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bayleries of Scotland. The order of the calling of the table of the ses-
sion. The description of whole Scotland, with all the iles, and names
thereof. The most rare and wonderfull things in Scotland. As they
were Anno Domini, 1597. London, 1603.

Called Monipenny's Chronicle, and in the later editions, Scots Chronicle.

Somers 3:344-403.

686. THE NAMES OF HIS MAJESTIES SHIPPS, with the number of men and
furniture requisite for the settinge forth of them; also The generall
mustars taken throughout the whole realme of England and Wales.
Extracted from an original manuscript of the beginning of the reign
of King James the First.
Archaeologia 15:53-58.


The arraignment and conviction of Sir

Walter Raleigh, at the Kings-bench bar at Winchester, on the 17th of
November, 1603. London, 1648.

Somers 2:408-420.

688. SAVILE, JOHN. King James his entertainment at Theobalds. With his welcome to London, together with a salutatory poem. London, 1603.

English garner 5:623-38.

Another copy, Stuart tracts. 53-62.

689. SUNDRY GREAT WRONGS, greevances, and oppressions, of late years committed and done by the clergy, their officers and ministers, against the King's liege people and freemen of the realme contrarie to the good lawes, statutes, and free customs of the realme; of all which the wise men of the realme, assembled by the King's writt in Parliament, in the name of all the Commons, most humbly pray remedy of the King's most excellent Majestie. 1603.

Somers 2:14-18.


690. BARLOW, WILLIAM, bp. of Lincoln. ... The sum and substance of the conference, which it pleas'd His excellent Majesty to have with the lords bishops, and others of his clergy... in His Majesty's privy chamber at Hampton court, Jan. 14, 1603, [i.e. 1604.] ... Phenix 1:139-80.

First pub. in 1604.

690a. JAMES I. A counter-blaste to tobacco. (Written by King James.) [1604] ed. by Edmund Goldsmid. Edinburgh, 1884. 32 p. Bibliotheca curiosa.

691. PEACOCK, EDWARD, ed. A list of the Roman catholics in the county of York in 1604. Transcribed from the original ms. in the Bodleian library, and ed. with genealogical notes ... London, 1872. 8, 168 p.

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692. TRESWELL, ROBERT. A relation of such things as were observed to happen in the journey of the Right Honourable Charles, earl of Nottingham, lord high admiral of England, His Majesty's ambassador to the King of Spain, being sent thither to take the oath of the said king for the maintenance of peace between the two famous kings of Great Britain and Spain, according to the several articles formerly concluded on by the constable of Castile, in England, in the month of August 1604. Printed 1605.

Somers 2:70-96.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 2:535-66.


693. [BRADSHAW, WILLIAM.] English pvritanisme. Containing the maine opinions of the rigidest sort of those that are called Puritans in the realme of England. Written [translated] by William Ames. [June] 1641. 2, 20 p.

Originally pub. 1605.

693a. BRADSHAW, WILLIAM. Several treatises of worship and ceremonies. London, [Sept. 11] 1660. 5, 116 p.

Seven tracts published originally in 1604 and 1605. vis. A treatise of divine worship, 1604; A treatise of the nature & use of things indifferent, 1605; English puritanism, 1605; Twelve general arguments proving that the ceremonies are unlawful, 1605; Protestation of the Kings supremacy, 1605; A proposition concerning kneeling, 1605; A short treatise of the crosse in baptisme, 1605.

694. Copy of an original manuscript, entitled, "A breviate touching the order and governmente of a nobleman's house." 1605.

Archaeologia 13:315-89.

695. Copy of the letter to the Lord Mounteagle, which occasioned the discovery of the gunpowder plot; with an engraved facsimile.

Archaeologia 12:200-201.

696. GERARD, JOHN]. The condition of Catholics under James I. Father Gerard's Narrative of the gunpowder plot: ed., with his life, by John Morris ... London, 1871. 262, 344 P.

Ed. from the ms. in possession of Stonyhurst college, entitled: A relation of ye gun. powder treason.

"The life of Father John Gerard” (p. ix-cclii) is taken in part from his Autobiography.

697. THE GUNPOWDER TREASON. Trials of the conspirators, extracted from Cobbett's Collection of state trials: with account of their arraignment and execution. Also history of the gunpowder plot, written by King James. Northampton, 1867.

Tracts relating to Northamptonshire, no. 8.

698. JAMES I. His Majesty's speech in this last session of Parliament, concerning the gunpowder-plot; as near his very words, as could be gathered at the instant. Together with a discourse of the manner of

the discovery of this late intended treason, joined with the examination
of some of the prisoners. 1605.

Harleian misc. 3:5-34.

699. LETTERS illustrative of the gunpowder treason: [Winter to Catesby, Mounteagle to Catesby.]

Archaeologia 28:420-25.

700. RELATION of the discovery of the gunpowder under the Parliament house.

Archaeologia 12:202-11.

700а. THOU, JACQUES AUGUste de. A true narration of that horrible conspiracy against King James and the whole Parliament of England, commonly called the Gunpowder treason: written in Latin by Jacobus Augustus Thuanus ... Faithfully rendred into English. London, 1674. Reprinted, Edinburgh, 1885.

Collectanea adamantaea, II.

700b. VERSTEGEN, RICHARD. A restitution of decayed intelligence in antiquities concerning the most noble and renovvned English nation. By the studie and trauaile of R. V. Antvverp, 1605. 22, 338, 13 p. 701. [WILLIAMS, JOHN. bp. of Chichester.] The history of the gunpowder treason, collected from approved authors, as well popish as protestant. London, 1679. 20 p.

Based on Thuanus, More, Eudaemon-Joannis and Abbott.

Smeeton Ino. 3.

Another copy, Somers 2:97-111.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 8:149-63.


702. THE ARRAIGNMENT and execution of the late traitors, with a relation of the other traitors, which were executed at Worcester, the twentyseventh of January last past. Printed 1606.

Somers 2:111-17.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 3:45-51.

Another copy, Hindley 2:no. 3.

703. CARLETON, GEORGE, bp. of Chichester.

Tithes examined and proued to

be due to the clergie by a diuine right ... The second edition reuised
by the author. London, 1611. 2, 39, 4 P.

Originally pub. 1606.

704. A CONFERENCE held the 25th of February, Anno 1606, betwene the Lords committees and the Commons, touching the naturalizinge of the Scots..

Somers 2:132-43.

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705. COPY OF A MS. entitled "A true collection as well of all the Kinges Majesties offices and fees, in any the courtes at Westminster as of all the offices and fees of His Majesties honorable househould; together with all the fees apertaineing to captaines and souldiers, having charge of castells, bullwarkes, and fortresses within the realme of England; and likewise the offices and fees of His Highnes honorable howses, parkes, forrests, and chases within the said realme." 1606.

Archaeologia 15:72-91.

706. Copy of the original death-warrant of Humphrey Littleton, with observations on it. 1606.

Archaeologia 15:130-39.

707. Dove, JOHN. A defence of church gouernment. Dedicated to the high court of Parliament. Wherein, the church gouernment established in England, is directly proued to be consonant to the word of God ... Together with, A defence of the crosse in baptisme .. London, 1606. 6, 72 p.

708. OVERALL, JOHN, bp. of Norwich. The convocation book of MDCVI, commonly called Bishop Overall's convocation book, concerning the government of God's Catholic church and kingdoms of the whole world. Oxford, 1844. 315 p. front. (port.) Library of Anglo-Catholic theology no. 29.

Contains reprint of t.-p. and preface of edition of 1690.


709. CORNWALLIS, SIR CHARLES. A discourse of the state of Spaine, written in the yeare 1607, by Sir Charles Cornewayles, knight, and ambassadour for His Majestie of Great Britaine to the King of Spayne. mss. Somers 3:304-15.

710. COWELL, JOHN. The interpreter; or, Booke containing the signification of words. VVherein is set forth the true meaning of all, or the most part of such words and termes, as are mentioned in the law writers, or statutes of this victorious and renowned kingdome, requiring any exposition or interpretation ... Collected by John Covvell .. London, 1637. unp.

First published in 1607.

711. JAMES I. His Majesties speech to both houses of Parliament, in His Highnesse great chamber at Whitehall, the day of the adjournment of the last session, which was the last day of March, 1607.

Somers 2:117-32.

712. A TRUE REPORT of the arraignment, tryall, conuiction, and condemnation of a popish priest, named Robert Drewrie, at the sessions-house in the Old Baylie, on Friday and Wednesday, the twentieth and twenty

fifth of February. Also the triall and death of Humphrey Lloyd
and, lastly, the execution of the said Robert Drewrie. 1607.
Harleian misc. 3:52-63.



713. GENTILLET, INNOCENT. A discourse vpon the meanes of wel governing and maintaining in good peace a kingdome or other principalitie. Divided into three parts, namely, the counsell, the religion, and the policie which a prince ought to hold and follow. Against Nicholas Machiavell, the Florentine. Translated into English by Simon London, 1608. 9, 373, 3 p.

Patericke. Ed. 2.

714. THE GREAT Frost. Cold doings in London, except it be at the lottery. With news out of the country. London, 1608.

English garner 1:77-99.

715. THE PENNYLESS PARLIAMENT of threadbare poets: or, All mirth and

witty conceits. 1608.

Harleian misc. 3:71-79.

Another copy, Hindley 2:no. 4.


716. ANDREWES, LANCELOT, bp. of Winchester. Tortura Torti; sive ad Matthaei Torti librum responsio ... Oxford, 1851. 26, 496 p.

Library of Anglo-Catholic theology no. 3.

Contains reprint of original t.-p., Londini 1609.
Matthaeus Tortus, pseud. of Cardinal Bellarminio.
"Index auctorum quibus ... usi sumus," p. ix-xiii.
Ed. by J. Bliss.

717. KING JAMES, his judgement of a king and of a tyrant, extracted out of his own speech at White-Hall, to the Lords and Commons in Parliament, 1609, with certain notations anent the same, also 28 questions worthy due consideration and solution in these dangerous times of England. London, 1647. 8 p.

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718. OVERBURY, SIR THOMAS. Observations in his travels, upon the state of the seventeen provinces, as they stood anno Domini, 1609, the treaty of peace being then on foot. 1626.

Harleian misc. 3:97-109.

Another copy, English garner 4:297-318.

Another copy, Stuart tracts 211-17.

719. SIR ROBERT SHERLEY, sent ambassadour, in the name of the King of Persia, to Sigismond the Third, king of Poland and Swecia, and to other princes of Europe. His royal entertainement into Cracovia, the chief citie of Poland with his pretended comming into England. 1609.

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