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and Nimeguen, and secretary of state to K. Charles II. and a compleat series of letters, from the beginning to the end of those two important treaties By William Wynne ... London, 1724. 2 v. front. (v. I, port.)


1685-1689 665. BETHEL, SLINGSBY. The interest of the princes and states of Europe,

to which is added Observations on a letter written by the D[uke] of B[uckingham], as also The world's mistake in Oliver Cromwell

3d ed. London, 1689. 12, 357, 54 p. 666. Bloxam, John] R[ouse] ed. Magdalen college and King James

II., 1686-1688; a series of documents collected and edited by the Rev.
J. R. Bloxam ... With additions. Oxford, 1886. 51, 292 p.
Oxford historical soc. v. 6.

An account of the removal and reinstatement of John Hough as president of the college. 667. CARTWRIGHT, THOMAS, bp. of Chester. The diary of Dr. Thomas

Cartwright, bishop of Chester ... Now first printed from the original ms. in the possession of the Rev. Joseph Hunter ... London, 1843. 17, 110 p.

Camden soc. v. 22. 668. CLARENDON, HENRY HYDE, 2d earl. The state letters of Henry, earl

of Clarendon, lord lieutenant of Ireland during the reign of K. James the Second: and his lordship's diary for the years 1687, 1688, 1689, and 1690. From the originals in the possession of Richard Powney, esq., with an appendix from Archbishop Sancroft's manuscripts in the Bodleian library. Oxford, 1763. 2 v.

Ed. by John Douglas, bishop of Salisbury. 669. CLARKE, JAMES STANIER. The life of James the Second, king of

England, &c. collected out of memoirs writ of his own hand. TOgether with the King's advice to his son, and His Majesty's will. Pub. from the original Stuart manuscripts in Carlton-House by the

Rev. J. S. Clarke ... London, 1816. 2 v. fold. geneal. tab. 670. DalryMPLE, SIR John. Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland; from

the dissolution of the last Parliament of Charles II. till the capture
of the French and Spanish fleets at Vigo. A new ed. ... with the
appendixes complete: consisting chiefly of letters from the French
ambassadors in England to their court; and from Charles II., James
11., King William, and Queen Mary, and the ministers and generals
of those princes. Taken from the Depôt des affaires étrangères at
Versailles, and King William's private cabinet at Kensington
By Sir John Dalrymple, bart. ... London, 1790. 3 v.

v. 2 and 3 lacking. 671. Davies, Rowland. Journal of the Very Rev. Rowland Davies ...

dean of Ross, (and afterwards dean of Cork,) from March 8, 1688-9, to September 29, 1690. Edited with notes ... and some account of

the author and his family, by Richard Caulfield ... London, 1857. 14, 188 p.

Camden soc. v. 68. 672. DOVER, [GEORGE JAMES WELBORE AGAR-Ellis) ist baron, ed. Letters

written during the years 1686, 1687, 1688, and addressed to John Ellis, esq. secretary to the commissioners of His Majesty's revenue in Ireland: comprising many particulars of the revolution, and anecdotes illustrative of the history and manners of those times. Ed., from the originals, with notes and a preface, by Lord Dover London, 1831. 2 v. front. (port.) i geneal. tab.

"Account of the family of Ellis": v. 1, p. [ix]-xxii. 673. DUCKETT, SIR GEORGE FLOYD. Penal laws and Test act. Questions

touching their repeal propounded in 1687-8 by James II., to the deputy lieutenants and magistrates of the counties of Cumberland, Westmorland, Durham (etc.] ... from the original returns in the Bodleian library. Ed., with notes and observations, by Sir George

Duckett, bart. London, 1882. 2 p. l., 492 p. 674. ECHARD, LAURENCE. The history of the revolution, and the establish

ment of England in the year 1688. Introduced by a necessary review of the reigns of King Charles, and King James the Second. In three

books. London, 1725. 16, 271, 10 p. 675. FERGUSON, ROBERT. The history of the revolution. n. p. 1706. 4, 36 p.

Appendix: A letter from Sir William Boswell to William Laud, late archbishop of Canterbury. A letter from ... J. Bramhall, bishop of Derry

James Usher, arch. bishop of Armagh. 676. Fox, CHARLES JAMES. A history of the early part of the reign of

James the Second ; with an introductory chapter. By the Right Hon. Charles James Fox. To which is added an appendix. London, 1808. 2 p. 1., li, 277 p., 1 l., cliii p. front. (port.)

Editor's preface signed: Vassall Holland.

The appendix contains “Correspondence between Louis xiv. and M. Barillon on English affairs, from Dec. 1584 [i.e. 1684] to Dec. 1585 [i.e. 1685]" and a few other pieces. 677. [LAMBERTY, GUILLAUME DE.] Memoires de la derniere revolution

d'Angleterre, contenant l'abdication de Jaques 11., l'avenement de S. M. le roi Guillaume 111. á la couronne, & plusieurs choses arrivées sous son régne. Par Mr. L. B. T. ... La Haye, 1702. 2 v. front. (v. I)

ports. 678. MONMOUTH, JAMES SCOTT, ist duke. Original letters of the Duke of

Monmouth, in the Bodleian library. Edited by Sir George Duckett, bart. London, 1879. 13 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. V. 31. 679. PARLIAMENT. The arguments upon the abdication of King James the

Second. Martis 22, die January-1688-1689. In the convention met

... to ...

(upon His Highness the Prince of Orange's letter,) this day. In the
House of commons. 180 p.


Includes the debate at the free conference between the House of lords and House
of commons held 6. Feb. 1689.
680. Rose, Sir GEORGE HENRY, ed. A selection from the papers of the

earls of Marchmont, in the possession of the Right Honble Sir George
Henry Rose. Illustrative of events from 1685 to 1750 ... London,
1831. 3 v.

Binder's title: Marchmont papers.

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681. DUGDALE, GILBERT. The time triumphant, declaring in brief the ar

rival of our sovereign liege lord, King James, into England, his coro-
nation at Westminster; together with his late royal progress from
the Tower of London through the city to His Highness's manor of
Whitehall. London, 1604.
English garner 5:639-56.

Another copy, Stuart tracts. 69-82. 682. JAMES I. The King's Majestie's speech, as it was delivered by him in

the upper house of the Parliament to the Lords spirituall and tem-
porall, and to the knights, citizens, and burgesses there assembled, on
Monday the 19. day of March 1603, being the first day of this present
Parliament, and the first Parliament of His Majesties raign.
Somers 2:59-69.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 8:573-74. 683. THE MAGNIFICENT ENTERTAINMENT given to the King James, Queene

Anne, his wife, and Henry Frederick, the prince, upon the day of His Majesties triumphant passage (from the Tower) through his honourable citie (and chamber) of London, being the 15. of March 1603. London, 1604.

Somers 3:3-35. 684. M[ILLINGTON] T[HOMAS). The true narration of the entertainment

of His Royal Majesty, from the time of his departure from Edinburgh till his receiving at London: with all, or the most special, occurrences. Together with the names of those gentlemen whom His Majesty honoured with knighthood. London, 1603.

Stuart tracts. 11-52. 685. MONIPENNIE, John. Certain matters concerning the realme of Scot

JOHN land composed together. The genealogie of all the kings of Scotland, their lives, the yeres of their coronation, the time of their raigne, the yere of their death, and maner thereof, with the place of their buriall. The whole nobility of Scotland, their surnames, their titles of honour, the names of their chiefe houses, and their mariages. The archbishopricks, bishopricks, abbacies, priories, and nunries of Scotland. The knights of Scotland. The forme of the othe of a duke, earle, lord of Parliament, and of a knight. The names of the barons, lairds, and chiefe gentlemen in every sherifdome. The names of the principali clannes, and surnames of the borderers not landed. The stewartries and

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