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I. Swinburne: A Critical Study.

Athenæum: "Good judgment, excellent taste, lucidity phrases and passages of rare insight."

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Daily Telegraph: "A charming book, which reveals its author as a man of fine scholarship and taste, and an excellent critic."

II. A Popular History of English Poetry.

MR. ARTHUR WAUGH in the Daily Telegraph: "Mr. Welby's History, begun for beginners, will end by finding itself established as a favourite companion of experts. It has narrative charm, wide textual knowledge, searching and individual critical judgment."

MR. GEORGE SAMPSON in the Bookman: "For practised readers there is no better short survey of this subject. . . . A vigorous and original critic."

III. Arthur Symons: A Critical Study. Daily Telegraph: "An admirable piece of, critical portraiture.'

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Scotsman: "Finely discriminating analysis. a careful and illuminating piece of criticism." Manchester Guardian: "Mr. Welby does succeed in disentangling from the prose and poetry a consistent and living personality.'

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Printed in Great Britain by The Whitefriars Press, Ltd., London and Tonbridge.


THIS Anthology owes its general character to one who, during the last weeks of her life with me, would put aside her sufferings to discuss its making. She was no very frequent reader of printed poetry; but her response to the whole poetical element in the world was instant and eager, her sense of style in life infallible and exquisite. She was of those women who, guarding and constantly exemplifying the poetry of life, make possible the poetry in books. To her I offer my humble part in this volume.

T. E. W.


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