

See BRAYLEY (E. W.) and BRITTON (J.). BREWER (J. s.) Letters, &c., reign of Henry VIII. See STATE PAPERS. BREWING. Art of rewing. [By D. Booth.] [Library of Useful Knowledge.]

London, 1829. 8° BŘEWSTER (Sir d.) Edinburgh Encyclopædia. See ENCYCLOPÆDIAS.

Letters on Natural Magic. [Family Library.] Lond. 1832. 18°
Life of Sir I. Newton. (Family Library.) London, 1831. 18°
Memoirs of Sir I. Newton. 2 vol.

Edin. 1855. 8°
(Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia. Natural Philosophy.) Lond. 1831. 8°
BŘEWSTER (J.) History of Stockton-upon-Tees. Stockton, 1796. 4°
BRIDGER (c.) Index to Printed Pedigrees contained in County and
Local Histories, Heralds' Visitations, &c.

London, 1867. 8° BRIDGES (5.) History of Northamptonshire. By P. Whalley. 2 vol.

Oxford, 1791. fol.


London, 1833–36. 8°

CONTENTS : 1. Chalmers. On the Adaptation of 4. Bell. The Hand; its mechanism, &c.

External Nature to the Moral and 5. Roget. Animal and Vegetable PhyIntellectual Constituton of Man. siology considered with reference 2 vol.

to Natural Theology. 2 vol. 2. Kidd. The Adaptation of External 6. Buckland. Geology and Mineral

Nature to the Physical Condition ogy, &c. 2 vol.
of Man.

7. Kirby. History, Habits, and In3. Whewell. Astronomy and General stincts of Animals, &c. 2 vol.

Physics considered with reference 8. Prout. Chemistry, Meteorology, to Natural Theology.

and the Function of Digestion, &c. BRIDGMAN (R. w.) Legal Bibliography.

London, 1807. 8° BRIGHT (J. E.) Law of Husband and Wife, as respects Property: 2 vol.

London, 1849. 8° BRISTOL. Post Office Directory. See Post OFFICE DIRECTORIES. BRITANNIA SANCTA; or, Lives of British, English, Scottish, and Irish Saints. 2 pt.

London, 1745. 4° BRITISH ALMANAC, and Companion, 1869, 70. London, 8° BRITISH AND FOREIGN MEDICO-CHIRURGICAL REVIEW. Vol. 37-46.

London, 1866–70. 8° BRITISH AND FOREIGN REVIEW, or, European Quarterly Journal. Vol. 10-18.



W. H. Maxwell.] [Bohn's Illustrated Library.] London, 1847. 8° BRITISH ASSOCIATION. Reports, XXX.-XXXIX.

London, 1861–70. 8° Index, from 1831 to 1860.

London, 1864. 8° BRITISH BIOGRAPHY. 7 vol.

London, 1766–72. 8° BRITISH CHRONOLOGIST. 3 vol.

London, 1775. 8° BRITISH DRAMA. The Ancient British Drama. 3 vol.

London, 1810. 8° The Modern British Drama. 5 vol. London, 1811. 8° BRITISH ESSAYISTS. With Prefaces by A. Chalmers. 38 vol.

London, 1823. 12°


Vol. 1-4, Tatler (Steele, Addison); seur (Colman and Thornton); 27,

5-12, Spectator (ditto); 13-15, Idler (Johnson); 28, 29, Mirror Guardian (ditto); 16–18, Ram- (Mackenzie); 30, 31, Lounger bler (Johnson) ; 19-21, Adven- (ditto); 32–34, Observer (Cumberturer (Hawkesworth); 22-24, land); 35-37, Looker-on; 38, World (Moore) ; 25-26, Connois- Index.

See also MODERN British Essayists. BRITISH HERALDRY. Glossary of Terms used in British Heraldry, &c.

Oxford, 1847. 8° BRITISH IMPERIAL CALENDAR. 1869, 70. London, 12° BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. Edited by E. Hart. 18671870. 7 vol.

London, 1867–70. 4° BRITISH MUSEUM. Catalogues. See CATALOGUES.

Report from the Select Committee on the condition, manage. ment, and affairs of the British Museum; with the Minutes of Evidence, Appendix, and Index. 2 vol. London, 1835–36. fol.

Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the constitution and government of the British Museum ; with Minutes

of Evidence. (Appendix and Index.) 2 vol. London, 1850. fol. BRITISH PARLIAMENTARY REGISTER; containing a List of all the Parliaments, &c.

London, 1753. 8° BRITISH PHYSICIANS. Lives of British Physicians. [Family Library.]

London 1830. 18° BRITISH QUARTERLY REVIEW. Vol. 43–52.

London, 1866–70. 8° BRITTON (s.) Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain. 5 vol.

London, 1807–26. 4° Beauties of Wiltshire. 3 vol.

London, 1801-25. 8° Descriptive Sketches of Tunbridge Wells.

London, 1832. 8° Dictionary of the Architecture and Archæology of the Middle Ages.

London, 1838. 4° BRÖDIE (6.) Constitutional History of the British Empire, from the accession of Charles I. to the Restoration. New edition. 3 vol.

London, 1866. 8° BROMLEY (H.) Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits.

London, 1793. 4°

BROMPTON (J.) Chronicon. See TWYSDEN (Sir R.) Historiæ Anglicanæ Scriptores X.

1652. fol. BRONGNIART (A. T.) Histoire des Végétaux Fossiles. Vol. 1, 2; Texte and Atlas.

Paris, 1828–37. 4° Discontinued. Vol. 2 ends abruptly at p. 72. BRONN (H. G.) Lethaea geognostica. Dritte Auflage, von H. G. B. und F. Roemer. 3 vol.

Stuttgart, 1851–56. 8° Atlas.

fol. BROOK (B.) Lives of the Puritans. 3 vol. London, 1813. 8° BROOKE (RALPH) Catalogue and Succession of the Kings, Princes, Dukes, of England, since the Norman Conquest.

London, 1619. fol. BROOKE (Sir ROBERT) La graunde Abridgement, &c. G. L.

Rich. Tottell, London, 1573. fol. BROOKES (RICHARD) General Gazetteer. New edition, revised by A. G. Findlay. With Appendix.]

London, 1857. 8° BROOM (H.) Commentaries on the Common Law. Fourth edition.

London, 1869. 8° BROUGHAM (h.) Baron Brougham and Vaux. Contributions to the Edinburgh Review. 3 vol. London and Glasgow, 1856. 8°

Political Philosophy. 3 pt. Library of Useful Knowledge.

London, 1842, 43. 8° BROUGHTON (T.) Historical Dictionary of all Religions.

London, 1756. fol. BROWN (PETER) New Illustrations of Zoology. London, 1776. 4° BROWN (RAWDON) Calendar of State Papers. Foreign Series. See

BROWN (RICHARD) Sacred Architecture.

London, 1845. 4° BROWN (T.) Lectures on Ethics. With Preface by T. Chalmers.

Edin. 1846. 8° Lectures on the Philosophy of the Mind. Nineteenth edition. 4 vol.

Edin. 1851. 8° BROWN (w.) History of the propagation of Christianity among the

Heathen since the Reformation. Third edition. 3 vol. Edin. 1854. 8° BROWNE (J.) History of Stoke Newington. [Bibliotheca Topo

graphica Britannica ; Vol. 2, Nos. 9 and 14.] London, 1783. 4° BROWNE (R. W.) History of Classical Literature. 2 vol.

London, 1851. 8° History of Roman Classical Literature. London, 1853. 8° BROWNE (Sir T.) Works. Edited by S. Wilkin. 3 vol. [Bohn's Antiquarian Library.]

London, 1852. 8° BRUCE (JAMES) Travels to discover the source of the Nile ; 1768–1773. 5 vol.

Edin. 1790. 4° BRUCE (John) Calendar of State Papers :-Reign of Charles I. See

STATE PAPERS. BRUDER (C. H.) Concordantiæ Novi Testamenti Græci. See BIBLE.

Concordances. BRUGIÈRE DE BARANTE (A. G. P.) Baron. Histoire des Ducs

de Bourgogne de la Maison de Valois, 1364–1477. Troisième édition. 13 vol.

Paris, 1825, 26. 8° Histoire du Directoire de la République Française. 3 vol.

Paris, 1855. 8°

BRUGIÈRE DE BARANTE (A.G.P.) Baron. Mélanges historiques et littéraires. 3 vol.

Paris, 1835. 8° BRULLIOT (F.) Dictionnaire des Monogrammes, &c. Nouvelle édi. tion. 3 pt.

Munich, 1832–34. 4° BRUNET (G.) La France littéraire au XV° siècle, ou Catalogue raisonné

des ouvrages en tout genre imprimés en langue Française jusqu'à l'an 1500.

Paris, 1865. 8° BRUNET (J. c.) Manuel du Libraire. Quatrième édition. 5 vol.

Paris, 1842–44. 8° Cinquième édition. 6 vol. Paris, 1860–65. 8° BRUNET DE PRESLE (w.) and BLANCHET (a.) Grèce, depuis

la conquête Romaine jusqu'à nos jours. [Univers Pittoresque. Europe.]

Paris, 1860. 8° BRUNN (H.) Geschichte der griechischen Künstler. 2 Th.

Braunschweig, 1853–59. 8° BRUT y Tywysogion; or, Chronicle of the Princes. Edited by

J. Williams ab Ithel. (Chronicles and Memorials.] London, 1860. 8° BRUUN (MALTHE C.) Universal Geography. 9 vol. (in 10).

Edin. 1822–33. 8° System of Universal Geography; founded on the works of Malte-Brun and Balbi. [Edited by J. Laurie.] New edition.

Edin. 1849. 8° BRUUN (MALTHE V. A.) Annales des Voyages. Vol. 189–206.

Paris, 1866–70. 8° BRUYÈRE (J. DE LA). See LA BRUYÈRE. BRUZEN DE LA MARTINIÈRE (4. a.) Le grand Dictionnaire géographique et critique. 9 vol.

La Haye, 1726–39. fol. BRYAN (M.) Dictionary of Painters and Engravers. 2 vol.

London, 1816. 4° Supplement. See OTTLEY. BRYCE (J.) Ten Years of the Church of Scotland, 1833–43. 2 vol.

Edin. 1850. 8° BRYDGES (Sir 8. E.) Bart. Memoirs of the Peers of England during the Reign of James I. Vol. 1.

London, 1802. 8° No more published. BRYENNIUS (N.) Commentarii. Recognovit A. Meineke. Gr. and Lat. [Byzantine History.]

Bonne, 1836. 8° BUCHANAN (J.) Faith in God and Modern Atheism compared. 2 vol.

Edin, 1855. 8° BUCHANAN (R.) Ten Years' Conflict: History of the disruption of the Church of Scotland. 2 vol.

Glasgow, 1849.8° BUCHON (J. A. c.) Choix de Chroniques et Mémoires sur l'histoire de

France; avec notices par Buchon. See PANTHÉON LITTÉRAIRE,

Chroniques et Mémoires. BUCK (c.) Theological Dictionary. New edition, by E. Henderson.

London, 1841. 8° BUCKE (c.) Life of John, Duke of Marlborough. Family Library.]

London, 1839. 18° Ruins of Ancient Cities. 2 vol. (Family Library.]

London, 1840. 18° BUCKINGHAM (L. A.) The Bible in the Middle Ages. Lond. 1853. 8° BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Post Office Directory. See Post OFFICE DIRECTORIES.


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