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I have enjoyed this book immensely. I have studied this book for many years, and use it to teach my students at Romano Scientific here in New York. The book presents Advanced Organic Chemistry in a very clear way. The summary at the end of each chapter is fantastic. Dr. Jim Romano Co- CEO Orgoman, CEO Romano Scientific. 

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For all of those who wanna learn something about organic chemistry, I highly recommand you to have Carey's Advanced organic chemistry. This book, for both part A and part B, is amazing!
As far as I
know, no other graduate level organic chemistry book can cover this much knowledge as this one does. Part A basically covers all the theories you need to know in not only school but also in research! Part B covers all important knowledge about synthesis and reaction. B part is amazing one also but not so amazing as the A part..if you really want to study synthesis, this one is good, at least first two chapters of B part are among the top in all of same level text books( talking about consendation reation with very detailed and carefull discuss, the problems in the end of the chapters are very impressive and valuable!). However, several other chapters in partB are not so good and do not cover enough knowledge you need to know. For example, organometallic chemistry part is not deep enough on theory
what's more, carey's text book is good for you to teach yourself! read the chapters and solve the problems( problems are usually way easier than the reading part..however, some of the problems are extremely worthy doing). You can really learn much more than your classmates!
if you want to be a top student in organic chemistry, again, I highly recommond you to have this book!

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