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627. (HAMILTON, ANTHONY.] Memoirs of the court of Charles the

Second, by Count Grammont, with numerous additions and illustrations, as ed. by Sir Walter Scott.

lter Scott. Also: The personal history of Charles, including the king's own account of his escape and preservation after the battle of Worcester, as dictated to Pepys. Boscobel tracts, or, Contemporary narratives of His Majesty's adventures, from the murder of his father to the restoration. (Pt. 1-11 by T. Blount] Carefully edited, with additional illustrations. London,

1846. 6, 546 p. front. (port.) 628. HARRIS, WILLIAM. An historical and critical account of the life of

Charles the Second, king of Great Britain. After the manner of Mr. Bayle. Drawn from original writers and state papers. To which is added, an appendix of original papers, now first published. ... Lon

don, 1766. 2 v. 629. HISTOIRE des évenements tragiques d'Angleterre et des derniers trou

bles d'Ecosse; contenant une relation des conspirations contre les rois Charles II & Jaques II, avec les principales circonstances de la vie & de la mort du Duc de Monmouth & du Comte d'Argile. Tirées de

memoires anglois & flamans. Cologne, 1686. 8, 358, 8 p. ports. 629a. HISTOIRE des révolutions d'Angleterre sous le règne de Jaques II

jusqu'au couronnement de Guillaume 111. Amsterdam, 1689. 464, II p. 629b. HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION. Calendar of Stuart papers

belonging to His Majesty the King, preserved at Windsor Castle, London, 1902-16. 6 v.

Most of the papers relate to the years after 1689. 630. Jones, D[AVID). The secret history of White-hall, from the restora

tion of Charles II. down to the abdication of the late K. James. Writ
at the request of a noble lord, and conveyed to him in letters, by
late secretary-interpreter to the Marquess of Louvois, who by that
means had the perusal of all the private minutes between England
and France for many years. The whole consisting of secret memoirs,
which have hitherto lain conceal'd, as not being discoverable by any
other hand. Publish'd from the original papers. By D. Jones, gent.
London, 1717. 2 v.

Originally published, 1697. v. 2 covers the period 1688 to 1696 and concludes p. 67-359 with "The tragical history of the Stuarts from . 1086 to (1714.) 631. JUSSERAND, JEAN ADRIEN ANTOINE JULES. A French ambassador at

the court of Charles the Second: le comte de Cominges, from his unpublished correspondence by J. J. Jusserand ... London, 1892. 259,

[1] p. front., port. 632. KENNETT, WHITE, bp. of Peterborough. An historical register and

chronicle of English affairs before and after the restoration of King Charles II. ... London, 1744. 938, 22 p.

632a. LAUDER OF FOUNTAINHALL, SIR John. Historical observes of mem

orable occurents in church and state from October, 1680 to April, 1868. Edinburgh, 1840. 16, 328 p.

Edited by Adam Urquhart and David Laing.

Bannatyne club. 633. THE LAUDERDALE PAPERS. Ed. by Osmond Airy. London, 1884-85.

3 v.
Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 34, 36, 38.

CONTENTS.—v. 1. 1639-67. v. 2. 1667-73. v. 3. 1673-79.

A selection of documents from the Lauderdale mss. in the British museum. 634. (LEAKE, STEPHEN MARTIN.] Life of Captain Stephen Martin, 1666

1740; ed. by Clements R. Markham ... [London] 1895. 39, 223 p. pl.

Navy records soc. Publications. v. 5. 635. LEEDS, THOMAS OSBORNE, ist duke. Copies & extracts of some letters

written to and from the Earl of Danby (now Duke of Leeds) in the years 1676, 1677, and 1678. With particular remarks upon some of them. Pub. by His Grace's direction. London, 1710. I p. 1., v-xiii,

[2], 364 p. 636. LETTERS addressed to the Earl of Lauderdale. Edited by Osmund

Airy. London, 1883. 2, 43 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 31. 637. LUTTRELL, NARCISSUS. A brief historical relation of state affairs, from

September 1678 to April 1714. By Narcissus Luttrell ... Oxford, 1857. 6 v.

First ed. Printed from a ms. diary. 638. MACPHERSON, JAMES, comp. Original papers; containing the secret

history of Great Britain, from the restoration, to the accession of the house of Hannover. To which are prefixed extracts from the life of James II. as written by himself. The whole arranged and published by James Macpherson ... London, 1775. 2 v.

front. (port) fold. geneal. tab.

Macpherson's History of Great Britain, London, 1775, covering the same period, was based upon the documents contained in this work.

“Life of James 11 from 1660 to 1698": v. 1, p. 16-262. 639. MAGALOTTI, LORENZO, conte. Travels of Cosmo the Third, Grand

Duke of Tuscany, through England, during the reign of King Charles the Second, (1669) ... to which is prefixed a memoir of his life.

London, 1821. 507 p. pl. 640. Martyn, BENJAMIN. The life of the first earl of Shaftesbury, from

original documents in the possession of the family, by Mr. B. Martyn and Dr. Kippis, now first published. Ed. by G. Wingrove Cooke ... London, 1836. 2 v. front. (port.)

641. MARVELL; ANDREW. An account of the growth of popery, and arbi

trary government in England. More particularly from the long prorogațion; of November, 1675; ending the 15th of February, 1676, till the last meeting of Parliament, the 16th of July, 1677.

State tracts, Charles II. 69-135. 692* *[MIEGE, GUY.] A relation of three embassies from His sacred Majestie

Charles II to the great Duke of Muscovie, the King of Sweden and Denmark, performed by the Right Hoble the Earle of Carlisle in the years 1663 & 1664. Written by an attendant of the embassies

London, 1669. 14, 461 p. front (port.) 643. Newcome, Henry. The diary of the Rev. Henry Newcome, from

September 30, 1661, to September 29, 1663. Ed. by Thomas Heywood ... [Manchester] 1849. 40, 242 p.

Chetham soc. 18. 644. North, ROGER. Examen: or, An enquiry into the credit and veracity

of a pretended complete history; shewing the perverse and wicked design of it, and the many falsities and abuses of truth contained in it. Together with some memoirs occasionally inserted. All tending to vindicate the honour of the late King Charles the Second, and his happy reign, from the intended aspersions of that foul pen. By the Honourable Roger North, esq. London, 1740. 8, 14, (15)-692, [24] p. front. (port.)

Ed. by Montagu North.

A criticism of v. 3 of Complete history of England, by White Kennett. (v. 1-2 by other authors) 644a. North, ROGER. The autobiography of the Hon. Roger North, ed. by

Augustus Jessopp. London, 1887. [12] 20, 288 p. pl., front. (port.) 645. ORRERY, ROGER BOYLE, Ist earl. A collection of the state letters of

the Rt. Hon. Roger Boyle, the first earl of Orrery ... containing a series of correspondence between the Duke of Ormonde and his lordship, from the restoration to the year 1668. Together with ... the life of the Earl of Orrery. By the Rev. Mr. Thomas Morrice ... Dublin, 1743. 2 v.

Original edition London, 1742. 646. PARKER, [SAMUEL) bp. of Oxford. Bishop Parker's history of his

own time. In four books. Faithfully translated from the Latin orig

inal, by Thomas Newlin London, 1727. 2, 425 (31) p. 647. PEPYS, SAMUEL. The diary of Samuel Pepys ... ed., with ex

tensive additions, by Henry B. Wheatley ... Boston, c. 1892-1899.

9 v. fronts., pl., ports., fold. map, facsims., tables (partly fold.) 648. PEPYS, SAMUEL. Pepys' Memoires of the royal navy, 1679-1688; ed.

by J. R. Tanner ... [Oxford) 1906. 18, 131, [13] p. tables (1 fold.) Tudor & Stuart library.

Facsimile reproduction.

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649. PERWICH, WILLIAM. The despatches of William Perwich, English

agent in Paris, 1669-1677, preserved in the foreign state papers of the Public record office, London; ed. for the Royal historical society by M. Beryl Curran. London, 1903. 20, 358 p.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 5. 650. PRIDEAUX, HUMPHREY. Letters of Humphrey Prideaux, sometime

dean of Norwich, to John Ellis, sometime under secretary of state,
1674-1722. Ed. by Edward Maunde Thompson London, 1875.
13, 221 p.
Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 15.

Printed from additional ms. 28,929 in the British museum. 651. RAWLEIGH REDIVIVUS; or, The life and death of the Right Honourable

Anthony, late earl of Shaftesbury. Humbly dedicated to the protesting lords. By Philanax Misopappas London, 1683. 8 p. 1., 88, 136, (4) p. front. (port.)

In two parts.

"Epistle dedicatory” signed: S. N. 652. RERESBY, SIR JOHN. The memoirs and travels of Sir John Reresby,

bart. The former containing anecdotes, and secret history, of the courts of Charles II. and James II. The latter (now first published) exhibiting a view of the governments and society in the principal states and courts of Europe during the time of Cromwell's usurpation.

London, 1813. 12, 414 (i.e. 416), [31] p. 653. ROMNEY, HENRY SIDNEY, earl of. Diary of the times of Charles the

Second by the Honourable Henry Sidney, (afterwards earl of Romney) including his correspondence with the Countess of Sunderland, and other distinguished persons at the English court; to which are added, letters illustrative of the times of James II. and William III., ed., with notes, by R. W. Blencowe ... London, 1843. 2 v.

2 front. (port.) fold. facsim., fold. tab. 654. SAVILE, HENRY. Savile correspondence. Letters to and from Henry

Savile envoy at Paris, and vice-chamberlain to Charles II. and James II., including letters from his brother George, marquess of Halifax. Printed from a manuscript belonging to ... the Duke of Devonshire ... Ed. by William Durrant Cooper ... London, 1858. 24, 316 p.

Camden soc. v. 71. 655. SCOTLAND. Laws, STATUTES, ETC. The laws and acts of the first Parliament, of ... Charles the Second ... Holden at Edinburgh

Extracted and collected from the records of Parliament, by Sir Archibald Primerose ... Edinburgh, 1661-63. 118, 30, 44, 3 p.

Separate t-p. and paging for ad and 3d sessions.


656. THE SECRET HISTORY of the court and reign of Charles the Second, by a

member of his privy council: to which are added introductory sketches
of the preceding period, from the accession of James I.; with notes, and
a supplement continuing the narrative in a summary manner to the
revolution: by the editor London, 1792. 2 v.

Ed. by Charles McCormick.
657. STERN, ALFRED, ed. Briefe englischer flüchtlinge in der Schweiz.

Aus einer handschrift des Berner staats-archivs herausgegeben und
erläutert ... Göttingen, 1874.

Contains letters by Cawley, Lisle, Ludlow, Ralfeson.
658. TAYLOR, WILLIAM] F. England under Charles 11. From the

restoration to the treaty of Nimeguen, 1660-1678; extracts from con-
temporary records, arranged and ed. by W. F. Taylor. London
(1889] 11, 180 p., il. front., pl., ports.

English history from contemporary writers.
659. THORESBY, RALPH. The diary of Ralph Thoresby (1677-1724.)

Now first published from the original manuscript, by the Rev. Joseph

Hunter ... London, 1830. 2 v. front. (port.)
659a. WILLIAM III. Original letters from King William III, then Prince

of Orange, King Charles II, Lord Arlington, &c. Translated, with
an account of his reception at Middleburgh, and his speech upon that
occasion. London, 1704. 16, 128 p. port.

Dedication signed, R. Sanderson.
660. WOOD, ANTHONY À. “Survey of the antiquities of the city of Oxford,"

composed in 1661-6, by Anthony Wood; ed. by Andrew Clark ...
Oxford, 1889-99. 3 v. fronts., illus., fold. maps, plans, diagrs.

Oxford historical soc. v. 15, 17, 37.
661. WOODCOCK, THOMAS. Extracts from the papers of Thomas Wood-

cock (Ob. 1695) Edited for the Royal historical society ... by G.
C. Moore Smith. London, 1907.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 13. p. 49-89.
662. WORTHINGTON, John. The diary and correspondence of Dr. John

Worthington, master of Jesus College, Cambridge, vice-chancellor of
the University of Cambridge ... edited by James Crossley, 1847-81.
3 v.

Chetham soc. 13, 36, 114.
663. [WRIGHT, JAMES.) A compendious view of the late tumults & troubles

in this kingdom, by way of annals for seven years: viz., from the
beginning of the 30th to the end of the 36th year of the reign of His
late Majesty King Charles II By J. W. ... London, 1685. 8 p.

1., 209, [12] p.
664. Wynne, WILLIAM, sergeant-at-arms. The life of Sir Leoline Jenkins

... ambassador and plenipotentiary for the general peace at Cologn

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