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it best, after consultation on the subject, not to desert our Churches for the sake of a few ceremonies, and those not unlawful in themselves, especially since the pure doctrine of the Gospel remained in all its integrity and freedom." See also Strype's Grindal, 243-251; also the State of the Church of England as described by Percival Wiburn in the Archives of Zurich.


(See vol. ii. p. 464.)



LACES of meeting for religious worship in England

and Wales have been certified to the Registrar-General on behalf of persons described as follows :Advent Christians, The Christian Believers. Advents, The

Christian Brethren. Anglican Church.

Christian Disciples. Apostolics.

Christian Eliasites. Arminian New Society. Christian Israelites. Baptists.

Christian Mission. Baptized Believers.

Christian Teetotalers. Believers in Christ.

Christian Temperance Men. Believers in the Divine Visita- Christian Unionists.

tion of Joanna Southcote, Church of Scotland.

Prophetess of Exeter. Church of Christ. Believers meeting in the name Church of the People.

of the Lord Jesus Christ. Church of Progress. Benevolent Methodists.

Congregational Baptists. Bible Christians.

Congregational Temperance Bible Defence Association, Free Church. Brethren.

Countess of Huntingdon's ConCalvinistic Baptists.

nexion. Calvinists and Welsh Calvin- Covenanters. ists.

Coventry Mission Band, Catholic Apostolic Church. Danish Lutherans. Christadelphians.

Dependents. Christians owning no name Disciples in Christ. but the Lord Jesus.

Disciples of Jesus Christ. Christians who object to be Eastern Orthodox Greek otherwise designated.



Independent Church of EngEpiscopalian Dissenters.

land. Evangelical Free Church.

Independent Methodists. Evangelical Mission.

Independent Religious ReEvangelical Unionists.

formers. Followers of the Lord Jesus Independent Unionists. Christ.

Inghamites. Free CatholicChristian Church. Israelites. Free Christian Association.

Jews. Free Christians.

Latter Day Saints. Free Church.

Free Church (Episcopal).

Methodist Reform Union.
Free Church of England. Missionaries.
Free Evangelical Christians. Modern Methodists.
Free Grace Gospel Chris- Moravians.

Free Gospel and Christian Newcastle Sailors' Society.

New Church,
Free Gospel Church.

New Connexion General BapFree Gospellers.

tists. Free Methodists.

New Connexion Wesleyans. Free Union Church.

New Hebrew Congregation. General Baptists.

New Jerusalem Church. General Baptist New Con- New Methodists. nexion.

Old Baptists. German Evangelical Com. Open Baptists. munity.

Open Brethren. German Lutherans.

Order of St. Austin. German Roman Catholics. Orthodox Eastern Church. German Wesleyans.

Particular Baptists. Glassites.

Peculiar People. Glory Band.

Plymouth Brethren. Greek Catholic.

Polish Society. Halifax Psychological Society. Portsmouth Mission. Hallelujah Band.

Presbyterian Church in Eng. Hope Mission.

land. Humanitarians.

Presbyterian Church of EngIndependents.

land. JI.


Presbyterian Baptists.

Spiritualists. Primitive Congregation. Strict Baptists. Primitive Free Church. Swedenborgians. Primitive Methodists.

Temperance Methodists. Progressionists.

Testimony Congregational Protestant Members of the Church. Church of England.

Theistic Church, Protestants adhering to Articles Trinitarians.

I to 18, but rejecting Ritual. Union Baptists. Protestant Trinitarians.

Union Churchmen. Protestant Union.

Union Congregationalists. Providence.

Union Free Church. Quakers.

Unionists. Ranters.

Unitarians. Rational Christians,

Unitarian Baptists. Recreative Religionists.

Unitarian Christians. Reformers.

United Brethren or Moravians. Reformed Church of England.

United Christian Army. Reformed Episcopal Church. United Christian Church. Reformed Presbyterians United Free Methodist Church. Covenanters.

United Presbyterians. Reform Free Church Wes- | Universal Christians. leyan Methodists.

Unsectarian. Refuge Methodists.

Welsh Calvinistic Methodists. Revivalists.

Welsh Free Presbyterians. Revival Band.

Welsh Wesleyan Methodists. Roman Catholics.

Wesleyans. Salem Society.

Wesleyan Methodist AssociaSalvation Army.

tion. Sandemanians.

Wesleyan Reformers. Scotch Baptists.

Wesleyan Reform Glory Band. Second Advent Brethren. Working Man's Evangelistic Secularists.

Mission Chapels. Separatists (Protestant). Worshippers of God. Seventh Day Baptists.

Young Men's Christian AsSociety of the New Church. sociation. Spiritual Church.

(174 in all.)



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