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are yet never made whole. It im

plores a plentiful stream for the NOTICES.

thirsty, and a guide for the mourn

ing pilgrim It prays for the The Christian Monitor : a relig- generations of men which are

ious periodical work. By a passing away, and for the children society for promoting christian of God who are hastening to the knowledge, priety, and charity. grave. No. 1. Boston. Munroe & Whilst we thas applaud the purFrancis. pp. 190.

pose and spirit of the work, we

dare not give our unqualified apAmong the periodical publica. probation of the present number. tions of the day, there has been The matter is good ; but the manwanung one, which, without regard ner is in numerous instances deto sect, should consult the edifica- fective. The thoughts are impor-tion of christians in general. To tant and striking ; but in the exencourage a work of this sort; we pression and in the style there is learn that a society was formed in an air of negligence and abruptthe course of the year past, which The prayers are often behas presented to the publick its gun and closed as though the auincipient efforts in the little book thor was in haste. Its worth has before us. It consists of exhorta- gratified its friends, and pleased tions, prayers, and meditations the publick ; but its excellence is suited to persons of various con not so conspicuously manifest as ditions in various circumstances. to silence the opposition of its enThe sectary who loves nothing emies, or the clamours of critiwhich does not breathe a spirit of cism. We are satisfactorily inparty will find nothing here either formed that this valuable tract is savoury to his taste or provoking undergoing some desireable ahis malevolence. Equally remote mendments, that it will shortly from bigotry as from enthusiasm appear from the press of Munroe the Christian Monitor, we are told, and Francis in an improved form, numbers among its supporters and and that the Society under whose friends believers of diverse theo- patronage it is published will prological tenets. It has no features ceed with alacrity in their pious of a controversial charaeter. It design.

esigns to strengthen that faith which is the pillar of morals, to brighten that hope which gilds the The poetical works of Richard prospect of futurity, and to ani Savage. With the life of the mate the labours of that love,which author. New-York : Wm. A. is the beginning and end of the Davis. 1805. gospel. It inspires the feeble convert with courage, and pours grace

Perhaps no poet of equal prefrom its lips into the ear of peni- tensions is so little read as Richard tence, It especially calls the Savage : many remember his misa young to the work of religion in fortunes,but few mention his verses. the morning of life, that they may Why it has so fallen out it is diffibe saved the pangs of a bitter re- cult to say. Pope commended his pentance, and the unavailing tears muse and Johnson pronounced of those who, though they repent, bim a genius, and one would sup


pose the suffrages of such men which are not to be found in the were a sure indication of his dura- original, even by the patriotick ble renown. But, if the Bastard researches of the Portuguese. The be excepted, there is little now minor poems of Camoens now atthat he is recalled by beside the tract admiration and applause, Epigram on Dennis and the Biog- which they never before received. raphy of his Friend. Among the We have not read the originals, wits of his day he was as brilliant and therefore cannot ascertain their and ragged as Apollo could wish, value, but report says, that in Lisand, though his life was irregular, bon those only are highly esteemhis muse

correct. Poored for their simplicity, tenaciousSavage! in the melancholy rec ness, and delicacy, which have for ords of that description of gentle. their subject the beauties of nature, men denominated bards, thy histo or the feelings of love. Lord py is mournfully pre-eminent, and, Strangford's poems, if we may though thy song may be neglect- judge from the Portuguese coup ed, thy errors will be remembered lets, which are interspersed thro’ for a humiliation to genius. the volume, are themselves orig

This edition, enriched withJohn- inal, for they bear no resemblance son's life of the author, is correctly to the pretended architypes. put out of hand, but its typography Grace and elegance are the charis so diminutive, that it appears to acteristicks of these canzons and have issued from the press of the sonnets. They are written by a Pigmies.

nobleman, who, with the polish and ease of a court, has evidently unit

ed the strength and dignity of lit. Poems from the Portuguese of Lues erature. They are on a variety

De Camoens, with remarks on his of subjects, such as are easily suglife, &c. By Lord Viscount gested to a lover, a poet, and a Strangford. I vol. 12mo. Phila- wanderer; and most are composed delphia. Maxwell.

with the ardour of passion, wrought

into refinement, and with the The life of Camoens was a life sentiments of nature, polishof continual hardship and danger ; ed into elegance. The noble yet he was encouraged by the in- lord however frequently offends spiration of the Muses, and he was against purity and delicacy. We often blessed either by the gentle often admire the charms of his smiles or the pensive remembrance love songs, and we often lament of the fairest ladies of his love. that such poetry was written. This Like Ovid he was driven into ex little volume is intended to be read, ile for love, but sonnets and can- during the intervals of other pleazonets cheered and delighted him. sures and pursuits; and when the He was shipwrecked in the East ladies rise from the harpsichord, Indies, but, like Cæsar in Egypt, or return from their walk, they he saved his life by swimming are often attracted by the sonnets with one hand, while with a noble of lord Stangford, which lie on the spirit of literature he bore up his easy sofa or the pleasant parlour « Lusiad” with the other. His window. We know not what reepick poem is known to the En- medy to offer ; for when impropriglish reader by the translation of ety is decorated by the charms of Mickle, who has made us ac- delightful poetry ; when indelicacy quainted with a variety of beauties, of allusion is almost evanescent in

the refinement of elegant phrase- religion by the authority of Cowology ; and, when the criminality per. of passion is superficially conceal These remarks chiefly apply to ed by the fashionable embroidery the poems on love, its operations, or delicate needle work of fancy and analogies. The sonnets on or sentiment, who will regard any other subjects are full of chaste interdiction of perusal ; who will nature and true sentiment. Strangreceive any counsel for discrim ford certainly will receive the sonination ?

net wreath of English poetry from If therefore licentious poetry is the youngest of the Graces. He read, moral poetry must be read has made us a most beautiful prealso ; indelicacy must be manful sent of early leaves and vernal ly opposed by purity ; the conta flowers ; and though the spring gion of Little must be neutralized fly has often corroded the green by Thomson ; and where we are leaf, and the worm lurks in the attracted into false sentiments, vi musk rose, yet purity may throw cious feelings, and impure thoughts these away, and accept only the by the refined fascinations of tender sprigs and new flowers, Strangford, we must be recalled which grow in the valley or by to truth, to sobriety, to virtue, and the running waters.


Sunt bona, sunt quædam mediocría, sunt mala plura.-MART.


and commerce ; with a faccinct account SERMONs on various Subjects, evangeli- of the Indiana, Michigan, and upper and cal, devotional, and practical, adapted to lower Louisiana territories. Likewise the promotion of christian piety, family the populations of those counties, towns, religion, and youthful virtue. By Joseph &c. which have been ascertained by the Lathrop, D. D. pastor of the first church census of 1800. To which is added a in West Springfield. 8vo. pp. 408. description of more than 1000 places, not Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, jun.

noticed in any former geographical work. Rules and Orders of the Court of Embellished with a map of the United Common Pleas, called the Mayor's Court States. By Joseph Scoit, author of the of the City of New York, approved 29th United States Gazetteer, &c.Philadelphia. March, 1806. New York.

Jacob Johnson, 12mo. 1806. I vol. Observations on the impressment of The American Farrier, adapted for American seamen, by the officers of the convenience of the farmer, gentle ships of war, and vessels commissioned maa, and smith, being a fure guide iw by, and acting under the authority of prevent and cure all maladies and difGreat-Britain ; with a few remarks on tempers that are incident to horses of the doctrine of non-exportation. To what kind soever ; and also for the difwhich is added a correct lift of impreff eases incident to cattle. By Augustus ed seamen. By a citizen of Baltimore. Franklin. Fredericktown, Maryland. Baltimore. Dobbin & Murphy.

The celebrated speech of the Hon. A Geographical Dictionary of the John Randolph on the non-importation United States of North America ; con resolution of Mr. Gregg. New York. taining a general description of each state, Riley & Co. 8vo. the population, number of acres, soil, pro

The Juvenile Expofitor, or Sequel of ductions, natural curiosities, &c. ;, a des the common Spelling Book. 12mo. New cription of the rivers, lakes, mineral York, Daniel D. Smith. springs, mountains, manufactures, trade, Massachusetts Militia Laws, published

Vol. III. No. 4. 2D,


under the infpection of the Adjutant that any verse may be readily found by General of the Commonwealth, with the looking for any material word in it. In New Militia Act, pafled March 1806. this part the various significations of the Price 25

Boston. Thomas & principal words are given, by which the Andrews.

true meaning of many paftages of scripA discourse, delivered in the Presby ture is thewn : An account of several terian church in Wall-Street, March 23d, Jewith customs and ceremonies is also 1806, at the request of a fociety of ladies, added, which may ferve to illustrate mainstituted for the benefit of poor widows ny paslages of scripture. 2. The proper with small children. By Rev. Dr. Mille names in the scripture: To this part is doler. New-York.

prefixed a table, containing the significaThe Newport Female Evangelick Mif tion of the words in the original languacellany, No. 1. 8vo. pp. 16. 12 cents. ges from which they are derived. To Newport, Rhode Iand. 1806. Office of which is added a Concordance to the the Newport Mercury.

book called Apocrypha. The whole diA funeral sermon on the death of the gested in an easy and regular method. Honourabie Paul Mumford. By Joshua By Alexander Cruden, M. A. The first Bradley, A. M. pastor of the second Bap- American edition. 8vo.

Boards 8,50; tist church in Newport. Published by Theep 9,50 ; calf 10 dollars. Philadel request Newpori, R I. Farnsworth. phia. Kimber, Conrad, & Co. 1805. 8vo. PIX.46.

The first number of Madoc, a poem, An oration, delivered in the second by Robert Southey. 8vo. pp. 56. fine Baptist church in Newport, on the 4th woven paper. 38 cents. Boston, Mun. of July, A. D. 1805. By Noah Bisbee, roe & Francis. jun. Published at the request of the The Maritime Law of Europe. By author's friends. Newport, R. I. Office M. D. A. Azuni, late senator, &c. of the Newport Mercury. 1805. pp. 42. Translated from the last Paris edition. quarto.

2 volumes 8vo. Price to subscribers 3 A lermon, preached at the funeral of dollars a volume. New York, Isaac Mr. Aodiel Loonis. By Moses Warren,

Riley & Co. A. M. of South Wilbraham. Springfield, Letters to a Young Lady on a Course H. Brewer.

of English Poetry. By J. Aikin, M. D. A sermon, by Mr. Peter Jay, 8vo. 12mo. pp. 230. Munroe & Francis, BofPp. 23. Boston, E. Lincoln.

ton. Thomas & Whipple, Newburyport.

The Fulfilling of the Scriptures; or an

effay, shewing the exact accomplishment The four first volumes of Plowden's of the word of God in his works perHistorical Review of the State of Ireland. formed and to be performed, for conFirst American edition. 8vo. Piriladel- firming of believers, and convincing phia. McLaughlin & Graves.

atheists of the prefent day. By Rev. The Elements of Fuclid. By Robert

Robert Fleming, pastor of a church in Simpson, M. D. Emeritus Profeflor of

Rotterdam. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 394.Mathematicks in the Univerfity of Glas. Charlestown, Samuel Etheridge. gow.

Svo. Price 2,50. Philadelphia, The Principles of Religion, as profesMatthew Carey.

ed by the society of Christians, usually The 5th vol. of East's Reports. Bal called Quakers; written for the instructimore, Peter Byrne.

tion of their youth, and for the informaAxronomy explained upon Sir Jsaac tion of strangers. By Henry Tuke. Newton s principles, and made easy to From the London copy, with corrections those who have not studied mathematicks, and additions by the author. New York, &c. &c. By James Ferguson, F. R. S. 12mo. pp. 150. Collins & Co. 3 dols. 8vo. Price 3,50. Philadelphia, Mat Leslie's fhort and easy Method with thew Carey.

the Deists, hy which the certainty of the A complete Concordance to the Holy christian religion is explained by'infalliScriptures of the Old and New Testa. ble proof from four rules, which are inments : or, a dictionary and alphabetical compatible with any imposture that ever index to the Bible ; very useful to all yet has been, or possibly can be. 12mo. christians who seriously read and study Baltimore, Dobbin & Murphy. the inspired writings. In two parts. A Mort and plain Exposition of the Containing, 1. The appellative, or com Old Testament, with devotional and prac mon words in so full and large a manner tical reflections, for the use of families..







By the late Rev. Job Orton, S. T. D. The ed and last volume of Mrs. Warpublished from the author's manuscripts. ren's History of the Ancrican RevoluBy R. Gentleman. Worcester. Thomas, tion. 8vo, Loftun, Eben. I arkin. jun. 6 vols. 8vo.

Paley's Philofophy. 8vo. Balon, Orton's Expofition of the Old Testa. Joba Weft. ment. 6 vols. 8vo. Bolton, Etheridge Burder's Village Sermons. 12mo. & Bliss.

Boston. E. Lincoln. Thoughts on the Trinity, by George

No. II. of the Christian Monitor. 12mo. Isaac Huntingford, D.D., É. R.'S.

Boston, Munroe & Francis, 25 cts. Boston, Enlign Lincoln.

Mrs. Chapone's Letters on the im, Fables for the Ladies, by Edward provement of the Human Mind, addres. Moore. To which are added, Fables of fed to a young lady. 12mo. Fortland, Flora, by Langhorne. 12mo. Haver. Daniel Johnson. hill. F. Gould.

Pope's Homer's Iliad. 2 vols. 18mo. The New Univerfal Letter Writer Botton. Edw. Corton. containing letters on every useful sub The Poems of Ollan, transated by ject. To which are added, Rochefou Macpherson into Englith verle. 2 vols. cault's moral Maxims and Reflections, and with plates. New York. a very copious and valuable English Life of Bonaparte to the batile of AusDictionary. By the Rev. Thomas Cooke, terlitz, an original composition. BaltiA. M. I vol. 12mo. Idol. fine woven more, Warner & Hanna. paper. S. Etheridge, Charlestown, and Thomas & Whipple, Newburyport.

The English Nun, or the Sorrows of Edward and Louisa, a novel. New-York. Two Treatiscs of Government. By

Human Prudence ; or the art by John Locke. In the former treatise the which a man or woman may be advanc- false principles of Sir R. Filmer and his ed to fortune, to permanent honour, and followers, in support of the divine right to real grandeur. Adapted to the gen- of kings, are detected and overthrown. ius of the citizens, and designed for the The latter is an essay concerning the true use of schools in the United States, original extent and end of civil governFirst American from the 8th London ment. Ornamented with a likeness of edition. With many corrections, tralla the author. 8vo. pp. 400. To subscritions, and additions. By Herman Mann, bers, bound, 2,25. Salem, Barụard B. 12mo. 75 cents bound. Dedham Her- Maccanulty. man Mann. 1806.

The Works of that celebrated orator Memoirs of the Life of Lord Nelson. and statesman, the Right Honourable To which is prefixed an engraved fron- Edmund Burke. From the latest Lontispiece, representing the battle of Tra. don edition. 8vo. 4 vols. pp. 500 each. falgar. 12mo. pp. 46. Bolton, W.Norman. Price 2 dols. a volume, in boards. Bos.

ton. John West and Oliver C. Greenleaf.

The Sacred Mirror, or Coinpendious Ferguson's Lectures. 2 yols. of letter View of Scripture Hisory. Containing press 8vo. and 1 of plates 4to. Phila a faithful narration of all the principal delphia, Matthew Carey,

events recorded in the Old and New The 5th and last vol. of Plowden's Testaments, from the creation of the Historical Review of the State of Ireland. world to the death of St. Paul. With a 8vo. woven paper. Philadelphia. Mc continuation from that period to the Laughlin & Graves.

final destruction of Jerusalem by the Roa Professor Smith's Latin Grammar. mans. Designed for the mental improve. 12mo. Boston, John West.

ment of youth, and particularly adapted Simpson's Algebra. Philadelphia, to the use of schools. By Rev. Thomas Matthew Carey.

Smith, author of the Universal Atlas, East's Crown Law. 2 vols. Balti &c. &c. To which will be added, a comore. Peter Byrne.

pious index, not contained in the EnSaunders's Reports, with notes by Ser- glish edition. 12mo. pp. 300. Price to geant Williams. 2 vols. Baltimore, subscribers 1 dollar bound. Boston, S. Peter Byrne.

H. Parker. Underwood on the diseases of chil. The Trial of Virtue, a sacred poem : dren. 8vo. Boston, David West. being a paraphrase of the whole book of

Chaptall's Chemistry. 8vo. Boston, Job, and designed as an explanatory Thomas & Andrews.

comment upon the divine original. In


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