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1. British Museum. Catalogue of the pamphlets, books, newspapers, and

manuscripts relating to the civil war, the commonwealth, and restora-

tion, collected by George Thomason, 1640-166I .. London,

1908. 2 v.


a descriptive catalogue of the library of Samuel Pepys. pt: 1-2. Lon-

don, 1914– 2 pt. illus. (plan)

"Temporary title-page."

“The library consists of nearly three thousand volumes collected by Samuel

Pepys and now the property in perpetual trust of the master and fellows of Magdalene

college, Cambridge."--General introd., p. (i)


of the naval manuscripts in the Pepysian library at Magdalene college,

Cambridge; ed. by J. R. Tanner v. 1-3. (London] 1903-9.

Publications of the Navy records soc. v. 26, 27, 36.

CONTENTS.--1. General introduction. Register of ships. Register of sea officers.

II. Admiralty letters (v. 11 and ui). III. Admiralty letters (v. Iv and v).

4. (GEE, EDWARD.] The catalogue of all the discourses published against

popery, during the reign of King James 11. By the members of the

Church of England, and by the Non-conformists. With the names

of the authors of them. London, 1689. 34 p.

5. JONES, THOMAS, ed. A catalogue of the collection of tracts for and

against popery (published in or about the reign of James il) in the

Manchester library founded by Humphrey Chetham, in which is in-

corporated, with large additions and bibliographical notes, the whole

of Peck's list of the tracts in that controversy, with his references.

1859-65. 2 v.

Chetham soc. 48, 64.

5a. LEYDEN. Rijks-Universiteit Bibliotheek. Bibliotheek van nederland-

sche pamfletten. Verzamelingen van de bibliotheek van Joannes Thy-

sius en de Bibliotheek der Rijks-Universiteit te Leiden bewerkt door

Louis D. Petit. 's-Gravenhage, 1882-84. 2 v.

CONTENTS.—1. 1500-1648. 11. 1649-1702.

6. MCGILL UNIVERSITY, MONTREAL. LIBRARY. Catalogue of a collection of

historical tracts, 1561-1800, in DLxxxII volumes; collected and anno-

tated by Stuart J. Reid ... The gift of Mrs. Peter Redpath to the

Redpath library, McGill university, Montreal. London, 1901. 2,

"The basis of the present collection

volumes, gathered by Sir John Bramston, M.P.

was a group of state pamphlets in forty


7. STATIONERS' COMPANY. A transcript of the registers of the Company of stationers of London; 1554-1640 A.D. ... Ed. by Edward Arber ... London, 1875-77; Birmingham, 1894. 5 v. illus.

Rivington's paper on the records of the Stationers' company, v. 5, p. [xxxvii]-lxxviii, and Arber's List of 847 London publishers, v. 5, p. [lxxix]-cxi, each have special t.-p.

CONTENTS.-V. I Introduction. Ordinances of the Stationers' company, 1678-1682. Text: Detailed cash accounts to 22 July 1571; Summary cash abstracts onward to 2 Aug. 1596. Addendum: The controversy, &c. of 1643-5. 1875. v. 2. Introduction. A provisional list of London printers and publishers in the latter half of Queen Elizabeth's reign. Text: Entries of books to 25.June 1595; Entries of apprentices and freemen, calls on the livery and fines to 2 July, i605. 1875. v. 3. Introduction. A provisional list of London printers and publishers during the period of this volume. Text: Entries of books to 11 July 1620; Entries of freemen to 31 Dec. 1640; Succession of master printers in London 1586-1636. 1876. v. atroduction. A final provisional list of London printers and publishers. Text: Entries of books to 3 Nov. 1640; Calls on the livery and promotions to the assistance to 31 Dec. 1640: Addendum. 1877. v. 5. Index: Preface. Introduction. The records of the Worshipful company of stationers. By Charles Robert Rivington. 2d ed. Edinburgh, Printed by Turnbull & Spears, 1893. [Paper pub. separately 1883; now rev. to July 1893.] Alist, based on the registers of the Stationers' company, of 847 London publishers (who were by trade, printers, engravers, booksellers, bookbinders, &c., &c.) between 1553 and 1640, A.D.; being a master key to English bibliography during a period in which almost all authorised books were printed in the metropolis; excepting principally a number which, from 1584-85 onwards, came from the university presses of Cambridge and Oxford. By Edward Arber. [An advance ed. of the list was pub. separately 1 May 1890; present ed., rev. and cor.] A bibliographical summary of English literature, 1553-1603. Index 1: An index of the mechanical producers of English books, and of persons and places connected with them and with the Company of stationers of London. [It was not possible to print Index 11: An index of the intellectual producers of English books] 1894.

8. STATIONERS' COMPANY. A transcript of the registers of the worshipful Company of stationers; from 1640-1708 A.D. ... London, Priv. print., 1913-14. 3 v.

Ed. for the Roxburghe club by G. E. Briscoe Eyre. Entries transcribed by H. R.

CONTENTS.-I. 4 November 1640-3 July 1655. 11. 4 July 1655-3 July 1675.
July 1675-7 March 1708.

III. 8

9. The TERM catalogues, 1668-1709 A.D.; with a number for Easter term, 1711 A.D. A contemporary bibliography of English literature in the reigns of Charles II, James II, William and Mary, and Anne. Edited from the very rare quarterly lists of new books and reprints of divinity, history, science, law, medicine, music, trade, finance, poetry, plays, etc.; with maps, engravings, playing cards, etc.; issued by the booksellers, etc., of London; by Professor Edward Arber In three volumes


London, 1903-6. 3 v.

CONTENTS.-v. 1. 1668-1682. v. 2. 1683-1696.
Text and index.


v. 3. 1697-1709; and Easter term, 1711.


[blocks in formation]

of the civil war and commonwealth period relating to Wales and the borders. Aberystwyth, 1911. ix, [1], 85 p.

II. PEACOCK, EDWARD. John Lilburne, a bibliography..

In Notes and Queries, ser. 7. 5:122, 163, 242, 342, 423, 502; 10:125. 12. WHITLEY, WILLIAM THOMAS. A Baptist bibliography; being a register of the chief materials for Baptist history, whether in manuscript or

in print, preserved in Great Britain, Ireland, and the colonies. Comp.
for the Baptist union of Great Britain and Ireland by W. T. Whitley.
... v. I. 1526-1776. London, The Kingsgate press, 1916–



V. I-12

13. INNER TEMPLE, LONDON. A calendar of the Inner Temple records, ed. by F. A. Inderwick ... London, 1896-1901. 3 v.

London, 1896-1901. 3 v. front., illus., pl., port., facsim.

CONTENTS.-v. 1. 21 Hen. VII. (1505)-45 Eliz. (1603). v. 2. i James i. (1603) Restoration (1660). v. 3. 12 Charles 11. (1660)-12 Anne (1714). 14. OXFORD UNIVERSITY. BODLEIAN LIBRARY. Calendar of the Clarendon state papers preserved in the Bodleian library Ed.

under the direction of the Rev. H. O. Coxe Oxford, 1869-76. 3 v.

CONTENTS.—v. 1. To 1649, ed. by the Rev. O. Ogle and W. H. Bliss. 1872. v. 2-3. 1649-1657, ed. by the Rev. W. Dunn Macray. 1869-1876. 15. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of state papers and manuscripts relat

ing to English affairs preserved in the archives of Venice. Ed. by R. Brown, G. Cavendish-Bentinck, H. F. Brown, and A. B. Hinds. London, 1864— V. I-20.

I. As yet incomplete. v. 10-20. (1603-) 16. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of state papers, colonial series. Ed.

by W. N. Saintsbury, J. W. Fortescue, and C. Headlam. London, 1860—

V. I-21.

(1574-1688) 17. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of state papers, Committee for com

pounding, etc. 1643-60. Ed. by Mary Anne Everett Green. Lon

don, 1889-93. 5 v. 18. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of state papers, Committee for the

advance of money 1642-1656. Ed. by Mary Anne Everett Green.

London, 1888. 3 v. 19. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of state papers, domestic series of the

reign of Charles II. London, 1860 V. I-21.

As yet incomplete. 20. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of state papers, domestic series, during

the Commonwealth. Ed. by Mary Anne Everett Green. London,

1875-85. 13 v. 21. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of state papers, domestic series, of the

reign of Charles 1. Ed. by J. Bruce, W. D. Hamilton, and S. C. Lomas.

London, 1858-97. 23 v. 22. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of state papers, domestic series, of

the reigns of Edward vi, Mary, Elizabeth, and James I. Ed. by Mary Anne Everett Green. London, 1856-72, 12 v.

V. 8-12. (1603-3625) 23. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of the Carew papers preserved in the

Lambeth library. Ed. by J. S. Brewer and W. Bullen. London, 1867-73. 6 v.

V. 6. (1603-1624)

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