A Manual of Classical Bibliography: Comprising a Copious Detail of the Various Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics, and of the Critical and Philological Works Published in Illustration of Them, with an Account of the Principal Translations, Into English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Etc, Volume 2

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Page 54 - A Poetical Translation of the Works of Horace, with the original text, and critical Notes collected from his best latin and french Commentators, by the Rev.
Page 260 - English fustian, for the consolation of those who had rather Laugh and be Merry than be Merry and Wise, vellum, 8vo.
Page 436 - REMARKS on the life and writings of Plato. With answers to the principal objections against him ; and a general view of his dialogues.
Page 59 - The Lyric Works of Horace, translated into English verse : to which are added, a number of original Poems, by a Native of America.* This was John Parke, of whom we luaru from Mr.
Page 432 - Morgan's Investigation of the Trinity of Plato, and of Philo Judaeus, and of the effects which an attachment to their writings had upon the principles and reasonings of the Fathers of the Christian Church. Revised by HA HOLDEN, LL.D. Head Master of Ipswich School, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Crown Octavo.
Page 204 - The Orator : Handling a hundred severall Discourses, in forme of Declamations : Some of the Arguments being drawne from Titus Livius and other ancient Writers, the rest of the authors owne invention : Part of which are of matters happened in our Age. Written in French by Alexander Silvayn, and Englished by LP [Lazarus Piot, a nom de guerre of Anthony Munday's] London.
Page 201 - MD ; in his Lives and Characters of the most eminent Writers of the Scotch Nation.
Page 670 - Andria the first Comoedie of Terence, in English. A Furtherance for the Attainment vnto the right Knowledge, and true Proprietie, of the Latin Tong, and also a commodious Meane of Help, to sued as baue forgotten Latin, for their speedy recouering of Habilttie, to vuderstand, write and speake the same.
Page 240 - BLOUNT : I purpose to be blunt with you, and, out of my dulness, to encounter you with a Dedication in the memory of that pure elemental wit, Chr. Marlowe, whose ghost or genius is to be seen walk the Churchyard in, at the least, three or four sheets. Methinks you should presently look wild now, and grow humorously frantic upon the taste of it. Well, lest you should, let me tell you, this spirit was sometime...
Page 166 - The Satires of Juvenal, translated into English Verse; with a correct Copy of the original Latin on the opposite page ; cleared of all the most exceptionable Passages, and illustrated with marginal Notes from the best Commentators. Also, Dr. Brewster'a Persius, with the Original...

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