India, an historical sketch

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The publication date associated with this book (1799) seems to be arising from an error. The date 1799 indicates the date of establishment of the The Religious Tract Society – the publishers.
The error has to be rectified by Google Books.
Sujit Sivanand

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Page 213 - His pursuits are sedentary, his limbs delicate, his movements languid. During many ages he has been trampled upon by men of bolder and more hardy breeds. Courage, independence, veracity, are qualities to which his constitution and his situation are equally unfavourable. His mind bears a singular analogy to his body. It is weak even to helplessness for purposes of
Page 213 - What the Italian is to the Englishman, what the Hindu is to the Italian, what the Bengalee is to other Hindus, that was Nuncomar to other Bengalees. The physical organization of the Bengalee is feeble even to effeminacy. He lives in a constant vapour
Page 17 - AN EVENING WALK IN BENGAL. *' Our task is done; on Gunga's breast The sun is sinking down to rest; And, moor'd beneath the tamarind bough, Our bark has found its harbour now. With furled sail, and painted side, Behold the tiny frigate ride. Upon her deck, 'mid charcoal gleams, The
Page 23 - They kept neither lives nor marriages any longer undefiled, but either one slew another traitorously, or grieved him by adultery, so that there reigned in .all men without exception, blood, manslaughter, theft and dissimulation, corruption, unfaithfulness, tumults, perjury, disquieting of good men, forgetfulness of good turns, defiling of souls, changing of
Page 221 - No Mahratta invasion had ever spread through the province such dismay as this inroad of English lawyers. All the injustice of former oppressors Asiatic and European, appeared as a blessing -when, compared with the justice of the Supreme Court "* The
Page 233 - Even now, after the lapse of more than fifty years, the natives of India still talk of him as the greatest of the English, and nurses sing children to sleep with a jingling ballad about the fleet horses and richlycaparisoned elephants of sahib Warren Hostein.
Page 152 - your mother, was a partner in my illness, and wishes to accompany me in death; but everything has its appointed time. I am going. Whatever good or evil I have done, it was for you. No one has seen the departing of his own soul, but I see that mine is departing.
Page 18 - Will scantly serve to guide our way. Yet mark, as fade the upper skies, Each thicket opes ten thousand eyes. Before, beside us, and above, The fire-fly lights his lamp of love; Retreating, chasing, sinking, soaring, The darkness of the copse exploring
Page 40 - of sacrificing, of alluring others to sacrifice, of giving alms if they be rich, and if indigent of receiving gifts. To defend the people, to sacrifice, to give alms, to read the Vedas, to shun the allurements of sensual gratifications, are in a few words the duties of

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