The Pharmacist, Volume 8

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Chicago College of Pharmacy., 1875 - Pharmacy

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Page 192 - HISTOLOGY AND HISTO-CHEMISTRY OF MAN : A Treatise on the Elements of Composition and Structure of the Human Body, by HEINRICH FREY, Professor of Medicine in Zurich. Translated from the Fourth German Edition by ARTHUR EJ BARKER, Assistant-Surgeon to University College Hospital. And Revised by the Author. 8vo, with 608 Engravings, 21s. [187 HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY: A Treatise designed for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine, by JOHN C.
Page 214 - Alarm'd she trembles at the moving shade ; And feels alive through all her tender form, The whisper'd murmurs of the gathering storm ; Shuts her sweet eyelids to approaching night, , And hails with freshen'd. charms the rising light.
Page 365 - The Book begins with the Preparation of the Medicines for all portions of the body of a patient. I came from Heliopolis with the Great Ones from Het aat the Lords of Protection, the Masters of Eternity and Salvation. I came from Sais with the mother-goddesses who extended to me protection. The Lord of the Universe told me how to free the gods from all murderous diseases.
Page 222 - Alcohol and water, in the proportion of one of the former to three of the latter — a sufficient quantity.
Page 25 - The definition of negligence," says that learned judge, " is the omitting to do something that a reasonable man would do, or the doing something that a reasonable man would not do ; and an action may be brought if thereby mischief is caused to a third party not intentionally.
Page 105 - The presence of various neutral salts in small proportion in the water renders it far more soluble. Up to this time phosphate of sodium seems to have been chiefly used in Germany to render it more soluble in water for medicinal purposes, and it is said that three parts of phosphate of sodium will render one part of the acid easily soluble in fifty parts of water. It is much more soluble in alcohol and ether than in water. It melts at about 125 C.
Page 354 - Paget was the first to call the attention of the medical profession to the following interesting fact, viz., that carbonate of ammonia greatly increases the therapeutic action of iodide of potassium. I have had extensive experience in the treatment of syphilis, and have tried it with the best results, and find that five grains of iodide of potassium, combined with three...
Page 106 - ... ulcerations. To such uses this writer would add the suggestion that for washing out the cavities of the abdomen and chest after those operations which tend so strongly to septicaemia, solutions of salicylic acid would seem to offer very great advantages, should it prove to be as bland and unirritating as it is stated to be, and yet so effective.
Page 93 - If ever a man was justifiable in hiring some one to "cuss," I ought to be allowed to hire a score eloquent in the dialect, and then the subject would not be half ventilated. " Why ? — because you have lost a patient, and thereby a fee?
Page 47 - set me thinking. I took the paper into the kitchen again and waved it around, taking care that no flies touched it, went back to the microscope and there found animalcules, the same as on flies. I had now arrived at something definite ; they were not the progeny of the fly, but animalcules floating in the air ; and the quick motions of the flies gathered them on their bodies, and the flies then went into some quiet corner to have their dainty meal.

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