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Education in Germany and France, Statistics of, 257
Educational Exhibition in Dresden, 591

Edward's Butterflies of North America, 257

Eel, the Reproduction of the, Prof. A. S. Packard, Jun., 174
Egg-Hatching in Egypt, 582

Eichler (Dr. A. W.), "Blüthendiagramme," 70
Eichwald (Prof.), his Palæontological Collection, 231
Eighty-Ton Gun, the last Experiments with, 148
Elasmotherium, the, 448

Electric Currents, Dr. C. W. Siemens on Measuring and Regu-
lating, 330, 427

Electric Light: the Werdermann, 16, 37, 44, 491; Edison's
Invention, 44, 60, 130, 517, 532; the Electro-Dynamic
Light Company's Method, 44; William Trant on the Divisi-
bility of the, 52; at Liverpool, 60, 107, 232; Divisi.
bility of the, John Bridge, 73; Henry Wilde on Im-
proved Methods of Producing and Regulating the, 78, 152;
Edison's Invention for Measuring the Electric Current, 107;
and Dynamic Electricity, 131; in Paris, 130; and Measuring
the Height of Clouds, 148; on the Holborn Viaduct, 159,
492; J. Hopkinson on the, 174; Experiments at Havre, 181;
Mr. Louis Schwendler's Experiments on, 230; W. H. Preece
on, 242; at Liverpool Street Station, 255; on German River
Steamboats, 256; Gas versus Electricity, 261; Report of the
Paris Municipal Council, 280; Early Experiments in, Thos.
Stevenson, 302, H. J. Nicoll on, 340; at San Francisco, 351;
Mr. Shoolbred on, 379; at the British Museum, 395, 423;
the Select Committee of the House of Commons on, 491; for
War Purposes, 544; at the Albert Hall, 560
Electric Spark Pen, a New, 60
Electrical Observations at Montsouris Observatory, 207
Electrical Phenomenon on Sheldon Bridge, 182; on Mount Rosa,
220; Dr. Marshall Hall, 315

Electricity: Thermal Phenomena Produced by the Passage of,
through Rarefied Gases, Naccari and Bellati, 21; Dr. Mac.
farlane on the Disruptive Discharge of, 184; Atmospheric,
G. M. Whipple, 220; of the Torpedo, Dr. François Franck,
295, 320; Early Experiments in, Thos. Stevenson, 302; a
New Relation between Electricity and Light, J. E. H. Gor-
don, 402; and Water-Drops, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 486;
Animal, Dr. L. Hermann on, 561
Electromagnetic Rotation of the Plane of Polarisation in a
Vapour, 519

Electromagnetic Theory of the Reflection and Refraction of
Light, G. F. Fitzgerald, 282
Electrometer, Thomson, 560

Elements, on the Compound Nature of the, J. Norman Lockyer,
F.R.S., 157, 197, 225

Elephant: Indian, Anatomy of the, L. C. Miall and F. Green-
wood, 383; Intelligence in an, 385

Elephant, African, the Utilisation of the, 99, 516; Sir J.
Fayrer, 54

Ellis (Alex. J.), the Ancient Pitch of Organs, 171
Encyclopædia of Natural Science, New German, 376
Endowments, Medical, at Oxford, 20

Energy and Force, 315; Robert H. Smith, 194, 217, 249
Engelmann (Wilhelm), Sketch of, 473

Engineering Research, 324

Engraving by an Electric Spark Pen, 60

Entomological Society, 90, 235, 307, 403, 476, 595
Entomology in America, 309

Equations, Petersen's Theorie der algebraischen Gleich-

ungen," 3

Equine Sagacity, M. Carey-Hobson, 147
Erck (Dr.), New Bichromate of Potash Battery, 331
Erlangen: Degrees of the University of, Dr. E. Lommel, 267;
Sitzungsberichte der physikalisch-medicinischen Societät zu,


Etna: Mount, the Eruption of Mud from, 300; G. F. Rodwell,
480, 557

Everett's Cave-Research in Borneo, 352

Everett (Prof. J. D.), Tides in the Bay of Fundy, 458
Exhibition, Industrial Science, at Paris, 18
Eyes, concerning the Colour of, 340

"Fairy-Land of Science," Arabella Buckley, 265
Farming in Japan, 86

Faraday Lecture, Prof. Wurtz's, 62
Farler (Rev. J. P.), on Usambara, 76

Favre (Prof. Alphonse), on the Formation of Mountains, 103
Fawsitt (Chas. A.), Strange Properties of Matter, 98
Faye's Comet, 469

Fayrer (Sir J., F.R.S.), the Size of the Tiger, 9; the Utilisa-
tion of the African Elephant, 54
Female University Education, 353

Ferlo, Senegambia, Proposed Exploration of, 491
Fertilisation of Flowers, Gevaert's Work on, 506
Fiji Islands, 492

Finck (Henry T.), Intellect in Brutes, 340

Finsch (Dr.), Expedition to the Polynesian Seas, 44, 373
Fire-Damp, Royal Commission on, 375

Firth of Clyde, Mollusca of, Alfred Broun, 217
Fisher (Rev. O.), the Formation of Mountains, 172, 266, 339
Fisheries of the United States, 429, 460

Fishes: Singular Fatality to, 86; Prof. E. Perceval Wright on
Fishes' Heads, 149; Intelligence of, 160; New Asiatic, 245,
389; the Food of, S. A. Forbes, 319; U.S. Fish Commission
on, 390

Fitzgerald (G. F.), Electromagnetic Theory of the Reflection
and Refraction of Light, 282
Flame, the Bunsen, a Sensitive Flame, W. W. Haldare Gee,
Flammarion (M.) on the Lunar Observation, 181; on Double
Stars, 216


Flint Implement Workshop, Discovery of a Prehistoric, 351
Florence, the Expedition of the, 15, 43, 123

Flower (Prof. W. H., F.R.S.) elected President of the Zoolo-
gical Society, 349; his Lectures at the College of Surgeons,

Flowers and their Unbidden Guests," Kerner's, A¡ W. Ben-
nett, 214

Flowers, Hulme's Familiar Wild, 94

Flowers in the Carboniferous Epoch, R. MeLachlan, F.R.S.,
554; A. R. Wallace, 582
Fluorescing Substances, 493

Fly River, D'Albertis's Expedition up, 43
Fonvielle (Wilfrid de), "Comment le font les Miracles en
dehors de l'Eglise,” 287

Forbes (Henry O.), Termites kept in Captivity by Ants, 4
Forbes (S. A.), the Food of Fishes, 319

Forbes (W. A.), the Glacial Period and Geographical Distribu-
tion, 363

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Fundy, Tides at, Dr. Samuel Haughton, F.R.S., 432: Prof. Glass, Electric Perforation of, 592
J. D. Everett, 458

Furniss (James J.), Intellect in Brutes, 385

[blocks in formation]

Gauss, the Statue to, 350, 544

Gaussius' Warning Regarding the Sluggishness of Ships' Mag.
netism, Sir Wm. Thomson, F.R.S., 127

Geikie (Prof. Arch., F.R.S.), Smiles' "Life of Robert Dick,"
189; American Surveys and Explorations, 213; Geographical
Evolution, 490


Geissler (Dr. Heinrich), Death of, 350; Obituary Notice of, 372
Geneva Observatory, New Instrument for the, 59
Geneva: High Level Attained by the Lake of, 351; the Lake-
Dwellings at, 445; Society of Physics and Natural History,
523, 548

Genoa (Duke of), Exploring Expedition, 471
Geodesy, 505

Geoghegan (Edward), Intellect in Brutes, 268
Geography: Geographical Notes, 15, 43, 76, 99, 123, 156, 180,
204, 222, 246, 270, 297, 323, 348, 372, 394, 421, 438, 470,
490, 515, 542, 556, 583; Geographical Distribution of Ani-
mals, Dr. A. Wilson's Handbook and Map of, 30; Geogra-
phical Magazine, Death of the, 99; New French Work on
Universal, 180; Berlin Geographical Society, 271, 324; Geo-
graphical Distribution and the Glacial Period, W. A. Forbes,
363; Geographical Professorships, Memorial of the Royal
Geographical Society, 421; Proposed Society of Commercial
Geography, 421; Geographical Evolution, Prof. A. Geikie,
F.R.S., 490; Geographical Society, see Royal
Geology Geological Survey of the United States, 15; Geolo-
gical Climate and Geological Time, William Davies, 33;
Ramsay's Manual of British Geology, 69; Geological Society,
91, 187, 210, 282, 356, 426, 451, 522, 571, 595; Medals, &c.,
of, 445; Reports of the U.S. Geological Survey, 130; Ame-
rican Surveys and Explorations, Prof. Arch. Geikie, F.R.S.,
213; Macfarlane's American Geological Railway Guide, 287;
G. St. Kinahan's "Geology of Ireland," 382
"Géometrie Cinématique," M. Mannheim's Proposed Work on,


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Geophilus, E. Metschnikoff's Researches on, 342
Germany Geological Map of, 85; Peat Fuel in, 160; Dr. E.
Lommel on German Degrees, 267; Report of the Forest
Meteorological Stations, 419

Gevaert's Work on the Fertilisation of Flowers, 506
Gibbs (John), First Catechism of Botany, 28

Gibson (Geo. A.) Glaciation of the Italian Lakes, 173
Giffard's Captive Balloon, 46, 423, 493, 517, 560
Gigantic Land Tortoises, Alexis A. Julian, 30; Dr. Jeffries
Wyman, 31

Giglioli (Dr. H. Hillyer), Colour-Variation in Lizards-Corsican
Herpetology, 97

Gill (David) appointed Astronomer at the Cape, 388

Gill (Mrs.), "Ascension," 240

Gladstone (Dr., F.R.S.), Science Teaching in Elementary

Schools, 181; Blue Flame from Common Salt, 582
Glaisher (J. W. L.), Circulating Decimals, 208
Glasgow Industrial Museum, 518

Glass Fibre, Dr. Hopkinson on, F.R.S., on the Torsional Strain
which remains in a, after Release from Twisting Stress, 187,

Glass, Toughened, G. C. Druce, 5
Globular Lightning, Charlotte Hare, 5
Goebel on Sprouting in Isoetes, 319
Gold-Leads of Nova Scotia, 523

Goodrich (C. F.), Internal Kesistance, 339

Goose, a Carnivorous, Duke of Argyll, 554
Gordon (J. E. H.), a new Relation between Electricity and
Light, 402

Gore (Dr. G., F.R.S.), the Art of Scientific Discovery, G. F.
Rodwell, 285

Gotha, Cremation at, 232

Göttingen Academy of Sciences, 356, 596

"Graham Lecture and Medal, John Mayer, 254; W. C.
Roberts, F.R.S., on Molecular Mobility, 291

Granite, Graphic, Frank Johnson, 122

Graphite, Discovery of, at Wellington, New Zealand, 300
Grasses, Colonial, as Paper-making Materials, 132
Gray (Prof. Asa) on Forest Geography, 327
Green (W. S.), Electrical Phenomenon, 220
Greenland, Exploration of, 556

Ground, Dry, the Gas Absorption of, 544
Grunow on the Algae of the Caspian Sea, 319
Gruss (Dr.), the Physical Nature of the Sun, 424
Guano in New Caledonia, 423

Guiana, British, Preservation of Birds in, 301; the Indians of,

Guiana, French, Dr. Jules Crevaux's Exploration of, 298, 395
Gulf of Mexico, Dredging Operations, 389
Gulf-Weed, a Means of Migration for Fishes and Marine Inver-
tebrates, J. M. Jones, 363

Guns: the last Experiment with the Eighty-ton, 148; Our Big
Guns, 294; Moving of Heavy Ordnance, 373; the Thun-
derer Explosion, 333, 414

Gurney (H. P.), "Crystallography," 171

Guthrie (Fredk. F.R.S.), "Physics," 311, 384; Vibration of
Metal Rods, 331

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Haughton (Dr. Samuel, F.R.S.), the Tides at Chepstow and
Fundy, 432

Hayden (Prof. F. V.), Geological Survey of the United States,
15; Vote of Thanks to, by the Colorado Legislature, 350;
Health Statistics, 108

Heath (Dr. Edwin R.), Expedition in South America, 394
Heddle (Prof.) receives the Keith Medal of the Royal Society of
Edinburgh, 346

Glacial Period and Geographical Distribution, W. A. Forbes, Hekla, on the Lavas of, and on the Sublimations Produced
during the Eruption of February 27, 1878, G. F. Rodwell,

Glaciation of the Italian Lakes, Geo. A. Gibson, 173

Harkness (Prof.), Memorial to, 44

Harmer (John), Ear Affection, 365

Harmonium, on the Determination of Absolute Pitch by the,
Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 275

Hartog (Dr. Marcus G.), Eichler's "Blüthendiagramme,” 70
Harvard University, Library Bulletin of, 517
Harvey, the Remains of, 85

Heliostat, the, H. Baden Pritchard, 508

Heliotropism in Plants, Herr Wiesner on, 161

Helmholtz (Prof. H., F.R.S.), Lord Rayleigh's "Theory of
Sound," Vol. II., 117

Hennessy (H., F.R.S.), the Figure of the Planet Mars, 31
Henslow (Rev. George), Intellect in Brutes, 385, 433
Hereditary Transmission, E. L. Layard, 197

Isomorphism, Prof. Hermann Kopp on, 387
Istituto Reale Veneto, Prizes of the, 376
Isvestia of the Russian Geographical Society, 247, 270

Hermann (Dr. L.), the Results of Recent Researches in Animal Italy: Italian African Expedition, 78.; Glaciation of the Italian

Electricity, 561

Lakes, Geo. A. Gibson, 173; Chemico-Agricultural Station

in, 390; Mathematics in, 407; Phylloxera in, 375, 408

Humboldt's Monument, Unveiling of the, 3007

"Hume," Prof. Huxley's, Prof. J. Veitch, 453
Huth (Alfred H.), Sense of Temperature, 582
Huxley (Prof.), "Hume," Prof. J. Veitch, 453
Hyaline Cartilage, Dr. George Thin on, 307
Hydrogenium, Prof. Dewar on the Physical Contents of, 163
Hygiene, Parkes Museum of, 107

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Ice Pearls, J. Shaw, 508

Illumination in Spectroscopy, Piazzi Smyth, 400, 458
"Index Medicus," Drs. Billings and Fletcher, 431
India: Floods in Ferozepore, 131; Marine Surveys of the
Coasts of, 298; Botanic Garden for, 375; Indian Meteorology,
269, 293; Indian Antiquary, 584

Indians: the, of British Guiana, 394; North American, Casts
of the Heads of, 544

Indo-Oceanic Races, 258

Ingleby (Dr. C. M.), Shakespeare's Colour-Names, 244; Leibnitz

and the Royal Society, 267, 364

Insects: in Tertiary Rocks, 246; Petzold's Method of Preserving,
301; Observations of Injurious, Miss E. A. Omerod, 492;
the Early Types of, 584

Institute of Naval Architects, 530

Institution of. Civil Engineers, 350, 356, 547

Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 324, 473

Intellect in Brutes, 409, 458, 481, 496, 519; Edw. Geoghegan,
268; Walter Severn, 291; H. T. Finck, 340; Arthur Nicols,
365, 409, 433; Rev. George Henslow, 385, 433; James J.
Furniss, 385; W. P. Buchan, 409, 459; Henry Muirhead,
409, 459; Dr. John Rae, 409, 459; C. W. Strickland, 410;
E. H. Pringle, 459; Maurice Belsham, 459; R. M. Middle-
ton, 459

Internal Resistance, C. F. Goodrich, 339
Intra-Mercurial Planet Question, 260, 347, 437; Prof. Lewis
Swift, 96

Ipswich, Science Lectures at, 544

Ireland: Geology of, G. St. Kinahan, 382; Irish Bog Oak, W.
F. Sinclair, 74

Joseph II. Adit, 509

Howe Sound, Discovery of Copper at, 279

Journal de Physique, 88, 235, 401, 521

Howgate (Capt.), Proposed Arctic Colony, 18

Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, 87

Huggins (Dr. Wm., F.R.S.), the Spectrum of Brorsen's Comet, Journal of the Franklin Institute, 67, 234, 306, 354, 594

Journal of the Russian Chemical and Physical Societies of St.
Petersburg, 23

Jenkins (B. G.), Vulcan and Bode's Law, 74; Cape Diamonds,

Jenkins (H. L.), Utilisation of the African Elephant, 99
Jevons (Prof. W. Stanley, F.R.S.), Commercial Crises and
Sun-Spots, 33, 588; Sun-Spots and the Plague, 338
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Report of, 66
Johnson (Frank), Graphic Granite, 122
Johnson's Patentee's Manual, 362

Johnston (Keith), Expedition to Africa, 43, 204

Jones (Alfred S.), Sewerage and Drainage, 53; Absorption of
Water by the Leaves of Plants, 244

Laboratory, Zoological, Prof. Alex. Agassiz, 317
Lactin, Dr. Mills' Researches on, 330

Ladein (Joseph), Tour through Central Africa, 349
Lake Constance, Examination of, 85

Lake-Dwellings Objects from Neufchâtel, 17; Discovery of

on Lake Bienne, 61; of the Lake of Geneva, 445; of the
Pfohrener Ried, 445

Lakes Glaciation of the Italian, Geo. A. Gibson, 173; the
Freezing of, J. Y. Buchanan, 383, 412, 433

Lalande's Stars, 99

Lancashire, Science in, 322

Lankester (Prof. E. Ray, F.R.S.), Research under Difficulties,
342; Moseley's Naturalist on the Challenger, 415
Lanthanum, Cerium, and Didymium, Prof. Cossa on the Occur-
rence of, 424

Latham (Baldwin), "Sanitary Engineering," I-
Laughton (J. K.), on Air Temperature, its Distribution and
Range, 177

Lavas of the Glyder Fawr, North Wales, 522
Lavoisier's Chemical Apparatus, 591

Lawes (Rev. W. G.), on Indo-Oceanic Races, 258

Layard (Consul E. L.), Time and Longitude, 197; Hereditary
Transmission, 197; Transportation of Seeds, 527; Rayons du
Crépuscule, 527

Leaf Sheaths and the Growth of Plants, John Munro, 147
Leaves of Plants, Absorption of Water by, 75, 183; Alfred S..
Jones, 244; Chemical Composition of, 90
Leben, das, Prof. Philipp Spiller, 384

Leeds, the Exhibition by the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union, 232
Legge (Capt. W. Vincent), "Birds of Ceylon," R. Bowdler
Sharpe, 505
Lehmann (Dr. R.), Ueber ehemalige Strandlinien in anstehen-
dem Fels in Norwegen, 578

Leibnitz's Mathematics, A. B. Nelson, 196; James Bottomley,
267; Dr. C. M. Ingleby, 267, 364; Prof. P. G. Tait, 288,
384; Thomas Muir, 482

Leighton's Lichen-Flora of Great Britain, &c., 376

Leipzig, Aquarium at, 45
"Leisure-Time Studies," Dr. A. Wilson, 286-

Letts's Diaries, &c., 181

Leverrier's Great Refracting Telescope, 109
Lewes (George Henry), Obituary Notice of, 106

Ley (Annie), Rayons du Crépuscule, 54

Ley (Rev. W. Clement), Clouds and Weather Signs, 178; In-
clination of the Axes of Cyclones and Anticyclones, 275
Liberty of Science and of Teaching, Prof. Ernst Haeckel on,
113, 135

Library Bulletin of Harvard University, 517
Liesegang (Dr. Paul E.), Manual of the Carbon Process of
Photography, 362

Life and Habit, Samuel Butler, 477

Life in the Universe and the Tendency to Temperature Equi-
librium, S. Tolver Preston, 460

Light and Electricity, a New Relation between, J. E. H.
Gordon, 402

Light on Organic Infusions, Note on the Influence exercised by,
Prof. Tyndall, F.R.S., 210

Light, the Electromagnetic Theory of the Reflection and Refrac
tion of, G. F. Fitzgerald,, 282

Light, the Motion of a Luminous Source as a Test of the Un-
dulatory Theory of Light, S. Tolver Preston, 178
Lighthouses in France, 517

Lighthouses, on the Vertical Distribution of the Light from,
placed at High Elevations above the Sea-Level, T. Stevenson,


Lightning Conductors, the Earth Connection of, 475.
Lightning, Globular, Charlotte Hare, 5,; the Spectrum of, Dr.
A. Schuster, 427,
Limestones, the Structure and Origin of, H. C. Sorby, F.R.S.,

Linear Equations, on a Machine for the Solution of Simul-
taneous, Sir Wm. Thomson, F.R.S., 161

Linnean Society, 67,.90, 162, 235, 355, 378, 426, 476, 499, 570
Littrow (Karl von), Medal of, 256

Liveing and Dewar (Professors), Studies in Spectrum Analysis,

Liverpool, Proposed New College at, 46

Lizards, Colour-Variation in, Alfred R. Wallace, 4; Prof. Leith
Adams, 53; J. Wood-Mason, 53; Dr. H. Hillyer Giglioli,
97; F. Herbert Carpenter, 122

Llanos of Venezuela, Dr. Carl Sachs's Work on, 456
Local Societies, the Association of, J. Clifton Ward, 165.
Lockwood (E.), "Natural History, Sport, and Travel," 337
Lockyer (J. Norman, F.R.S.), on the Compound Nature of the
Elements, 157, 197, 225; Preliminary, Note on the Substances
which produce the Chromospheric Lines, 292.
Locomotion: a Study in, Prof. Marey, 438, 464, 488;. Photo-
graphy of Animals in Motion, 517

[blocks in formation]

Mars and Saturn, the Conjunction of, 154

Mars, the Figure of the Planet, H. Hennessy, F.R.S., 31
Marshall (A. Milnes) on the Olfactory Nerve and Organ of
Vertebrates, 401


Marshall (Prof. J.), Pechar's "Coal and Iron," 336
Marston (R. B.), "Translation of Liesegang's "Manual of the
Carbon Process of Photography," 362
Marsupials of Australia, Henry Weld Blundell, 528
Mathematics at Cambridge, 22, 49, 87, 497; Mathematical
Society, 89, 162, 260, 378, 475, 570; Proceedings of, 527;
Mathematical Drawing Instruments, 128; Spanish and Italian
Journals of, 407; Mathematical Visitor, 592

Matter in the Gaseous State, the Constitution of, Prof. Wurtz on,
62; Dimensional Properties of, Prof. Osborne Reynolds,
F.R.S., 435

Matter, Strange Properties of, Chas. A. Fawsitt, 98
Mauritius Meteorology in, 17; the Museum of the Society of
Arts and Sciences, 279

Maxwell (Prof. Clerk, F.R.S.), "Paradoxical Philosophy,"
141; Guthrie's "Physics," 311; Verses on his Review of
Guthrie's "Physics," 384

Mayer (John), the "Graham" Lecture and Medal, 254
Mayer (Dr. Robert Julius), Proposed Monument to, 59, 350
Medical Endowments at Oxford, 20

"Medicinal Plants," Bentley and Trimen's, 109
Medusa, the Locomotor System of, G. J. Romanes, 282
Melbourne Observatory, 204

Meldola (R.), Butterflies with Dissimilar Sexes, 586
Memorie della Società degli Spettroscopisti Italiani, 22
Mercury, Transits of, 73

Mercury and Venus, Relative Brightness of, 23
Meridian, Proposals for a New Initial, 247
Merten, Excavations at, 327

Merv, the Road to, from the Caspian, 271, 297
Metallic Reflexion, Sir John Conroy on, 259
Metallurgy, a New Process in, John Holloway, 410
Metal Rods, Vibration of, Dr. F. Guthrie, F.R.S., on, 331
Metals, the Condensing of, 474

Mimas, the Saturnian Satellite, 42

Mineralogical Magazine, 181

Mineralogical Society, 283

Minor Planets, 14, 420, 437, 532, 556; Ismene, 42; Hilda, 510,


Mira Ceti, 510

Mirror Barometer, L. T. de Bort, 585

Mirror of Japan and its Magic Quality, 186, 539

Missouri Weather Service Report, 420

Meteoric Steel, 61

Meteorites: Relation of, to Comets, Prof. H. A. Newton, 315,
340; Speculations on the Source of, Prof. R. S. Ball, 493
Meteorology: Meteorological Society of Mauritius, 17; Hyde
Clarke on Droughts, 53; Meteorological Society, 91, 210,
307, 403, 523, 595; the Publications of the Washington
Signal Corps Central Office, 159; in Russia, 159;
Meteorological Society Lectures, 177; Grant to the French
Bureau of, 206; a Scottish Mountain Observatory, 237, 255,
279, 342, 445; American Weather, E. D. Archibald, 266;
Meteorological Notes, 269, 419; Indian, 269, 293; Prof.
Loomis on Storms in the United States, 270; Proposed Ob-
servatory on the Top of Ventoux, 270, 423; International
Congress at Rome, 325; Curious Phenomenon in Switzerland,
326; the Russian Repertorium für Meteorologie," 375;
Report of the Forest Meteorological Stations of Germany,
419; Missouri Weather Report, 420; Observations at Pola,
420; Proposed Observatory on Ballon de Servance, 423;
Weather Warnings in Switzerland, 446; Meteorological Office
and Reports on the Weather, 472, 543; Weather Report of
the U.S. Signal Service, 473; Meteorological Organisations,
514; Montsouris Observatory, 560; the International Con-
gress at Rome, 590
Meteors, 131, 396; at Stanislas, Austria, 17; the expected
Meteor Shower, W. F. Denning, 33; the Shower of January
2, W. F. Denning, 221; at Prague, 326; a Meteor with
Short Period of Revolution, 484
Metschnikoff (E.), Researches on Geophilus, 342
Meyer (A. B.), Capt. Cook's Collections, 409; on Herring
Culture, 469; Mittheilungen aus dem k. zoologischen Museum
zu Dresden, 553
Miall (L. C.), "Studies in Comparative Anatomy," I, and II.,

Michigan State Board of Health, Report of, 518
Microphone: New Form of, 60; for Military and Tonometric
Lieut. George S. Clark, 72; as a Receiver,
Blyth, 72; Thos. S. Tait on the, 146; and Volcanic Pheno-
mena, 207; Observations on the, Dr. L. Bleekrode, 221; Dr.
V. A. Julius on the, 266
Microscopy: The American Quarterly Microscopical Journal,
145; the Postal Microscopical Society, 301; the Limits of
Microscopic Vision, 332; Microscopical Society, see Royal
Microtelephone, Dr. Julian Ochovowicz, 482
Microthermometer, the, J. B. Hannay, 378

Middleton (R. Morton), Intellect in Brutes, 459; Distribution of Nebula, Missing, 221

the Black Rat, 460
"Midland Naturalist," 131

Migration of Birds, 422; Col. J. F. D. Donnelly, 289; Dr.
Palmén, 433; Prof. A. Newton, F.R.S., 433, 580; Dr.
August Weismann, 433, 579; E. H. Pringle, 481

Mittheilungen aus der zoologischen Station zu Neapel, 2
Molecular Mobility, W. C. Roberts, F.R.S., on, 291
Molecular Pressure, on the Illumination of Lines of, and the
Trajectory of Molecules, Wm. Crookes, F.R.S., 137

Molecular Vibration, 290; Wm. Chappell, 242
Mollusc, the "Digger," 470

Mollusca of the Firth of Clyde, Alfred Brown, 217

Moncel (Comte du), "Le Téléphone, le Microphone, et le
Phonographe," 12, 56
Monckhoven (Dr. Van), End-on Vacuum Tubes in Spectroscopy,

Monghyr, Lockwood's Work on the Natural History of, 337
Montigny (M.), Scintillation of Star:, 233, 326
Montsouris Observatory, 207, 256, 560

Moon: a Question raised by the Observed Absence of an At-
mosphere in the, S. Tolver Preston, 3; Prof. Newcomb's
Researches on the Motions of the, 166; M. Flammarion on
the Observation of the, 181
"Moore's Columbarium," 474

Morphologisches Jahrbuch, 186, 449

Morren's Correspondance Botanique," 108

Morse (Prof. E. S.), on the Traces of an Early Race in Japan,

Moscow: Anthropological Exhibition at, 280, 300, 375; Statistics
of the University of, 378
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